20 Herbs That Lower Blood Sugar Levels | Beneficial for Diabetics

There are many ways to lower your blood sugar naturally. Herbs That Lower Blood Sugar Levels is a list of very reliable options for those of us with high blood sugars. Herbs are plants that are used for medicine, flavoring, food, and fragrances. Herbs that lower blood sugar can be extremely beneficial for you. Let’s dive in:

Which Herbs can Help with Lowering Blood Sugar?

Herbs That Lower Blood Sugar Fast
Herbs and Spices

They also can help heal your wounds faster and strengthen your immune system. Herbs also aid in lowering your cholesterol, fight certain types of cancer, help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and have anti inflammatory properties. We’ll talk about all the benefits but highlight on the ones that help to lower blood sugar.

What do herbs do? Well, they help to eliminate nutritional deficiencies in the body and resulting in the restoration of the proper function of the body. Herbs can nourish every part of your body with the content of minerals and vitamins.

Because your body requires essential nutrients for everyday living, they are able to provide you these nutrients. Let’s discuss the two different kinds of herbs.

Medicinal Herbs

These are used to treat health ailments in lieu of drugs and instruments.  Herbs are so helpful in treating ailments whether it be the barks, flowers, leaves, extracts, juices, or even the entire plant. Many herbs are used to treat many different ailments.

It’s important to know what different herbs function for different conditions. You would use an herb known as comfrey as an anti inflammatory to treat wounds, sprains, and bruises. Aloe vera is popular in treating minor burns. Milk thistle is used for treating anything having to do with the liver and diseases of it. Kava is an herb that treats anxiety and depression.

Chinese Herbs

The Chinese have practiced using herbs for centuries and they are very popular. They have been used to help cure many diseases. Herbs back then were associated with magic and miracles. Because they were categorized into five different tastes they each had their own beneficial properties. Bitter herbs are helpful with treating asthma, constipation, and aiding your cardiovascular system. Herbs that are spicy are used to increase blood circulation, treat respiratory issues, and fight the common cold.

Kidneys are aided by the use of salty herbs. Sweet herbs will help boost your immunity and relieve pain while in addition improving the health of your spleen. There are many other herbs that are beneficial for your health, but let’s focus on lowering your blood sugar levels.

Herbs to Lower Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure


Researchers show that cinnamon can lower your blood sugar by nearly thirty percent. It can also lower your triglycerides by thirty percent too and decrease your LDL cholesterol the same as well. Cinnamon is shown to contain very powerful “polyphenols” such as green tea that help you avoid strokes, cardiovascular disease and cancers. I love cinnamon.


This is how important neem leaves are. Neem leaf extracts may lower your blood glucose and decrease the need to have insulin injections by as much as fifty percent. By increasing your circulation, neem can help in the reduction of complications that are associated with diabetes.


This is one herb that should be at the top of the list for diabetes and lowering your blood sugar. Fenugreek will improve your tolerance to glucose and lower your blood sugar levels as well. The fiber content slows down the absorption of sugars and carbohydrates.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are also beneficial in controlling high blood sugar. It’s because of the minerals in the curry leaves that help maintain sugar levels and influencing carbohydrate metabolism.Studies have shown that chewing a few curry leaves each day in the morning on an empty stomach can decrease how sever diabetes can be.


This omega 3 fatty acid rich food has a huge effect on lowering your blood pressure too. It protects against cardiovascular disease, reducing cholesterol, and improving glucose tolerance. Rather than buying flaxseed itself, it’s more beneficial to buy it and grind it yourself with your coffee grinder. Then you can add it to your meals.


As basil is a good tasting herb, it can help with lowering blood pressure which helps with blood sugar. It may not help as much, but anything that helps is beneficial. So consider basil as an option for you to lower your blood sugars.

Bitter Melon

This is a food from Asia and decreases your blood sugar but also lowers glucose in all of the tissues of your body. It promotes the correct digestion of carbohydrates and in turn it helps with not letting as much glucose to enter your body. Bitter melon is great for preventing any complications that may happen when your diabetes is uncontrolled.


Ginseng helps to lower blood glucose levels by increasing insulin output and this keeps your cells alive and healthy. Ginseng is responsible for healing the lining of the arteries of your body and this helps prevent heart attacks.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre as another extremely powerful herb aiding in the glucose production of your cells and this results in lower blood sugar levels. This stops your liver from producing more glucose and the result is lowering your cholesterol as well. It also revitalizes the cells in your pancreas helping to heal the condition.


Garlic is very healthy for you. It definitely helps you to maintain and control your sugar levels. Oxidative damage and high cholesterol can be stopped by the sulfur compounds that garlic contains.

It helps with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Garlic also lowers your blood pressure. It does this by causing your blood vessels to relax and dilate. The result is having a better flowing of blood and reducing your blood pressure.


This spice is an excellent choice for controlling and lower your glucose levels. It aids in losing weight and protecting your heart as it is a strong anti inflammatory and antioxidant that helps decrease any complications from heart disease. Turmeric and curcumin are extremely helpful in preventing diabetes and treating it. I take turmeric everyday because of its health benefits.

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Ginger has anti-oxidative and anti-diabetic properties which are beneficial with weight loss. It also is good for improving your cholesterol numbers, the reduction of oxidation, improving insulin sensitivity, and lowering blood sugar.

Aloe Vera

While aloe vera has numerous health benefits, one of the most important for diabetics is that it lowers your blood sugar. Who hasn’t heard of aloe vera and what it can do for you?

It’s also great for sunburns. Get your vitamin D from the sun but protect yourself with sunscreen because you don’t want to burn in the first place.

Malabar Gourd

Researchers have done extensive studies and people suffering from type 2 diabetes can benefit from Malabar gourd seeds because they help to rejuvenate insulin producing cells of your pancreas. In addition, it works well for folks who are pre-diabetics. Malabar gourd is powerful and fast acting and can change and lower your blood sugar levels in as quick as one week. Now that’s fast!

It can return your glucose levels to normal in about three months time period. There is actually a certain sugar in Malabar gourds called polysaccharide that aids in restoring the tissues in the pancreas (including insulin producing cells), and increases the circulation in your pancreas.


I love blueberries and bilberry actually resembles blueberries. It lowers blood sugar levels and consequently helps aid in making more sensitive to insulin to help glucose be better utilized. Bilberry is an extremely beneficial antioxidant for fighting heart disease , cancer, slowing down your aging process, strokes, and also macular degeneration.

Rosemary & Oregano

Rosemary and oregano were found by researchers to inhibit a specific enzyme that promotes the secretion of insulin. Both of these herbs are very potent in fighting inflammation. And of course they are more effective and safer than drugs. Natural treatments are always better than medicinal ones.


Cloves have the exact same pigment which is beneficial and found in blueberries. They have a strong flavored taste and the buds have a very power antioxidant that actually helps plants fight off and resist diseases. Studies support that fact that cloves aid in lowering blood glucose levels.


Stevia is a sugar substitute and sweetener that is extracted from the leaves of the plant species “Stevia rebaudiana” according to Wikipedia. Stevia is a sweet herb and may help to reduce blood sugar in type 2 diabetics.

Devil’s Claw

Devil’s claw is a plant found in Central Africa and South Africa. It’s the roots of this beneficial plant that may lower glucose levels too.

Konjac Root

This plant is excellent and loaded with fiber that can stabilize blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and lower blood sugar. It can also help in weight loss and this can reduce your risk of getting diabetes. But the most important thing about Konjac root is that it can help to prevent blood sugar spikes because it slows down the absorption of glucose into your body.

Watch the Video below for More about Herbs and Blood Sugar

Herbal Teas That Lower Blood Sugar

Sage Tea

Sage tea has many benefits but one that’s extremely important is the positive effect on the way your body actually uses insulin. Sage can be responsible for raising the insulin activity for people with diabetes.

It can also be effective in controlling the function of your liver. So if your liver is functioning properly, then you can avoid fatigue, headaches, and the possibility of a negative effect on your immunity system.

Bilberry Tea

Bilberry was mentioned before but bilberry tea is another good way to treat blood sugar. Herbal teas not only taste great but they are very beneficial for your health. Bilberry is probably the most effective tea for helping to lower blood sugar for type 2 diabetics. It contains a compound known as “glucoquinine.”  This is what has the ability to help keep your blood sugar under control.

Black Tea

This tea is one of the best too for controlling diabetes. The reason for this is that the special compound that it contains called “polysaccharide” does and appears to be almost identical to some diabetes medications. It’s very effective in reducing the production of glucose and controlling diabetes symptoms.

Green Tea

I saved this one for last because it’s my favorite. I love green tea and drink it every day. Green tea reduces the speed of absorbing starches into your body. the enzyme known as “amylase” is responsible  for breaking won starches and thereby turning them into sugar. Less of this enzyme will slow down the process and result in less sugar in your bloodstream.

Be Safe, Not Sorry

Always check with your doctor or health care provider when starting or taking anything new. While herbs are generally safe for you, everyone is different so you never want to assume anything. Discuss it with your doctor and let them decide what’s best for you. After all, they are the professionals.

Final Thoughts about Herbs

Herbs That Lower Blood Sugar Levels are going to help you with diabetes. The most important thing is your health. My mom told me that a long time ago and it’s true. Herbs that lower blood sugar are a tremendous help.The purpose of my article is to help you lower your blood sugar naturally and get rid of this nasty disease known as diabetes.



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  1. This is one detailed post right there. I have bookmarked it and also shared it on my Facebook.

    Now on using herbs for lowering blood sugar, I most say the herbs you listed are very good and to think that they can be readily found in a regular kitchen cupboard makes it more doable.

    Just wondering if you know how long one can take both Neem and Fenugreek for?


    • Herbs are very good for our health and can help with various health issues. Here I am interested in the ones that help with lowering blood sugar levels. You can take neem for 6 to 10 weeks. Fenugreek for 8 weeks but I always advise checking with your doctor or pharmacist first. They are the experts for their own patients. Thanks Excelle!

  2. Good evening,

    I like your long list of healthy things many of which I also use. I live in the south of Spain and like in all Mediterranean countries, a lot of garlic is used be it raw or cooked. The Aloe Vera plant is growing in my garden and used in case of accidents. I also put Curcumin on my morning toast and use it in my cooking. etc. I am convinced the closer we live to nature the healthier we will be. It is the man-made foods that makes us ill. Keep spreading the good news. There are many natural cures. The only thing needed is an open mind.

    Regards, Taetske

    • It appears that you are very familiar with herbs and that’s awesome! Garlic is excellent for you. Aloe vera has many excellent health benefits and is very soothing. And I totally agree with you that the more natural foods we eat, the healthier we become. It’s best that we ditch the junk food and get on the eating healthy track!

      • Good Morning Rob,

        Thank you for replying to my comment. Yes, let’s get back to nature, I am a nature person and when I was a small girl I was a tomboy. I live in a 180-year-old farm and as the property is quite big I can plant and then harvest a lot of nice things. Since 1981 I have gone “green” and I think my health says thank you, I will try to reach 90 in a good shape. Your website is important in these modern and not so healthy times, people need to be informed about natures gifts.

        Regards, Taetske

        • Good morning Taetske,
          Being a nature person is a good thing. I always admired folks who plant and harvest things. Going green is wonderful and eating nature’s foods keeps us healthy. The purpose of my website is to help people with lowering blood sugar naturally and to learn all about eating properly and being healthy. Stay healthy and thank you!

  3. Hi Rob,

    Thank you for such a detailed list on all the herbs, I never realized they had so many health benefits. I really like basil, so I might get some to try with some pasta. I really don’t eat enough herbs, but I am under a lot of stress at work, so I think these will really help. I think I might try the black tea as well. I have never heard of polysaccharide so that was a learning curve. I am glad you mentioned that it can take up to 10 weeks. I am sure that with your guide, I can include a lot of different herbs into my diet. Is it okay to mix herbs?

    • Hey Freddy,

      I wanted to cover as many herbs as possible to help with lowering blood sugar and improving diabetes. Black tea is excellent and so is basil. You can always include many of the herbs in your diet and it’s probably alright to mix herbs, but I would check with your doctor first. They are the professionals when it comes to that. Either way Freddy, choose what you want to lower your blood sugar and see what the doctor says. Thanks!



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