Best Blood Sugar Monitor-News Flash! This Monitor Stands Alone

Best Blood Sugar Monitor-News Flash! This Monitor Stands Alone

My Review of Active 1st Bayer Contour NEXT EZ Diabetic Testing Starter Kit 

Best Blood Sugar Monitor
  • Product: Active 1st Bayer Contour NEXT EZ Diabetic Testing Starter Kit- 100 strips 100 Lancets
  • Price: $69.99 USD
  • Cheapest place to buy: Available on Amazon Prime!
  • Size: 100 test strips
  • My rating: 9 out of 10



The quality of the Active 1st Bayer Contour Next Diabetic Kit is important because you don’t want to be using an inferior product. Testing your blood sugar is very important and through superior and advanced technology, you’re assured to be using one of the most accurate diabetes test meters today. Controlling blood sugar leads to better health. You want the best diabetes testing kit.

By having no coding in the testing process, it will be one less step to do. You don’t want to have error codes so this eliminates that possibility. Accuracy is absolutely crucial and this can be achieved with the Bayer Contour next meter’s multi-pulse technology. After all, you are looking for a product you can count on, right?

You want to be able to make decisions about your diabetes and its control by keeping an accurate check of your numbers. So while medications and insulin injections may be a temporary solution, changing your diet and exercising is more of a permanent solution. Active 1st Bayer Contour Next helps you do just that.

How easy is it to use?

It’s important to use a diabetes testing meter that’s not complicated and fairly easy to use. The on-screen messages are simple to read and deliver extremely accurate results that are totally understandable. By having a feature called “second chance” it is possible when testing that you can apply more blood. This leads to using fewer strips and therefore saving money. The on- screen instructions are available in 14 languages which includes English and Spanish. For a blood sugar testing kit, It’s very user friendly.

Check it out below:

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Active 1st Bayer Contour NEXT EZ Diabetic Testing Starter Kit Features:

  • Each use of multi-pulse technology of a single drop of blood produces 7 times more accuracy
  • No coding means no chance of miscoding which eliminates incorrect test results
  • It only takes 5 seconds to get accurate results
  • Insert the test strip with no hassles
  • Patients and their doctors have a much better knowledge to track patterns with one week, two weeks, and 30 day averages of their glucose levels.
  • Obtaining the correct amount of blood is simple
  • Packaged exclusively for OTC outlet
  • As far as diabetes testing meters it is second to none

Information and Tips About Blood Glucose Meters and Accurate Testing

  • Proper storage is very important. Be sure that meters and test strips are away from extreme temperatures and humidity. Test strips should have limited time that they are exposed to air.
  • It’s best to keep a record of your blood sugar levels.
  • Check your test strips for expiration date to avoid inaccurate results. This is VERY important!
  • Always wash your hands with soap and water before testing your sugar.
  • Stick the side of your finger rather than the middle. This will create less sore spots.
  • Use a new lancet EVERY time you test.
  • Carefully read  and do not dismiss any instructions in the user manual.
  • Check your levels more often than usual if you aren’t feeling well.
  • Clean your meter regularly to keep it operating efficiently.
  • CDC recommends testing between 2 and 4 times a day if you are on insulin
  • Consider testing before and after meals to see how your diet affects your blood glucose levels
  • Simple to use
  • Very accurate
  • No coding
  • Great for travel, comes with case
  • Fast results
  • Long expiration time for test strips
  • Batteries included
  • Lancets are thinner
  • Strips are affordable
  • Rated # 1 Best seller in blood glucose monitors
  • Bayer Contour NEXT will not work with the Bayer Contour (regular) Meter.
  • A bit expensive
  • Inferior design of lancets reported
  • May get different readings in different fingers


Contour Next Testing Kit includes:

  • Bayer contour next EZ meter
  • 100 Bayer contour next test strips
  • 100 active1st 30g lancets
  • lancing device
  • contour next control solution
  • instruction booklet
  • active 1st carry case
  • Bayer Contour is the 1 rated test strip in the world, in accuracy and fast results.
  • All components have an expiration date of 12-18 Months
  • Packaged exclusively for OTC outlet

My thoughts

One very important thing I want to point out is about the test strips. Expired test strips can be very inaccurate. It’s not like dairy products that you shouldn’t use right away after expiration, but the accuracy lessens as the strips expire. Don’t let this happen. Your Contour Next meter and testing is only as good as the testing strips you use. Test strips should also have a limited time that they are exposed to air. Your health is not worth a shortcut by trying to save money by using expired strips. Don’t do it. Once you get low, get some more.


Choosing a good blood glucose testing kit is important. Contour Next should be considered as the best blood sugar monitor. It is the lifeline to what is going on inside your body. I believe it’s a good idea when testing to record your results each time and bring the notes/charts with you to your doctor on your next visit to discuss. You want to log the date and times of the tests, before or after a meal, what foods you ate, any exercises you performed and medications you’re taking.

==>>Click to purchase the Active 1st Bayer Contour Next Kit!

Available on Amazon Prime!<<==

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26 thoughts on “Best Blood Sugar Monitor-News Flash! This Monitor Stands Alone

  1. The Active First Bayer Contour Starter Kit sounds like one of the best diabetic testing kits on the market. It sounds like it offers very good accuracy which is why you rated it high. I like the second chance feature. I occasionally check my father’s glucose levels, and I never seem to get it the first time. It has gotten better since we have the meter strips that you place on the long edge to access the blood. Before we had a different meter that accessed the blood through the top short edge. Which way does the strip lay to access the blood on this meter, on the sode or on the top?

    1. Yes I feel this is the best one on the market too. It’s accurate and easy to use. The strip to access the blood is on the bottom.

  2. Hi there,

    That is a top quality blood sugar monitor. With so many hidden sugars everywhere I actually use one for my family as a preventative tool and regularly check blood sugar levels of everyone.

    Personally, my opinion is that all homes should get one for that very reason, to help prevent type 2 diabetes.

  3. The active first Bayer contour starter diabetic kit is a top quality glucose screen and diabetic testing packs available. With such a large number of covered sugars wherever I really utilize one for my family as a maintain apparatus and frequently check glucose levels of everybody. I rarely check my Grandmother‘s glucose levels.

    By and by, my sentiment is that all homes ought to get one for that very reason, to help anticipate sort 2 diabetes.

    1. I’ve researched the testing kits and this is the one that I’ve chosen because I feel it’s the best, easiest, and most accurate.

  4. As a person with diabetes I know all too well the importance of checking your blood sugar levels regularly. Being able to travel with it is super convenient and will ensure that you will keep your levels in check even while away from home. I’ve experienced firsthand that if your test strips are out of date that your readings can be inaccurate. With this model is it simple and easy to order extra test strips and lancets?

    1. Yes Steven, I experienced the same thing with expired strips and the readings were off. As far as ordering extra test strips and lancets? You can just click on the link in the post where the kit can be ordered and the extra strips and lancets can be purchased there.

  5. This kit seems like a pretty good quality product. I really want to get this for my father who is a diabetic and often does this test with his kit which is now old and I highly doubt that the readings on that machine should be trusted.
    How long will the Active First Bayer Contour Starter Kit last?

    1. It is a great product. I use it everyday. The strips and solution should last a year. You always want to discard expired strips and get new ones. It’s easy to use and for me, fairly accurate.

  6. I’m very happy that I came across this review today as a close friend of mine was just diagnosed with Type 2. She’s is the market for one of these gadgets and I’m going to forward your review to her. You have provided a great deal of detail which is extremely helpful. Personally, I don’t think the cost is a “con”. Can’t put a price on good health.

    1. Thanks Karen. I’m glad I could help. It’s easy to use and accurate. I listed the price as a “con” because some people may consider it a little on the expensive side, but I agree with you. You can’t put a price on your health!

  7. the 1st Bayer Contour NEXT EZ Diabetic Testing Starter Kit seems like a great value add for people with diabetes. Simple and small so no excuse why you don’t have it with you. Do other companies make similar products? I’m curious about the expiration of all the components… Is the 1 year range similar to those other kits?

    1. There are other companies who make similar products. This is the one I recommend because I feel it’s the best and easy to use and I’ve been using it for a long time. Yes, most expirations are around the one year mark. Bayer makes good products. I’ve never had a problem.

  8. Thank You

    Diabetes is a major problem in the world today, this ez diabetic testing kit does sound like a good product for diabetes to test their sugar.

    Is there any ways to prevent diabetes today, I do worry about having diabetes one day? My mother has diabetes so I know it runs in my family genes, can my diet now prevent diabetes later in life?

    1. You’re welcome and yes diabetes can be prevented with diet and exercise. It doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get it if it runs in your family, but if you check out the other articles, the are geared toward what it takes to prevent it. I recommend this testing kit because it’s accurate and I feel it’s the best one available. Watch your diet and exercise and hopefully you won’t need a test kit one day 🙂

  9. It is timely that I find this review as my cousin brother is just diagnosed with diabetes. After carefully reading the review I have immediately forwarded the URL to him. I hope he will find it useful. Though the final decision relies on him I would advise him to consider it as a first priority as the blood sugar testing meter seems to be one of the best. Even if it is a bit more expensive it is better than buying the other inferior products. Thanks for the review.

    1. It seems that way too many people are being diagnosed with diabetes every day. Knowledge is power and addressing the issue is crucial and that means testing your sugar. It just pays to have a testing kit that is reliable. After all, it’s all in the numbers, right? I hope your cousin’s brother benefits from this top notch diabetes testing kit!

  10. The Contour Next test kit sounds like a winner. I feel like it’s important to not only have an accurate test kit, but one that is also easy to use. Your health is not something you should take lightly, but most people prefer products that are convenient and simple – this kit sounds like a perfect combination!

    I appreciate your informative review, it definitely helps narrow down the decision making process.

    1. I did my research before I purchased this excellent testing kit. I wanted one that is easy to use and reliable and this is the one I chose. I don’t take my health and diabetes lightly, so for me this kit was a no-brainer!

  11. Very good website! Rob, you have provided plenty of good content and visuals. Very informative concerning diabetes. Well written pages. I thoroughly enjoyed your Lower Your Risk of Diabetes page. Your recommendations for lowering ones risk for diabetes was very educating especially drinking plenty of water(its benefits) and getting plenty of exercise to.

    1. Thanks Mick. Diabetes is serious and the most important thing is to check your blood sugar frequently. That’s why I recommend the Blood sugar testing kit. It’s perfect! It’s all about eating healthy and exercising too.

  12. I actually never thought about getting a blood glucose testing kit to keep at home. I will discuss this article with my family because I now think that we should get a good one. I will also have to share this post with extended family members and friends because each of us need this lifeline to give an indication of what is going on inside the body. This diabetic testing kit seems to be the right choice. What is the age range for using this kit?

    1. Once you’re diagnosed with diabetes it’s important to check your blood sugars regularly. Having your own testing kit is important because this way you’re constantly on top of your numbers. There’s no guess work as to what your blood sugar is at any time. There is no age range for it and it’s extremely accurate.

  13. I think its sad when companies that make glucometers think that its okay to charge so much for the test strips which leaves diabetics only able to test themselves once or twice a day. If you know anything about Diabetics, its that you need to know often what is going on within your body so you can make adjustments in insulin whether its by a pump or injection. I like that Bayer is so very accurate that you only need to do it one time and you are good.

    1. Hey Sophia,

      It’s important to have a glucose monitor that is reliable.

      I always believed that you get what you pay for. And Bayer is a reputable company.

      I love this test kit. It’s accurate and very reliable no matter how often you check your sugars.

      With diabetes it’s a must to know your sugars regularly.

      Thanks for your input!


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