Essential Oils for Diabetes – 21 Best Oils That Work

If you’re a type 2 diabetic and want relief from your diabetes and to help control your blood sugars, then essential oils will help you. Essential oils for type 2 diabetes can be so beneficial if you’re a type 2 diabetic. I’d like to start by discussing a bit about the oils before I get into great detail about Essential Oils For Diabetes.

Which Essential Oils Will Help With Diabetes?

These oils are derived in a very high concentrated form from plants. This is accomplished from the process known as distillation. This occurs when water or steam is used to separate the oils of the particular plant. This results in a highly concentrated “essential” oil.

Essential Oils for Type 2 Diabetes | Assortment of Essential Oils
Essential Oils for Type 2 Diabetes | Assortment of Essential Oils

I would like to cover many different essential oils, but first and foremost the ones that are beneficial for diabetes. But why use aromatherapy for the treatment of diabetes?

The reason is that it can be beneficial for certain oils to help in improving insulin response, some for insulin sensitivity, and others helping to ease the symptoms that come from diabetes that can be very uncomfortable.

So while some essential oils are able to guide you with losing weight, holding down those stress levels, improving your sleep, reducing inflammation, and others aid in controlling your blood sugar levels. This is the best way to lower your blood sugar and it really works!

It’s important to note that essential oils can be rather potent and that a good deal of the oils need to be diluted to be on the safe side. For the best possible effect, you need to know how you’re going to use each particular oil with the diabetes medication that you are taking. Here’s a quick list below just to give you an idea before the details of these essential oils:

CinnamonMyrrhThyme Essential Oil
ClovePeppermint OilYlang Ylang Essential Oil
CorianderEucalyptus OilOcotea Oil
Lavender OilBlack PepperVetiver Essential Oil
Black Cumin Seed OilHelichrysum Oil & GrapefruitGeranium Oil
Lemon Balm OilBasilFenugreek Oil
Davana OilMarjoram OilCypress Essential Oil
Plant Therapy Top Essential Oils

The Plant Therapy Top Essential Oils, There are 14 essential oils in this package.

Essential Oils for Diabetes

1) Cinnamon

You can take cinnamon by mouth to lower your triglyceride levels, cholesterol, and blood glucose. It is a great source of enhancing the function of insulin. Cinnamon essential oils are responsible for keeping inflammation to a minimum, controlling your blood glucose levels, and fighting infections.

2) Clove

Spice Cloves

If you’re taking clove as a supplement you can expect it to help balance your insulin levels. For type 2 diabetics, clove will bring down your cholesterol and glucose levels. Clove essential oil has numerous advantages for your health including digestive issues, inflammation, acne, infections, wounds, arthritis, anti-aging, cardiovascular disease, and a host of others.

3) Coriander

This is one of the top essential oils to treat your high blood glucose levels. It indicates activity of insulin and makes the release of insulin from your pancreas much easier. From research that was done, it revealed that coriander reduced bad cholesterol (LDL), increased good cholesterol HDL), and triglycerides as well. This is excellent news!

4) Lavender Oil

This is one of my favorites. It’s the most common oil in the world. It just provides a lot of benefits for both diabetes and other health problems. Lavender oil contains properties that are anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial. This aids in the prevention and provides relief from ulcers that are diabetic.

Studies done showed that it helps protect you from stress and diabetes. It aids in the healing of psoriasis, eczema, wounds, and can improve your sleep.

Essential Oils for Type 2 Diabetes | Black Cumin Seed Oil
Essential Oils for Type 2 Diabetes | Black Cumin Seed Oil

5) Black Cumin Seed Oil

Otherwise known as Nigella Seed Oil, Black cumin seed oil lowers insulin resistance and results in lowering your blood sugar in recent studies. This is the result of just two grams of the seeds. The oil is a lot more potent, so be careful with the amount you use.

6) Lemon Balm Oil

This is an additional essential oil for lowering your blood sugar. According to studies this oil is most helpful in lower amounts. It aids in the potential regulation of your glucose. You can use one drop daily either dilute it with carrier oil or mix it with blends for aiding your digestive system.

7) Davana Oil

This particular oil has been used for treating diabetes in Indian medicine for years. It’s an excellent source for working against skin rashes, muscle and joint pain, and keeping stress in check. And stress is important to control.

8) Myrrh

You can take myrrh by mouth by blending it with tea to help monitor your blood sugar levels. It helps to support your immune system with its antioxidant properties. This is vital to folks with diabetes. Myrrh can be helpful for issues such as elasticity of your skin, wrinkles, and dry skin as well. It contains antioxidants that have healing properties that are rather powerful.

9) Peppermint Oil

This is another great essential oil for diabetes. There were studies done on diabetic rats that showed it’s very effective for regulating high blood sugar. It helped to improve the antioxidants as well. Peppermint oil had additional advantages for aiding the pancreas and liver to regenerate, and help boost digestion and stimulate the production of bile.

10) Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is helpful in treating diabetes. It can also be used to treat loss of appetite, ulcers, fever, bleeding gums, burns, flu, stuffy nose, and can reduce swelling.

Using Essential Oils for Diabetes Externally

I prefer to use essential oils externally and feel that it’s safer and better. There’s more involved when taking internally because you shouldn’t be taking the oils just by themselves without diluting them. And the fact of the matter is that doctors don’t want you taking essential oils orally for a long period of time. So the better option is to apply the oils to your skin but you still have to be careful.

So one of the most important things to be concerned about with living with diabetes is circulation improvement. It’s the long term decreasing of your vascular health with the extremities being the main focus of concern. By massaging the different oils into your skin, it helps to increase the blood circulation to your skin.

The oils help to improve the circulation by opening up the pathways of your circulatory system when they are massaged and absorbed into your skin. Essential oils are used for the caring of any wounds that you have.

You don’t want ulcers that can become infected because they are a common symptom of long term diabetes. If this stays open it increases your risk of infection that may possibly be a life threatening situation.

You want to be very careful about ingesting any oils without speaking with your doctor first. It’s equally important to dilute the oils when administering them to your skin. You don’t want to provoke a reaction on your skin that will become an irritation to the skin or hives.

You can dilute with carrier oils such as olive, walnut, black seed, soybean, and safflower oil. The best proportion is 12 ounces of the particular essential oil to 1 ounce of the carrier oil.

Plant Therapy Top Essential Oils

The Plant Therapy Top Essential Oils, There are 14 essential oils in this package.

Additional Essential Oils & Their Health Benefits

Essential Oils for Type 2 Diabetes | Simply Organic Black Pepper

11) Black Pepper

When it comes to salt and pepper? Get rid of the salt. Black pepper is exceptionally beneficial for type 2 diabetics. Research was done and showed that because it is loaded with antioxidants it is able to control diabetes and high blood pressure too.

12) Helichrysum Oil & Grapefruit

Since one of the main cause of diabetes is being overweight and not fit, losing weight is a big time winning solution. Exercise and diet are the two most important factors in losing weight and keeping diabetes away or in check.

Helichrysum oil and grapefruit can help with weight loss which in turn also benefits keeping diabetes under control.

13) Basil

This popular oil is not only used for cooking, but is beneficial for helping your appetite and calming your stomach down.

14) Marjoram Oil

Marjoram essential oil can be responsible for whooping cough, asthma, constipation, and bronchitis too. Pregnant women are advised to avoid!

15) Thyme Essential Oil

This particular oil can help with many issues such as: asthma, dermatitis, antiseptic, hepatitis, psoriasis, cardiovascular disease, bronchitis, and Alzheimer’s disease. You do not want to take thyme oil if you are a child, a woman who is pregnant, or anyone with high blood pressure.

16) Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

This oil can be applied to your neck, back, wrists, and feet. The benefits by inhaling it can be for lowering your blood pressure, stimulation and relaxation while dealing with stress and anger.

17) Ocotea Oil

By mixing this with boiling water you have yourself a tea that will aid in stabilizing and controlling your blood sugar. You can take this as a supplement before your meal and it helps in supporting your pancreas. Ocotea essential oil is beneficial for aiding your body and the internal response to any injuries and irritations, the support of digestion, decreasing swelling, and for diabetes.

18) Vetiver Essential Oil

This oil will provide you with calming effects and has been proven to provide relief from trauma, anxiety, and shock.

19) Geranium Oil

This oil can be helpful, when you apply it to your skin, in dealing with diarrhea, weight loss, and nerve pain.

20) Fenugreek Oil

Fenugreek Seeds

There were studies performed on rats that revealed that fenugreek oil significantly helped in raising the insulin sensitivity in the body. The research further provided that not only does fenugreek oil zero in on the disease and its symptoms, it has the diabetic person feeling wonderful and refreshed for the entire day. Fenugreek is also an ingredient in Curalin that helps lower your blood sugar fast and without medications. For more information about Curalin, read my Curalin Review.

21) Cypress Essential Oil

Just about the most common symptom of type 2 diabetes is poor blood circulationThere are other essential oils that help with the circulation of your blood but cypress oil is one of the best for circulation.

Medical disclaimer
The information that I provide on my website is purely based on my own personal experience and subsequent research into the diabetes disease. It is not intended to take the place of medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. Care and investigation should always be sought from an appropriate health care provider. I am happy to discuss my own symptoms, diagnosis and history of my diabetes disease but want to stress that I am not medically trained in any way. All opinions on my website are my own. I have created this site as a way to share information and experiences.

Final Thoughts

So now you know what the Essential Oils For Diabetes are. Essential oils can be very beneficial for your diabetic conditions. I hope that you also learned about other essentials that can provide you with help for other medical issues as well.

Plant Therapy Top Essential Oils

The Plant Therapy Top Essential Oils, There are 14 essential oils in this package.

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    • Hi Kelvin, yes 21 is a lot of essential oils. But there are a wide variety of oils available today and these are oils are beneficial for diabetes.

      The thing with diabetes or any other disease is that you have to do research on the specific oils that will help the situation.

      Some of these oils work well together when they are mixed and you have to be careful and know what the right amount is to mix with the carrier oil such as coconut oil.

      But as I said before there are many other oils that will help different situations. These just happen to be helpful for diabetes.

      I appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much!


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