Can Inflammation Cause Diabetes? | 20 Ways to Fight Inflammation

Can Inflammation Cause Diabetes? Inflammation is your system that is exceptional for fighting off any type of foreign invader such as toxic chemicals, viruses, germs, and any other “invader” to your body that doesn’t belong there. Inflammation is a normal body function. It also helps to repair any injuries and fights infections. Your systems need to be healthy.

Why is Chronic Inflammation Dangerous?

Man with Inflammation on the Shoulder

But it also can be the main cause of complications from diabetes and insulin resistance too. You can develop all kinds of damage throughout your body from diabetes injuring your blood vessels.

SUGAR! It’s the high blood sugar levels that provoke the inflammation that do the damage to your vessels. Sugar is bad news!

If you experience some kind of cut, your body releases white blood cells to whatever particular part of your body has been injured and the “chemicals” they carry help to protect you.

Research has been done that when even the smallest irritation that is caused by let’s say high blood pressure or high glucose signal your immune system to immediately spring into action and to its job.

You can have a “response” from inflammation that can make any plaques you have more prone to possibly rupturing and this is bad because this is when your organs may possibly get destroyed and/or damaged. It’s vital to have your organs in good working order otherwise you will not function in your daily life.

Chronic inflammation is not good at all. It’s very dangerous if you have diabetes and heart disease. It can derive from infections, chemicals, allergies, food that isn’t healthy for you, and of course stress.

Even the amount of exercise, not enough, or even too much, can help in promoting inflammation. High blood pressure and belly fat are also culprits. They have to be eradicated for sure.

There’s no doubt that inflammation and diabetes are connected. Folks who develop diabetes type 2 are most likely overweight, are insulin resistant, and suffer from chronic inflammation. There are millions of Americans suffering from type 2 diabetes more and more each year.

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There are many scientists who have been aware of these people who have immune responses that are way overactive and this leads to chemicals that are inflammatory in their bodies. One of the most important issues with diabetes and inflammation is to not be overweight and take care of your body.

Studies were done to show that it isn’t just insulin resistance and inflammation that are cause of diabetes. There are also issues in the environment and genetics that play a part in developing type 2 diabetes.

A very important study showed that medications that decreased insulin resistance did not really have any effect on the levels of inflammation, according the American Medical Association. This is interesting to note that they do not have a connection.

Blood Test Monitor

We know that high blood sugar levels are just not good at all for our health. This can lead to so many bad health problems. You do not want chronic inflammation! You should be checking your blood glucose levels regularly. The best thing to do is to follow a proper diet and exercise routine.

An anti-inflammatory diet may be the answer. But a diet that is regular consumption of healthy foods will help. The wrong foods are the main reason to point to for diabetes and inflammation as far as I’m concerned.

Almost anything can be reversed and turned in the right direction and this is no different. You just have to make up your mind that it’s time to rid yourself and diabetes and all the complications and negative things that come with it. Food is medicine and I truly believe it. I’d like to talk about how to fight inflammation next.

Check Out the Video About Chronic Inflammation

20 – Tips for Fighting and Winning Against Inflammation

1) Olive Oil

One thing that is extremely healthy for you is olive oil. This plant based fat is heart healthy and beneficial for inflammation. One of the reasons a Mediterranean diet is healthy for you is because olive oil is such a big part of the diet.

2) Red Meat

You want to limit your intake of red meats high in fat such as bologna, salami, sausage and bacon, and prime rib because the high content of saturated fat will increase your inflammation.

3) Whole Grains

It’s a wise choice to have whole grain starches such as fresh vegetables and fruits. They provide a huge amount of minerals and vitamins that are absolutely necessary to keep you healthy and also improve your health as well. The more colorful the fruits and vegetables the better. Pick a variety each week so that you get enough of everything you need.

4) Exercise

While exercise can possibly cause short term inflammation, it is normal. Sticking to a healthy diet will help in keeping this particular inflammation under control. The bigger concern is chronic inflammation from a poor diet and stress. Also improper exercise can add to this. You want to reduce your inflammation as this will help you with training more consistently.

5) Avoid These Foods

These are the foods you mostly want to either cut down on or avoid altogether:

  • Snack foods- Chips, pretzels, crackers, etc.
  • Alcohol- Too much alcohol is no good
  • Carbs that are refined- Basically anything white such as white breads and white pasta
  • Trans fats- Read the ingredients lists and stay away from anything partially hydrogenated
  • Specific oils- Soybean, corn, and vegetable oils are not good
  • Beverages with sugar-  Any fruit juices and drinks with sugar
  • Desserts- All the goodies that aren’t good for you including candy, ice cream, cake, and cookies

6) Have These Foods

These are some of the foods you definitely want to eat:

7) Supplements

There are particular foods that can be boosted by the effect of anti-inflammatory supplements which include curcumin and fish oil.

8) Sleep

It’s obvious that sleep is crucial to your health and survival. If you are not sleeping well at night then it is increasing your inflammation.

9) Tart Cherries

According to the Oregon Health and Science University, tart cherries contain the highest content of anti-inflammatory of any food. They are beneficial for athletes in speeding up the recovery from any intense workouts they go through.

10) Green Vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables are so important for fighting inflammation. Vitamin E is a key in protecting your body against something called cytokines which are molecules that are pro-inflammatory. The best sources of vitamin E are dark green leafy veggies such as kale, Swiss chard, spinach, and broccoli.

(These last two are my favorites) These all contain the highest concentration of nutrients including iron, calcium, and flavonoids that fight against diseases.

11) Onions and Garlic

There are compounds in garlic that can decrease the producing of substances in your blood that raise levels of inflammation. Onions contain a flavonoid known as quercetin which also impedes inflammation and arthritis.

12) Oral Hygiene

By following up on your oral hygiene, your brushing and flossing will be great for your health but also helps prevent the bad bacteria in your mouth from getting into your bloodstream and activating inflammation.

13) Meditation

A short time period of meditation in the morning and just before you go to sleep aids in calming your stomach down. This leads to less inflammation. Excess stress can promote inflammation and help weaken your immune system. Meditation soothes your mind and eases you so try it.

14) Spices

If you like spices with your food, then good. Spices such as rosemary, ginger, turmeric, and basil help because they are anti-inflammatory boosters, so spice up!

Weight Loss Before and After

15) Processed Foods

These foods are just not good for you. Processed foods offer little or no nutritional value for you and are packed with trans fats, gluten, sugar and others that can set off chronic inflammation from an immune response.

16) Losing Weight

Shedding those extra pounds is healthy for so many reasons. Fat cells are your biggest enemy! They add fuel to the inflammation fire. Unfortunately the fat cells produce a hormone which is responsible for this action.

17) Antibiotics

Physicians prescribe medications all the time. Unless they are absolutely necessary, it’s a wise choice to not take them. While antibiotics may be good, they kill both good and bad bacteria which destroy your balance of bacteria and this will lead to chronic inflammation.

18) Peppers

Color means a lot when it comes to foods because the more colorful they are the healthier they are. These foods are high in antioxidants and are rich in capsaicin. This chemical reduces pain and inflammation.

19) Beets

 The first clue that this vegetable offers such great health benefits is its rich red color. The antioxidant properties protect against heart disease and cancer and can totally reduce inflammation.

20) Turmeric and Ginger

These two spices are excellent when it comes to reducing inflammation and being rich in antioxidants.

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Final Thoughts

Can Inflammation Cause Diabetes? Inflammation can be the cause of diseases such as diabetes. Inflammation is something you want to have under control because diabetes is a serious condition that can be controlled.

It’s important to do the best you can to fight inflammation. I hope you learned something and that your blood sugar numbers are lowered and under control too.

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Rob Sciubba

Rob Sciubba - Founder of

Rob is an blogger who has type 2 diabetes and wants to spread the word treating diabetes. For the past 3 years he has provided valuable information about diabetes and lowering blood sugars and continues to offer additional ways to treat diabetes.

If you’re serious about treating your diabetes and lowering your blood sugars the natural ways, then you will learn from his website.

37 thoughts on “Can Inflammation Cause Diabetes? | 20 Ways to Fight Inflammation”

  1. My dad was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my mom is prediabetic, so I have been looking heavily into what sort of foods to have them eat or avoid. I appreciate this comprehensive and detailed list of options. I mean, it makes sense that sugars and transfats are going to be a problem, but I never realized the good effects of some of these other things like garlic and onions. Thanks a lot for this!

    • Hi Sunny 🙂

      It’s terrible that so many people are getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It’s all about health style. Eating healthy and exercising helps with inflammation and diseases such as diabetes.

      Sugar is just not healthy for you especially if you consume it in excess. It destroys your body and your organs.

      Follow the list of options to avoid inflammation and get and stay on the right track.

      Onions and garlic are great for starters to get you in the right direction!

      Good luck! 🙂

  2. As a young bodybuilder, this information is super critical! I do not want chronic inflammation because I definitely do not want to gain belly fat. I am glad you mention olive oil is good because I use it a lot. Also, I never knew red wine is good for our body, so I will definitely try it when I legally can. Thank you for giving me a list of things to have or do. Keep it up!

    • It’s good that you know how important chronic inflammation is.

      Taking the necessary precautions against inflammation is vital for your health.

      Stick to the good things and good luck with the bodybuilding!



  3. Hi Rob, thanks for your informative article!

    I used to be a raw food eater for a year or two, and there were times that I was eating A LOT of fruits, sometimes fruits alone. I became a bit worried about the blood sugar levels and got a device to measure the levels.

    To my surprise, the readings were all normal! I tried one hours after eating, two hours… and first thing in the morning. And after eating it was perhaps 5 or 6, morning 4.

    So it really matters what kind of sugars we eat.

    • Hi!

      It’s true that fruits do have sugar but it’s not the kind of sugar that’s going to make your blood sugar levels spike.

      It doesn’t mean that we should just gorge ourselves on fruit but eating the right fruits that are lower in sugar are the better ones that also help to fight inflammation.

      Berries are the best fruits when it comes to sugar and they help to fight inflammation.

      Way to keep your sugars down!

      Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. I love this. Most of the older folk in my family are all diabetic, and it’s from their lifestyle and their eating habits, which they refuse to change. For me, I’ve always been looking to lead a healthy lifestyle so this information is right up my alley. I love eating colorful vegetables, eating clean and organic and foods that are grown close to your home. Inflammation is bad for you in so many ways, thank you so much for this valuable information that will help a lot of people!

  5. I love researching natural ways to heal the body. It’s just like Dr. Morse says: What you eat, drink, breathe, and put on your skin is your health or your disease.

    I also love beets so I was happy to see you mentioned them. They are high in magnesium and promote healthy bowel movements. Baked beets are one of my favorite foods.

    • Hey Jo,

      That’s why my website is all about treating diabetes the natural way.

      You are what you eat as they say.

      Inflammation is not good so avoiding it is the best way to help yourself.

      And yes, beets happen to be one of the top nutritional foods for you and lowering your blood sugar.


  6. Rob,

    There is so much great information here and I truly appreciate it.

    You have outlined so many ways to fight inflammation that with hard work, it will work! A friend of mine has inflammation issues and I will refer them to your site!

    Thank you for all of the great info!

    • Hey Kahlua, I wanted to provide as much information as possible because inflammation is THE biggest cause of every ailment and disease there is. I want everyone to know how important it is to fight inflammation and how we can begin to be free of illness and disease by eliminating inflammation! Thanks for sharing this to everyone you know! I appreciate it 🙂

  7. I agree, diabetes 2 can totally be reversed…a couple of things i would add…meats should be organic and pastured due to factory farm meats being loaded with chemicals, antibiotics, gmo’s, pink slime, you name it. Also, for a lot of people, even if they aren’t celiacs, they have a sensitivity to gluten, which means, it causes inflammation. I have this problem so i avoid wheat completely. Now a days, you can get awesome rice products, pasta etc, gluten free breads etc, i don’t even miss wheat at all. I would also like to mention that most spices that are not organic, have been irradiated, which kills off most of the beneficial properties of spices. It’s worth buying organic, or local so you know what you’re getting. And for me personally, i try to avoid all things ‘genetically modified’, due to several factors. Glyphosate, and again, gmo foods have been shown through independent tests, to contribute to inflammation, and foster allergies.

    • Yes I believe that type 2 diabetes can be reversed. Inflammation is the cause of every disease and ailment. I agree with organic meats because of all the chemicals they are packed with.

      I’ve heard about wheat allergies and having to avoid it altogether. There are plenty of alternatives anyway. 

      The thing with organic is it’s always better but may not be on the list for some because of the cost.

      Curbing inflammation is going to help you immensely!

      Thank you for your detailed response!

  8. Thanks for this article and how inflammation relates to diabetes. Its definitely a condition that’s on the rise. Some pretty sound advice especially with regard to diet and exercise. Inflammation is at the route of so many conditions not just diabetes of course.

    What sort of timescale would you say it should take to start reversing inflammation?

    • Hey Steve,

      Inflammation is the root of all evil when it comes to disease. It plays a role in everything in your body and must be controlled.

      When you have something such as diabetes you begin to wonder what else may cause it. The fact is that it’s inflammation that’s the devil.

      As far as reversing inflammation? It’s up to the individual and their condition and how much they put into turning it around in my opinion anyway.

      Thank you for your insight 🙂

  9. Great article you have touched on a bit of everything.  I am also a holistic health coach and believe its about 80 percent of the food choices.  Today its so hard people tend to take the fast route and choose processed foods.  Not realizing at the time there is no value or nutrition and eventually become ill.  

    I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes and it took me on a health quest myself and research new information all the time.  I am glad you have this site its quite helpful.. 

    • Hey Nancy,

      Thanks so much! So you know all about the right health choices and what it takes to calm inflammation.

      Eating all the wrong foods, the sugars, processed foods, and all the junk food can really take its toll on your health when it comes to diabetes and inflammation especially.

      I do hope that you do not develop diabetes! It’s easier to prevent than to cure!

      Thank you for your comments!

  10. I didn’t know blood sugar level is connected to the inflammation risk. This risk is something that must be avoided and promptly addressed if it happens. I believe that food has a major influence on our health, so many issues can be treated with diet change. You listed really healthy foods in this post and people should follow this advice as a preventive measure. It’s much easier to prevent issues than to treat them.

    • Hi Mary 🙂

      Everything is connected to inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s biggest enemy!

      It is the cause of diabetes and every other disease. If inflammation is not controlled the body is going to pay the price!

      And so much of disease is related to poor eating and lack of exercise. If we all knew how bad inflammation is for you, we would all change our eating habits instantly!

      You’re right Mary! An ounce of prevention!

      Thank you for your thoughts 🙂

  11. Rob,

    Sorry but I have to leave you another comment here too, my friend with diabetes is going to be so happy that I have come across your website he has so much pain from inflammation every day.  Not only is the Phytolife Marine Phytoplankton something I believe he will be interested in but the fact that some of these foods you have here he does already enjoy adding a few more along with the Phytolife Marine Phytoplankton just might be the thing to help him so much.

    Thank you,


    • Susan, no need to apologize 🙂

      Diabetes is all about inflammation and I agree that your friend will find relief from inflammation with Marine Phytoplankton. I take the Phytolife and Ocean’s Alive. They both are awesome. In fact, now I am leaning more toward the Ocean’s Alive Phytoplankton! They will work wonders for your friend!

      While there are many ways and many foods here that help with inflammation, Marine Phytoplankton can be the booster you need! Here are some testimonials: Click HERE

      Thanks Susan! 🙂

  12. I am absolutely convinced that what you are saying is true about inflammation and the connection to sugar.  I truly notice that my “aches and pains” in my joints (my shoulder and my elbow) flare up when I begin to consume high quantities of sugar.  I’m a healthy eater, but I do have an affinity for sugar, and I find once I eat a little, I end up eating a lot, and it does flare up my issues.  

    I do have diabetes in my family, and although I have not personally been diagnosed with it, my daughter had a pre-diabetes a few years back, so I am typically very careful.  I also have a dear friend who suffers with the disease.

    I love your site.  You provide great health information.

    • Hey Babs 🙂

      Inflammation and sugar should be locked up together! 🙂 They are both toxic enemies of our bodies.

      Inflammation is the cause of all diseases in my opinion and need to be eradicated somehow.

      Everything that happens in our bodies relates back to inflammation and sugar cause inflammation. It’s addicting and poison to our bodies.

      Preventing inflammation and diabetes needs to be done for us to get and stay healthy again. Sugar be gone!

      Thank you for visiting and sharing this to others who need help too! 🙂

  13. I’m looking to adjust my diet so that I can decrease my inflammation.  I do have a couple questions though.

    Do you think switching to organic steak and burgers is a good idea for reducing inflammation?  I know you mentioned high in fat, but I was considering switching to organic steak and burgers.

    I have heard cinnamon is good for diabetes over the years.  Isn’t it sugar or is something different about cinnamon which acts differently in the body?

    • Hi Garen,

      It’s always a good idea to cut down on inflammation because it is the root of all evil when it comes to your health.

      My personal opinion is that switching to organic steaks and burgers isn’t going to change anything as far as inflammation goes.

      Cinnamon lowers your blood sugar and lowers inflammation as well. It is excellent to have in your diet!

      I appreciate your comments! Thanks 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for this great post, Sometimes ago I was completely helpless when one of my friends was diagnosed with diabetes. I think one of the best way to fight this is reducing sugar intake level in the body. I know green tea helps also I can’t agree less with you know that. Glad to know that green vegetables and nuts also made your list. Easy to get. 

    • Hi Clement,

      You’re welcome! Diabetes isn’t the only disease caused by inflammation by the way.

      Inflammation is the cause of everything! It’s terrible. It must be reduced.

      It causes stress and diabetes as well. It’s the root of all evil.

      The absolute best way to calm inflammation is to get rid of the sugar!

      Sugar does a number on your body so the more you cut out, the better off you will be!

      Thanks for saying goodbye to inflammation! 🙂

  15. I drink my homemade ginger tea everyday, 2 times a day morning and before I go to bed. I do the hardcore version where I do not put on any sweetener lol It is good for inflammation try it! Also for folks out there, try not to cook with your olive oil, it is best to consume it as it is since heat will change the property and it can be toxic for your body. Oh Oh trans fat is called hydrogenated oil FYI. 

    It is always so tricky for me when it comes to drinking (alcohol of course). I love it so much so I ended up drinking about 3 glasses of red wine a day or maybe 2 glasses of neat whiskey (thank god I do not like mixer). Hopefully I can change that to 1-2 glasses a day. 

    Great read, this post has confirmed that I have done something right for once lol

    Happy Holidays

    • Hey Nuttanee! 🙂

      Ginger tea is definitely a plus in fighting inflammation.

      Yes trans fat hydrogenated oil is no good for you. You don’t need anything that is going to raise inflammation levels.

      I don’t drink alcohol, but I know that too much is not good either. Cutting back would probably be a good idea.

      The best thing to do is follow the information in this article. That will certainly make a difference in the fight against inflammation and diabetes!

      Thank you for your insight 🙂

  16. Thanks for this helpful list of natural remedies that help keep blood sugar down.

    My wife’s mother is struggling with upcoming inflammation and was asking me to research what she can do on a low budget.

    We live in Thailand and so, many of your recommendations are easily available here for little to no money 🙂 We grow our own spices and pepper and turmeric, ginger we already have.

    • Hi Stefan 🙂

      Keeping your blood sugar down is going to help curb inflammation which causes diabetes.

      She will find a wealth of information here on my website.

      It’s good that you can pick up these things easily and that they are affordable.

      That’s awesome that you grow your own pepper and turmeric!

      Good luck and thank you for sharing 🙂

  17. This information is really helpful. It reawakens and motivates me to keep doing what I can to stay healthy. My father was diabetic and I always fear I may be at some point, so I try to eat food that won’t raise my blood sugar levels. I must say it’s not easy for me. Sometimes I want to just indulge myself in ‘unhealthy’ foods. But I’m encouraged to stay on track.

    Thanks for sharing this, especially the tips on reducing inflammation.

    • Hi Eohia,

      What inflammation does should motivate anyone to sit up and take notice. It’s a motivator for me to change things because of the diabetes.

      Keeping blood sugars in the normal range is the best things you can do with inflammation.

      If you want to feel better and reduce your chances of illness, then fighting inflammation should be your top concern.

      I know it’s hard to resist the unhealthy foods, but they sure do a number on your body and cause all sorts of problems.

      Thank you for your thoughts! 🙂

  18. Hello Rob,

    I wasn’t aware of someone who is diabetes, have to be as aware of their life hygiene. I knew about the food, but I never thought about the inflammation. 

    I recently had someone I knew who had diabetes, who passed away because he just didn’t care about his life hygiene. He had this chronic inflammation but his mind was like I don’t give a … 

    He had this frustration inside him self because of his circumstances and he didn’t see any opportunity to learn and grow from it. I wish he could be there and read your article, to have more resources and solution…


    • Hey Mathieu,

      Diabetes is all about unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, and all around just not caring about one’s health.

      But this leads to inflammation which can cause disease. Inflammation is what we must be aware of and fight at all costs.

      Lifestyle change is a start and by eating healthy, getting up and moving, and taking care of ourselves, we can stand up to inflammation and the problems it causes.

      I hope you share this and maybe it will help someone else before it’s too late!

      Thank you for sharing 🙂

  19. I know a couple of friends with diabetes.  I’m sure that they would like to have all of this useful information.  I was very interested in the part about inflammation and how to deal with that.  Would you say that this information would also include inflammation due to arthritis?  I really like onions, so that is really good that it helps with inflammation.  I did not know about the red meats and that too much of it can cause inflammation.  I guess I will have to cut down on some of that.   

    • Hi Andy,

      We all know at least someone who has diabetes in this day and age. Passing this on to them could help them for sure!

      Arthritis from inflammation? Absolutely! Everything is caused by inflammation and it’s toxic!

      Onions are good along with many other foods and supplements in curbing inflammation.

      Yes, red meats should be cut down. Fruits and vegetables are the foods you can never go wrong with.

      Appreciate your time and comments! Thanks! 🙂


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