Can Inflammation Cause Diabetes? | 20 Ways to Fight Inflammation

Can Inflammation Cause Diabetes? Inflammation is your system that is exceptional for fighting off any type of foreign invader such as toxic chemicals, viruses, germs, and any other “invader” to your body that doesn’t belong there. Inflammation is a normal body function. It also helps to repair any injuries and fights infections. Your systems need to be healthy.

Why is Chronic Inflammation Dangerous?

Man with Inflammation on the Shoulder

But it also can be the main cause of complications from diabetes and insulin resistance too. You can develop all kinds of damage throughout your body from diabetes injuring your blood vessels.

SUGAR! It’s the high blood sugar levels that provoke the inflammation that do the damage to your vessels. Sugar is bad news!

If you experience some kind of cut, your body releases white blood cells to whatever particular part of your body has been injured and the “chemicals” they carry help to protect you.

Research has been done that when even the smallest irritation that is caused by let’s say high blood pressure or high glucose signal your immune system to immediately spring into action and to its job.

You can have a “response” from inflammation that can make any plaques you have more prone to possibly rupturing and this is bad because this is when your organs may possibly get destroyed and/or damaged. It’s vital to have your organs in good working order otherwise you will not function in your daily life.

Chronic inflammation is not good at all. It’s very dangerous if you have diabetes and heart disease. It can derive from infections, chemicals, allergies, food that isn’t healthy for you, and of course stress.

Even the amount of exercise, not enough, or even too much, can help in promoting inflammation. High blood pressure and belly fat are also culprits. They have to be eradicated for sure.

There’s no doubt that inflammation and diabetes are connected. Folks who develop diabetes type 2 are most likely overweight, are insulin resistant, and suffer from chronic inflammation. There are millions of Americans suffering from type 2 diabetes more and more each year.

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There are many scientists who have been aware of these people who have immune responses that are way overactive and this leads to chemicals that are inflammatory in their bodies. One of the most important issues with diabetes and inflammation is to not be overweight and take care of your body.

Studies were done to show that it isn’t just insulin resistance and inflammation that are cause of diabetes. There are also issues in the environment and genetics that play a part in developing type 2 diabetes.

A very important study showed that medications that decreased insulin resistance did not really have any effect on the levels of inflammation, according the American Medical Association. This is interesting to note that they do not have a connection.

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We know that high blood sugar levels are just not good at all for our health. This can lead to so many bad health problems. You do not want chronic inflammation! You should be checking your blood glucose levels regularly. The best thing to do is to follow a proper diet and exercise routine.

An anti-inflammatory diet may be the answer. But a diet that is regular consumption of healthy foods will help. The wrong foods are the main reason to point to for diabetes and inflammation as far as I’m concerned.

Almost anything can be reversed and turned in the right direction and this is no different. You just have to make up your mind that it’s time to rid yourself and diabetes and all the complications and negative things that come with it. Food is medicine and I truly believe it. I’d like to talk about how to fight inflammation next.

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20 – Tips for Fighting and Winning Against Inflammation

1) Olive Oil

One thing that is extremely healthy for you is olive oil. This plant based fat is heart healthy and beneficial for inflammation. One of the reasons a Mediterranean diet is healthy for you is because olive oil is such a big part of the diet.

2) Red Meat

You want to limit your intake of red meats high in fat such as bologna, salami, sausage and bacon, and prime rib because the high content of saturated fat will increase your inflammation.

3) Whole Grains

It’s a wise choice to have whole grain starches such as fresh vegetables and fruits. They provide a huge amount of minerals and vitamins that are absolutely necessary to keep you healthy and also improve your health as well. The more colorful the fruits and vegetables the better. Pick a variety each week so that you get enough of everything you need.

4) Exercise

While exercise can possibly cause short term inflammation, it is normal. Sticking to a healthy diet will help in keeping this particular inflammation under control. The bigger concern is chronic inflammation from a poor diet and stress. Also improper exercise can add to this. You want to reduce your inflammation as this will help you with training more consistently.

5) Avoid These Foods

These are the foods you mostly want to either cut down on or avoid altogether:

  • Snack foods- Chips, pretzels, crackers, etc.
  • Alcohol- Too much alcohol is no good
  • Carbs that are refined- Basically anything white such as white breads and white pasta
  • Trans fats- Read the ingredients lists and stay away from anything partially hydrogenated
  • Specific oils- Soybean, corn, and vegetable oils are not good
  • Beverages with sugar-  Any fruit juices and drinks with sugar
  • Desserts- All the goodies that aren’t good for you including candy, ice cream, cake, and cookies

6) Have These Foods

These are some of the foods you definitely want to eat:

7) Supplements

There are particular foods that can be boosted by the effect of anti-inflammatory supplements which include curcumin and fish oil.

8) Sleep

It’s obvious that sleep is crucial to your health and survival. If you are not sleeping well at night then it is increasing your inflammation.

9) Tart Cherries

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