Is Papaya Good for Diabetics? – Why Papaya is Beneficial

Papaya is excellent for you and offers many health benefits. Is Papaya Good for Diabetics? The advantage of papaya is that papaya helps to control your blood sugars and diabetes too. It happens to be in moderation when it comes to sugar content. I want to tell you everything about papaya.

Why is Papaya Good for You?

Papaya Fruit

This fruit is large and yellow in color. The yellow color indicates high beta carotene levels and contain vitamins A, B, and C. Papaya happens to be average in sugar content which is a good reason for diabetics to eat within moderation.

Many diabetics have to be careful with their sugar intake and fruit does contain sugar so it’s better to have fruits that are lower in sugar such as papayas. I like the taste and they are sweet, but not overly sweet so that’s a good thing.

I love papaya! They are a great choice because they have natural antioxidants that aid in helping to prevent the failure of your body’s cellular structures.

Since diabetes can be a serious condition, papaya can inhibit the progression of type 2 diabetes to type 1 diabetes. Type 2 can remain controllable with a daily healthy diet. You want to have papayas in raw form because juice has added sugars that can affect your blood sugars negatively.

In choosing papayas you want to buy the ones that have a thick skin that is intact and also possess very little or no blemishes at all. The seeds of the papaya should not be eaten. You should discard them.

Source of Antioxidants

Why are the antioxidants in papayas so important? It is because they prevent the breakdown of your human body’s cell structure. This is an excellent reason to choose papayas. The antioxidants in papaya aid in halting and preventing any further cell damage due to your irregular blood glucose levels from a possible higher risk of contracting any heart issues.

Easy to Purchase

Papayas are just about the easiest fruits that are available in excess throughout the entire year. You can find it almost anywhere from grocers and fruit and vegetable vendors.

Low Levels of Sugar

Most fruits contain more sugar than papayas do. The glucose level is rather low in papayas. Because of this you can have three servings a day and not be concerned about your sugar levels being too high. Fruit is good for you and papaya especially because of the low sugar content.


Papaya has a great deal of fiber and because of this it reduces your cravings for more food. and especially junk food. This is an excellent snack choice in place of any junk food. It will help control your appetite. That can help to keep your weight down.


Papaya is fairly cheap and costs about $.40 a pound. An average papaya can serve about 2-3 people. Some fruit can be expensive, but papaya isn’t one of them. So add papaya to your diet.


A papaya that is ripe contains vitamin A which helps maintain healthy vision, healthy skin, and mucus membranes. The vitamin B complex vitamins such as riboflavin, folic acid, and thiamine it contains are good for playing a role in a vital metabolism. Vitamin C works on searching and destroying harmful free radicals, anti-inflammatory actions, and boosting your immune system.

Complications of Diabetes

Kidney damage, fatty liver, and oxidative stress are all secondary complications of diabetes that you can have less risks of developing by having the antioxidants in papaya leaf extracts.


With diabetes there is always a delay in the healing of any wounds or injuries and can cause additional complications. Because of its outstanding antioxidant and anti-bacterial power, consuming papaya leaves increases and speeds up the process of healing.

There has been extensive research showing that folks with type 2 diabetes who follow a high fiber diet, such as eating papaya, had improved results when it came to insulin, blood sugar and lipid levels.

Additional Health Benefits of Papaya

The Human Heart

Heart Health

The contents of these antioxidants, namely vitamin A, C, and E are powerful enough to help prevent heart disease from diabetes and also atherosclerosis, which is a disease of your arteries defined by the deposition of plaque of fat content on the inner walls of the arteries.

Weight Loss

Papaya is great for losing weight. There is a low content of sugar in it and a medium size papaya is only 120 calories. It contains a considerable amount of fiber which helps you lose weight because it makes you feel full and helps control your appetite and cool the cravings.

Preventing Cancer

You want to prevent your cells experiencing free radical damage and this can be accomplished by the flavonoids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients contained in papaya. You can also protect against colon and prostate cancer by the beta carotene in papayas.


Stress is a killer and we all don’t need it. But papaya helps with its vitamin C. Scientists stated that 200 mg of vitamin C helped with the controlling of stress in rats.

Immune System

Your immune system is your body’s defense against germs and infections that can make you feel ill and nobody likes feeling like that. Papayas help you to build a stronger immune system because one single papaya contains 200% of the daily requirement of vitamin C for you.


Papaya contains an enzyme known as papain that helps in breaking down proteins to help with digestion. This also helps with constipation as well. You can get additional help with papayas because of their water content.


Too much cholesterol building up in your arteries, block them and possibly cause a heart attack. Because papayas contains vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, it helps to prevent the buildup of cholesterol in your arteries and preventing problems. Papaya is very beneficial for this!


Arthritis can be a crippling disease that can significantly reduce your quality of life. You need to keep the inflammation down which decreases your arthritis and the vitamin C in the papayas helps to accomplish this.

Macular Degeneration

Your vision is about the most important thing in your life to survive. Macular degeneration is a gradual loss of vision that occurs in elderly folks but can be prevented. There is an antioxidant called zeaxanthin that reduces your risk of macular degeneration by filtering out any rays that could possibly harm the retinas of your eyes.

In addition, the mucus membranes of your eyes can stay protected and healthy by the flavonoids, lutein and beta carotene and vitamin A as well. One single papaya a day can help to protect your vision.


What can help to heal your wounds? Well, there are many things that can, but the papaya seeds can definitely aid in healing faster. They can promote faster healing  because the bacteria is killed off in the wound from antimicrobial activity.

Your Throat

If you have problems with your throat or your tonsils, you can reduce the inflammation with a mixture of honey and papaya juice. Together they can stop the spread of infection.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the silent killer and needs to be kept under control. You need to exercise and stay away from sodium. High blood pressure can also be caused by low levels of potassium as well. Papaya to the rescue because 1oo grams of it contains more than 180 mg of potassium and this vital mineral can help keep your pressure under control.


Gout is something you do not ever want. The pain, redness, and swelling in your joints is just horrible. It comes from the accumulation of uric acid in your blood. Papaya is a wonderful choice for treating gout because of the enzyme papain which is a natural inflammatory. Turn to papaya to help you through this.

Hair Growth

Papaya can help you avoid baldness and aid in the growing of your hair. It also helps dandruff which is why it is often an ingredient in shampoos. The vitamin A helps with moisturizing your hair and removes excess oil making your hair smooth and shiny.

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Strong Bones

You can keep your bones strong by consuming papaya because it contains potassium and vitamin K which helps with calcium. You can also lower the risk of problems with bone marrow with the antioxidants in papaya.


Papaya works great for nausea and morning sickness in pregnant women. Having one slice of papaya daily can really help you relieve the feeling of nausea. Going on that cruise? It also is beneficial for motion sickness. I cannot stand that feeling of nausea!


Looking for something to fight cancer? It’s papaya! Papaya is loaded with flavonoids such as zeaxanthin, lutein, and beta carotene. These super antioxidants  fight the free radicals and protect against cancers such as oral, liver, and lung cancers.


Irritable bowel syndrome can be extremely annoying and bothersome to say the least. To help, you need fiber and since papayas contain over 50% of soluble fiber of over the 10% fiber they contain, this can help you to avoid and prevent the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome that will also benefit better bowel movements.

Revitalizing Muscle Tissues

For the optimal muscle repair and health, the protein in papaya helps to revitalize your body and your muscle tissues.

Menstrual Pain

If you’re a woman who is experiencing menstrual pain, the enzyme papain in papaya helps in controlling and easing the flow during menstrual periods. Treat yourself to some papaya and ease the pain!

Woman Holding Papaya


We would all like to stay young and not have our age show. It seems impossible but if you follow healthy tips like eating papaya, you can help to slow down the aging process and look a few years or more younger than your actual age.

 Possible Side Effects of Papaya

  • Upset stomach (excess consumption)
  • Abortion- Raw papaya is used to terminate unwanted pregnancies
  • Allergies to papaya
  • Some people can experience skin rashes
  • Avoid papaya if you have cardiac issues because it can cause a slower heartbeat
  • Not safe if you have diarrhea. Wait until it clears because of possible dehydration
  • Excessive use can cause constipation
  • If you have allergies to latex, you can have a reaction from papaya because there can be a conflict between latex and any foods that contain it.

In Conclusion

Is Papaya Good for Diabetics? Papayas are not only very tasty, but they are nutritional and low in sugar which helps your diabetes and help to keep your blood sugar down. They offer many health benefits as long as you don’t eat them in excess.

I love the taste and they’re not too sweet because of the lower sugar content. I like to mix up my fruits and have a wide variety to get as much nutrition as possible. Fiber is good for you, your body, and diabetes control. Papaya contains fiber so if you’re not already eating it, give it a try.

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8 thoughts on “Is Papaya Good for Diabetics? – Why Papaya is Beneficial”

  1. Hi Rob,

    Your article is very informational. I love papaya fruit for its sweetness. It is good to know that its sugar content is lower than other fruits.

    I do have a problem with my tonsil every now and then. Now I know what to do. Papaya juice with honey it is.

    Another thing that captured my attention was using papaya to aid hair growth. I have not seen these shampoos before. Would you mind sharing which are the ones?

    Thank you for sharing such an informative and useful article.

    • Hi Sharon 🙂

      Thank you and I’m glad that you like papaya too. One of the things I like about it is the low sugar content too.

      Honey and papaya juice should help you out with your tonsil issues too.

      Here is a shampoo that I would recommend:

      Hope this helps!



  2. Hi, I don’t know where you’re from, but where I live papayas are small. They’re just big enough for one person. Years ago, I lived in Mexico, oh how I miss its climate, their Papayas are massive. They taste better over there as well. I think by the time they get to us the nutrients are so amiss that they do very little. All the same, I know they’re very good for us wherever we live. Obviously the fresher the better.

    • Hi Sharon 🙂

      Papayas small or big are so beneficial. I find the taste very good!

      I always liked fresh fruit and the fact that papayas help with blood sugar is great!

      Add papayas and their nutrients to your diet and experience the benefits!

      Thanks your your comments!


  3. I had no idea papayas were so beneficial and in so many ways. I didn’t know that they had a much lower sugar content than other fruit either.

    I have recently returned from Thailand and enjoyed eating a lot of papaya out there! It was so nice to have a plate of papaya, watermelon and pineapple for breakfast.

    They’re a lot harder to buy here in the UK (and expensive) – I presume you are in the US and they’re easier to find year-round.

    • Hi Louise,

      Yes papayas are great in so many ways. A lot of folks don’t know that they are low in sugar content.

      That must have been a nice trip for you and that’s one healthy breakfast too!

      Papayas are fairly easy to find here in the U.S. year round. It gives us better chances to enjoy the benefits especially for diabetes.

      Thanks for your input!



  4. I do love my papayas and really had no idea they were so low in sugar with a lot of benefits. I don’t have a problem with diabetes, but from the list of benefits of eating Papaya, it looks like I should eat even more?

    I’m guessing the reasons they are so powerful for your health is low sugar, full of antioxidants and fiber. That’s a healthy combination.

    Thanks for listing all the super benefits of eating papaya.

    • Hi Mike 🙂

      Papayas are good and I love the fact that they are a fruit that’s low in sugar. It’s a good thing when a food such as papaya can be beneficial for diabetes and offers other health benefits too.

      It’s really packed with fiber and antioxidants and tastes great too. I try and make it part of my diet everyday.

      Thanks Mike and enjoy those papayas!



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