Black Cumin Seed Oil and Diabetes | 23 Benefits for Diabetics

Are you familiar with black cumin seed oil that comes from nigella sativa, which is a flowering plant in the Middle East and Asia? Black Cumin Seed Oil and Diabetes is very beneficial for lowering your blood sugars. Let me just show you why:

Why is Black Cumin Seed Oil Good for Your Blood Sugars?

This particular plant has flowers that are an off white color. I want to discuss the connection and benefits for diabetes first because I feel that’s more important for diabetes control. I will discuss the other benefits afterward.

Black Cumin Seeds

Studies back in 2007 revealed that the cost of treating diabetes was over $170 billion according to the Center for Disease and Control and Prevention.

That is a whopping amount of money to treat just one disease! Nigella sativa has been around for many thousands of years and has considerable healing properties.

Among a few of the benefits, it helps to increase your life span, helps in purifying your blood, and strengthening your immune system. Black cumin seed oil has had many research done and shown to help in reversing diabetes and in a short time as well. I found that it has helped me with lowering my blood sugar numbers and I will continue to take it because of this and all the great benefits it offers. It helps to control my diabetes.

In a study done back in 2009, there was research done on lab animals that showed an improvement of glucose intolerance because of the prevention of absorption of glucose into the intestines because of the consumption of this essential oil. It also revealed in another test that the nigella sativa extracts helped in decreasing damage to the beta cells in the pancreas. The pancreas is the organ that produces insulin.

This makes it a possibility that it can lower the risk of type 1 diabetes. There was an article in a journal in a 2011 issue of “Journal of Endocriniology and Metabolism” that states that thymoquinone, (which is bioactive constituent of nigella sativa) is also responsible for raising the sensitivity of insulin in liver cells. This aids in preventing type 2 diabetes. Thymoquinone also has anti cancer properties. That’s a positive for sure!

The oil of the black cumin seed is actually more beneficial than the seed itself. It’s actually two and a half times stronger. In order to get the full effect, you should be taking only true black cumin seed oil. You can take it while you are taking medications for diabetes but you should be on a diet that is for diabetics. Anything that you decide to do should always be discussed with your physician.

In one study performed in Saudi Arabia, researchers tested people by using two grams of black cumin seeds each day for a period of five weeks. This helped in lowering blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics and they were reduced by an average of over 60 mg/100 ml in five weeks.

To Summarize the Benefits of Nigella Sativa for Diabetes:

  • Increases glucose induced secretion of insulin.
  • It is an additional treatment for people with diabetes that is effective.
  • Exceptional improvement in your A1C and daily glucose numbers.
  • Decreases glucose absorption in your intestines.

Awesome Health Benefits of Black Cumin Seed Oil

1) Infections

Your immune system is responsible for fighting off all kinds of infections and it one of the things that it kills off that is extremely important is white cells. Black cumin seed oil also helps to fight infections by aiming for your immune system directly. It has always been successful in treating and curing infections because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Your immune system is your lifeline to protecting you against disease so that fact that black cumin seed oil boosts the immune system, to accomplish this is an absolutely beneficial protection for the body.

2) Blood Pressure

Omron 5 Blood Pressure Monitor Kit

There are many ways to treat high blood pressure including medication and natural remedies. But Nigella sativa is one of the most common treatments in all of the benefits that it offers. Many folks who have taken it reported that their blood pressure levels were lowered as a result. It’s a great natural treatment for high blood pressure.

3) Weight Loss

If you’ve gone off your diet this may be a way to help you to get back on it. Black cumin seed oil has properties for lowering sugar which could help with weight loss. It decreases your appetite, aids in revving up your metabolism and is a natural antioxidant.

4) Healthy Heart

Heart Health

Black cumin seed oil offer tremendous benefits for the health of your heart. Because of the Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids that they contain, they help in making your heart healthier because they supplement the flexibility in your blood vessel walls. This helps to avoid pressure on your arteries and the forming of blood clots. It’s so important to make sure that your heart is healthy because it keeps you alive and running.

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5) Your Eyes

To me my eyes are the most important part of my body. The black cumin seed oil can be used to treat infections such as link eye and helps to improve your vision and your eyesight. You can carefully rub some oil around your eyes before bedtime.

I thankfully never had pink eye and hopefully never will but it’s nice to have something such as nigella sativa to be able to treat it. Your eyes should be of the utmost importance to you.

6) Memory

Memory is important especially as you get older. Studies were done that showed that taking black cumin seed oil strengthens your cognition, memory, and attention. It aids in the prevention of dementia and improves the sharpness of your brain and helps in aiding your ability to remember both long term and short term.

The memory thing drives me crazy sometimes. I don’t know about you but I can remember things from as far back as when I was five years old and sometimes forget recent things.

Black Cumin Seed Oil for Lowering Blood Sugars is Right Below

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Black Cumin Seed Oil

7) Joint Pain

Since a lot of joint pain derives from inflammation, black cumin seed oil can give you immediate relief. It really can be a great natural treatment for joint pain. It’s easy enough to just rub on your skin in the affected area. Try it because it works!

8) Stress

Man Stressed Out

Studies were performed taking nigella sativa and were proved to lower stress for those who took it and not for those who did not take it. Stress kills so you definitely don’t want or need the stress.

9) The Prostate

Keeping an eye on prostate health is a major concern in this day and age. Fortunately black cumin seed oil has been taken for a great many years in treating the prostate and promoting good prostate health.  It also is beneficial in treating prostate cancer.

10) Body Detox

Treating your body for toxicity is something to consider for some folks. An easy way to lower your toxicity levels throughout your entire body is with black seed oil. It’s a great natural way to successfully do this. Let black cumin seed oil help you!

11) HIV

Fighting something like HIV can be a serious thing but it is something that can be very effective in treating it. Recent research showed that for some cases, taking black cumin seed oil could eradicate the strain from the bloodstream within half a year and it did not return either.

12) Gums

Nigella sativa does wonders for the treatment of gums and gum disease. It is a very potent remedy that is natural for halting and healing the infections of your gums. It can provide pain relief and clean up and get rid of the bacteria from your gums because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties it contains. Add this to proper dental care and you’ll be doing your mouth a world of good!

13) Muscle and Back Pain

Back Pain

Who doesn’t hate muscle and back pain? Back pain can cripple you and put you out of action. At least I know that’s it happened to me recently. But applying black cumin seed oil to the areas where it hurts gives almost instant pain relief. The very powerful ingredients and compounds work very fast. Pain is terrible no matter where you experience it.

14) Anxiety

Nigella sativa, after taking for one month, was more effective in treating and lowering anxiety levels and controlling your mood and was recommended to others instead of antidepressant medications for aiding in easing anxiety. This will help you to calm down and help change your mood to a positive one.

15) Fatigue

This is a great benefit for chronic fatigue. Even though there may be many different reasons for fatigue, black cumin seed extract is extremely helpful for revitalizing your body!

16) Your Skin

You want your skin to look good and be healthy and black seed oil works wonders as a skin moisturizer, it’s also beneficial for helping to prevent wrinkles from aging, and protection from the sun and sunburn.

17) Insomnia

Studies done revealed that taking it can improve insomnia and sleep disorders and have been extremely effective in doing so.

18) Diarrhea

Woman with Diarrhea

The black seed oil has properties that are anti-inflammatory and make it a great choice to treat diarrhea and because diarrhea is an infection that is viral, it can be treated by the balancing and controlling of your intestines and digestion. This will allow you to much less constipated.

19) Nasal Congestion

In addition to treating diabetes and lowering your blood sugar, treating nasal congestion is about one of the top benefits of this wonderful herb. It helps with nasal congestion and the buildup in the nasal cavity.

20) Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be downright annoying and pardon the pun, “A pain in the ass.” It’s certainly uncomfortable to say the least and who needs them anyway? You can have side effects from the over the counter medications and why deal with that when black seeds can give you relief almost immediately and also help to prevent the spread of the hemorrhoids.

21) Insect Bites and Stings

I don’t like getting bit by anything especially mosquitoes. This can be applied to the bite and get relief from pain and itching immediately. It’s probably about the best natural remedy for bites from insects.

22) Epilepsy

Black cumin seed oil has anticonvulsant properties and a study was done that it effectively reduced the frequency of seizures that occurred in children that resisted the standard treatments.

23) Cancer

Nigella sativa has anti-cancer properties that are very potent and can help with inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in many cancers such as breast, brain, oral, colon, and other cancers.

Side Effects

What are the side effects of black cumin seed oil? (or nigella sativa) Or are there any? Well actually there really aren’t side effects at least none that have been reported. This doesn’t mean that they may not exist but it appears very slight to none.

In Conclusion

Black Cumin Seed Oil and Diabetes provides huge benefits for both diabetes and blood sugar along with many other problems it can treat. I hope this helps you to understand the connection between black cumin seed oil and diabetes. Please always consult your doctor first to discuss anything you want to take that’s new.

Black Cumin Seed Oil for Lowering Blood Sugars is Right Below

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  1. Hello

    I knew black cumin seed oil had health benefits but I did not realize it has so many. I did know that it was beneficial for diabetics but I did not realize it also was beneficial for the eyes and fatigue. I’m going to start using it for my eyes. This is a great article very informative.
    Thank you for sharing Rob.

    • Hi Angie,

      It is a great treatment for diabetes and it is amazing that it has so many other health benefits as well.

      My main concern is for diabetes because I want to use any natural ways as possible to lower blood sugar and try and reverse diabetes altogether.

      I’m also concerned for my eyes because they are so important but controlling diabetes and eradicating it is the way to have a better healthier life.

  2. Hey Rob,

    Awesome article buddy.

    I love black seed oil! As you mentioned it has sooo many benefits. But who would’ve thought it would help with diabetes and lowering blood sugar?

    My dad has diabetes I might just get him a bottle so we can see how it works for us!

    Thanks for the posts

    • Yes black cumin seed oil is amazing! There are so many benefits for taking it on as daily basis.

      What’s great is that in addition to lowering blood sugar and helping diabetes, it can help with a wide variety of issues.

      I try and spread the word about it whenever I can so that others can benefits as well!

      Thanks for your input!

  3. Hey Rob. As an ex-chef, I find this article amazing. I’ve heard of the benefits of cumin seed, but I didn’t know about the oil. I have one question though. Can you use the cumin seed oil in recipes or would it be too strong? Cumin is one of my favorite spices, so I’d be anxious to try it out.

    • Hey Dan,

      Black cumin seed oil is great and very beneficial for your health. That’s great that you are a chef!

      As far as using it in recipes? It may be a bit too strong as far as taste, but you can mix 1-2 teaspoons of honey with it for flavor.

      I would give it a shot. Good luck and stay healthy!



  4. I have been using this black seed for 3 months now. So far, it has cured my HIV/AIDS, eliminated my insomnia, improved energy and metabolism, in the morning I feel recharged and I no longer feel sleepy after a meal. As for the scent, it does smell like motor oil ? but I chase it down with 100% Cranberry Juice 1tsp. twice a day AFTER a meal. I also experienced vivid dreams for about 5 days now it’s diminishing to during the first 2 or 3 hours of sleep ? . contact : EMAIL.. or call/whatsapp +2348169340571

    • Hey June, Black cumin seed oil is amazing and I’m not surprised at all that you have had such positive results from it.
      Sometimes it’s the things that either don’t taste good or may not seem like they are helpful that turn out to be very beneficial for us.
      Thanks for your comments!

  5. Hi Rob,

    Another great article on controlling blood sugar. I knew sesame seed oil is good for health but didn’t realise black cumin seed oil does the same. I am all into spices but unfortunately, cumin is the least I use.

    What is the easiest way to include black cumin seed oil in our diet? At times, I use sesame seed oil for cooking. Can I do the same with cumin seed oil?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hey Sharon,

      Black cumin seed oil is great for you and your health.

      You can absolutely use it in cooking.

      It’s one of the best spices for you even though it’s not as popular as the rest.

      I add it to many things I eat now and I recommend it highly for diabetics!

      Thanks Sharon!

  6. I use cumin seeds while cooking vegetables everyday. But I never knew this tiny herb has so many benefits especially for diabetes. I never tried cumin seeds oil yet. But after reading your article I’m going to try it.
    Thanks Rob for sharing this amazing information.

    • Good morning Apoorva, It’s amazing how one little herb can pack such a powerful pinch for helping with diabetes and your health.
      It does have many benefits including lowering your blood sugar and can be easily added to any meal.
      I put black cumin seeds on my salad all the time. Good luck with the black cumin seed oil too!
      Thanks for your comments!

  7. I think I have found my new disease fighter. I did not even know about black cumin seed oil let alone that its benefits.

    I will use it particularly for nasal congestion

    • Hey Thabo, Black cumin seed oil is amazing. For me, the best benefit is helping with lowering blood sugar. But why not take advantage of all the additional benefits as well? I’m not sure just how many folks know about black cumin seed oil and its benefits. I hope to keep spreading the word! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hey Lance, It’s so unfortunate about diabetes these days. But I always say that it’s not a death sentence if you are able to control it. Black cumin seed oil is a wonderful way to help type 2 diabetes and maintain a healthy blood sugar level. You can add it to almost anything especially salads which I do all the time. I love adding more and more healthy foods to my diet because it’s the only way to get healthier. Thanks for your comments!

  8. Cool, thanks for the article, I had no idea! I’ll need to make a trip to the health food store to try this out. Can you take the oil in smoothies or with other foods or do you recommend it on its own?

    • Hi Jolene 🙂 You’re welcome! Black cumin seed oil is great for so many different health issues including type 2 diabetes. It’s something that should be a part of everyone’s diet. You can put it in smoothies or salads or just about anything. Spread the word about black cumin seed oil because it’s that good! Thank you for your insight 🙂

  9. Hi Rob,
    And Wow! That’s quite a long list of benefits. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this before.
    Looks like I’ll have to go out and find some, lol. I would imagine it’s only available in health food stores?

  10. Absolutely great post. Thank you for bringing awareness to all of these alternative methods of managing diabetes. Your site is brimming with knowledge and useful information. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Dave! Providing knowledge about how black cumin seed oil can benefit diabetes is my goal. It helps with blood glucose and helping to control your diabetes. It’s good to help others with this horrible disease. Adding black cumin seed oil to your diet will help your blood sugars. Thanks! I will keep working hard against type 2 diabetes!

  11. My friend has terrible blood sugar problems, and I was originally looking for information for her. I was not only excited to see all the benefits she could realize when we order this, but I am going to get some for myself as well.

    This sounds like exactly what I have been looking for, so I’ll let you know how it works.


    • Hey Babs, Blood sugar issues are all too common today. Black cumin seed oil is very popular today and beneficial for diabetes. And we really need to look more into using natural methods such as black cumin seed oil as opposed to medications which only mask the problem.
      I would be really interesting in knowing how this works out for you. Thank you for providing your thoughts! 🙂

  12. Didn’t know Black Cumin was used to treat diabetes, decreasing damages cells in the pancreas didn’t know that either. This post offers alot of great information that can assist people with their health issues and its inexpensive. I will pass this post along to my family and friends there are so many benefits that are important to day to day wellness.

    • Hi Rachel 🙂 I want to try and make sure that everyone has every advantage to fighting diabetes as possible. Black cumin seed oil is another weapon in helping to defeat diabetes. Because this can help your pancreas, it is fighting back against type 2 diabetes and at the same time offering other health benefits for your body. The more folks you pass this on to, the more of them can begin to beat diabetes once and for all! Thank you for your thoughts 🙂

  13. Hi Rob, thank you for a very interesting and informative article on the health benefits of black cumin seed oil, I really enjoyed reading it and learnt a lot.

    I had heard about black cumin seed oil and its benefits, however, I didn’t realize just how beneficial this product is.

    I am going to send the link to this article to my friend who suffers from diabetes. I am sure black cumin seed oil will help him.

    Great site… keep up the good work!

    • Hi Moni 🙂 I was never aware of black cumin seed oil and how beneficial it is for you especially for anyone with diabetes. Now that I know what it can do for you, I wanted to educate and share the knowledge because it’s so important especially for type 2 diabetics to know this information.
      Thank you for forwarding this to your friend and others to help them as well.:-)

  14. Hey Rob,

    This is such a great find for me. I couldn’t have read this post at a better time. I have been wondering what to use for a good full body detox. Also my doctor has expressed concern for my blood sugar level. So it sounds like Black seed oil might be beneficial for both of my concerns at once.
    I’ll let you know how it works out for me.

    Vanna Pearl

    • Hi Vanna 🙂 I’m glad the timing was right! Blood sugars are tough to keep controlled but only if you don’t know what to do. Black cumin seed oil is great for helping with diabetes and your blood sugars. But it has a lot more benefits as well. And you can add it any meals especially salads. Give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Black Seed Oil is definitely good for Diabetes sufferers. I have tried it before and it definitely dropped my blood sugar numbers. My appetite also seemed to level out instead of increasing all the time. I like using natural remedies like this over the chemical equivalents, but perhaps that’s just a preference.

    I didn’t know about the anti cancer properties, as well as the host of other benefits such as the eye health (I do suffer with vision as well). I think the oil is also more convenient and easier to absorb than taking the capsule versions.

    • Yes black seed oil can help blood sugars and diabetes. It has a lot of other benefits as well.

      I use it on my salads all the time because it’s are great for you. But the supplements are good too.

      It’s always better to treat something the natural way over taking medications as far as I’m concerned.

      Thank you for commenting 🙂

  16. I think too few people know about Black Cumin oil, I didn’t know it worked on SO MANY things, it seems to be an all around miracle cure. I didn’t know it could help by rubbing it on your skin for joint relief, or that you could use it as a body lotion. I thought it would be too potent and sting, like oil of oregano. I’ll have to try that. I’m glad you included cancer and aids, as conditions that can be cured, because they CAN! And people need to start waking up to the fact that allopathic western medicine has little to no answers for actual cures. And you mentioned detoxing, i agree, it is a very important factor for regaining wellness, and i can see using cumin oil as one way to do that.

    • You are so right! I don’t believe that many people are aware of black cumin seed oil. And they would be excited to know how many benefits it offers including helping blood sugars and controlling diabetes.

      And I do feel that it’s important to mention that black cumin seed oil can help treat cancer and other diseases.

      The natural cures are always the way to go when it comes to treating something such as diabetes.

      Thank you for commenting!

  17. Hi! I have been advised to take Black Cumin Seed Oil for skin care. And I have started to research. But I have discovered that its main benefits are connected to treating diabetes. I’m also surprised of all the other benefits it has. In some places it’s also called black onion seed and also kalonji.

    Concerning skin care, it’s widely accepted to improve skin moisture and hydration.

    Reading your post, I have confirmed what I have read in my research and also broaden my appreciation in relation to the many other benefits Black Cumin Seed Oil has. Thank you very much!

    • Hey Henry, 

       Black cumin seed oil is not only good for skin care but many other things. Of course it does help blood sugar and diabetes. 

       Sometimes you can’t believe how many more benefits there are about something until you read about it. 

       And you are correct it does improve skin moisturizer and hydration. 

       I have black cumin seed oil all the time and I love to put all my salads which I eat every day and that’s very beneficial to my Diabetes and my health in general. 

       Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 

  18. Great review Rob! I did not know that black cumin has such great benefits on our body and my question is should only diabetics consume this oil or can it be used by completely healthy people? I have two persons in my family who suffer from diabetes, so I will definitely share this with them and convince them to buy it.

    • Hi Daniel 🙂

      Thank you! Who would have ever thought that there could be so many benefits from black cumin seed oil?

      I love the fact that it helps with diabetes and blood sugars and it can be used by anyone, especially healthy people.

      I love putting black cumin seed oil on my salads but you can use it many other ways too.

      I hope this helps your family members! Thank you for stopping by!

  19. Another surprising article that has managed to point out yet another natural remedy for a serious medical condition – we really should be doing more when looking into natural cures for common serious conditions. 

    I’m wondering how many diabetes sufferers are aware of these cumin seed oil benefits – do you feel doctors should go out of their way to point these natural aids out…instead of just perscribing more pills?

    • Hey Chris 🙂

      I think that doctors are always preaching for us to eat healthy but when patients don’t listen and they go off track, then doctors start prescribing medications.

      Natural foods such as black cumin seed oil are a better way of helping to treat type 2 diabetes because they do help with blood sugars.

      It’s all about diet and exercise and always has been. Sticking with something like black cumin seed oil is only going to help and keep us off the meds!

      Thank you for your views!

  20. I am aware of the benefits of black cumin seeds, but not familiar with the oil. Neither did I think it would be better. Good to know that it has such good benefits in handling diabetes. I have to show this article to my aunt who is diabetic.

    What I would like to ask is, how much does one take in a day? Is their a daily dose or you just determine for yourself how much is enough? Again, can you add to food or a drink like the seeds or should you just take it raw? What if someone can not stand the after taste, how do you handle this?

    • Hi Anita 🙂

      Black cumin seeds and the oil are both beneficial for you. It is another weapon in the arsenal against type 2 diabetes.

      How much you take in one day is based upon each individual. You can get more details by clicking here.

      You can also have it any way you choose. I always put it on my salads. And if you don’t like the taste, you can either mix it with something such as honey or another pleasant tasting food or not use it at all if you find it that bad.

      Thank you for sharing!

  21. Thanks for the detail introduction on black cumin seed oil. I didn’t know this product has such great benefits to lower blood sugar and prevent diabetes. I saw that you are only referring to its “oil”. As I’ve always been using Black Cumin to brine chicken before roasting, is the effect the same as getting the pills?

    • Hi Florence 🙂

      It’s amazing how beneficial black cumin seed oil is and how easy it is to incorporate it into your meals.

      With diabetes, it’s vital to eat foods that lower blood sugar and stay away from foods high on the glycemic index that are not good for you.

      You’ll get the same benefits from black cumin either through black cumin itself or supplements.

      I hope this helps and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  22. Dear Rob,

    Thanks again for another helpful and informative post.

    As we all know diabetes is becoming a common disease and I was shocked when I read nowadays its found more even in the new born babies. So its growing as a big challenge and a big headache.

    Everyone the rich, the poor, the young, the old, the healthy and those who are struggling in hospital everyone has one thing in common they want to live long. 

    Whether you believing it or not while reading your post and the benefits of Black cumin seed oil immediately I made a call to my mom and informed her about its benefits.Thanks again for this great post and for helping others.

    All the research, facts and stats your shared is very helpful and motivating.

    After reading the benefits it covers almost everything and its a must for everyone.

    Wishing you Much Success!


    • Hey Paul!

      I’m glad you liked my article! When it comes to diabetes and blood sugars, I want to share with everyone anything that helps to control the diabetes and keeps those blood sugars down.

      We all do want to live long and healthy lives and black cumin seed oil definitely helps lower blood sugars and it healthy for you.

      I love adding it to my salads all the time along with all the other healthy vegetables I have in salad everyday.

      If I help even one person reading with the facts about black cumin seed oil and diabetes, then it’s worth it to me!

      Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  23. Black cummin seed oil seems to be an all round prevention, healing and soathing oil. I am curious though, you mentioned that it helps with vision, my question is I am miopic could my vision be improved by using this oil? I definitely do not want to be short sighted and any idea of my vision going worse creeps me out.

    • Hey Euphrasia,

      Black cumin seed oil is excellent for your health and can help with diabetes and lowering blood sugars.

      That’s my main concern with having type 2 diabetes.

      But I am with you when it comes to my vision. It’s the most important part of being healthy.

      I did some research on myopia and yes black cumin seed oil can help to improve vision, but I would still check with your doctor about that because he or she is the professional. I am not.

      It certainly couldn’t hurt you! Good luck and thank you 🙂

  24. Hi Rob – thanks for your post.  I must say that I was completely unaware of Black Cumin oil until now.  We are avid users of Essential Oils but had not seen this one.  Is it an essential oils as such or simply as oil in the same light as Olive oils etc.?

    Needless to say I will looking into this one a little more as my father had diabetes and it is something we are always on the watch for as it can be hereditary.  The fact that it is a natural remedy is also a massive plus for us.

    Thanks again


    • Hey Paul,

      Black cumin seed essential oil is an anti-inflammatory and potent analgesic. It can be added to your meals such as salads.

      That’s what I do. I add it to my meals, specially my salads. It helps with lowering blood sugars and controlling type 2 diabetes.

      I agree with you that anytime something is hereditary, you want to be especially cautious.

      You can’t go wrong with black cumin seed oil. It’s a natural that will provide you with many benefits.

      Thank you for your comments 🙂

  25. Hey Rob, this is a great site! Natural Ways To Lower Blood Sugar and the black cumin seed oil has helped with my diabetes It helped keep my sugar down and kept me from having as many spells. I am glad I found this site: Natural ways to lower blood sugar 

    It helped me so much. I will refer this site to others!

    • Hey Freddie 🙂

      Thanks so much for saying! Black cumin seed oil does help with blood sugars.

      I’m always putting in on my salads along with other healthy toppings.

      I always have anything that is going to lower my blood glucose levels and the fact is the black cumin seed oil has many other health benefits as well.

      I’m glad that this is helping you. Pass it on to others!

      Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

  26. I have never heard of black cumin seed oil, and obviously, looking at all the health benefits, I should have.

    When I first started reading I thought it was only to lower blood sugar, but reading further I see there are so many other benefits that anyone could take it and benefit. Best of all no side effects been reported so far.

    Is the taste of this oil very strong and would you need to dilute it with something to take it in?

    • Greetings Michel 🙂

      Black cumin seed oil is exceptionally beneficial for you especially when it comes to diabetes and lowering your blood sugar.

      When I find something that benefits blood sugar levels, I always try and present just what other benefits a product offers as well.

      As far as the taste goes, I admit that it’s as strong as apple cider vinegar and not too pleasant.

      What you can do is mix it with 1 tbsp of raw honey and 1 tbsp of pure cinnamon. I usually put it on my salads.

      I appreciate your insight! Thank you 🙂

  27. Wow I didn’t even know this stuff existed till I stumbled on your blog. Everyone seems to be raving about turmeric these days but black cumin seed oil looks to be equally as good for general health. 

    I am looking for something to help with memory and cognitive function as well as the usual modern day maladies of stress, insomnia and just generally feeling run-down. Would you recommend I give this a try? Also it didn’t look to be very expensive, I’m just wondering how much you need to take and is it an everyday type thing?

    Your thoughts greatly appreciated.

    • Hey Heidi,

      Turmeric is excellent for your body as well as black cumin seed oil.

      I absolutely recommend you give this a try! It has more than just benefits for lowering blood sugar and helping with type 2 diabetes.

      I mix it with 1 tbsp of raw honey and 1 tbsp of pure cinnamon because of the taste.

      In answer to your questions I refer you to HERE! That should give you the answers you’re looking for.

      Thank you for sharing 🙂

  28. I have heard of this oil but I did not know that it has all those benefits. I like that it helps increase life span, purify the blood, helps the Immune system, reverse diabetes, and what could be better than it’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. I think anyone would like to use this product. I myself am sold on this, not to mention that there are no side effects. I think I will give this a try to find out what it can do for me. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Delores 🙂

      Black cumin seed oil is amazing for your health and especially for diabetes and lowering blood sugars.

      I love anything that’s natural and healthy. I use black cumin seed oil on my salads.

      While the taste is not so pleasant, I mix it with raw honey and pure cinnamon and all is good.

      I would try it if I were you. You can only benefit by consuming it!

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  29. Thank you for sharing information of black cumin seed and diabetes.

    I would prefer to take the black cumin seed oil since it is stronger.  It is good to know that black cumin seeds oil has many health benefits.

    My mum has insomnia. I hope the black cumin seed oil will help her sleep better.

    • Hi Christine 😀

      Black cumin seed oil is extremely healthy and beneficial for lowering your sugars and aiding with diabetes.

      I love it on my salad but the taste is strong. I mix it with a tbsp of pure cinnamon and a tbsp of raw honey and I’m good to go!

      It can also help with insomnia so give it a shot!

      Thank you for sharing!

  30. I had no idea that Black Cumin Seed Oil had so many health benefits! I would look to use it to reduce stress and improve my memory. 

    Do you know if it’s better to stop taking other supplements while using Black Cumin Seed Oil? I wouldn’t want to have a bad combination of supplements that would lead to negative effects.

    • Hi Fiona 🙂

      I never even heard of black cumin seed oil when I was growing up. It’s amazing the benefits it provides.

      Anything that is going to help diabetes is okay by me! But that’s only one of many benefits.

      I mix it with raw honey and pure cinnamon to offset the taste and add it to my salads.

      Personally, I don’t think I would stop taking other supplements, but that should be your doctor’s decision. I always check with mine.

      Thank you for your thoughts! 🙂


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