Blood Glucose Supplements-How do These Work?

Blood Glucose Supplements-How do These Work?

Blood glucose supplements

Shouldn’t I have the most weapons possible in my arsenal against diabetes? You’re darn right I should! Supplements to lower blood sugar are another option in the task in controlling my blood sugar.

The fact of the matter is there are so many supplements out there. So you need to know which are beneficial for controlling blood sugar. I’ll discuss the top nutritional supplements for diabetes here.


Supplements for blood sugar control-pick and choose 

First off, let’s remember that you should consult with your physician before taking any supplement for any reason. It pays to be safe. Let the doctor know what you plan on taking. They will advise you just to make sure that there are no conflicts with any medication that you are currently on. I’m just going to put things into simple terms that are understandable and let you decide. Deal? Ok then…

  • Chromium– It is necessary for proper metabolism. In addition it is a big contributor to level blood sugar levels.
  • Magnesium– Responsible for numerous chemical reactions in your body which is why it supports blood sugar levels too. It accomplishes this by increasing insulin sensitivity and therefore supporting glucose in a healthy state as well.
  • Cinnamon–  Cinnamon has been shown to slow the absorption of carbohydrates and digestion and increasing insulin sensitivity. It is a very powerful antioxidant. I take cinnamon every morning without fail.
  • Fenugreek– Again like magnesium, the seeds of the fenugreek plant aid in slowing of digestion and carbohydrate absorption and help stimulate insulin.
  • Ginseng– It’s not only good for blood sugar, it has other health benefits as well.
  • Silymarin– This extract of milk thistle that has antioxidants is another supplement that can aid in lowering blood sugar and can even help with losing weight.
  • Coconut oil– This not only is an excellent source for many health issues, but can be a factor in reducing insulin resistance as well.
  • Turmeric– Can help increase the effects of your diabetes medication. You must be careful with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). I take turmeric every morning because it has many health benefits too such as being an anti inflammatory and lowering your risk of heart disease.
  • Alpha lipoic acid– Your body’s tissues and organs need to be protected from free radicals and this will not only do that with its antioxidants, it aids in converting glucose into energy for your cells. Again, it helps to increase the insulin sensitivity.Sunshine
  • Vitamin D– This one is extremely important for you! I take 1000 IU of vitamin D3 everyday. This vitamin is probably the most important vitamin for your health because 75 % of U.S. people are deficient in vitamin D, which is nicknamed the sunshine vitamin because we get vitamin D from the sun. This is one reason for everything from heart disease to cancer and diabetes, according to recent studies. Most people don’t get their vitamin D levels checked and I can tell you that other than taking vitamin B-12? This is the one and ONLY other vitamin that I take because it IS that important.

These supplements can all help your blood pressure. A few other natural supplements to regulate your blood sugars are vitamin B-6 and B-3.  Add to that Alpha-lipid acid (mentioned above), which is an antioxidant made by the body.  It helps make energy and reduces nerve damage caused by diabetes.

Bitter Gourd also helps in the quest of regulating blood sugars.  The Chinese have used it for centuries. And Chromium Polynicotinate is an organic mineral that’s essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat. It also restores blood glucose balance.

The next step is to choose which supplements I want to try and discuss it with my physician. THAT is what is important! Now, just because my physician may say it’s ok to try, doesn’t mean that I don’t follow instructions! I read the labels! I don’t want interactions with my diabetes medication. Also, I don’t have to take a zillion supplements, I exercise and I sleep well. I want to have open my eyes to visions of a new day.

Read the labels, please?

Like anything else you take, read the labels. I EVER take more that the dosage suggested on the label. If I miss taking it one time, I let it go. Do NOT double up on the next one. It’s common sense. Only buy the smallest amount of a supplement to see if it agrees with you (with no side effects) and to find out if the particular one that you picked is helping to lower my blood sugar. I can also choose others if that’s the case. No sense in wasting money.

How is diabetes affecting my life right now?

Only I know how long I’ve had diabetes. How has it changed my life? I thought about it. I sat down and wrote a list. Think. What other health issue might I have that affects my diabetes? To be honest? For me, one thing has been the weight issue. I’ve been on the roller coaster forever. So, at the top of my list is proper eating and more exercise, such as bicycle riding or riding my foldable exercise bike and I work to keep belly fat to a minimum. It MUST be a permanent lifestyle change. Otherwise, once I give up (NOT ALLOWED), I would go right back to where I started and then some.

I stopped looking at others and being envious or jealous

Unless being envious is an additional incentive to change my life and get to where I would be happy and healthy. But jealousy? Nope. Again, not permitted. That’s what life’s all about. I know, you want to be happier and controlling diabetes and it’s side effects may hold you back from living the happiest life you can and deserve! That’s why I’m here now to help you. Choose your food wisely too.

Goals and dreams? What are they?


Everyone has goals. Everyone has dreams. I write them down and read them everyday. Out loud. I don’t forget. Think positive. Use common sense. Don’t keep my head stuck up in the dream cloud without doing something each and everyday to reach and fulfill my dreams. There is only one way to get ANYTHING accomplished>>>>>>> A-C-T-I-O-N

Final thoughts

And if these supplements still aren’t enough, here is another that works best! With that said, I’d appreciate any feedback below that you would have so that we can work together and discuss any further issues here. Onward to happy and healthy! You can do it! Please leave your comments below.


16 thoughts on “Blood Glucose Supplements-How do These Work?

  1. You’ve definitely got to be careful with supplements, there are so many and not all will work or will be healthy for you body. It is good that you mentioned all natural supplements here in your post. All of these look good and healthy for you. It is good that you are providing this information for people to go all natural and stay away from medications.

    1. Yes Luke, I agree. That’s why I mention the fact to check with your doctor. You want to stay off medications if possible.

  2. Hi Rob,
    I hate medications and always look for natural ways to solve health problems. Granted modern medicine provides a window for us to sort out our lifestyle issues which may be driving such problems. I like the list of nutrients you’ve suggested as they exist in in free forms from nature.

    I’m curious, do you know anyone whose managed to come off diabetes medication?

    1. Hey Dushan, I’m not a fan of meds either and that’s why I look to supplements as part of lowering blood sugar as one alternative. I do not know of anyone “personally” yet that has gone off medications, but my goal is to be the first and hopefully other readers will follow 🙂

  3. I have heard of the benefits of the sun also. It was taught to me before that the sun triggers your body to produce vitamin D, and it eventually ends up as vitamin D3. It’s good for calcium absorption in the large intestine. I just had no idea that it helps with people with diabetes. It goes to show that outdoor activities and outdoor exercises are extremely lacking nowadays. You are right that decisions to lose weight should be permanent. If you go backwards then you will never reach your goal of being healthy and thin. Thanks for the advice.

    1. Yes I never knew how important Vitamin D was for you. Most people don’t even know that they may be Vitamin D deficient. Get out and get some sunshine and take some Vitamin D!

  4. I’m personally a sucker for supplements so I was interested and what ingredients you’d recommend. I found some cool suggestions, you clearly know your stuff mate!

    Ginseng, fenugreek and vitamin d are especially valuable for us gentlemen as they’re all related to natural testosterone ehnancement. Reading abour this added bonuses of blood sugar control.

    I’m now wondering, any particular brands or products that you could say a good word about?

    1. They’re all good Simon so I wouldn’t say any particular brand. But I definitely support vitamin D and cinnamon. But the one thing I take twice a day is apple cider vinegar. It’s powerful and has many health advantages in addition to helping lower blood sugar!

  5. Really great post, Rob. I really like your common-sense approach to taking supplements. It sounds like you’ve been at this awhile and have a good handle on what works for you and what doesn’t.

    What I really like is some of your suggestions are also fantastic for optimal digestion. Cinnamon, fenugreek (my fav), Turmeric. All great choices.

    I’ve been studying and practicing Ayurveda for awhile now and one of my favorite herbs for controlling blood sugar is Gymnema Sylvestre. It’s been used in India to treat diabetes (type 1 and 2) for thousands of years.

    It is often referred to as the “Sugar Destroyer” because it helps to destroy excess sugar in the blood.

    You probably already know about it, but I just wanted to say hi anyway. Great site. Unfortunately too may people deal with diabetes. …Thank you for helping them.

    1. Thanks Jackie. It’s all about knowledge, what to do with it, and pass it on to others to help them too. I’ve always believed in taking a common sense approach to everything. Read, learn, implement, pass it on! My goal is to help everyone to combat this disease!

  6. Hi although i don’t have diabetes at the moment, my farther has been diagnosed with this condition, so i am taking precautions now, as you said take A-C-T-I-O-N now before it is to late.
    I take Turmeric every day and i feel better for taking this product, but i would like to start taking supplements now as i am getting older, i like to take natural instead of over the counter chemicals, it is so important to keep our blood sugar levels low, in this fast moving world we live in today, we forget about the important things in life us.

    1. Turmeric is good as an anti-inflammatory. I would rather take supplements than medications any day, but I always check with the doc first! Doing my homework first gives me the upper hand of “know before you go!” Blood sugar levels going down everyday. I know I’m getting closer to NO MEDS! That’s the goal!

  7. Hi Rob, This has been a timely intervention. Diabetes has been a problem for my cousin and we have been fighting this every day.

    As a diabetic i always feel him, the pain and stress he is going through.

    i will recommend your website to him and he will be amaze. i did not know fenugreek seed slow digestion and carbohydrate absorption and help stimulate insulin.

    Thanks for your information.

    1. I feel for your cousin and anyone else with diabetes. But at least there are ways to control it and live a normal life. Each day I work on it, I feel better and better. Remember, it’s not just about one thing but multiple things to address. It’s all in the mind. That’s what I told myself and now I’m headed in the right direction. I just want to help others follow.

  8. I really enjoyed reading this article. My wife and her entire family are diabetic. You have provided a great deal of important and useful information. Consulting you doctor, reading supplement labels, the list of supplements and what they do – all of this is crucial to the health of diabetics.

    Thank you so much for posting this, I look forward to additional information as you publish it.

    1. Helping people is a wonderful thing to do in life. Once I started experiencing diabetic symptoms, I knew I had to make changes and I have. Lowering your blood sugar should be done naturally and a supplement such as Glucocil is an excellent choice that will benefit you. Read, learn, and implement before you have to start with medications. But always consult your physician first.

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