Mayo Clinic Diet Plan Reviews – Take Control of Your Blood Sugar

Losing weight and controlling your blood sugars at the same time may not be easy. So the Mayo Clinic Diet Plan Reviews will hopefully give you the answers to both of these issues. I’ve reviewed this very informative book to help you with losing weight and helping to control your diabetes.

Review of the Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet Book

Product: The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet

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What is the Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet?

According to the Mayo Clinic it is a diabetes diet creating a healthy eating plan to help control your blood sugar. In their terms they explain it as a diet that in very simple terms means eating the healthiest foods but only in moderate portions and keeping strictly to regular mealtimes. I think this makes perfect sense.

Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet in Review

The diabetes diet entails having three meals daily at regular times. The reason for this is that it will help the body use insulin better either through a medication or through the body producing it. Your doctor will recommend that you meet with a registered dietitian so together you can plan a diet based on your particular lifestyle and health goals.

Part of this plan can include how much exercise you should be doing and what your meal portions sizes should be. Most likely your portions will be less than what you’ve been used to.

While this book has 272 pages, I believe that it covers a lot of material and especially for someone like myself with diabetes. I’m glad that the Mayo Clinic came out with this book after their original diet book. It’s easy to read and I like the jump start to losing weight right away. The Mayo clinic has many experts on this subject and they present it nicely in the book.

For me, this is a lifestyle change and not a fad diet. I also enjoy the Lose it and Live it sections. It’s all about breaking and changing habits and I feel that they are what got me to where I am in the first place. It’s common sense that I never used in getting into the habits that are bad. I will admit that the eating out is not the easiest thing to do, but something worthwhile usually never is.

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About the Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet Book

I must admit that the calorie limit in the beginning is just not enough. It seems to be somewhat on the extreme side, but maybe it works for some people. I would just do the best that you can. But at that limit, you better watch your carbohydrate intake. I try and “suck it up buttercup” if I don’t want diabetes hanging around. It’s just that simple.

The plan will be to manage your weight, and control your risks for heart disease including high blood fats and high blood pressure and of course to control your blood sugar. I just think that’s obvious that you accomplish this with keeping track on what you’re eating and making the correct healthy food choices.

In order to lose weight (and if you’re like me) a diabetes diet is a well rounded and perfectly nutritious way of making your goal a success.

What’s Inside- The Chapters:

  1. Before you start
  2. Ready, set, go
  3. Add 5 habits
  4. Break 5 habits
  5. Adopt 5 bonus habits
  6. What have you learned
  7. Preparing to love it
  8. Eating to the pyramid
  9. No food scales or calculators needed
  10. Burning calories
  11. A quick review and a look ahead
  12. Finding your healthy weight
  13. Understanding nutrition and weight control
  14. Diabetes and the pyramid
  15. How to change behaviors
  16. So I slipped, what do I do?
  17. Making meals easy
  18. Sticking to the diet when eating out
  19. Burning even more calories


  • Eat only when you’re hungry
  • 3 easy to follow step by step sections
  • Based on doctors research and their recommendations on eating
  • Views of many doctors who are Mayo clinic experts
  • There is no need for a calculator or scale
  • Provides many examples and motivation
  • Sensible ways to stop habits that are self defeating
  • Breaks down diabetes and how important it is to change immediately


  • Not enough diet information
  • May not work for everyone with diabetes
  • Can use some more updated information
  • Some may find a bit difficult to read and follow

Verified Customer Reviews 

My conclusion was to start the Mayo clinic diabetes diet because having high blood sugar and diabetes is a lot worse than trying to do something positive such as this.

There were 407 reviews at the time of my review. Click HERE to see all of the customer reviews.

In Conclusion

I would like to summarize by saying that I made up my mind to lose weight and diabetes at the same time so what better way to accomplish this than the Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet book. I felt that the majority of buyers (including myself) were happy with purchasing this book and because of that I would recommend it to others.

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Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet Book


Healthy eating plan to help control your blood sugar


Understanding nutrition and weight control


Eating to the pyramid



  • 3 easy to follow step by step sections
  • Provides many examples and motivation
  • Views of many doctors who are Mayo clinic experts


  • May not work for everyone with diabetes
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6 thoughts on “Mayo Clinic Diet Plan Reviews – Take Control of Your Blood Sugar”

  1. Any book that helps people with the diabetes problem should be applauded because diabetes is an epidermic right now across the world. However, seeing a 1200 cal limit to begin with gave me some doubts. Asking people to make such a drastic change so early is always problematic in my opinion. However, your review is very well written and provides a lot of food for thought for people looking at books on how to best deal with their blood sugar problems.

    • I agree that 1200 calories for a limit is tough. But it’s only for starters and once you get through it, (and if you can’t then do the best you can) because having diabetes and high blood sugars is no picnic either.

      And it is a drastic change but so are the consequences of this disease. My opinion is to do what you can in getting started but stick with it. It’s worked for many but may not be for all.

  2. Hi, thanks for your review – it’s very clear and insightful on a condition that is growing at an alarming rate. A friend of mine has diabetes so I’m looking to try and help them out. I will definitely mention that they try this. Quick question, do you know if this book is more suitable for Type 1 or 2 diabetes or is it applicable to both forms of the condition?

    • Hey Oliver,

      Yes diabetes is growing at an alarming rate. I am trying to help as many people as I can with diabetes including myself. This book is a sequel to the Mayo clinic diet book and geared specifically for folks with type 2 diabetes.

      I hope this helps your friend and that they don’t have type 1 diabetes. Good luck and thank you for commenting!

  3. To my knowledge I don’t currently have diabetes but I do have problems with my blood sugar so getting tips on how to properly control it sound great.

    As you said the general plan sounds like it makes a lot of sense eating small portions of healthy food at regular meal times, sounds easy enough.

    When you say that the calorie limit is extreme do you mean in comparison to other diets or the average person’s diet?

    • Blood sugar is something that should be monitored all the time if you have diabetes. Even if you don’t you should be careful.

      The Mayo clinic diabetes diet is great to lose weight with diabetes. The calorie limit is only in the beginning and it is in comparison to the average person’s diet.

      But for some folks, they tough it out and get through it and begin to lose weight and take control of their diabetes.

      Thanks for your input!



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