Are Tomatoes Good For Diabetes? – 18 Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are also good for you because of their low carbohydrate content. Some of the major complications of diabetes are controlled by the powerful antioxidants that they contain. Are Tomatoes Good for Diabetes? Tomatoes are excellent for diabetics and they are a powerful superfood that is very beneficial for blood sugar and diabetes. Allow me to reveal all of the benefits of tomatoes especially for diabetes.

Why Are Tomatoes so Beneficial for You?


Controlling your blood sugar is crucial to your health and tomatoes are an excellent choice for diabetics. Tomatoes are also good for you because of their low carbohydrate content. Some of the major complications of diabetes are controlled by the powerful antioxidants that they contain.

Tomatoes are a great for controlling your blood pressure which is a great benefit for diabetes. When you have diabetes the clotting of your blood is helped by blood platelets which can become “stickier” and this in turn raises the risk for higher blood clotting. This can helped to be avoided by the phytonutrients contained in tomatoes.

This clotting process is why people with diabetes are more prone to strokes and heart attacks. That is why it’s important to have these phytonutrients in tomatoes to aid in decreasing any blockages in the blood vessels.

This will help in maintaining the health of your heart. Having tomatoes that are fresh can also help in lowering your cholesterol and your triglycerides.

Most people consider tomatoes as a vegetable when in reality they are actually a fruit. I’m with most people and to me, tomatoes are a vegetable. But either way tomatoes have natural sugar, but not enough to be a factor in watching your blood sugar.

Tomatoes are the way to go. I love tomatoes in every way, shape and form and they are so healthy for you. They are one of most favorite foods.

Tomatoes and Sugar

As I said before, tomatoes are low in sugar content. There are two different types of sugar in tomatoes. Fructose and glucose are simple sugars that supply you with energy when your blood sugar levels drop by having them enter your bloodstream very fast. Part of your diabetes management is having to control your blood glucose levels.

The best way to help in managing your diabetes is by exercising, controlling your stress as best as possible, and following  a healthy diet. One way to help you in accomplishing the task of keeping your levels normal is by consuming tomatoes with low sugar content because this aids in lower carbohydrates which lowers caloric intake. For folks with diabetes, this can help in losing weight and this helps your diabetes.

Studies have been done that revealed that consuming foods rich in antioxidants can possibly lower your risk of threats to your health that are linked to adult onset diabetes and then some. Tomatoes just happen to contain these antioxidant pigments known as carotenoids which is a color of red hue called lycopene.

Since tomatoes contain lycopene, potassium, vitamins C,E,K, and folate they help lower blood pressure in diabetics and that’s obviously a good thing. Controlling your blood pressure is important and keeping your heart healthy is equally important for your health with having diabetes. You want to avoid blockages and unnecessary clotting.

Avoiding strokes and heart attacks should be high on your list of bad health issues when it comes to diabetes and tomatoes are an excellent source in helping to avoid these serious health issues. One of the best ways to see how tomatoes can affect your diabetes is to test your blood sugar about two hours after your meal.

It’s best to have your tomatoes without pasta because if your blood sugar rises, it is the pasta that is responsible for the spike and not the tomatoes.

Check Out the Video Below for More about Tomatoes & Diabetes

Sensational Benefits of Tomatoes

1) Stronger Bones

Tomatoes are able to help you build strong bones because of their vitamin K and calcium content. These nutrients are able to aid with your bone tissues and help with making repairs that are minor and helping to strengthen your bones too.

Eyeglasses for Vision

2) Your Vision

One very important mineral for aiding people with diabetes to help keep their blood glucose levels under control is chromium. It’s vitamin A in tomatoes that is powerful for improving your vision.

Consuming tomatoes on a regular basis is an extraordinary way to help prevent night blindness. It’s hard too when you get older and your eyes have to be strained from the oncoming headlights of other cars.

3) Immune System

You can help to boost your immune system by eating tomatoes frequently. They can strengthen your immune system and control your levels of stress because of the vitamin C level that increases from the tomatoes. I love anything that helps build up my immune system.

4) Help with Smoking

You can decrease damage to your body from either smoking cigarettes or by inhaling second hand smoke by eating tomatoes. Cigarette smoke produces carcinogens that can be combated by the acids in tomatoes known as chlorogenic and coumaric acids.

5) Gall Bladder and Kidney Stones

Tomatoes help with reducing the occurrences of lower urinary tract infections. They also work as an antiseptic to help prevent your body against gallstones and kidney stones and to shield your body against diarrhea.

6) Prostate Cancer

You can greatly decrease your risk of prostate cancer because the fiber in tomatoes helps to control the general health of your colon. Tomatoes contain a phytonutrient that can stop any cancer cells of the prostate into developing. Prevention is always the best cure. Tomatoes are your prevention!

Before and After Weight Loss

7) Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight or are on a diet, you’ll want to include tomatoes in your diet for sure. As long as you’re partaking in daily exercise and you’re following a healthy diet, then tomatoes can help you because they are full of fiber and water and that fills you up faster without too many calories.

8) Nice Skin

One of the best benefits of tomatoes is that it does an awesome job of protecting your skin with its vitamin C. Beta-carotene in tomatoes helps to limit the size of sunburn that can really do a job by damaging your skin. You can also help to improve the stretching of your skin, keeping your skin firm, and healing your wounds.

9) Lycopene

Studies have been done that show that lycopene is extremely successful in defending against cancer and specifically breast cancer, esophageal, cervical, rectum, mouth, and cancer of the stomach. This antioxidant is also highly effective in ketchup and I love ketchup!

10) Digestion

You can help prevent diarrhea and constipation and keeping your digestive system in order with the consumption of tomatoes. Because they contain a high amount of fiber, this can help decrease any symptoms of constipation and scale up your bowels. In addition, tomatoes remove toxins from your body and help in the preventing of jaundice.

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11) Hair

What keeps your hair strong and shiny is the vitamin A in the tomatoes. It also benefits your teeth and as I mentioned before, your eyes, bones, and skin too. Having tomato juice contains an abundance of vitamin K which increases your hair’s luster and gives your hair an improved appearance and texture.

12) Dangers of Statin Drugs

You can have as little as one pint of tomato juice of two ounces of tomato paste and this will help you to avoid any dangerous statins which can possibly lead to heart complications.

Woman Suffering from Depression

13) Depression

It’s pretty amazing to think that tomatoes can relieve stress and depression but it’s true. The folic acid aids in preventing the production of homocysteine, prevents blood clotting, and protects your brain.

14) Burns fat- There is an amino acid known as carnitine that speeds up the fat burning capacity by more than 30%. This amino acid is contained in tomatoes and is a great benefit for your health.

15) Inflammation

Tomato skins contain flavonoids which have two main compounds called kaempferol and quercetin which act like super antioxidants. They are present and highly concentrated on tomato skins. They have been shown to combat inflammation. Fighting inflammation is great for diabetes and disease in general. The best way to lower your blood sugar is with Curalin.

16) Potassium

Bananas have always been known for their potassium, but a tomato has over 400 milligrams of potassium which is approximately 10% of your RDA. Your risk for kidney stones decreases by having your RDA of potassium.

Since potassium helps in lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease, strokes, and helps to control your blood pressure, it makes perfect sense to get your potassium intake and especially from tomatoes.

17) Prevent Acidosis

Your body is made to stay at a pH level of 7.365. There are many different choices that we make that can affect your pH level and you don’t want a high acid level. This can cause congestion, acid reflux, and acidosis. If you make the wrong choices and follow a diet that’s irregular and you’re not exercising on top of that, then your acid level will rise and throw everything off balance.

In order to try and maintain the pH balance you can include potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium in your diet. Tomatoes and their seeds contain these minerals and can help you to control the pH balance and prevent acidosis.

18) Enlarged Prostate

Lycopene is almost identical to a medication when it comes to treating an enlarged prostate. With an enlarged prostate the normal flow of your urine can be uncomfortable and a problem. With the male sex hormone known as androgen, the cells of the prostate can increase in size rather quickly.

Tomatoes have the ability to block this hormone to reduce the actions it has on the prostate. It can also have the benefit to prevent this benign growth from becoming dangerous and cancerous.

Final Thoughts

Are Tomatoes Good for Diabetes? Tomatoes are not just good for folks with diabetes. They are about the healthiest food you can have both for diabetes and your health in general. Tomatoes can help you with diabetes and in lowering your blood sugar.

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10 thoughts on “Are Tomatoes Good For Diabetes? – 18 Benefits of Tomatoes”

  1. I did not know how amazing tomatoes really are! I knew they were good for you but I did not realize that they can help with our blood sugar and blood pressure.
    My husband was told by his doctor to avoid triglycerides because they are a little high. I did not know that tomatoes had calcium. Often times we only think of dairy products with calcium. This is such great information about tomatoes! I was wondering if you had any recipes for tomatoes. You mentioned not eating pasta with them if you are keeping your blood sugar in check and so often we eat our pasta with some sort of tomato sauce. What would you suggest to replace the pasta?
    I love all this information and we love tomatoes too! So now we can love them even more.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I always loved tomatoes and never realized before just how beneficial they are for diabetes and health in general.

      They taste so good and can help your body in so many ways.

      You definitely don’t want high triglycerides that lead to heart disease.

      There are a zillion recipes for tomatoes. I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but here are a few:

      You can eat tomatoes and pasta but the pasta has carbs so you want to be careful. You can replace white pasta with wheat pasta and/or vegetables.

      Thank you for your comments!

  2. I love tomatoes, but they don’t love me. The often give me acid reflux. This lead me to start investigating why this might be. It turns out I have a lot of fire in my constitution (Pitta type in Ayurveda) and they are too heating or acidic for my constitution. The result is as I mentioned, acid reflux, some times skin allergies, eczema and an itching sensation in the throat. I believe whether any food is good for any person depends on what their constitution is. Anyway, I found your post most interesting. thank you

    • Hey Jackie,

      I’m sorry that tomatoes don’t agree with you. It does happen with some of us. It would be one thing if you didn’t even like them anyway.

      Acid reflux, skin allergies, and itching are not enjoyable at all.

      For those of us who do love tomatoes and don’t have reactions, it’s a big plus health wise.

      Thank you for your thoughts 🙂


  3. I was unaware that tomatoes provided this many benefits. I think people assume they are high in sugar and carbs because they taste very good and are a common addition to many sandwiches.

    I was completely unaware that tomatoes had any calcium at all! I figured most calcium in a diet HAD to come from dairy products or supplements. I think I’m going to have to start adding a few more tomatoes to my BLTs.

    • Hey Ernest 🙂

      Tomatoes are really one healthy vegetable/fruit for you especially when it comes to diabetes.

      They do have calcium and as you said most folks would never believe that tomatoes have calcium.

      What else can you say about tomatoes? There’s nothing really bad about them unless you are allergic.

      Let’s put tomatoes on everything!

      Thank you for your comments!



  4. Wow- I had no idea that tomatoes have so many benefits. This is great because I love tomatoes, especially the ones that I get fresh out of my garden. I do wonder if the source of the tomatoes matters. Like do canned tomatoes have these same benefits or are they affected by the canning process? Thanks!

    • Hi, 

      Yes tomatoes are excellent and offer so many benefits that it’s hard to find anything negative about them.

      I like tomatoes of any kind but there is a difference between fresh and canned tomatoes.

      With canned tomatoes you do lose some of the nutritional value as far as losing some vitamins and fiber.

      I would suggest fresh tomatoes first but either way, go for the tomatoes!



  5. I love tomatoes, especially in the summer when you can get them nice and ripe. I love your site, it has lots of good advice for preventing diabetes. My boyfriend and I eat lots of healthy veggies as part of our low carb diet. He was able to actually reverse his diabetes. We only eat real food rather than canned or boxed items. And yes tomatoes are a huge part of our diet.

    • Hey Wendy,

      I love tomatoes as well. They are my favorite. I can eat tomatoes all the time and with everything.

      They are healthy and a great benefit for diabetes. 

      That’s really great that your boyfriend reversed his diabetes. 

      It proves that by eating healthy it can really work for you.

      Thank you for your comments!




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