Fig Leaves for Diabetes – List of 17 Health Benefits of Figs

Fig leaves are well know for treating diabetes because of their anti-diabetic properties. Fig Leaves for Diabetes can be very beneficial. Using fig leaf extract will help because a diabetic person will require less insulin. If you are a diabetic you’ll want to consume your extract in the morning at your breakfast meal. It’s easy enough to boil the fig leaves in filtered water and have it as a tea.

What do Fig Leaves Offer for Diabetics?


They contain anti-diabetic and anti-tumor agents and these aid in lowering cholesterol and blood sugars in your body. In addition fig leaves decreases fats and triglycerides that are stored in your body.

This is very important when it comes to diabetes in your body. Fats and triglycerides will lead to other health problems for sure.

Fig leaves are loaded with vitamins, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants that will substantially help you in improving your overall health. Figs are indeed a high fiber food that helps in the promoting of functional control of diabetes.

This is according to the American Diabetes Association. The fig leaf decreases the amount of insulin that is required for patients who routinely must take injections of insulin. This makes dealing with insulin a bit easier in my opinion.

Another great benefit for diabetics who wind up with cravings for sweets is that figs are a wonderful choice as long as it’s not the dry figs. Fresh figs are always the better option because when the figs are dried the levels of sugar in the figs get concentrated and it is a problem for the sugar levels in your body.

Fig leaves contain properties that are able to help your diabetes. It is very important that you consult with your doctor before having fig leaf tea. Whenever you’re taking something that will lower your blood sugar you may need less insulin and if you’re taking medications the doctor may adjust them. But it’s up to you to check your blood sugars regularly. It’s just the smart thing to do.

The fig plant is found in many places around the world but especially in the Middle East and Western Asia. The fruits are edible and its leaves are one of the healthiest herbs on the planet because it has medicinal properties that are beneficial in treating diabetes and many other diseases. When you know that something such as figs are that healthy for you, it would make sense to make them part of your diet.

Fig leaves are not only loaded with antioxidants, they contain folic acid, zinc, vitamins A, B, C, and vitamin K, along with magnesium, copper, manganese, fiber, sodium, and calcium. The antioxidants help in fighting free radicals that do harm to your body. With all these packed into figs, it’s no wonder they are healthy for you. Consider having them to lessen your diabetes and to keep it in check.

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List of How Figs are Healthy for You

1) Controlling Diabetes

The fact is that figs do contain sugar. But because they have a below average glycemic index they will not spike your glucose levels so they are a perfect snack. The potassium is excellent because it works with promoting the absorption of glucose into the cells of your muscles and slows down the ups and downs of your blood sugar to ensure that you don’t have a sugar crash.

2) Blood Pressure

Because they contain fiber and potassium, figs help in controlling your blood pressure and high blood pressure can lead to other issues, so check your blood pressure regularly. Keeping your cholesterol numbers in the normal range is important too and the potassium, calcium, and soluble fiber help to do that.

Woman on Scale

3) Weight Loss

Losing weight is always a big health issue especially with diabetes. You want to always look for a food that is low in calories and high in fiber and figs are exactly that food. You can satisfy your hunger pains with high fiber.

They also act as a natural laxative and this can aid your bowels by eliminating the waste easier. So the end result is that the lower you can get your toxin levels to the better because that will make your weight loss that much smoother.

4) Strong Bones

What’s good for strong bones? Right, calcium! It’s essential for bone density and here’s something good to know: If you’re on a high salt diet, the potassium in figs can fight the loss of calcium because of this and it aids with the prevention of your bones from getting thinner at a much quicker pace. You want to take care of your bones especially as you get older. That’s me 🙂

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5) Infections & Injuries

Want to know what a baked fig being applied to your skin can do? It can cure inflammation, boils, pimples and zits. Yuck! You can additionally apply a fig paste to your skin to tighten up your pores.

6) Your Vision

You want to preserve your vision at any cost. Vitamin A is what has always been known to help maintaining healthy eyesight. This vitamin has many carotenoid antioxidants and although figs do not have a lot, they do have some in lesser quantities.

So they are still beneficial in helping to support the health of your eyes, enhancing your night vision, lessening your chances of developing cataracts and preventing macular degeneration in the future. Your eyes are so important. Let figs help you.

7) Colon Cancer

This is preventable and having regular screenings is something you really must do. By having figs on a regular basis is one way to cut your risk of developing it. The reason is because the fiber in the figs aids in eliminating the waste in your body faster and that is a great way to help prevent colon cancer.

It’s really the seeds in the figs that do this as they contain very high levels of mucin ( a mucus) that collects the wastes and excretes them quickly. Colon cancer is preventable.

8) Breast Cancer

Fiber once again is the highlight here. And figs are one of the fruits that are highest in fiber. Research was performed and it revealed that women who had more fiber while growing up through early adulthood had a much less chance of developing breast cancer. In addition, the numbers came in with 16% of lower risk of breast cancer overall, and a 24% lower risk before menopause occurred.

9) Your Liver

You can help to clear any obstructions in your liver by consuming figs. They also can help your liver to work at its peak by aiding with detoxification and being responsible for allowing liver enzymes that are elevated to return to a normal state. Your liver is so important for your health.

10) Sore Throat

You can help protect yourself against sore throats with figs and the reason is that they contain mucilage in high content. They also can be very soothing for your throat as the natural juices they contain help in lessening the stress and relieve pain in your vocal chords as well. And one other benefit is that they help to cure tonsillitis. A paste of warm water and figs will decrease your pain and help to soothe your throat.

11) Immune System

You can’t do well without a healthy immune system. There are many things that can wreak havoc on your immune system such as viruses, bacteria, and roundworms. The manganese and potassium together with the antioxidants help with boosting your immune system.

Man With Insomnia

12) Insomnia

It’s just so important to get your 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Nobody likes insomnia and eating a healthy diet is vital. So why figs?

They contain many benefits such as tryptophan which helps create melatonin to induce sleep and this also helps by combining vitamin B3 in your body and this helps control the insomnia. Works for me!

13) Circulatory System

In order to have new blood cell formation you need iron and copper. A deficiency in these minerals can lead to anemia. Figs contain 21% of copper and 17% of iron of your recommended daily allowance. It’s a smart thing to avoid anemia.

14) Kidney Health

Potassium in the figs is responsible for cleaning out your kidneys and eliminating the toxic deposits. The fruit aids in decreasing the concentration of uric acid in your blood and thereby lessening your chances of damage to your kidneys.

15) Heart Health

You want to protect your heart and figs are heart healthy because of their source of phenol, Omega 6, and Omega 3 fatty acids. They also prevent plaque from forming in your arteries.

16) Hair Growth

Man With Hair Loss

If you’re losing hair it’s most likely coming from not having the proper nourishment. The nutrients vitamin C, vitamin E, and magnesium help in promoting hair growth. They also help in stimulating blood circulation in your scalp that will speed up your hair growing.

17) Asthma

Figs can drain the phlegm and moisturize the mucous membrane which will help relieve your symptoms of asthma. You can treat asthma with fig juice alone or by mixing them with honey, seeds, and fenugreek seeds.

Final Thoughts

So as you can now see that Fig Leaves for Diabetes can offer you benefits. There are many benefits of figs, but one of the most important one is in helping with blood sugars and treating diabetes. You can incorporate them into your diet and reap the benefits.

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8 thoughts on “Fig Leaves for Diabetes – List of 17 Health Benefits of Figs”

  1. Hi Rob! Thank you so much for writing this post on fig leaves and the natural ability they have to lower blood sugar along with so many other natural healing properties! I had no idea! A fig isn’t a fruit that is often talked about … it seems it’s way underrated. I use figs to stuff a chicken to keep the meat moist and sweet and then use the mashed fruit in my stuffing … just another way that you can use figs and get the benefit of the fruit 😉 I wonder if you can juice a fig in a juicer? Best, Katie

    • Hey Katie, Fig isn’t a fruit that’s mentioned too much but it certainly is healthy for you.

      The fact that it lowers blood sugar alone is worth having them.

      And I agree that it is underrated. But now we know we should include them in our diets.

      You may not be able to juice them in a juicer but you can blend them with your juice.

      Hope this helps!

      thanks Katie 🙂

  2. Holy moly! Talk about a super food!! I am sending this article to my dad, who is insulin dependent, but I think figs may be the way to go for me too!
    I absolutely love dried figs as a sweet treat. Even though they are less healthy than fresh figs, I imagine they are better than many processed alternatives. I have never even seen a fresh fig for sale, but I will start looking harder now!

    • Hi there Kat!

      There are many foods that folks don’t realize have benefits for lowering blood sugar and helping to control diabetes.

      The more we can treat diabetes the natural way the less we will need to depend on insulin and medications.

      Have your dad stock up on the figs!

      Thanks for commenting!


  3. Your post is very timely because so many people are having so many issues with high blood sugar that is affecting their health in so many ways. What I love about your post is going natural. I love going natural because going natural has no side effect which is pretty amazing. Great post about figs that will educate your readers.

    • Hey Norman,

      Diabetes and high blood sugar are all too common these days. 

      Figs are an excellent choice to help diabetes and they are generally beneficial for your health as well.

      It’s a better choice to go natural than to treat health issues with medications.



  4. Good day, interesting post ???, would like to know when making fig tea, does the leaves have to be dried or still green?


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