What is The Big Diabetes Lie?-Here’s the Real Truth About Treating Diabetes

What is The Big Diabetes Lie?-Here’s the Real Truth About Treating Diabetes

 What is The Big Diabetes Lie? 

7 Steps to Health Review


Product: The Big Diabetes Lie- 7 Steps to Health

Author: Dr. Max Sidorov & ICTM (International Council for Trust in Medicine)

Price: $37.00 USD digital download

Money back guarantee: Yes

Refund policy: 60 days

Official site: https://www.thebigdiabeteslie.com

Purchase option: E-book download or hard copy

Personal rating: 9.8 out of 10 (It’s that good)

The Big Diabetes Lie

The Reversal of  Diabetes Naturally

Just what exactly is 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie? It’s an awesome E-book with 540 pages that you can download or purchase as a hard copy. There is a ton of value packed information in this book that is going to change your life by treating diabetes the natural way. It unveils how the big pharmaceutical companies have been deceiving diabetic patients and having them feel that the truth is that they will require diabetes medication for the rest of their lives.

You may or may not be aware that you can control and actually reverse your diabetes just by changing and staying with a healthy diet. I write a lot of information on my website about natural ways to lower blood sugar and dealing with diabetes because I feel that’s the right way to treat it, not with medications. This book talks about many things I have on my website and condenses it and offers many additional benefits as well.

So the authors, Max Sidorov and ICTM (International Council for Trust in Medicine), offer so much valuable information that will help you in reversing diabetes and changing your life. This book includes a 30 day plan to help rid your body of toxins and flush out your system from your eating too many processed foods and simple carbohydrates.

The Diabetes Lie is all about the “band-aid” effect of drugs masking the real problem with diabetes. Medications do not rid you of diabetes but eating the right foods do. Some of the extremely useful information regarding factors that contribute to diabetes, including the natural pH balance of your body and inflammation is covered in this book. The Diabetes Lie is an awesome resource for you to finally take charge of your life and has helped and changed a LOT for folks with diabetes.

Big diabetes lie

Important Topics Covered Inside:

  • Returning your blood pressure and blood sugars to normal without drugs
  • Altering a few features of your diet to strengthen your immune system
  • Decreasing your cholesterol levels with no meds
  • Learning ways to improving your glucose metabolis
  • Finding out why it’s more important and effective to just eat the correct foods than to count calories
  • Learn how to curb your cravings for snacks with sugar
  • How over 18,000 diabetic patients in Norway got off insulin from studies done there on nutrition
  • Which spice is most likely in your kitchen and how it helps your glucose
  • Lower your risk of death by cancer by as much as 67%
  • How you can lower your cholesterol by nearly 30% without medications
  • Learn how the FDA schemed with the big diabetes pharmaceutical companies to eliminate any natural diabetes cures from being on the market, so they could promote their own very expensive drugs

The Pros:

  • Quick results- Most plans whether they are diet related or what offer you an approach such as “let’s just see what happens at some point.” Or they may claim that you will see fast results. There were many user reviews or testimonials stating that they had experienced results in a few weeks or even days because of the Seven Step Plan. They monitored their blood sugars as per the book and a great deal of those users reported their levels lowering by several points in just a few weeks.
  • Formats- In this day and age there seems to be mostly digital formats but there are still a wide variety of folks who enjoying “holding the physical book” while reading so I feel that it’s a positive thing that The 7 steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie is available in paperback book format. It’s great to have a choice to purchase the digital or physical book.
  • You will lose weight and that is the biggest factor with controlling diabetes but you will also be much healthier too. And you will have a better knowledge when eating out too. It works as long as you stick to it and realize that it took you decades of eating wrong to get where you are today.
  • “Everything under one roof”- You get everything you need to help you accomplish reversing your diabetes in one book of more than 500 pages. There’s a wealth of information including advice and recommendations that will change your life. Satisfied customers found the instructions were delivered in a very easy and detailed manner. You will comprehend what Dr. Sidorov explains to you.
  • The money back guarantee- It’s inevitable that not everyone will like everything. And while some folks may be skeptical and not be happy with their purchase, it’s the reason why Max Sidorov offers a 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. It’s a win win situation for you!

The Cons:

  • We all have different opinions about the big pharma lies and most people will be receptive to the facts about it but some may not.
  • It’s not available for purchase in stores which may be an issue for a small amount of people
  • The font could be a bit larger (maybe it’s just me because I’m getting older)
  • It’s not a magic potion or quick fix that will change you instantly without any work or commitment.
  • Information overload- There is a ton of information that could overwhelm you unless you take it one step at a time


I was never on the fence about purchasing The The Big Diabetes Lie-7 Steps to Health. The reason was that I read and saw enough information for my life to change and with a 60 day money back guarantee, it was a no brainer for me. I had nothing to lose but weight and diabetes! I discovered a much deeper understanding about diabetes, how it works, and how your body reacts to it.

In addition, I was amazed about the bonus E-books that were offered because they were very interesting and provided even more valuable information. Not only that but just the thought of not ever taking diabetes medication again was enough for me. And who doesn’t want to live a happier healthier life?

7 Steps to Health bonus books

What is The Big Diabetes Lie?  It’s something that can and is changing my life and I’m passing it on to others because why not help people who need it,right? This book may not be for everyone but I can tell you that is was the right decision for me. There’s enough scientific information supported by medical professionals and physicians in this world and it’s a plan that works for reversing all the issues connected to diabetes and blood sugars. For me, there was only one thing in the way of finding out if this works and it was that I took action!


24 thoughts on “What is The Big Diabetes Lie?-Here’s the Real Truth About Treating Diabetes

  1. I found this article very helpful. I don’t have low blood sugar but it does run in my family. I took the time out to read this article in hopes to share this information with loved ones. I had no idea oatmeal was good for diabetes. Wow! Thanks for sharing all the helpful tips and strategies. My people are going to love this new information.

    1. Hi Courtney!

      High blood sugar is not good for you but low blood sugar is even worse. There are so many things that can help folks lower their blood sugars and keep them under control but The Big Diabetes Lie does everything to reverse diabetes and it works if you follow it.

      My goal is to help others and this book in my opinion definitely helps! Pass this on to others who want to change their lives for good.

      Thank you for commenting!


  2. Hey Rob,

    I was often worried about how much candy I actually eat over the day. I am considering this E-book since it does not seem that expensive for the digital download.. I am still not 100% sure if I am going to download it although I am pretty curious on how to avoid getting something like diabetes! Your review is definitely very convincing i must say!

    All the best,

    1. Hey Matteo,

      Yes I know all too well about eating candy and other sugar products for that matter. I wish I had this book way back when because diabetes is not something to fool around with.

      And my goal is never to try and convince anyone to just purchase anything. It’s to help others treat diabetes or try and avoid it. The reason I stand by The Big Diabetes Lie because it was never a gamble for me. If I wasn’t satisfied, I could get my money back and I have no intention of requesting a refund for something that has changed my life. But’s that’s just me.

      Good luck and thank you for commenting! 🙂


  3. I really like the part about how you can reverse diabetes. Not many people know this. I like how you clearly state that you can solve most if not all issues with diabetes without using drugs. It is too bad that the pharmaceutical manufacturers have lied to us about “natural solutions” not working. Obviously they want to tell us this because they wouldn’t make money otherwise! It is great to know that there is an option between an e-book and a hardback. I would take the e-book.

    1. Hey Elan,

      Yes it’s a shame how the big pharmaceutical companies pull this off. It’s all about money and not about helping people getting rid of diabetes by the natural methods and not stuffing their pockets with lies and money.

      The drugs they prescribe just mask the problem. They don’t solve them. It’s just the band-aid method for them becoming richer. For me, it’s the natural ways to treat diabetes and The Big Diabetes Lie will reverse and end your diabetes for good.

      Thank you for commenting!


  4. Hi Rob!

    I think it’s essential to unmask this big “lie” you speak of! Many of the issues in modern medicine (in my opinion) stem from the treatment of symptoms rather than the identification of the true cause of the symptoms.

    This seems like an amazing e-book for anyone suffering from diabetes and needing information and motivation to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes.

    Thanks for this review!

    1. Hey Tucker,

      One of the reasons that I started my website is because I believe in the natural ways to lower blood sugar and not the “prescription” way and that’s what The Big Diabetes Lie is all about.

      This book is a life changer and type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be this way anymore. I only write reviews for something that I truly believe in. This is one of them.

      Thanks for your comments!



  5. I always thought diabetes is almost like a death sentence. Once you get it, then your life is pretty much set in a predetermined path. I didn’t realize there is a way to reverse it.

    I realize that even domestic cats and dogs are getting diabetes nowadays. It would be great if this condition can be reversed because it can cause unwanted effects like blindness.

    I think the big diabetes lie would be a great solution for a lot of people suffering from this problem. If there’s a natural way to solve this without indulging in more medications, then it is definitely worth it. I also noticed that it teaches you how to control sugar cravings. That’s a big help. People have to learn to stop drinking soda on a daily basis.

    1. I believe that a lot of people think type 2 diabetes is a death sentence but that’s not the case because you can bring it under control and reverse it too.

      And that’s what The Big Diabetes Lie is all about. The big pharmaceutical companies pushing the medications to mask the problem. We must learn to change the wrong things we’ve been doing that resulted in having type 2 diabetes.

      I’ve been a victim of it too because I allowed it to happen. What it teaches you is how to turn your eating lifestyle around and in result in reversing your diabetes .Medications are a bandaid. The Big Diabetes Lie is a permanent solution. Which do you prefer?

      Thank you for your input!



  6. I stumbled across something similar, but since I don’t have diabetes and I have bad vision, I saw a program I am really intrigued about. It also targets the pharmaceutical world out there. They just won’t resolve your issue. They need you to still have your health issue in order to make revenue. It’s kind of a cruel reality.They don’t treat the issue directly, just the symptoms and by changing your diet it will ensure you to address the issue directly with natural resources.

    1. The whole diabetes thing with medications is all about making money and not really caring about helping people who want to get rid of diabetes without paying for it.

      It’s not only the money. The Big Diabetes Lie can help treat and reverse type 2 diabetes without all the medication band-aids the big pharma companies provide at an astronomical cost.

      It’s time we all learn the truth and how to end diabetes the right way.



  7. I really like this book about the truth about diabetes lies. I like that you show there are healthy eating ways to control the problem. I think this book would be helpful to anyone because it would get you on the road to eating right and in balance. Thanks for doing this review.

    1. Hi Janine,

      Thank you. This is an awesome book that really works with learning the right ways to turn diabetes around.

      I believe the right way in treating blood sugar and diabetes is the natural way.

      No more lies about the medications. It’s time to learn how to do things naturally that really work!



  8. This looks like an excellent resource for people with diabetes. It seems that every year more and more people are diagnosed with diabetes and the need for products like this gets higher.
    One of the parts I’m particularly interested in is how over 18000 people in Norway were able to use this book to get off of insulin. That is amazing! How common is it for people with diabetes to no longer need insulin and how do you know when you get to that point?
    Also, this is a fairly long book. Is there an audio version that’s available?

    1. Once you read The Big Diabetes Lie, you begin to understand the real ways to lower your blood sugars and get your diabetes under control.

      The scripts the doctors write are money makers for the pharmaceutical companies and are just patching the real problem.

      It can be very common for patients to no longer need to take prescription medications but as far as getting off insulin, it’s up to your doctor as you follow the plan and get your A1C lowered and that’s when it might be the right time if you’re on this permanent plan and no medications.

      There is currently no audio version. But everything in this book is worth getting rid of diabetes the right way.

      Thank you for your input!

  9. Thanks for all the great information you’ve provide in this article!

    So far I haven’t had any problems with diabetes but both my parents have.

    Their Doctors only manage to keep their sugar levels down a bit by keeping it stabilized but I’m concerned about all the meds they take on a daily basis.

    After reading this article (twice) I will definitely be letting my parents know about this website!

    thanks again,Frederick

    1. Hey Frederick,

      The doctors will always advise you to eat healthy and exercise to keep your blood sugar levels controlled.

      But beyond that their next step is to prescribe medications which the big drug companies obviously love!

      The Big Diabetes Lie shows you the whole truth and how to reverse your diabetes and get on the right track.

      Less money for them and better health for you!

      Thanks for your input!


  10. Thanks for this review. I have seen first hand that you can lower your blood sugar through a healthy diet. My mother brought her diabetes under control doing this, and it has stayed under control for three years now. She no longer has to take shots.

    It’s great that there is a product that discusses this. Hopefully, your review will help others learn how to use this information and lower their blood sugar naturally.

    1. Hey Chris,

      Healthy diet is always the top reason to follow when it comes to anything health related.

      The Big Diabetes Lie
      goes into a LOT of detail about getting off the medications and reversing type 2 diabetes for good.

      For folks who have given up on diabetes, this is what you need to finally turn it around.

      Thank you for your comments!


  11. This looks like an interesting book. Although, I do have a few questions. Is it more of an informational book, or an actual seven step program, as the name implies? 540 pages is on the long side for something like this – was it hard to get through? Is ICTM an author, or a sponsoring institution – and also, what is ICTM all about? And does it include a 30 program or a seven step program, because that was a little confusing to me? Thanks for the review. More and more people are suffering from diabetes these days, and finding good not drug dependent options would be very helpful for a lot of people.

    1. Hi Shanna, 

      It is a very interesting and knowledgeable book. Clicking through to the actual review on the book itself would explain all of your questions. ICTM stands for International Council for Truth in Medicine. Although it is 540 pages long, there is a lot of information to aid in conquering diabetes without medications.

      It’s a 7 step process that the doctors have researched and presented. And nothing about it is hard to get through if you want to take the time to learn about the real reason people get diabetes and how they can reverse it. The Big Diabetes Lie is truly amazing because there’s more to diabetes than just losing weight, exercising, and eating healthy.

      Thanks for commenting

  12. Hi Rob!

    You really touch to the point, it really makes sense to me, it’s true. When I was young my grandmother had diabetes and she needed to take an insulin injection every single day. Sometimes she asked me for help, it really scared me, and I didn´t understand why she needed to do this to survive.
    If there is a natural cure, it’s a wonder why doctors continue to prescribe more and more medicines, and some of them so expensive!
    Thanks for the truth, great work, I’m going to share it with my family.

    1. Hey Guiomar 🙂

      Diabetes is way too common today and I can see that it wasn’t easy for you with your grandmother and her injections.

      That’s why The Big Diabetes Lie exists. All the medications do is mask the problem.

      They don’t deal with the real issue about diabetes and how to treat it naturally.

      I hope that you do share this with your family because it can make a difference.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Have a great day!


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