Diabetes and Stress Management – The Roadmap to Ending Stress

Do you have diabetes and are you stressed out? Are you worried about it?  It’s obviously not good to have Diabetes and Stress Management will help in controlling it so it will benefit your health. Is being stressed the cause of diabetes? No. It’s one cause of becoming a diabetic. Let’s find out why.

How Can You Control Your Stress to Help Your Diabetes?

There are many reasons for being diagnosed with this terrible disease. This is just one of the major ones. For me and I’m sure zillions of other people, it leads to over eating and emotional eating and that brings us to being overwhelmed and can lead to high blood sugars and high cholesterol. Stress is an enemy. Let’s defeat it!

What Stress Does to You

Man stressed out

Stress is the way you react to things in your life. Everyone knows what it is and what it can do to you. It does harm to you both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately there are numerous things that we come across every day in our lives that cause stress.

But it’s important to know how it negatively affects you. It will affect your body systems, such as: your kidneys, immune, digestive, and reproductive systems, and high blood pressure (which you should check often.)

You make a million decisions a day. Some good, some bad. But it’s how you make your decisions because they are based on what stress you’re experiencing at the time. If you’re making poor decisions, it’s because you’re not thinking clearly. What you eat can also stress you out. Make healthy food choices.

You don’t want to be a risk for other conditions such as depression. We all worry which is normal, but not to the point where it becomes stress related and affects our health. Diabetes is a serious condition that you want to control, but you don’t want to be overly stressed because that it adds to the possibility of contracting diabetes. Your management of diabetes can be affected by too much stress and:

  • Affect the decisions you make and cloud your thinking
  • Can increase your glucose levels at a fast and alarming rate
  • Lead you to emotional and poor choice eating
  • Can encourage rather strong emotional feelings

Identifying the Symptoms of Stress

  • Irritability; Wow, how many things can cause irritability? A few thousand? More?Irritability
  • Bad moods or depression; This is high on the list for sure.
  • Excessive weight gain or weight loss; Very common symptom
  • Relationships; spouse or significant other arguing
  • Lack of concentration or memory; brain freeze?
  • Nil in the sex department; Sex? What’s that?
  • Panic attack; can be terrifying
  • Fatigue; always being tired
  • Heart palpitations; very alarming
  • Grinding your teeth; causes unwanted dental problems as well
  • Hives and rashes; this is very common and very uncomfortable
  • Headaches; migraines are the worst
  • Hair loss; I personally can attest to this one
  • Stomach pain or uneasiness; not knowing if the cause is stress or not
  • Negative thinking; worrying if something will happen

Unfortunately, this is just a small list of symptoms that cause stress. (as if it isn’t enough?) The everyday stress from these issues can make your blood sugar spike. Now while all of these are all possible causes, it’s your decision in each case as to how you see it and how you react to them.

Because once you identify the problem at that given moment? Stop, think, and then act. Do NOT react. This may help you in controlling a situation better than if you reacted and flew off the handle as you might have always done in the past.

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