Diabetes and Fatigue – Control Diabetes to Combat Fatigue

What is the connection between Diabetes and Fatigue? Can diabetes cause fatigue? You can be fatigued for many reasons including worrying, but when you’re a diabetic, it’s more of a cause of being tired all the time. I will get into detail about diabetes and why you may be feeling fatigued all the time.

Why Does Diabetes Make You Tired all the Time?

Since having diabetes means you don’t have enough insulin and your blood sugar levels are too high, and in turn causing your fatigue. So if you’re not getting enough sleep, this will tire you throughout your day affecting your blood sugar level control and can impact you for other health factor risks. It seems to be a merry-go-round. Not really merry now, is it?

Woman Fatigued

I have to say that, I know I speak for millions of people who have insomnia or can’t sleep for a variety of reasons, that not getting the adequate amount of shuteye just takes it’s toll on you and you feel like a walking zombie the next day and you can’t see straight.

Whatever the reason or reasons for not sleeping, we just want a solution. It makes us almost to the point where we can’t function and even complete the simplest tasks. Eating a well balanced diet is a tremendous help! You want to experience weight loss for diabetes too.

Recently Diagnosed with Diabetes?



Other Link Factors:


Being a diabetic, you’re more apt to be dehydration. If your blood sugar levels are high, chances are high too that you’re dehydrated too. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.


It’s imperative to know the connection between depression and fatigue, because fatigue can be a common symptom of depression. With diabetes, it’s even two times as common to be fatigued.


I’ve mentioned stress in another article and it goes without saying that stress cause fatigue. Not to mention that it wreaks havoc with your sugar levels as well. Control stress at all costs. It will take a toll on your health.


I think most folks know that too much caffeine keeps you from falling asleep and in addition is connected to high blood sugar levels and linked to insulin resistance as well. Stick with apple cider vinegar instead of caffeine. I’m not a fan of caffeine anyway.

Frequent Urination

I can relate to this because when your sugars are high, your kidneys are trying to remove the excess sugar. It’s the middle of the night bathroom trips that can make you fatigued if you’re getting up more than once and not falling back to sleep. One tip is to try and not drink too much before bedtime to avoid frequent urination.


Not getting enough or any exercise at all is NOT a good thing. Go walking, ride a bike. You want to improve your insulin sensitivity, cholesterol levels and exercise of any kind will help you achieve this. Get an exercise bike. It may be wise to look into supplements for help too. It will aid in your fatigue problem, just don’t do any heavy exercising.

Fatigue and Early Symptoms of Diabetes

Woman yawning from being tired

The feeling you get from being tired from diabetes is most likely due to high blood sugar. Insulin isn’t removing the glucose from your bloodstream and your cells require sugar for energy, but your sugar levels are probably out of whack thus causing your tiredness.

If your cells aren’t getting the sugar it needs for fuel because it isn’t entering your cells normally, then guess what? Your cells aren’t getting the fuel they need to burn producing and energy and there you go! Tired, fatigue sets in!

Insulin resistance is when your body doesn’t use insulin any longer for the way it’s meant to function. This is vital to your health. Right now, I’d like to also point out that it’s possible to have high blood sugar and not even experience any symptoms.

But let’s also keep in mind that there ARE symptoms that should attract your attention such as:

  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Urinating frequently
  • Constantly being thirsty
  • Excessive time for cuts and wounds to heal
  • Any change in vision, blurriness or other signs

What Role Does Vitamin B12 Play?

Vitamin B12

As far as I’m concerned, next to Vitamin D, this vitamin is the next most important if not equally important for you. Whether you’re fatigued from diabetes or another ailment, you really should have your vitamin B12 levels checked.

Nerve damage or peripheral neuropathy is another side effect of diabetes. High blood glucose over a period of time is the cause of this.

For me, it’s numbness in my feet, but it could also affect your hands and other parts of the body with weakness as well. And you don’t have to be a diabetic to develop neuropathy.

Possible Symptoms of B12 Deficiency

Why you Don’t Want a Vitamin B12 Deficiency