What is the Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy Feet?-Never Suffer From Neuropathy Again

What is the Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy Feet?-Never Suffer From Neuropathy Again

My Review of The Neuropathy Solution


What is the Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy Feet

Product: The Neuropathy Solution Program

Author: Dr. Randall Labrum

Price: $37.95 USD

Money back guarantee: Yes

Refund policy: 60 days

Official site: http://naturalwaystolowerbloodsugar.com/neuropathyreview

Purchase option: E-book download

Personal rating: 9.3 out of 10


Neuropathy Defined

I am passionate about neuropathy since I was diagnosed and that’s why I turned to Dr. Randall Labrum’s neuropathy solution program. Dr. Labrum himself is a physician who is retired now and was a former sufferer himself. He has more than thirty years of experience.

This program consists of six steps to treat neuropathy and its symptoms by getting down to the main cause and treat the nerve pain very quickly. It could be less than one week to see results. For me it’s been more numbness than anything else. I lived with it for years. If you are living with neuropathy, it’s time to end the agony.

Originally I thought the numbness was coming from my back. I’ve been to every doctor and specialist and the conclusions pointed back to neuropathy. When you’ve exhausted every other option, you find one that works. After all, who wants to be in stabbing and burning pain and feel numbness and pins and needles? Nobody of course.

With this program, you won’t be just treating it. You will be working to end it. The program you will be using is exactly what Dr. Labrum used in treating himself with his neuropathy. It gives you all the tools you’ll need to be able to function normally again.

Think about doing everyday tasks such as walking, standing, working, driving, going out, playing sports or exercising. You get the picture, or you will. It’s designed to make it easy for you to get the best results in the fastest amount of time.

You’ll have some considerations to make, some changes to your life, and some ingredients to use. But eventually you will be one happy camper again.



Product Features

  • Begin to relax without pain and anxiety
  • Re-optimization of the health from damage to your nerve tissues and enhancing your peripheral neuropathy symptoms.
  • What you can do to lessen your lower back pain from the link between your neuropathy and back pain.
  • What one thing you as a sufferer can do prevent the progression of peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes.
  • Get total relief from pain in thirty days with no side effects.
  • How you can increase the health of your peripheral nerves remarkably quickly and at the same time decrease your neuropathy symptoms.
  • Why you have neuropathy in the first place, how to apply each procedure, and an extensive understanding about peripheral neuropathy.
  • The abnormal signals your brain gets sent from the unhealthy sensory nerves.
  • Improvement of being mobile and flexible once again. Movement without a fear of being unbalanced and falling.
  • The imagination can play a role by exercising this simple task
  • Sleep better due to steps that help you release endorphins to prevent pain.
  • Why peripheral neuropathy is suffered more by middle aged folks
  • Prevention not only of neuropathy but other health issues such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis just to name a few.

Bonus #1 – Neuropathy Treatment Seminar

  • You can go through and study  the 50 page seminar in details at your own pace.
  • How to learn the secrets of why neuropathy affects so many individuals, uncover what other people like you have done to turn it around permanently while restoring a happy life.
  • Full listings that are valuable from Dr. Labrum’s top trusted sources and recommendations for others who suffer from neuropathy.

Bonus #2 – The Ultimate Diabetes Formula

Where you begin: The representation and specific plan for you to get your diabetes under control and start getting rid of it without any medication:
  • You can get your health back to optimum levels by leveraging the current breakthroughs into easy daily steps that will help in lowering your glucose levels reversing back to the times when your numbers were before you were diabetic. You can accomplish this in as few as a couple of days.
  • Your body produces insulin, needs to boost your immune system, and remove wastes. There are 7 key ingredients that your body needs to be healthy and needs to perform these functions.
  • Carbohydrates are a NO! WRONG! The truth is you don’t have to eliminate all of the carbohydrates foods that you crave so much.
  • Combat diabetes when it isn’t at a strong point with 5 “secret” foods that aren’t well known.

 Bonus #3 – Personal Treatment Tracking Worksheet & Checklist

  • Remain motivated and focused during treatment. These are absolutely essential toward defeating neuropathy and all other troubling diseases.
  • Easy day by day check format that proves to generate the absolute top results in record time.
  • Fill out your worksheets, put them where you can see them, and document your results from daily steps you take and watch and take pleasure from your progress.

Bonus #4 – Ultimate Resource Suite for Self Reliance & Emergency Preparedness

  • The Ultimate Disaster Preparedness Guide offers emergency survival and preparedness that is designed by top expert professionals in this field. This detailed guide describes in detail with illustrations how to properly prepare for and survive any possible disaster no matter how big or small.
  • The Ultimate Self-Reliance Medical Care Master Field Guide contains hundreds of pages that are illustrated, with step by step directions that will aid you in caring and treating for almost anything that you may experience if and when there is a possible occurrence of no resources or medical manpower available.
  • The Ultimate Self-Reliance Dental Care Master Field Guide is a partner of the master field guide and shows with illustrations work addresses, self style dental treatment again in the case of professional personnel not being available. These are crucial in any emergency kit.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Long-Term Food Storage has must need information in the techniques and procedures of storing food. There is a abundance of easy to comprehend information that everyone needs to create a crucial long term supply of food.

Bonus #5 – Subscription to The Indispensable Neuropathy Bulletin Newsletter

  • You will benefit from recommendations with tips and news that are beneficial for people who suffer from neuropathy. It will feel as if you have your own professional available for researching.
  • The knowledge that will be available to address the latest crucial information, products, medical discoveries, and treatments is priceless. Any of the confusion will be eliminated.
  • Receive top notch articles on the benefits and downfalls of surgery for neuropathy and nutritional master plans for the solution of neuropathy pain.
  • In addition, specific resources and tools are given to you using a 6 step Neuropathy Resolution Program. The advantages include coupons on products that are recommended to custom developed exercises and recipes.

Bonus #6 – Neuropathy Drug Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

This stunning special report should be read before a person with neuropathy proceeds with any prescribed drugs. Uncover what you need below:

  • The drugs that the big pharmaceutical companies prescribe for neuropathy are antidepressants, pain killers, and anticonvulsants and they don’t want you to know the truth. It’s time you knew the truth!
  • The Neuropathy Solution offers better treatment options which are safer than the prescription drugs physicians offer. Discover why this is happening.
  • Come to realize why the prescribed medications never work over the long haul and the risks that affect your health and yourself.

 The Pros

  • It’s an easy to understand solution program for neuropathy. It’s detailed, illustrated, and a plan that can be applied in a timely and safe manner.
  • Anyone can use it whether you have just slight or advanced neuropathy.
  • It’s natural so you don’t have to be concerned about side effects from medications.
  • Refund 60 day guarantee. Within 60 days if you are not satisfied, you only have to request a refund by email for your money back.

The Cons

  • It’s not a physical product. Being a digital book if you want a hard copy you can just print it out.
  • Not a replacement for medical advice and treatment. No matter what you do you should always consult your physician first about anything you do regarding your health.
  • May be a bit expensive.

Randall Labrum’s Guarantee:

The author wants to help you with neuropathy. He has been through it himself. So because of this he personally guarantees with his belief that this will help you. If for any reason, you feel that it is not helping you, you can get a refund with no questions asked within 60 days. He takes the risk because he is that confident that will work for you.

The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution Program Next Step

There’s no magic pill here. It’s just time to start treating issues with something other than medications. When I first looked at this program, I was a bit skeptical at first but that’s because there are so many online programs and some “scams” that it’s hard to know the good from the bad. I personally always go by reviews too to make a decision about whether I want a product or not.

There are good and bad in everything and sometimes your decision is right and sometimes it isn’t. I was always the type of person to go with my gut. In this case I was right. I suffered long enough with neuropathy and for me this was worth a shot. I can’t decide for you. Everyone is different. I’m just saying that it works for me. My “next step” was to purchase the program and give it the 60 days if it takes that long. It didn’t. This was the right decision for me.


My goal with my review is to give you the facts and opinions of whether it helped me. You can read other reviews to help you determine what you’d like to do. The bottom line is I wish you a healthy life. That’s what is important to me and I’m sure it is for you too. If you have any comments about The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution Program, please leave them below. I would appreciate your feedback and I will get back to you quickly. Thank you!

Affiliate Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We tested and reviewed the web hosting sites ranked here. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. This is at no additional cost to you.


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10 thoughts on “What is the Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy Feet?-Never Suffer From Neuropathy Again

  1. First of all, thank you for your article. I also have a “hobby” for a healthier life. Your article deals with things that are very close to me, maybe we can change ideas about products and the rest in the future. I put your page to my bookmarks for later reading.

    Our Western food culture is not really the healthiest one. Nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes are needed. My interests are in Omega Balance products.

    Your page is the right affiliate page in my opinion. Professionally written and divided.

    Thank you for your article and hopefully, we will meet again.

    Regards Jhalonen

    1. Thank you. My main interest is to help others with health issues such as neuropathy. It is a condition related to diabetes that affects the nerves in the feet. I like to treat things the natural way and this program is so beneficial in treating neuropathy and that’s why I recommend it.

      Sometimes it takes many different methods to heal something. I hope we all find the answers we’re looking for. If you have neuropathy this will help! Good luck!

  2. It’s great to see people creating content with natural solutions to health challenges. I ended up in a medical conference with some doctors a few weeks ago. And the toxic treatments they where recommending for people with health challenges are completely insane.

    Nice to see someone taking the natural route to helping people with their health ailments

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    1. It’s nice to be able to find solutions to problems for people nowadays. When you suffer from neuropathy and find a solution that will help others then the best thing is to spread the word,right? Well the treatment that is offered in The Neuropathy Solution Program was discovered by a doctor himself who had neuropathy and because it works, everyone should know about it. Thank you for your comments!

  3. I love that you suggest a learning aid to reduce the pain and numbness and not just something that will mask the symptoms. It seems that the modern western diet is becoming well known for causing inflammation and pain. I also like that you noted that there will have to be decisions made about lifestyle changes. I was also pleased to note the 60 day refund policy; I mean who wouldn’t love that!

    1. Yes Shelby it’s a great way to reduce the numbness without medications. Following the proper diet makes it so much easier too. When you’re suffering with anything you want to correct it. And I agree that you can’t go wrong with a 60 day refund policy.

  4. Hi Rob.

    I don’t have neuropathy; but I know someone who does. He got it after having a lumbar spine operation with complications of fluid retention and resulting scar tissue.. I’m not sure if this is something that would help him or not. I will surely mention it to him.

    I am certainly on board with treating people in other ways than just throwing medications at them. There are so many side effects and a lot of the time they don’t even help with what they were prescribed for. I have stage 3 kidney disease, that I’m pretty sure came from a medication I took for years. I responded by graduating down and taking myself off all my prescription meds.

    I take some vitamins and minerals and try to watch my diet, and eat foods that are good for me, etc.

    Thanks for a good review of Stop the Pain Now.


    1. Hey Jeannie. I’m sorry to hear about your kidney issue and I hope that things turn around for you. Neuropathy is a terrible thing to live with too. Medications are supposed to help us and they do but if natural methods can do the same then I’m all for it. The Neuropathy Solution Program can take away the pain and discomfort on neuropathy. Thank you for your comments Jeannie and good luck to you! 

  5. Neuropathy is not a common problem among people I know, but I do know some elderly people who suffer from it. It’s the same numbness and stabbing pain like you mentioned. Dr Labrum seems pretty trustworthy because he seemed to be a victim of it himself. He probably knows about neuropathy better than anyone. The survival guide seems to be a nice bonus too. Is it meant to help people survive in a wilderness situation?

    1. Yes I agree that Dr. Labrum knows what he’s talking about because he’s been through this. As far as I’m concerned, he has a solution for a very uncomfortable situation. And yes, it’s designed to help people in a wilderness situation as well. Trust me, neuropathy is not something you want to live with. Thank you!

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