Controlling Blood Sugar Naturally – Learn Healthy Choices

Controlling Blood Sugar Naturally is the best way to keep your blood sugar level. There’s steps that can be taken. Each individual chooses which direction to go in. But the bottom line is getting your blood sugar levels down to a normal range. Let’s find out why natural ways to lower blood sugar are always the better choice.

Why Natural Methods Over Medications?

We all have different visions of what our choices might be. Nobody makes the right choice all the time. This is no different.  Everyone is different and has to decide their own plan in how to lower blood sugar and control it or it can stress you out, giving you high blood pressure as well and you don’t want your blood pressure high because coupled with high blood sugar is not a good thing at all.



Now I’m not saying that any one method is right or wrong. I know that most likely a good portion of us are on medication and probably some choose to just stay on the medication for whatever their reason may be and that’s fine.

I personally don’t want to live on medication and I would choose exercise and eating the right foods, but that’s me. I also turn to supplements that help. That is better than taking medication.

From what I gather, there also seems to be certain side effects from diabetes medication, but that is possible with any medication you take, not just for diabetes.

Another issue with medication is that your doctor may have to change my medication and dosages several times in order to find what works for you in particular.

After a good night’s sleep, I get up in the morning and must remember to take my medication and also whatever other times I am instructed to take it. There’s also the cost that’s involved. Drugs today are very expensive and while some are reasonable, others are not. And are you keeping track of your blood sugar levels and progress with your doctor? You don’t want your levels too low though. That is dangerous.

If you’re serious about getting your diabetes in check by lowering and controlling your blood sugar the way I am, then eventually your doctor can lessen your medicine and then under careful surveillance, take you off them, but that is his or her decision, unless you want that decision to be yours. That’s your choice.

Exercise and Stress

Man exercising on treadmill

When your sugar levels are high and you want to avoid medication to lower my glucose or taking insulin, then turn to some form of exercise which can result in a natural way to lower your blood sugar and rather quickly.

Taking part in any form of physical exercise or activity helps to increase your body and it’s sensitivity to insulin. There is less glucose in the bloodstream because your muscles take in more.

Any form of exercise helps, including an exercise bike. I make it easy at first. I tried yoga! It’s exceptional for helping my sugar levels and my back too. Walk. Try 15 minutes a day to start. Then work up to 30 minutes. Do at least that 5 days a week. I bike ride almost every day. I was surprised at my results and I’m helping my body to get healthy anyway and even lose weight.

I walk as much as I can. I also bike ride. I joined a very inexpensive gym and just do the basics for now. Increasing the amount I do comes slowly but the goal here is like anything else. A-C-T-I-O-N. Once I get started and actually SAW results, I had no desire to quit!  Go for it! The hardest part of anything is getting started. Write down your goals. What’s my blood sugar level goal? Weight? Do I also want to lose 10? 20? 50 lbs or more? Write it down as I did!

When you set up your exercise schedule and you miss it one time, don’t get discouraged and too concerned. It’s like missing your medication once in a while. Don’t worry. Just get back on schedule and you’ll be fine. It will become routine for you and you’ll feel so much better in no time at all. It really does make a difference. Give it a try!

FoodHealthy food

You can’t live with it (the temptation is everywhere) and you can’t live without it. Sound familiar? You need it to survive, but which foods do you need to be healthy and help combat diabetes? Of course. It has to be healthy foods! These are the foods that provide the energy for our bodies and health for our future. Apple cider vinegar is one of them.

So we should know by now that high protein and low carbohydrates are what we need to lower blood sugar and get rid of any belly fat. Everything you eat affects every part of your body inside and out and you want to keep your weight in check. Vitamin D can have huge benefits for your body too.

A person who is diabetic needs a diet high in vegetables and beans especially, and on the low side in consuming any kind of  animal products because you want to watch your cholesterol. One thing I remembering a doctor on TV stating that meat is something we don’t digest it. It just rots inside of us.

I don’t know how true that is, but it sounds gross to me. I started cutting way back on red meat. Too much isn’t healthy anyway and while I was never much of a chicken lover, I choose that over red meat.

Better yet, the choice food should be vegetables. In reality, I have a well rounded diet of every food that helps my body function the best it can. I’ve learned to eat more nuts which are very beneficial but high in calories. It’s not easy to come up with a food plan that will suit me perfectly but it doesn’t have to be flawless. You just have to do the best that you can.

Ok, I’ve discussed 3 different options. Maybe one, two, or all three can be choices? The only way to remedy the diabetes disease to decide which way you would like to attack this so called monster. It is the enemy and we must defeat!

While medication was the first option for me, I’ve turned to the exercise and healthy food option and this also helps combat that fatigued feeling. I’m done letting my high blood sugar and diabetes win. It’s my turn now to win! Are you with me?

Setting healthy eating and nutrition goals is the place to start. Diabetics should aim for: 50% carbohydrates- 20% protein– less than 30% fat, lots of vegetables and some fruit are also important.

Recently Diagnosed with Diabetes?


In Conclusion

Do you control your blood sugar by medication? Exercise? Food? None, or all of the above? You might not even BE controlling your blood sugar. YIKES! What do you think about this topic? But there is something else that may help you with lowering your blood sugar and ridding your body of sugar. It’s whatever choice you make to change the situation.

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26 thoughts on “Controlling Blood Sugar Naturally – Learn Healthy Choices”

  1. This was an informative post, my dad has been having blood sugar since the past 5 years and it is really difficult for him to control his eating habits. I guess making him follow whatever you have suggested on this post should really help him control his blood sugar levels and maintain his health.

    • I guess it’s hard to make anyone do anything, right? You have to really want to change your habits to stay or become healthy. I was stubborn for years and let things go. Now I made up my mind to do this and I’m sticking to it. I hope your dad does too. Good luck!

  2. After reading your post I realise that it would be so easy for my blood sugar levels to get out of control with the diet that I am having, so it is great to know that exercise helps reducing their levels. I certainly don’t want to take any medications fearing side effects and I believe the body can take care of itself naturally. Lastly I think I should reduce my sugar intake and have more vegetables! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes Daniel every little bit helps. It’s no fun taking medications but exercise for me is bike riding and I love it. I’m on the road to a healthier life. The most important thing is what you eat.

  3. I like this website because diabetes and blood sugar control are enormous issues that affect so many people. You would think that people would be more aware of diabetes and how to control it, but they are not. I like the way that you put the decision of meds or no meds back in the hands of your visitors, you don’t try to shove anything down their throats. Knowledge is power and you are offering the knowledge that gives them the power to make sound decisions.

    • Yes Donna, more people should be aware and helping people is what it’s all about. Everyone has different issues and different choices. I would like each individual to make their own decision.

  4. Battling any disease would need perseverance and determination. I have a colleague who has a pregnancy-induced diabetes, she relied much on medication and did not control herself at all in terms of diet, the reason she gave was she cannot control her craving. I think that she is not sensible at all because she is harming herself and her unborn baby. She argues that a pregnant woman has a lower self-control. Would you have any suggestions for such an issue?