Can Consuming too Much Sugar Cause Diabetes? – The Truth is?

Sugar can be very addicting, especially in excess. Can Consuming Too Much Sugar Cause Diabetes? Well to begin with, sugar comes from the sugar cane and sugar beet plants and gets separated from these plants and is almost one hundred percent pure sucrose. Wow! Let’s learn about sugar and how it can really affect you.

Why is Excess Sugar so Bad for Your Health?

Sugar is a carbohydrate that is found inside vegetables and fruits. There are three different simple sugars known as sucrose, fructose, and glucose. I want to describe the difference between the three and what they do to your body. Sugar is the enemy.

The 3 Simple Sugars 


Fruits and vegetables

Fructose is one of the three sugars that is found as a natural sugar in vegetables and fruits. It’s also added to many flavored drinks and sodas. It is only metabolized in your liver.


Glucose is the biggest source of energy for the cells of your body. It is the primary type of sugar in your blood. We get glucose from the foods that we consume or we manufacture it from other matter.

Glucose gets through the walls of your small intestine activating your pancreas to secrete insulin which gets the glucose from your bloodstream and transports it in your body through the bloodstream to your cells for energy use.


This “table” sugar is just that, commonly known as table sugar. It is acquired from sugar beets and sugar cane. Sucrose is naturally found in vegetables and fruits. I’m sure you remember from science class in school about photosynthesis. Plants are able to use this natural process by turning sunlight into the nourishment the require to grow.

Teaspoon of sugar

One teaspoon of sugar has sixteen calories. Do you think that’s a lot? Consider this: one 12.oz can of soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar in it! One hundred and sixty calories and all that sugar! When I learned about how much sugar is in soda, I stopped drinking it.

Not that diet soda is better for you, but at least it doesn’t have all that sugar or calories! It just makes you think about sugar and why would you want to consume anything with such a large amount of something that isn’t good for you.


Recently Diagnosed with Diabetes?



When you Overdo it with Sugar

I think we can all agree that sugar tastes great with almost anything we eat. It’s hard to resist and once you start, you just keep feeding that craving by going back for more. Who hasn’t been guilty of eating a half gallon of ice cream? Bag of cookies? A whole cake? Box of donuts? Bag of candy?

Well, you get the picture. We’ve all been there and I’m sure you’re shaking your head and agreeing. But this is about why sugar is not good for you. Excess sugar is the enemy!

Maybe when we were kids, it didn’t matter so much. Kids always want sugar foods! But that was then. This is now. It’s time to face reality, right? Years ago there weren’t nutrition labels on foods. Well there’s nutrition labels on everything now. It’s important to read every label because I can guarantee that not everyone knows how many food products have sugar in them and how much.

Sugar and cigarettes have what in common? They both make your body age by affecting your cells. Too much will make every part of your body feel the negative effects. From the first time you experience a sugar high to increasing your chances of kidney failure, there are many repercussions. Too much cocaine is similar to too much sugar in that your brain and every other body part will suffer.

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What Happens to Your Body with Excess Sugar

It Causes Insulin Resistance

This leads to diabetes. Insulin is extremely important to the body.  It allows the glucose to enter your bloodstream and signal your cells to burn the glucose and not the fat. Insulin resistance is the major contributor of obesity, type two diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Obese person


It is occurring in many people including children. Sugar is like a fat train runaway. Once you get on this train, there’s no stopping it. Sugar increase that feeling of never being full and you just get addicted to it.

You have to really get a grip on sugar and not let it control you. Sugar has effects not only on your hormones, but your brain and significantly raises your risk of becoming overweight and diabetic.

The Liver and Fatty Liver Disease

So when the sugar gets broken down into the two simple sugars, fructose and glucose, they then enter your bloodstream.  It isn’t necessary a problem as long as you only get a small amount of sugar (from fruit).

If you’ve just finished exercising then the fructose is processed and stored i