Can Consuming too Much Sugar Cause Diabetes? – The Truth is?

Sugar can be very addicting, especially in excess. Can Consuming Too Much Sugar Cause Diabetes? Well to begin with, sugar comes from the sugar cane and sugar beet plants and gets separated from these plants and is almost one hundred percent pure sucrose. Wow! Let’s learn about sugar and how it can really affect you.

Why is Excess Sugar so Bad for Your Health?

Sugar is a carbohydrate that is found inside vegetables and fruits. There are three different simple sugars known as sucrose, fructose, and glucose. I want to describe the difference between the three and what they do to your body. Sugar is the enemy.

The 3 Simple Sugars 


Fruits and vegetables

Fructose is one of the three sugars that is found as a natural sugar in vegetables and fruits. It’s also added to many flavored drinks and sodas. It is only metabolized in your liver.


Glucose is the biggest source of energy for the cells of your body. It is the primary type of sugar in your blood. We get glucose from the foods that we consume or we manufacture it from other matter.

Glucose gets through the walls of your small intestine activating your pancreas to secrete insulin which gets the glucose from your bloodstream and transports it in your body through the bloodstream to your cells for energy use.


This “table” sugar is just that, commonly known as table sugar. It is acquired from sugar beets and sugar cane. Sucrose is naturally found in vegetables and fruits. I’m sure you remember from science class in school about photosynthesis. Plants are able to use this natural process by turning sunlight into the nourishment the require to grow.

Teaspoon of sugar

One teaspoon of sugar has sixteen calories. Do you think that’s a lot? Consider this: one 12.oz can of soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar in it! One hundred and sixty calories and all that sugar! When I learned about how much sugar is in soda, I stopped drinking it.

Not that diet soda is better for you, but at least it doesn’t have all that sugar or calories! It just makes you think about sugar and why would you want to consume anything with such a large amount of something that isn’t good for you.


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When you Overdo it with Sugar

I think we can all agree that sugar tastes great with almost anything we eat. It’s hard to resist and once you start, you just keep feeding that craving by going back for more. Who hasn’t been guilty of eating a half gallon of ice cream? Bag of cookies? A whole cake? Box of donuts? Bag of candy?

Well, you get the picture. We’ve all been there and I’m sure you’re shaking your head and agreeing. But this is about why sugar is not good for you. Excess sugar is the enemy!

Maybe when we were kids, it didn’t matter so much. Kids always want sugar foods! But that was then. This is now. It’s time to face reality, right? Years ago there weren’t nutrition labels on foods. Well there’s nutrition labels on everything now. It’s important to read every label because I can guarantee that not everyone knows how many food products have sugar in them and how much.

Sugar and cigarettes have what in common? They both make your body age by affecting your cells. Too much will make every part of your body feel the negative effects. From the first time you experience a sugar high to increasing your chances of kidney failure, there are many repercussions. Too much cocaine is similar to too much sugar in that your brain and every other body part will suffer.

Watch the Video Below for More about Sugar Consumption

What Happens to Your Body with Excess Sugar

It Causes Insulin Resistance

This leads to diabetes. Insulin is extremely important to the body.  It allows the glucose to enter your bloodstream and signal your cells to burn the glucose and not the fat. Insulin resistance is the major contributor of obesity, type two diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Obese person


It is occurring in many people including children. Sugar is like a fat train runaway. Once you get on this train, there’s no stopping it. Sugar increase that feeling of never being full and you just get addicted to it.

You have to really get a grip on sugar and not let it control you. Sugar has effects not only on your hormones, but your brain and significantly raises your risk of becoming overweight and diabetic.

The Liver and Fatty Liver Disease

So when the sugar gets broken down into the two simple sugars, fructose and glucose, they then enter your bloodstream.  It isn’t necessary a problem as long as you only get a small amount of sugar (from fruit).

If you’ve just finished exercising then the fructose is processed and stored in your liver until required. Too much sugar can lead to fatty liver and more problems. But you really can’t eat and get too much fructose from fruit.


I always remember my mom saying that candy and sugar will rot your teeth. She must have had a partnership with the dentist. Cavities are caused by bacteria that cause them from sugar hanging out in your mouth.

The Brain

Do you know about dopamine? It’s a chemical in the brain that makes you feel very good. Sugar gives you that craving for candy or anything else similar and doesn’t give you a craving for vegetables or fruits because veggies and fruits will not cause your brain to release the same amounts of dopamine. Your brain wants that pleasurable feeling it gets from the sugar foods and it’s a never ending battle.

Body Weight

It’s fairly common sense that the more we eat, the more weight we gain. This is detrimental to our health by just being overweight. But sugar in excess will increase the risk for diabetes and then there’s all sorts or issues. It’s best to keep the weight off.

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The Pancreas

The job of the pancreas is to push out insulin when you eat something. So by overeating, your body does not respond to insulin the way it normally would. So now, your pancreas will pump even more and when it eventually stop working the way it’s supposed to and what happens? You guessed it. Your blood sugar levels climb and setting the stage for possible heart disease and diabetes.

Aging of the skin

Accelerated Aging of the Skin

Sugary foods and too much sugar will affect your skin because it damages the collagen (which keeps your skin looking nice). These foods packed with sugar also will end up giving you premature wrinkles and will decrease the flexibility and stretching of the skin.

I would like you to know that between two and four servings of fruit each day will give you the natural sugar you need that won’t do these things to your skin. And your skin is your largest organ and the one that everyone can see.

Stress Caused by Eating 

Stress. and sugar. What a combination, and I don’t mean a good one either. Sugar and sweets decrease cortisol which is a stress hormone. Your risk of insulin resistance rises when your body gets stressed inside from the excess amounts of sugar that you’re putting into it. One of the excellent ways to combat this is through exercise. Exercise aids in decreasing cortisol.

Energy Peaks then Drops Like a Brick

When you get a fast rise in energy from any refined carb, such as pastas and white breads, you get brought way down after while. You actually feel more energy drained than you did in the beginning. (It’s referred to as crashing)

To avoid this, it’s best to have snacks between meals that have protein instead such as fresh vegetables and fresh fruits or even Greek yogurt. Any protein snack will suffice. And you won’t experience the “crashing.”

Sugar Can Lead to Cancer

Rising levels of insulin from sugar consumption can lead to cancer. It really pays to start curbing your intake of sugar because it has no benefits for you if you’re a sugar junkie. Sugar leads to inflammation which is another cause to leading to cancer.


Your cells are the ones that take the heat here when fructose speeds up the process of oxidation in those cells. The risk of diseases and health issues such as kidney failure, liver disease, and even cataracts increases. This results too from damage to your tissues, proteins, and your organs.

The Joints

Without a doubt, loading up on sugar affects joint pain big time. And rheumatoid arthritis is right around the corner waiting for all that sugar consumption. It’s time to stay away from the foods with sugar calling your name.

Can Affect Your Mood

Too much sugar can give you a high where you’re very jumpy and feeling anxious and can’t stay still for even a minute which can affect your mood. It’s like you’re going a thousand miles a minute and can’t stop. This also can lead you to a depressed state as well.

Myth about Fat

Fat is the only thing that causes heart disease and increases your cholesterol. False! Sugar is just as much to blame. Very large amounts of fructose are responsible for raising your triglycerides (fat in the blood).

The Kidneys

Kidneys with Blood Vessels

With diabetes excess sugar in your bloodstream can lead to damage to your kidneys. Your kidneys are very important because their job is to filter your blood sugar.

If your blood sugars get too high and to a certain level, then excess sugar is in your urine via your kidneys and if this is not kept under control then damage to the kidneys happens and can lead to kidney failure.

Sexual Impotency

High levels of blood sugar can lead to impotency. High blood sugar in the bloodstream is affected by the circulatory system and this can be hampered by diabetes and can result in problems getting an erection. So guys? We don’t want this, do we? Knock off the sugar!

How Much Sugar are you Eating Each Day?

Well the average person consumes sixteen teaspoons of sugar daily! Are you kidding me? The recommended daily allowance is only eight teaspoons a day. Wow! That’s double what we should be having and that is toxic to say the least! It’s obvious that it’s the taste, but when you look at what sugar does to you, the taste is not worth the consequences.

Have you ever been on a diet? I mean, who hasn’t? And what do you count on a diet? Calories. Right? Well my friend, that’s excellent and I hope that whatever diet that you’re on, that you do well and keep your calories down and lose the weight. It’s healthy to lose weight and help your body by not carrying excess weight anymore.

News flash! It’s time to start reading the labels of everything you intend on eating and begin counting the grams of sugar. Everything that’s on a nutritional label is important, but I’m telling you that sugar better start becoming your top priority on the list of ingredients from now on.

There’s so much hype about fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, and so on. Sugar is a carbohydrate that should now be enemy number one! If you don’t believe me, then go back and re-read what I just wrote about what sugar does to you, your body, and your organs.

I’m here to tell you that diabetes and high blood sugar is no laughing matter. The whole point of my website is to help and inform folks about the crucial facts about what out of control blood sugar can do. Once I was diagnosed with diabetes, I knew it was time to turn things around.

I hope that you do the same and start over and make a new plan in your life that excludes sugar. Please see your doctor and discuss this because you also don’t want low blood sugar. You need to control your blood sugar levels and your doctor will help you to accomplish this.

This isn’t a speech. I’m just telling you that I’m going through this and it’s not just about what you eat. Get out and exercise. Walk and get a pedometer so you know how many steps you’re walking. Ride a bike, inside or outside. I ride everyday if I can. I love it. Anything and everything will help you along with cutting down or cutting out the sugar.

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In Conclusion

Can Too Much Sugar Cause Diabetes? Yes! If I can help at least one person, then I’ve been successful. People here on this planet are here to help one another. I hope I have helped you. That’s my goal!

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16 thoughts on “Can Consuming too Much Sugar Cause Diabetes? – The Truth is?”

  1. Hey There!
    I am very interested in the subject of sugar and obesity. I really enjoyed how in depth your article has become. However, I must question the part about fats not being detrimental. Of course, my bias comes from being a plant-based person. I have followed the reports of various plant based doctors, and while they also tend to agree that sugar should be eaten in moderation, they also say the same about fats. Have you come across studies which indicate fat has no bearing on cholesterol and heart disease? Very interested in this topic.

    • Thank you for your comments. No, I am not saying that fat is not a problem at all. I’m just pointing out that sugar is very toxic. Anything we eat that is not healthy will affect us, whether it be fat, carbs, or sugar. The bottom line is to eat healthy and fruits and vegetables should be the foods to turn to. I don’t think that sugar has been given the attention that it should as far as what we eat. We need some fats and some sugars, but of course not in high amounts. And yes of course fats have a role in cholesterol and heart disease and are unhealthy too. If we all just ate healthy, then the wrong kind of fats and excess sugar wouldn’t be an issue. But I do thank you for bringing it up. I hope this clears up any confusion. Thanks again!

  2. Hey There!
    I am very interested in the subject of sugar and obesity. I really enjoyed how in depth your article has become. However, I must question the part about fats not being detrimental. Of course, my bias comes from being a plant-based person. I have followed the reports of various plant based doctors, and while they also tend to agree that sugar should be eaten in moderation, they also say the same about fats. Have you come across studies which indicate fat has no bearing on cholesterol and heart disease? Very interested in this topic.

    • Hi and thank you for your comments. Sugar is about the worst thing you can have when you have too much. I don’t mean that fat isn’t a factor at all. I’m saying the sugar is the real culprit when it comes to weight gain and poor health. I am emphasizing that sugar is more to blame. It doesn’t leave fat off the hook by no means just to clear that up. They both need to be almost eliminated although we do still need some sugar and fats. Thank you again!

  3. Hi there, very interesting article. What are your thoughts about some of the diets out there that cut out fruits completely? From what you are saying here, fruit is okay because it doesn’t have the same effect on the brain/body as actual sugar does, but should we be restricting fruit as well, simply because it contains sugar? Thanks for sharing, Cheers, Karen

    • Hi Karen! Thank you for your comments. My opinion about diets that cut out fruit is that I’m not in favor of them. The reason is that the body still needs some sugar and getting it from fruits is the way to get them because it’s natural and not simple processed sugars. These natural sugars do not affect the brain and other organs the same way. The right and healthy way to eat is by having vegetables and fruits.



  4. Hi There, Your site was a good read. As someone who is a diabetic, it was very easy for to understand all of your content. Some very good information. I have learned to get my Blood Sugar levels under control with proper diet, limiting my sugar intake and proper prescriptions. Best of luck to you.

    • Thanks Chad. It’s so important to know just what sugar does to the body. Getting your sugar under control should be top priority and eating the right foods will help do that. Medications may help temporarily but I believe in the natural methods to treat diabetes. Best of luck to you too!

  5. I like the way this post is put together – highly educational! It is very important for people to understand the difference between the various types of sugar and why – let’s say – grapes are really a very different source of sugar than e.g. a softdrink. I think this is well explained here, good job!

    All the best, and I am with you in your efforts to control sugar intake!

    • If folks begin to realize that sugar is not good for you, but that you still need some sugar, just not in excess. Sugar should come from natural sources such as fruits. Grapes are good and much better that 10 teaspoons of sugar in a can of soda! Wow! Come on everyone. We have to start reading labels too! Thanks Audrey!

  6. The first thing I thought when I saw the title for this article is “sugar is poison”. I say this in my head and tell people this all the time. Yet, I still eat it; which creates a snowball effect. The more I eat it, the more I want. It often happens after a day of adult beverages from a BBQ or with a friend or two. It has to be the same chemical reaction in the body between the two. I wonder how my body would react to no sugar, especially processed sugar, for a year or two. Tough challenge, so far I’ve had many attempts to quit it, but to no avail.

  7. Hi Rob,

    Your website is very informative. I love how you breakdown the various forms of sugar and their duty. Also, the information as it relates to Diabetes.

    It’s very important not to have too much sugar. Very interesting. Thank you.

    I will be sharing your page and re-reading the information provide to apply same to my life.

    • Sugar is the enemy. Although we do need some sugar it should come from natural sources such as fruit. Everyone should start cutting back on sugar and junk foods with simple sugars. Sugar does real damage to your body. Thank you for your comments!

  8. Oh my goodness. I knew about several of the thing you wrote about, but not all of them. I knew that sugar was addictive, because it’s a daily battle for me. I also knew that when I got off of sugars for several months I felt much better and a lot of my health issues disappeared.

    The hard thing about sugars is that those kind of foods seem to be so readily available and less expensive than the healthier alternatives, unfortunately. I think it’s a marketing ploy to get people to buy, become addicted and buy some more.

    I liked the comment from another follower of yours that they think of sugar as poison in order to avoid eating so much of it. I truly agree with you that we all need to be reading labels to be sure we aren’t putting so much sugars in our body. I do that with sodium as well.

    Thank you for the great article and all the research time you put into it. It has inspired me to work on cutting out the sugars again.

    • There’s just so much to know about sugar and how bad it is. I tried to cover everything. I’ve been addicted to sugar since before I was born 🙂 Well who knew back then what sugar would do to you eventually?

      As you detox from sugar you start to feel better as you said. Once you can kill sugar you can turn your life around. It happened for me once I completed the 21 day sugar detox program.

      Actually that comment about sugar is true when you think about it. Sugar is poison because it destroys your body. And I agree that sodium is another toxic element for our body.

      Let’s cut out the sugars and salts. We can do it together Teresa! Thanks for your thoughts!




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