Does Diabetes Cause Yeast Infections? – Best Ways to Avoid

Does Diabetes Cause Yeast Infections? People with diabetes are more vulnerable to develop yeast infections. When one has a high blood sugar level, the body’s tissues act in an abnormal way.  Diabetes can be complicated that the blood sugar levels, if not kept under control, could trigger such a skin infection since the increased level of glucose in the body does affect many other bodily mechanisms and has a huge influence on the body’s immune status.

Yeast Infection
Yeast Infection

Diabetes and Yeast Infections

This causes the body defenses to stop processing the metabolism that normally prevents the body from having problems.  Such a problem is called candida yeast and this yeast is generally found throughout the human body in low levels. When they grow in large numbers and immediately these things can happen in the vagina, and it becomes a yeast infection.

Type 1 diabetes occurs when one’s immune system (which is the body’s system for fighting infection) attacks and abolishes the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. Experts think type 1 diabetes is caused by genes and environmental factors like viruses which they say trigger the disease.  When you are a diabetic, the ability of the body to control blood sugar levels will be affected.

Blood Sugar Levels and Insulin

Diabetes, when not well-controlled, the blood sugar levels can thwart to unreasonably high levels. The sugar increase causes yeast to overgrow, most especially in the vaginal area causing one’s body to develop a yeast infection in response. Due to the nature of a woman, any women with diabetes have an increased risk of developing frequent yeast infections due to their increased blood glucose levels.

At the same time, when your pancreas ceases to produce sufficient amounts of insulin or starts to trigger the resistance of insulin, that is when type 2 diabetes may be begin. The reason for this may be questionable, but research has it that genetics and environmental factors are some factors, such as excess weight may seem to be contributing factors to Type 2 diabetes.

Sugar does not necessarily cause diabetes, but there is one way that sugar can influence the life of a person with Type 2 diabetes. Too much sugar consumption or consuming sugary foods and drinks can make people put on weight. And weight gain when one eats too much can give raise your risk of getting diabetes.

Blood Sugar Levels
Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a state where high blood sugar levels can weaken the patient’s immune system defenses and health problems linked to it, thereby making infections of yeast to occur. Although many people are sensitive to talking about this matter, they believe that having it is an embarrassing situation and would not like to discuss it with anyone.

While the negative things that diabetes does to the human body are numerous, it can slow down ones body’s ability to fight infection. The presence of these high sugar levels in one’s blood and tissues enable bacteria to grow and help infections develop more quickly.

Chronic Infections

Chronic infections are one of the main causes of yeast overgrowth. Yeast usually is fed by sugars present in the body. So when one’s diabetes is not well-controlled, the blood sugar levels can increase to unreasonably high levels. This increase in sugar sometimes causes yeast to overgrow especially in the vaginal area. Your body may develop a yeast infection in response due to the presence of too much sugar. It does not only result in diabetes, but also causes yeast infections.

Vaginal yeast infections are mostly caused by the organism known as candida albinos. They are very common and affect up to 75% of women. Yeast infection has symptoms that range from mild to moderate. The most common among them is itching in the vagina and the tissues at the vulva also known as vaginal opening. Others are vaginal rash, burning sensation during intercourse or while urinating, vaginal discharge, swelling and reddish color of the vulva, vaginal pain, and soreness.

There are many ways that one can prevent yeast infections.

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Consume more probiotics
  • Wear cotton underwear.
  • Use birth control that doesn’t contain estrogen.
  • Clean your vagina often

    Fiber foods
    Fiber foods

Talking about healthy foods, Proponents of these regimens can help to cure or prevent yeast infections. Hence, eliminating food such as anything fermented with yeast with emphasis on alcoholic drinks, white flour, and other glutinous grains is going to help you. Foods containing simple sugars of which many fruits are included, some dairy products such as whole milk may help avoid yeast infections.

There are home remedies which include over the counter treatments.

Using cream as antifungal treatments or pessaries which can be purchased over the counter to treat yeast infections.

  • Coconut oil
  • Vaginal boric acid capsules also are known as boric acid can work for women with a yeast infection.
  • Natural yogurt
  • Tea tree oil.
  • Oil of oregano.
  • Probiotic supplements.

Constant monitoring of your blood sugar levels is one of the ways to prevent yeast infection also. You need to adhere strictly to your diabetes diet. This can be hard, but it is important to your overall health. If you want to control diabetes but you go about doing things that can give you yeast infections, then you need to choose any of the preventive measures above in eradicating such.

Using over the counter remediation as listed above can be very useful as well as the home remedy or you can avoid yeast infection by eliminating the foods stated. However, you can contact your doctor about diabetes and yeast infection to see if he or she wants to give you a prescription for something that will work faster.

Treatment for a yeast infection is the same for a diabetic as it is for a non-diabetic.  Yeast infection should be avoided because it affects you not only physically but sexually, as your sexual relationship suffers. It is very uncomfortable and painful to deal with genital infections.

The fungus (candida) responsible for yeast infection, naturally lives in the warm, moist parts of the body like the vagina, intestines, and mouth. When the natural balance of the body is troubled, candida grows quickly leading to infection. This infection is commonly associated with women because the most common Candida infection is a vaginal yeast infection. The symptoms are very disturbing that your sexual life will also suffer and that is why it is important that you know how to prevent vaginal yeast infection.

Men Use Caution too!

Concerned Man
Concerned Man

Male gender is not free from this type of infection. It is very possible to find men with yeast infections too, but not to be the compared to women. Most men with yeast infection get that from their partners during sexual intercourse. Also, some men who may not be circumcised, can have a more of a chance getting a yeast infection.

The reason for this is that it isn’t an easy task to keep folds of the skin of the foreskin clean because they aren’t the easiest to get at and this is where fungus will thrive. Diabetic men or men with other diseases as well as those that have an illness that lowers the immune system are also more at risk for contracting a yeast infection.

They can get their genitals infected, especially at the tip of the penis. Many times, these infections may be caused by some other diseases like diabetes. Yeast infections can occur due to food habits, like drinking too much alcohol, beer or eating too many carbohydrates, sugar, or yeast products like bread and cakes.

Men may have identical symptoms that women have and they may include: a modest discharge, possible sores on the foreskin, an irritation and /or itchiness of the skin, suffering some pain through sexual intercourse, and a possible appearance of a substance resembling a white “cheese” kind of material in the area of the penis.

There are measures that you need to take in preventing vaginal yeast infection. You need to take action before your yeast infections become more frequent and more severe. Studies have shown that a yeast causing organism cannot survive under extreme heat, so it is best you gather all your panties and boil them.

Woman Washing Herself
Woman Washing Herself

Wash them with odorless soap. Also stay away from sugar because it is the main source where yeast fungus feed on, even after medical treatment there may show some remnants of the fungus in your body. So avoiding sugary foods because is a good way of preventing a yeast infection. This is important to follow.

Wear loose clothing because tight clothing restricts good air circulation. Often times try wearing loose clothing as much as you can to prevent from dampness created by sweating. The warm and damp area is where the fungus thrive which can cause by wearing tight-fitting clothes.

There are other ways to avoid yeast infection and it is by eating unsweetened plain yogurt. Yogurt contains lactobacillus acidophilus that can help control the propagation of yeast hence it should be avoided.

It is easier to prevent constant yeast infections than suffer from the anxiety and stress of having recurring infections. You can help yourself by putting a stop to these favorable conditions for yeast growth and you will stop being worried about the physical and emotional discomfort of having a yeast infection. You especially do not need this while you have type 2 diabetes.

Final Thoughts

Does Diabetes Cause Yeast Infections? The connection between diabetes and yeast infection could well come from the diet you follow. Your lifestyle as well could be, so try to stay away from all these negative foods. When certain parts of your daily life contribute to the growth of the infection, no matter how you try to prevent it, the infection will certainly come back and you don’t want that!

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Please forward this article to others who may need help and please share on social media below and leave any questions or comments you may have as well. I would love to interact with you. Thank you for reading and I appreciate it! Have a happy and a healthy one!


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    • Hey Carole, Thanks! Being a diabetic includes all types of negative things including yeast infections.
      I know for women is more common than men getting them. But having diabetes just increases the chances of getting them.
      I hope that nobody gets them especially if you have diabetes. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. Hi
    I know a few people that are diabetics and this information will be very useful to them, so I will be sending this article to them.

    I agree that food plays a big part in the healing process and monitoring blood sugar levels regularly could make it easier in identifying which to avoid totally.
    Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Jennifer 🙂 Sometimes maybe we don’t connect certain things together such as yeast infections and diabetes.
      But the fact is that diabetes can cause a lot of different ailments and the more you know the better off you will be.
      If you can prevent a yeast infection because of diabetes, then that’s a good thing (for women and men)
      But knowing what you can do to prevent it matters too if you don’t have diabetes. One less thing to be concerned about, right?
      Thanks for your thoughts! 🙂

  2. Interesting article on diabetes and yeast infections. I like how you talk about causes, and not symptoms. Eating a healthy diet is so important in every aspect of health, and it is proven here with preventing candida, and other infections. Controlling sugar intake is vital to preventing type ll diabetes, which as you mention can set off many other problems with the body. Well done. Thanks for sharing, Tom

    • Hey Tom, It’s important when you have diabetes to know if something you’re experiencing is coming from the diabetes or not.
      Sugar is the enemy in many cases and yeast infections are no exception. If we can control our sugar levels, we have a better chance of not contracting a yeast infection. And yes, we don’t want this triggering other problems as well. Than you for your thoughts!

  3. Great article, informative and helpful– whether you have diabetes or not.
    This post will make your reader pause, and analyze their diet for a second. I know, because I did– after reading this.
    Therefore, it made realize to watch the food I eat from now on.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Mina 🙂 Thank you! It’s really important to eat properly when you’re younger because it catches up with you later on.
      From what I’ve heard yeast infections are not pleasant and especially with type 2 diabetes. But there’s things you can do to avoid yeast infections when you have diabetes. Health first! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Hi Rob, reading your posts makes me realize that I’m not taking much care of what I eat and that can result in a serious problem like diabetes, having a good diet is so important these days as long as doing exercise.
    Thanks for posting this kind of things and another curious thing for me is that I always believe that consuming too much sugar was the cause of diabetes but as I said is having overweight.

    • Hi Pao 🙂 Diabetes is serious and it can cause so many problems with your body including yeast infections. The better your diet and exercise is, the healthier you will be.
      You can get a yeast infection with or without diabetes. But having diabetes just increases the chances of experiencing one. Do whatever you have to in controlling your blood sugars and diabetes and lessen the chances of yeast infections! Thank you for commenting 🙂

  5. I found your article interesting and I wasn’t previously aware of the link between diabetes and yeast infections. Some very good advice on how to prevent this occurring.

    • Hi Helen 🙂 First of all, thank you! Yeast infections are bad enough but maybe some can be avoided especially when you have diabetes.
      High blood sugars can help to cause yeast infections and their symptoms.
      Nobody should suffer through this extremely uncomfortable condition. Following these tips can help to avoid yeast infections in the first place. Thank you for your insight 🙂


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