Vitamin A for Diabetes – 11 Powerful Benefits of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is extremely important! One major cause of type 2 diabetes is the secretion of insulin being impaired and this designates a lack of vitamin A according to research performed. Is vitamin A the cause of type 2 diabetes? Not necessarily, but it can be a contributing factor. So what is it that we need to know about Vitamin A for Diabetes and how it can benefit against type 2 diabetes?

Can a Lack of Vitamin A be a Factor With Diabetes?

Vitamin A Foods

All vitamins are vital to our health and each in their own way. If you want to stay healthy, you need vitamins. But if you are deficient in vitamin A, it can affect you in more ways than one, including type 2 diabetes. So how do we find out the connection between vitamin A deficiency and type 2 diabetes?

Researchers performed studies that revealed that not enough vitamin A resulted in a decreasing of the beta cells and their potential in fighting back of inflammation. At the same time a total lack of vitamin A the beta cells would die. The way that I see it is to make sure you get enough of this important vitamin.

The talk about vitamin A is that it’s good for your eyesight. Okay, that’s true. But what experts are claiming now is that vitamin A not only does an overhaul on your skin, bones, the production of white blood cells, it is responsible for the improvement of beta cell tasks in folks with type 2 diabetes.

It basically comes down to the fact that Vitamin A helps to develop your beta cells early on in life and this is huge because this sets the stage for fighting inflammation later on in years to come as an adult. The beta cells not only store, but unleashes insulin to aid in the regulation of your blood sugar levels.

Beta-carotene is found in plant food sources such as vegetables and fruits which we know are the healthiest foods to eat especially for diabetics. They also contain carotenoids that are responsible for controlling the good health for your eyes, skin, and to boost your immune system.

This is the basis as to why vitamin A can help type 2 diabetes.

Food Sources of Vitamin A

Carrots – 10,191 IU- 1 medium carrot

Kale– 6,693 IU

Sweet potatoes– 18,869 IU

Broccoli– 922 IU- 1 serving

Apricots– 3,178 IU- 1 cup

Romaine lettuce– 7,404 IU – 1 serving

Spinach– 2,813 IU- 1 cup

Mangos– 3,636 IU- 1 medium

Cantaloupe– 18,669- 1 medium

Oatmeal– 1,013 IU- 1 cup

Cheddar cheese– 281 IU- 1 slice

Milk– 6115 IU- 1 cup

Butter– 355 IU- 1 tbsp.

Health Benefits of Vitamin A

Healthy Vision

Your Vision

I think everyone associates carrots with helping your eyes. For me, they are the most important thing! Vitamin A assists in keeping your eyes nice and moist as well. If you consume vitamin A on a regular basis it will help to magnify your night vision.

This will result in the prevention of night blindness. It also the possibility of lessening your risks of macular degeneration and cataracts as well.

Your eyes are what you need to do everything in your life. Have you ever had an eye infection, red eye, iritis, or pink eye? If you have, then that’s the moment when you realize that you don’t ever want to take your eyes for granted. No part of your body should be taken for granted but with some it might just be an inconvenience and you get through it. I just feel that I couldn’t write this now without seeing! 🙂


We all age and it begins to show but there are things that you can do to slow down the aging process and help with those wrinkles and fine lines that are associated with aging. There are numerous products for treating the skin and aging, but they cannot produce the results that vitamin A does.

It naturally moisturizes your skin and this results in a more youthful appearance again. None of us want to show that we’re aging, so why not do anything we can to look younger?


You want to have your cholesterol levels under control., otherwise this will lead to various problems such as cardiovascular issues. We all know that lowering your cholesterol will help in avoiding health problems. It is suggested by experts in the health field that you have enough vitamin A in your diet to aid in healthy levels.

In addition this important vitamin can lessen your risks of blood clots and assists in keeping your blood flowing by opening up your arteries. That’s a great thing for your heart and your body!


You may not think too much about muscle growth, but it’s especially important when you’re a teenager or a child because muscle growth is crucial at these ages and vitamin A can certainly provide benefits for the muscles growing properly. The things with kids is it might be hard for them to get the right foods with vitamin A because you know how stubborn they can be when it comes to meal times.

Now you could shove the broccoli down their throats. (just kidding) You might want to find a subtle way to get them to eat the fruits and vegetables to get the vitamin A and other vitamins that they need. Try and be creative and if that doesn’t work, there’s always vitamin A supplements. But this is a last resort because getting vitamins from food sources are always the best choice!

Immune System

There are so many different things that are beneficial for boosting your immune system. Vitamin A is important because it can help keep disease, germ, viruses, bacteria and such from attacking your body by helping make your immune system that much stronger.

Protecting the Immune System

In order to encourage more activity in your white blood cells and have a better immune system your body needs to have mucus members that are moist and vitamin A provides this.

I talk about how vital your immune system is and how it keeps you alive and free from disease. So don’t brush this off because your health depends on it, okay?

The Health of Your Cells

To help protect and maintain the cells in your body (which are in the billions), you need vitamin A to aid in having a direct influence of the processes of your cells. Babies, children, and pregnant women must be extremely cautious about vitamin A because being deficient can have serious consequences.

Women who are pregnant must be aware that either a vitamin A deficiency or excess consumption have been connected with a higher risk of birth defects. Please consult your doctor about the correct dosage for you during pregnancy.

Skin Care

As the largest organ in your body, it’s the one that’s visible to yourself and everyone else. Your skin needs to be moist. In order to prevent dryness, and conditions such as psoriasis and to prevent damage to your skin by toxins and free radicals, your body needs vitamin A. Why take a chance? If you want your skin to look and feel soft, make sure you get vitamin A. You don’t want to look like a old wrinkled prune now, do you? 🙂


Acne is extremely uncomfortable to say the least. I’m thankful that I never had it when I was growing up. It’s unsightly, painful, and annoying. But if you take vitamin A supplements, it is able to leave your skin in much better condition by having it feel and look nice and smooth because of the antioxidants it’s loaded with.


This disease may not be as well known and frequent as it once was but it can still take a toll on you if you contract it. I remember having the measles as a kid. It was horrible! Specialist claim that children who have a vitamin A deficiency are prone to contracting measles. Getting enough vitamin A for children may help to prevent them and also provide relief from some of the symptoms of measles such as a fever and having diarrhea.

Tissue Repairs

Your cells and tissues need to be healthy and although your body can replicate your cells and tissues naturally, it does require enough essential nutrients for this to occur. Vitamin A plays a huge role in making this process that is natural happen by restoring and replacing the old cells and tissues with new ones.

Skeleton Bones

Healthy Bones

So we always associate vitamin D for building strong bones, right? Dairy products and vitamin D are the right choice for your bones. But guess what? There’s been extensive research performed that revealed that vitamin A too assists as well with the health of your bones and your teeth.

Your teeth have a layer that helps them to be protected against any dental problems. This is known as dentin which id produced by vitamin A.

Recommended Daily Intake

You do NOT want to take TOO much vitamin A because it can be toxic. Remember the rule that “too much of anything is no good.” With that in mind, here’s what the daily recommended allowance is:


  • under 3 years- maximum 600 mcg daily
  • 4 – 8 years- maximum 900 mcg daily
  • 9-13 years- maximum 1,700 mcg daily
  • 14-18 years- 2,800 mcg daily
  • 19 years and older- 3,000 mcg daily

Side Effects

Excess Amounts of Vitamin A May Result in:

  • Changes in your vision
  • Changes in your hair such as oily hair or hair loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Issues with gaining weight
  • Nails that become brittle
  • Swelling or pain in bones
  • Becoming irritable
  • Developing gum disease
  • Tired and drowsy
  • Changes in your skin, cracking, turning yellow, or possible itching

In Conclusion

All vitamins are crucial for your good health. Vitamin A for Diabetes is required to stay healthy. It does help to lower your blood sugar and keeps your type 2 diabetes in check. Make sure you eat the foods you need in order to get enough vitamin A without consuming it in excess.

And always check with your doctor with everything you do when it comes to your health, especially diabetes. It’s really the smartest thing you can do for yourself.

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    • Thanks Patrick 🙂 There are many factors involved when it comes to diabetes good and bad. Diabetes is the enemy and factors like vitamin A are the ammunition to kill the enemy off.
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    • Hey Kevon, Everyone with diabetes needs to know more about it. Every vitamin is beneficial and vitamin A is no exception. It can actually help to prevent it as well. But vitamin A is more than just beneficial for your eyes. It’s good for diabetes as we now know. Just try and get vitamin A from foods if possible as opposed to supplements. Thanks Kevon 🙂

  4. Hi, this is a good read I must say. I have been interested in Diabetes lately because my husband sees a lot of patients with this condition. Vitamins play an essential role in the absorption of nutrients always. I would recommend a book by Jason Fung called, the guide to Fasting or the Diabetic Code a must read for anyone looking to naturally lower blood sugar as Rob says

    • Hi Angee 🙂 Yes, diabetes is just way too out of hand right now. Vitamins play such an important part of being healthy as you know and vitamin A is beneficial for type 2 diabetes. Thanks for the recommendations and your comments as well 🙂


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