Diabetes Myths and Facts – 14 Myths & Facts About Diabetes

Diabetes. You hear about it all the time now. But what can you believe? Just what are the Diabetes Myths and Facts? A disease becomes more dangerous when you have misconceptions about it and that is true for diabetes. It is a disease about which those people seem to know too much who are not affected by it. Let’s find out.

What are the Myths & Facts About Diabetes?

This article aims at discussing and debunking the myths that are common about diabetes. There are different myths associated with it and once you find that you are suffering from diabetes you will get suggestions from almost everywhere. It is important to know about the diabetes myths and facts.

Diabetes Myths and Facts

Myth 1:

All Type of Diabetes is the Same


While there is a common misconception that all the diabetes is same, the truth is something different. Among the different types of diabetes type 1, type 1 and gestational diabetes are most common one.

There are some other types too but these are most common. The cause of different types of diabetes is different and the way of treatment for each of them is different too.

In type 1 diabetes the cells that produces insulin is attacked by the body’s immune system while in type 2 diabetes the body is resistant towards any action of insulin and also cannot produce enough hormones for compensating it. Similarly, Gestational diabetes is not permanent as it goes away after you become pregnant.

Myth 2:

Diabetes Can be Prevented


As mentioned there are different types of diabetes and all of them cannot be prevented. Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented as it is an autoimmune condition. There is no cure for it. The cause underlying occurrence of type 1 diabetes is still unknown.

However, according to different international diabetes prevention programs it is found that type 2 diabetes can be prevented in 58 percent of cases. There are quite some established risk factors that cause type 2 diabetes but something that you cannot change is your family heredity and ethnicity.

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Myth 3:

Say ‘No’ to Sugar if you are Suffering from Diabetes

Too Much Sugar


Actually sugar intake in any volume does not cause diabetes!

It is a common myth that if you have diabetes then you must always avoid sugar. It’s not that. A well balanced diet is always recommended, but that does not mean that you cannot have sugar in your diet, have it in moderation.

The cells in your body require glucose as it is the energy source of life. The amount of sugar intake will depend upon the type of diabetes you are suffering from. In case of type 2 diabetes you must keep everything in moderation as there should be portion of sugar along with vegetables, whole grains and lean protein.

Things are a little trickier for type 1 diabetes where you have to understand that how can you adjust the dose of your next insulin for managing the sugary carbs you have taken. It’s true that earlier sugar was a big ‘no’ for any diabetic patient while now things have changed. You can consult your doctor and enjoy sweets, but always in moderation.

Myth 4:

Obese People are Prone to get Affected by Diabetes


This myth is partially true as being overweight can increase your risk factors for being affected by diabetes, but that does not means it is the only cause. In US about 37% of the people are obese and those suffering from diabetes is 10%. That means at least 27% obese people are not suffering from diabetes. This fact shows that even if you are obese you may not have any diabetes.

There are many other factors like your genes, age, ethnicity that affects to the fact that whether you will have diabetes or not. If you are predisposed genetically with diabetes genes you cannot avoid being a diabetic even by keeping yourself trim. Yes, obesity triggers the risk factor along with risk for many other diseases and thus you should be very careful.

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Myth 5: All People with Diabetes Need to Follow the Same Diet


There are different people suffering with diabetes who come from different age group. Even kids also get affected by diabetes. Thus, how is it possible that everyone suffering with diabetes will have to follow the same diet?

People come from different backgrounds and they have their own food habits. What is most important for any diabetic patient is that they must eat healthy. The diet should contain necessary nutrients to support your body. Normally low carb diet is suggested for those suffering from diabetes.

Myth 6:

People with Diabetes Suffer from Heart Disease

Heart Health


Diabetes has a lot of effects on the health of the patient, but it does not mean that if you have diabetes then you will have heart disease. There can be multiple other reasons that can lead to heart problem and it is found that many patient having heart disease do not suffer from diabetes.

If you can lead a healthy lifestyle by maintaining your blood cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose then you can avoid the risk of heart disease for long, even though you have diabetes. It just takes action!

Yes, you should be careful about the risk of having heart disease, but that does not mean that you will live with the fear that your heart is going to have a heart attack just because you have diabetes. Have healthy habits, eat healthy and take care of your heart, you may not have to worry about it at all.

Myth 7:

You may Lose a Limb or Become Blind


Gain another misconception about diabetes that you may lose your limb just because you do not have your blood glucose level under control! It’s true that there are many cases of amputations and blindness among those who are suffering from diabetes, but check on that they must not have lead a healthy life.

You need to be well-informed about how can you manage your blood sugar level and other aspects of your heart. Listening to your physician will help you take care of your body parts well. There are different diabetic health awareness programs and by attending them you can know how to lead a healthy life even while suffering from diabetes.

When you are suffering from diabetes make sure that you take care of even a small cut in your feet. Even getting your eyes checked up regularly will help you maintain its health too. High blood sugar can damage the blood vessels of retina and thus you should be very careful about that. You can prevent this by having your eyes checked up at least once every year.

Myth 8:

A Diabetes Patient will Always Need Insulin


Your pancreas creates a hormone called insulin which aids your body in using the glucose for energy. In case you are suffering from type 1 diabetes then your body will not produce insulin and in case of type 2 the cells become resistant to the effect. The result is that sugar builds up in your blood and then overflows along with your urine.

With time this uncontrolled sugar level will cause different health problems. Thus, you need to prevent that. Insulin is given to diabetic patients, but not that everyone needs them. There are different oral medications that may help along with some lifestyle change. You may be suggested to lose weight and do regular exercise that will help in controlling the blood sugar level.

Myth 9:

You Have to Forget Alcohol

Alcohol Drink


It’s true that when you have diabetes you must control whatever you are eating, but that does not mean that you cannot take a sip of alcohol. If you have diabetes, then you can have moderate alcohol consumption. However, there are certain precautions that must be taken before you enjoy your happy hour.

There are empty calories in alcohol that get converted into sugar when it enters in your body and then it metabolizes as fat. Thus, do not over drink. Having a glass each day is good enough, but if the mixers are sugar free it is better.

You should not even drink when you are empty stomach as in such case the risk of low blood glucose increases. Best way to deal with alcohol consumption is asking your physician of what do they suggest and follow them as they know your exact health condition better. If they feel they may allow you to drink even two glasses a day.

Myth 10:

Diabetic Patients are Bad Drivers


There is a misconception that diabetic people may be dangerous while driving. The fact is something else. There are many bad drivers who don’t have diabetes!

Every diabetic patient has the risk of getting low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. It is a situation when the blood glucose level drops and the person can become shaky. They may see things blurry and may not have grip on the driver’s wheels. However, this condition has nothing to do with the skill of the driver.

Hypoglycemia is situation that can be well controlled if the person suffering from diabetes takes care of it. There are very fewer cases where the accidents have occurred as the blood sugar level of the patient had dropped, however the myth that these persons can be very dangerous as driver continues to exist.

Myth 11:

If no one in your Family has Diabetes you too will Never Have it


There are different factors that are the cause of diabetes and heredity is just one of them.

If none of your family members have diabetes then you too may not have type 2 diabetes, but there is no sure thing about type 1 diabetes. Even if your family members do not have this problem you should get a health check to ensure that whether you have it or not if you find any symptoms related to it.

Myth 12:

You Cannot Exercise if you Have Diabetes


Fact: Actually the fact is something different. When you are suffering from diabetes you need to lead a life that has more healthy habits compared to anyone else. You can control your blood sugar level if you exercise regularly. Of course that should be done under a professional’s care.

This myth of not exercising while having diabetes has come from the fact that a diabetic person may have low blood sugar if they do too much physical activity. When you are on insulin and you are more active than you should be there is risk of fall in your blood sugar level. However, it does not means that you cannot exercise.

You can always exercise and maintain your diet properly. If you do not eat on time and skip meals there are high chances that your blood sugar level will drop and that is not good for your health.

Myth 13:

You Cannot be Pregnant if you are Diabetic


A lady suffering from type 1 diabetes may have the fear that she cannot give birth to a baby. But this is a myth now after more is known about diabetes and it can be well-controlled now.

Yes, the pregnancy will be considered as high-risk pregnancy and not a normal one, but then medical experts can handle it easily if you follow the instructions given by them.

Myth 14:

You will Need Dialysis in Case you are a Diabetic Patient


For a diabetes patient, there are many complications and the kidney also suffers from it. The blood vessels of the kidney are damaged with time and they cannot filter the blood as it used to. When it is left untreated for long there are high chances of kidney failure. In such cases you will require dialysis to clean your bloodstream.

However, if you can control your diabetes properly this risk can be delayed for quite some time. There are many diabetic patients who never had to go under dialysis in their lifetime. This is really a good thing when you take care of your diabetes.

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In Conclusion

If you notice you will find that there are different Diabetes Myths and Facts. The myths had evolved when people knew very little about the disease. They are still believed and without knowing the fact you too start believing in them and even spread them.

If you have any confusion about any fact related to diabetes does not just discuss it with your friends. Your physician is the right person to guide you. Follow them and stay healthy!

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  1. Wow!!! This is a very informative article and you can tell that you are very well knowledgeable on this topic.

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    • Thank you so much for saying! There are so many important things to know about diabetes and it’s best to know the difference between the myths and truths about diabetes.
      The more we know about this terrible disease the better off we are.
      So let’s exclude these myths now and move on with the true facts about diabetes!
      Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Well, I would say I had many misconceptions about diabetes before reading this article, and I am really glad you put it out there.  I have a very good friend who suffers from diabetes, and she may actually lose her foot soon.  She has had a major infection in it, she just had surgery, and the plastic surgeon said he had to graph some kind of fake skin over it and he doesn’t know if the blood supply will be enough to heal it.  It’s so scary.  She does take insulin, and she does eat sugar.  I never really understood why she would eat sugar if she was a diabetic, and I did think that high sugar consumption could lead to diabetes.  I probably believed most of the myths in this article.  Thanks for helping me understand this disease better.  I appreciate it.

    • Hi Babs 🙂

      I do believe that many folks don’t know what is myth and what is truth. I know that I didn’t.

      It’s vital to know the difference because diabetes is serious if not treated as you noted with your friend.

      You can be heads up on diabetes by knowing the myths and truths. This is to your advantage for your health.

      Diabetes is not a death sentence. We need to be smart and take action!

      Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Wow!!! What a great article and you can tell that you are very knowledgeable on this topic of diabetes.

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    Thank you

    • Thank you so much! The purpose of this article and my website is to help as many people as possible learn the most about diabetes.

      I feel it’s crucial to compare the myths and truths about diabetes. It’s always a great thing when you learn something new.

      I believe that many folks were shocked to learn about some of the myths of diabetes and sugar because I know that I was.

      An ounce of prevention applies here so now that we know more, let’s put it to good use!

      I appreciate your comments! Thank you 🙂

  4. Omg this is the first that I heard that diabetic patients are bad drivers! This is hilarious for whoever came up with this. I guess it is the same as anAsian driver, me! 😛 Thank you for debunking all the myths. My husband’s friend has type 2 diabetes. He started out with taking the oral medication and it got worse so now he takes the insulin shot. Since he lives in Florida and we just hear from him from over the phone I do not know what kind of lifestyle he has.

    One day he visited us in NY so we offered that he could come and stay with us. What we saw is sad, the way that he eats is killing him. The man eats a lot of processed sugar foods, you name it sodas, chocolate bars, donuts, KFC etc. To make the matter worse, he drinks alcohol and we are not talking about a glass or 2. My husband and I tried to tell them that maybe he can eat better, but his answer was he cannot afford it. How can he afford buying alcohol, but not a healthy meal? He went back and years past and last I heard he is losing his toes (Something at work fell on top of it and it was never healed). Now he is all depressed.

    It mesmerized me that one can be denied, this is the biggest elephant in the room. My husband has been trying to give him the talk again every chance that he got but his friend will always steer the conversation somewhere else. Now he feels that he will die anyway why don’t I just eat what I like. This is sad, but it is real.

    I am from a family with diabetic history. All of my father’s side including my father are all suffering from diabetes. I have been watching what I eat, but I do go check up annually because some types can’t be prevented like you mentioned. So far so good and I to keep it that way 🙂

    • Hey Nuttanee 🙂

      Your story about this man is truly sad. By continuing eating the worst foods, he is suffering big time.

      This can be totally preventable by lifestyle changes which he refuses to do.

      I don’t get people like this. When you have the option to know what’s good and not good for you as described in the myths and facts, then why not take advantage of it?

      You just have to realize that you can’t change other people, only yourself.

      I hope things turn around for him…somehow and he wakes up.

      Thank you for sharing 🙂


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