Diabetes Myths and Facts – 14 Myths & Facts About Diabetes

Diabetes. You hear about it all the time now. But what can you believe? Just what are the Diabetes Myths and Facts? A disease becomes more dangerous when you have misconceptions about it and that is true for diabetes. It is a disease about which those people seem to know too much who are not affected by it. Let’s find out.

What are the Myths & Facts About Diabetes?

This article aims at discussing and debunking the myths that are common about diabetes. There are different myths associated with it and once you find that you are suffering from diabetes you will get suggestions from almost everywhere. It is important to know about the diabetes myths and facts.

Diabetes Myths and Facts

Myth 1:

All Type of Diabetes is the Same


While there is a common misconception that all the diabetes is same, the truth is something different. Among the different types of diabetes type 1, type 1 and gestational diabetes are most common one.

There are some other types too but these are most common. The cause of different types of diabetes is different and the way of treatment for each of them is different too.

In type 1 diabetes the cells that produces insulin is attacked by the body’s immune system while in type 2 diabetes the body is resistant towards any action of insulin and also cannot produce enough hormones for compensating it. Similarly, Gestational diabetes is not permanent as it goes away after you become pregnant.

Myth 2:

Diabetes Can be Prevented


As mentioned there are different types of diabetes and all of them cannot be prevented. Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented as it is an autoimmune condition. There is no cure for it. The cause underlying occurrence of type 1 diabetes is still unknown.

However, according to different international diabetes prevention programs it is found that type 2 diabetes can be prevented in 58 percent of cases. There are quite some established risk factors that cause type 2 diabetes but something that you cannot change is your family heredity and ethnicity.

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Myth 3:

Say ‘No’ to Sugar if you are Suffering from Diabetes

Too Much Sugar


Actually sugar intake in any volume does not cause diabetes!

It is a common myth that if you have diabetes then you must always avoid sugar. It’s not that. A well balanced diet is always recommended, but that does not mean that you cannot have sugar in your diet, have it in moderation.

The cells in your body require glucose as it is the energy source of life. The amount of sugar intake will depend upon the type of diabetes you are suffering from. In case of type 2 diabetes you must keep everything in moderation as there should be portion of sugar along with vegetables, whole grains and lean protein.

Things are a little trickier for type 1 diabetes where you have to understand that how can you adjust the dose of your next insulin for managing the sugary carbs you have taken. It’s true that earlier sugar was a big ‘no’ for any diabetic patient while now things have changed. You can consult your doctor and enjoy sweets, but always in moderation.

Myth 4:

Obese People are Prone to get Affected by Diabetes


This myth is partially true as being overweight can increase your risk factors for being affected by diabetes, but that does not means it is the only cause. In US about 37% of the people are obese and those suffering from diabetes is 10%. That means at least 27% obese people are not suffering from diabetes. This fact shows that even if you are obese you may not have any diabetes.

There are many other factors like your genes, age, ethnicity that affects to the fact that whether you will have diabetes or not. If you are predisposed genetically with diabetes genes you cannot avoid being a diabetic even by keeping yourself trim. Yes, obesity triggers the risk factor along with risk for many other diseases and thus you should be very careful.

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Myth 5: All People with Diabetes Need to Follow the Same Diet


There are different people suffering with diabetes who come from different age group. Even kids