Are Cherries Good For Diabetics to Eat? – Amazing Benefits

Who doesn’t love cherries? Probably most folks do. But Are Cherries Good for Diabetics to Eat? You shall find out everything that cherries offer when it comes to benefiting your health and controlling your blood sugar levels. They come in different shapes, from heart shaped to round shaped and also different colors but the red ones are the ones I’ll discuss.

What Benefits do Cherries Offer Diabetics?

I love cherries and anything that is a natural food, tastes good, and is healthy for you is something to consider in your daily diet. They are huge when it comes to being a source of vitamins and nutrients.

Fruits are awesome for your health and having a variety to choose from helps you experience a better health and longer life.

Since cherries have less sugar than other fruits, they are the most beneficial in helping to prevent diabetes. In comparison to other fruits such as plums and grapes cherries are a lot more advisable to eat because of their ability to fight diabetes. Regular consumption will result in aiding against high blood sugar and diabetes as it slowly controls and retains your body and its health.

There are chemists, who after extensive research have found that cherries are able to help lower blood sugar for diabetic people. They discovered that the chemicals in the pancreatic cells, known as “anthocyanins,” had increased the production of insulin by a whopping 50%!

While there are many ways to help lower your blood sugar, the right foods are the best way. There are many foods that will help and cherries is among them so it would be a wise idea to include cherries in your diet everyday. Just don’t overdo it.

As a diabetic you need to keep track of and control your blood sugar levels. The best way is to watch your carbohydrate intake and test your blood sugar levels at regular intervals such as before and after eating. Cherries can help you as long as they do not contain added sugar.

Contents of Cherries:


One of the more notable minerals in cherries is potassium. They contain approximately 10% of your recommended potassium intake each day. This is important because it aids in heart and kidney function and in addition helps to support your body’s muscular system and digestive system too.

And cherries also contain other minerals such as: iron, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, and copper. That’s a good deal of minerals to help your body stay healthy.


Cherries contain vitamins among them vitamin C which is responsible for the connective tissue formation of blood vessels, muscle, blood, and bones. In addition they do contain some amounts of other vitamins such as: vitamin B6, vitamin K, vitamin A, and beta carotene.

Vitamins help you in becoming and staying healthy so get your vitamins anyway that you can, especially when they come from natural sources.


Sterols (these are a wax like insoluble substance of natural steroid alcohols that come from plants) decrease your risk of heart disease and are used for lowering your LDL bad cholesterol levels. Cherries have high levels of phytosterols  (which are are a group of naturally occurring compounds that are found in plant cell membranes) that can possibly boost symptoms of your urinary tract and assist in lowering your cancer risk.

I don’t know about you but anything that can help lower my cancer risk, I’m all for it. You don’t have to understand medical definitions because all that matters is what they can do for us and our good health and that is something anyone can comprehend.

Fiber Intake

Fiber is a crucial ingredient here. Cherries give you about 15% of the recommended amount you need each day. Fiber aids in weight loss, digestion, and helps in the prevention of constipation. I believe that fiber is really important for your body and is awesome for eating right in losing weight and keeping it off.

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for More About Cherries & Diabetes

Health Benefits of Cherries

Stroke Risk Reduced

Cherries supply cardiovascular benefits. The pigments that are responsible for giving tart cherries their red color are also responsible for regulating genes involved with glucose metabolism and fat. This in turn, decreases risks of blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. If you have control over preventing risk even somewhat by eating cherries, then why wouldn’t you do it?


Gout on the Foot

You can reduce the chances of getting gout by as much as 35% by eating cherries. A study at Boston University over a two day period done with patients with gout resulted in those who ate cherries had a 35% less chance of a gout attack than those who did not eat the cherries.

The risk of flare up decreased over the two day period with more servings (up to 3 a day) of cherries. You would want to have cherries instead of suffering painful through a gout attack.


Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your health and well being. Would you like to get a better night’s sleep and not toss and turn? Melatonin. It’s found in cherries, especially the tart ones. You can have cherry juice a half an hour before your dinner and again half an hour after waking up in the morning. Let’s start sawing the wood better each night. Cherries to the rescue!

Colon Cancer

This is interesting. Researchers did a study on hamburgers. When a hamburger is cooked well done and the hamburger gets “charred” it can form carcinogenic chemicals but when tart cherries were added, the content of fat was lower. The cherry “tissue” reduces the oxidation deterioration of the meat lipids.

This isn’t saying to put cherries on your hamburgers. It just shows that substances in the tart cherries can can decrease the formation of these carcinogens. This is a positive for still having a hamburger even well done. You want to avoid colon cancer.

Arthritis Pain Relief

There are enzymes that are included in the feeling of pain and inflammatory process. These enzymes can be impeded by cherry extract. Studies have shown that folks with arthritis who consumed two glasses of the tart cherry juice every day for three weeks reduced their pain by 20% and reduced their inflammation as well. Who wants to be in pain or have inflammation? Nobody does. Another thumbs up for cherry juice!


Wrinkled and Aging Hands

Preventing aging is important and anything that can help is something I want to do. How about you? Well eating cherries can aid in decreasing your risk of premature aging. It does this because of it’s substances especially antioxidants.

But another plus is that they can also reduce your stress levels. Reducing stress is huge. Just think of how much good you’re doing for your body and aging every time you have cherries.

Blood Circulation

If you want to speed up and improve your blood circulation, then go for the cherries. These red guys have flavonoid substances that will help the circulation of your blood and keep it flowing steadily and easily and simultaneously aid in reducing having risks for blood clots. It seems to be a no brainer to me.

Migraine Headaches

Reducing inflammation in your body can help you in the relief of headaches and migraines. It’s the flavonoids in cherries that help accomplish this. The result of these compounds are equivalent to ibuprofen and aspirin. Headaches are the pits! I’d rather have the cherry “pits!” Well, the cherries anyway. LOL

Blood Pressure

Omron 5 Blood Pressure Monitor

Nobody wants high blood pressure because it’s just so unhealthy when your numbers are out of whack. Too much sodium on your body is not good. Potassium on the other hand can get rid of the excess sodium and cherries are a great source of potassium.

So the end result here is that cherries help in the balancing of sodium and potassium. Keep that blood pressure down and get yourself a blood pressure monitor that you can check it at home.

Your Hair

You want your hair to look good and to be healthy. There are cherry extracts that are used in certain hair care products and different supplements that aid in fighting problems with hair such as split ends. Cherries contain a wide variety of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that can really benefit your hair and scalp too. I like nice shiny and healthy hair so this works for me!

Weight Loss

Foods with fiber and water are perfect for weight loss. Cherries are low in calories and high in water content and this makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time. And since they contain about three grams of fiber for each serving, this will help in speeding up your weight loss. They also decrease your levels of cholesterol by decelerating its absorption into your bloodstream. Perfect! Pounds be gone!


Cherries are chock full of antioxidants. The antioxidants that they contain have numerous benefits including the means to fight off free radicals, the capability to prevent heart disease and cancer. Every kind of cherry has antioxidants but the ones that have the most are the sour cherries. These have even more than blueberries and that’s a lot! Have cherries AND blueberries and let them fight it out together! LOL In the end, YOU are the one who wins!

Immune System

Your immune system is your defense against the enemies. It protects you and keeps you alive. The antioxidants known as flavonoids in cherry juice are produced by the plants to fight off infection. According to research, this has a definite impact on your immune system. Your immune system is important because it protects you, so you in turn should protect it right back. This is crucial to your good health.

Kinds of Cherries

Sour Cherries

These have fewer carbs than sweet cherries do and are easier for diabetics. These are about the best choice for cherries as far as blood sugar levels. Try these and begin with a half a cup of sour cherries and then make sure that you monitor your blood sugar levels a couple of hours afterward to make sure that the cherries do not alter your levels.

Canned Cherries

These are not a good choice base on the fact that they are usually packed with syrup or juice that contains extra sugar that you don’t want or need if your blood sugar is high.

Sweet Cherries

Sweet cherries can elevate your blood sugar more than sour cherries can because they contain more carbohydrates. So you may want to avoid these and try the others if you have diabetes.

Maraschino Cherries

Another cherry that is soaked in a sugary solution which means the sugar gets into the cherries. You have to watch the sugar intake on these if you’re diabetic too.

The bottom line here is that cherries are healthy for you, but only if you use common sense. Choose between the different types wisely. And of course, don’t go overboard.

In Conclusion

Are Cherries Good for Diabetics to Eat? Give them a try. They will only help if you eat them in moderation. I hope I’ve given you enough information about cherries and diabetes and their health benefits for you and diabetes too.

Just use caution if you have diabetes and have the right kind of cherry and the correct amount. Like anything else, don’t overdo it, and as always check with your doctor first with any changes you make.




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  1. HI, Rob,

    Great article again!
    I love cherries, and every time it is the season, I eat them frequently! I knew cherries were good for the health, but not that much! Since cherries are seasonal, is it possible to consume them in the form of capsules? That would be awesome because I would like my children to take advantage of the cherries benefits as well.

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • I agree that every season is the time for cherries. They don’t seem to be mentioned as much as the more popular fruits but they do provide many health benefits.

      In answer to your question, yes cherries are available in supplement form. You can get the sour and tart ones in supplements. It’s good for the kids to have all fruits especially cherries. Stock up on them! They’re great for you!

      Thanks Daniella!

  2. Hello
    I love cherries they are so good. I do know that they have a lot of health benefits but I had no idea that they help prevent gout. I thought that was an interesting point. Cherry is my favorite flavor for anything I get. Do you know if they are hard to grow? Are there ill affects if a person swallows the pit?

    • I love cherries too. It’s the pits I’m not crazy about. LOL They are very healthy for you especially if you have diabetes and gout. 

      No, they are not hard to grow. They just take time. Most trees take anywhere from 10-15 inches per year to grow. And there is no harm in swallowing the pit. It’s just children you have to watch out for that they don’t choke on the pit. Eat your cherries because they are that good for you. Thank you for your comments!



    • Cherries have so many benefits that people aren’t aware of. I tried to list as many as possible in hopes that everyone can find at least one that can help them. Thanks Tanya!

  3. Hi there, what a great article. I absolutely love cherries, so it’s really reassuring to hear about all the great health benefits they offer. I wonder if our bodies crave things that we are deficient in? Certainly with the list of medical complaints that cherries can help with, they would have to fall into the category of a super food? Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Karen

    • Yes cherries are awesome and taste so good! And why wouldn’t they be good for you since they are truly considered a superfood. They are very healthy and can address a list of health problems.

      In answer to your question, no, our bodies do not “crave” foods that we are deficient in, but our bodies are reacting to the bad foods and good foods we put in. Once you start eating cherries and other healthy foods, you will start to feel better. Thanks Karen 🙂

  4. Great article, Rob. Cherries my all time favourite. Price ok when in season, but tend to be quite expensive when out of season. Didn’t realise sour cherries better than sweet, but agree wholeheartedly about the canned and Maraschino cherries. Lots of extra sugar to contend with. Agree with you about the sodium, but didn’t realise the potassium in cherries actually helped in that area. Thanks for very comprehensive review. Best wishes, Chris

    • Hey Chris! I know that cherries can be rather expensive when they are out of season but the benefits they provide are worth it as far as I’m concerned. 

      And I thought it would be a good thing to point out the different cherries. The tart ones are the best. Thanks for your input!

  5. Wow, what an amazing article you have written about cherries and its health benefits. I wrote a similar one but not as detailed as yours. Check it out:

    You are welcome to leave your link and comment on my blog as well:)

    I am a fan of cherries even though it is more expensive than other fruits and man its taste is so good! I love how to break it down into what a cherry contains, very easy to follow!

    • I love cherries even though they are a bit more expensive than other fruits. But the benefits are worth it. It helps to lower blood sugar and helps to avoid gout and I don’t ever want that! Time for some cherries! But not too many 🙂
      Thanks Kien!


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