Does Exercise Help Lower Blood Sugar? – Get Moving Now!

There are many exercises that are very good for your body. But, Does Exercise Lower Blood Sugar? Yes, it does, but it doesn’t have to be anything that has to be overly strenuous, especially if you have back pain. Let’s look into exercise and it’s relation to helping your blood sugar levels.

What Can Exercise do for Your Blood Sugars?

I want to do everything I can to control my diabetes. It’s important to know all of my options because I do have them and that’s a good thing. I make sure that I choose the right foods to eat and that they help with controlling my blood sugar. I also don’t want extra belly fat.

Exercise Class

It’s gotten to the point where it’s just not only about diabetes and sugar levels, high or low. It’s about health in general. Exercising always helps you stay healthier than not exercising.

When I was younger I was very active and I guess taking care of certain health issues was only minor and I didn’t worry, but not with diabetes. This is a battle I will win. It’s all about my attitude and understanding and my will to get healthier. Supplements help big time too!

Which Exercises Help Lower Blood Sugar?

So, it’s common sense that any form of exercise is good for you, right? Of course! Exercise in moderation will aid in raising your heartbeat and because of this your muscles use more glucose so there’s less in your bloodstream. End result? Lower blood sugar over a period of time of continuous daily exercise and relieve stress. You will help to start treating your type 2 diabetes now!

You don’t have to participate in any strenuous exercise program, at least not in the beginning. Once you get started and see results, you won’t want to quit! Quitting isn’t allowed. It’s you that matters so think of the end results. It’s a great feeling as you start to feel those results!

Recently Diagnosed with Diabetes?



List of Exercises to Help You:

  1. Walking
  2. Bike riding
  3. Joining a gym
  4. Dancing
  5. Yoga
  6. Treadmill
  7. Tennis
  8. Aerobics
  9. Swimming
  10. Sports

I chose the first three on my list to help control my blood sugars.

Watch the Video Below for More About Exercise and Diabetes


Walking does not require any hard effort. You walk to everywhere you have to be, right? You might like to buy a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps a day. Set aside 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days. (I prefer 7 days). If I’m on the treadmill at the gym, I walk for 30 minutes with a 5 minute cool down period finishing up. It feels great afterward.

It’s more advantageous to walk on some sort of incline. Start out slow and you can work your way up as you improve each week. Walking is also beneficial for lowering your cholesterol and losing weight. It also aids in keeping your blood pressure down.

Consistency is the key here. Choose your time and try and stick to it. It’s best to exercise and walk after a meal, preferably after dinner. If just walking the neighborhood is boring, then find a nearby park or beach. If not, then a gym. Just enjoy the exercise so that you will keep up with it. Go walking with a partner, a friend, anyone who is interested and makes it easier for you.

Bicycle Riding

I love riding my bike. When I lived in New York, the only “safe” place to ride was in a park. It wasn’t was enjoyable riding the streets with all the traffic. I don’t have that problem in Florida. I could ride all day if it wasn’t for the seat. Don’t those bike seats just get to you after a while? I just bought a seat cushion to absorb the bumps and it’s so much easier now. Once you find the comfort that’s right for you, it’s a piece of cake!

And if the weather isn’t cooperating, I can just ride my foldable exercise bike indoors. This enjoyable exercise gets my heart pumping and is helping to lower my sugar. It’s a win/win situation! I love exercising on my indoor bike.


Not all gyms are alike and the one I belong to only costs $9.99 a month. You can’t beat that price for sure! Any kind of aerobics or weight training will help your body and your health. Let the trainers assist you. They’re always willing to help. I go to the gym every other day. It’s best to go after dinner time, but that’s also the time it’s a little more crowded.

But you can’t put a price on getting and staying healthy! Do NOT wait until New Year’s to make the gym “resolution” as most people do and then quit. Don’t join now unless YOU are ready to control diabetes! It’s now or never!

Exercises at Home

Foldable Exercise Bike

It’s raining out and you can’t go walking so you can’t exercise. Wrong! Nice try! You can walk up and down the stairs, do exercises from your TV fitness channel or you-tube, jumpi