Diabetic Health Insurance – Best Tips About Health Insurance

When you have diabetes you need Diabetic Health Insurance. Where do you get it and how? We shall find out! Diabetes is commonly known as ‘silent killer’ because of its impact on the quality of your life. During your younger ages its does not have much impact but as you grow old it can be devastating and then the requirement of diabetic health insurance arises.

It has been observed over the years that someone with diabetic has about 2.3 times more medical expenses than someone who is not suffering from diabetic. Thus, in order to manage and treat this chronic disease it is very important to get a good health insurance that will support you in every step of your life.

Diabetic Health Insurance

What Should Diabetics know about Insurance?

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are the most common types of diabetes. There are different kinds of expenses that are related with your diabetic treatment. Some of them are for physical examinations while some other is for paying the doctor’s fees.

Then there are medicines. Once you start looking for a diabetic insurance plan you will find that three are a number of them available in the insurance market and each one of them has different offers for you.

Now, it may be challenging to understand which is the best and how can you get one insurance plan that will cover your diabetic treatment cost maximum. This article will put light on different aspects that must be chosen before you land up with any particular diabetic health insurance plan.

Buying a Diabetic Health Insurance Plan

There are different policies available when it comes to a diabetic health insurance plan. Most of the insurer will offer you with a coverage that can cover someone aging between 18 years to 65 years. There are many others who cover one even after the age of 65. However, it is obvious that the premium in that case will be on the higher side.

Many people have the question that when they are getting covered for a med claim then why should they go for a separate diabetic health insurance? It’s simple, diabetic is a chronic disease. Once you have it there are high chances that you have to be under medication for the rest of your life. Thus, being a diabetic you have to visit the doctor regularly and get medicines.

There may be certain hospitalization costs too. If you pay these out of your regular med claim plan then the next premium that you pay will become higher. Thus, in order to ensure that your regular medical care insurance plan is not changed and you can avail it in case of any emergency it is best to get a medical health insurance plan separately for diabetic.

Where to Get Health Insurance if You Have Diabetes?

Many people worry that they will not get a good coverage because they are already suffering from diabetes. It’s not the case when you are a diabetic patient. Even with diabetes you can get a good health insurance plan that will help you for treating yourself. No insurance company will deny you from any coverage because you have a pre-existing condition like diabetes.

Your challenge as a diabetic patient will be getting the best health insurance plan that will provide you with maximum coverage. In order to search for a health insurance plan you can start looking through:


  • Your employer, in case you are working.
  • Your spouse or partner’s employer, when you yourself are not associated with any organization.
  • Medicare or Medicaid
  • Among different private health insurance companies

If you research you can find a good fact about the different offers that these companies are offering for someone who is suffering from diabetes.

Getting Health Insurance with Diabetes

The first thing you have to understand while buying a health insurance plan for diabetes are the costs that are associated with the insurance plan. It is obvious that there will be a premium that you have to pay at regular interval.

However, this is not the only cost that is associated with diabetes health insurance. There are many more and before you choose any plan for you from any insurer it is important that you have good idea about the different costs that you may have to bear.

There are mainly two components of the costs that you will be bearing and they are the monthly or yearly premium and the different out of pocket costs. They are coinsurance, co-pays, deductibles while getting the medical services and the cost of buying any medical device.

Depending upon the type of diabetes you have the total cost of treatment will also vary. Thus it is important that you understand these factors and then you will be able to take the right decision.

Next you also need to consider the type of health insurance plan you are buying. There are ones that are high deductibles plans. In these cases you have to bear the deductibles and the amount will be on the higher side. However, the monthly premium may be comparatively low.

You need to understand the services that you require and when you will require them. Based on that, it will be possible for you to decide how to go ahead with choosing the right health insurance plan that will cover your diabetic treatment.

The best time to go for a health insurance is during the open enrollment period. It is good for those who are buying the coverage for the first time and similarly for those who already have some plan but presently wants to change their marketplace plans. There are a few things that must be checked while you buy the insurance coverage. Let’s get in deep into that.

Treatment Specifics Things That the Health Insurance Plan Must Provide

When you are suffering from diabetes it is obvious that you have to rely on different kind of treatment and you will need varied supplies for treating yourself. Thus, while you choose the plan make sure that you have examined different aspects of your treatment and found out what of those are covered under the plan and what are not.

Some of these may be covered and some of them have to be paid as co-insurance or as co-pay. The policy will also be specific about the frequency on which you will get reimbursement for buying those supplies.

For category medical devices, you must look for patch pumps, insulin pumps, glucose monitors. In order to check whether you will get them you must look out at the durable medical equipment section. If it’s not there then go through the plan document to check it out.

For different testing supplies you must ask for monitors, glucose test strips, glucose control solutions, lancet devices. Again, you may know about it from durable medical equipment section.

For different prescribed drugs you may look for insulin, and other medicines that might be taken. This list may vary from time to time and you need to keep checking the website of the insurance provider to know in details about it. Be vigilant when it comes to this.

Blood Test

For different lab related cost there must be coverage for blood glucose level test, c-peptide, and hemoglobin. It will be found under the lab testing section of the policy that you get.

By reading the policy in details you can always know about this but apart from that it is best to discuss with your policy holder about it so that you do not face any problem.

There may be coverage for different tests but the total number of test that is covered may be limited under different plans. So, it is best to check out these few things and then decide which plan will be best for your diabetes treatment.

Tips to Get the Best Health Insurance for Diabetes

Now that you have idea about the different costs that are associated with the Health insurance it is necessary that you ask certain questions before finally shopping for the diabetic health insurance plan.

  • Do ask them about the diabetic related supplies that will be covered. You must have some idea about it now.
  • You need to be clear about the different diabetic related services that will be covered.
  • There must be specific prescription drugs that are covered. Know about them and also learn about the coverage.
  • Is there any preventive care services included within the plan? If so, know about the coverage in details. It’s that important!
  • Most importantly it is necessary that you learn about the co-pay or the deductibles that you have to pay.
  • Whether there will be in network payment or out of network payments too? If you have questions you must always ask about it to get clear idea about the same.

In this respect it is important to understand what in-network is and what is out-of-network. The In-network doctors, laboratories, hospitals, clinics and other facilities are ones that works with the particular health insurance plan you are covered.

They have a contract with the insurance company to provide you services at any negotiated rate. There are many health insurance plans that will never pay you a penny for any out-of-network services. This is a perfect option for you!

As the name suggest, out-of-network are those doctors, laboratories, hospitals, clinics and different facilities who do not have any contract with your insurance provider. You can get services from them but the payments rates will be not at negotiated price and thus you may have to pay a little more.

Moreover, you need to know if you insurer will pay you the amount or not. If they do not pay for it then you have to bear the 100 per cent cost of your treatment from out of network services.

Providing Medical Insurance Info

  • Learn about the health insurance deductibles or the co-pay. There are different categories of supplies and you have learned about them earlier. Be specific about each and ask the insurer how much will be covered under the plan.

Once you have undergone the above and you have few plans in your hand it is time for you to compare them so that you know which will be best for you.

There are a few more things that need your attention while you look out for the plans. The first thing is that how can you claim your coverage. It is sometimes a lengthy process and sometimes it is very simple. Thus, before you finalize any particular policy you need to ensure that you have also checked out the claiming process.

Sometimes everything will be covered and you will not have to pay a penny. Until and unless you know about these conditions you will not find it easy to handle your diabetic medical health insurance plan.

The Bottom Line

Diabetic health insurance is imperative when you have diabetes. After going through the whole thing it must be clear to you that when your lifestyle has changed due to diabetes you have to make certain changes in your monthly budget too. Getting a diabetic health insurance and paying for its premium is of course one of the most important among them. Just do not jump and start looking for different plans.

Before you do that it is necessary to discuss things with your doctor. They can suggest you the treatment procedure based on which you may look for a plan. Remember that your plan will change with time as the severity of the disease will also change.

Earlier it will be only for diabetes and insulin, later there is treatment for retinopathy or any kidney malfunction. Thus, they will be added gradually in the plan. For present situation your doctor will be your best advice point to understand what you need.

Thus, when it comes to evaluating a health insurance plan for diabetes makes sure that you have considered every aspect and then have started looking for a plan. If your spouse is also suffering from the same then it is best to take them under the same policy.

Your insurer will give you more details about it, but the costs will be on lower side. If you plan properly you will find that you are able to get a plan that is helping you get best treatment while saving a lot from different medical bills.

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  1. An interesting article on Diabetes and health Insurance. Luckily I live in Spain and health insurance is not a major issue because I rely on the government insurance so there is no need for a private one but my mother in law and father in law live in the States and I know insurance when it comes to health is of major importance. She suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes too so I am sure she will be glad to read your post and learn some useful tips and information. Thank you

    • Hey Barbara 🙂

      It’s important for everyone to health insurance especially when you are a diabetic.

      It can be such a shock to discover what things cost without health insurance.

      Health insurance is so important and it’s not affordable for many of us without jobs or for the elderly even with medicare.

      I hope you forward this to your in-laws and that they find some beneficial information here.

      Thank you for your comments and for forwarding this!

  2. This is actually really good information. My aunt is suffering from diabetes but she has bluntly ignored every aspect of the condition and is now on home care because of it. Perhaps it is a lost cause with her but if we do encounter any other case of diabetes in our family, knowing that there is an insurance that might be able to help with treatment and medications for it would take a big chip of anyones shoulders. 

    I really enjoyed the part with the tips  to get the best health insurance for diabetes.
    A must read for anyone in this position or anyone who has a family member that needs assistance with this.

    Thank you for a great article on Diabetic Health Insurance – Powerful Tips About This Health Insurance

    • Greetings Alexandra,

      Thank you! Sorry to hear about your aunt. It’s horrible to hear about anyone going through this terrible disease.

      The best thing is to avoid and prevent it of course.

      But because diabetics are on medication and it costs so much, you need to have health insurance that covers everything.

      We can control our diabetes but having health insurance is an absolute must because of affordability.

      Appreciate your feedback! Thank you 🙂

  3. Interesting to note that there is even health insurance for diabetic people.

    It must be very expensive to do this. I would have thought it is simpler to eat plenty of vegetables, drink green smoothies and eat plenty of chicken or beef with carbs on the low glycemic spectrum..For example, yam, sweet potato or brown rice.

    A simple weaning off from all sugars, floury food, and even very sweet fruit, should be enough to restore blood sugar levels back to normal and thus save someone thousands of dollars in hospital bills and insurance surely?

    My food list may be slightly boring to some people, but I can make everything from stews, casseroles, nut butters, dressings, dips and sauces from the food list I mentioned.  Pilau rice included!  

    Health insurance must be the last resort for people suffering from this, don’t you think?

    • Hi Stella,

      It’s amazing how diabetes is in the world today. It’s running like wildfire!

      Health insurance coverage is so important because the medications alone are not affordable for most folks.

      The cost of medications could run into the hundreds or more each month.

      But I totally agree with you that prevention of diabetes is so much better.

      It’s all about what we eat, how much, and exercising.

      It’s much better to eat healthy and keep moving!

      I appreciate your comments!

  4. Diabetes is surely a silent killer. It is necessary for the patient to place him/herself on insurance scheme in order to get covered. I don’t know that one insurance scheme might not be enough for the patient. When two or three people from the same family are diabetics, and they want to depend on the same insurance plan, does that mean what the family will be paying for the premium will be multiply by three? 

    Many people especially ignorant are not aware of this insurance scheme. If they had, it would have reduced the death rate that occurred as a result of diabetes. I think it is the government’s duty to make the scheme known to the people. Is there insurance scheme created for people that are poor or below average?

    • Hey Stella 🙂

      It surely is a killer but it doesn’t have to be as long as you control it.

      It is a shame that a family with diabetes finds it hard to get coverage.

      Unfortunately there’s so many schemes around and when it comes to someone’s health, that’s sacreligous!

      I don’t know what can be done for the government to make changes! It’s crucial for folks to have health coverage especially with diabetes!

      Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Greetings!
    First of all, thank you for this informative post! I really think everyone with diabetes should know about this and should take quick action. Having diabetes can be a major problem if not taken care of, and following a treatment plan can be the best thing out there.

    I think that with proper treatment and medical visits, we can lower the probabilities of having major sicknesses. And having good medical insurance is surely one of the best choices!
    Amazing post my friend!
    Keep it up!

    • Hey Georgio,

      You’re welcome! Taking care of yourself and controlling diabetes is just so vital to someone’s health today.

      We can control it and live a normal life. But unfortunately medications become necessary and they cost an enormous amount of money without health insurance!

      The best thing we can do is to prevent diabetes but having a good health insurance plan is absolutely necessary.

      Help others out by forwarding this article, especially on social media!

      Thank you for sharing 🙂


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