Is Green Tea Good for Diabetics? – Learn Why You Need Green Tea

How Is Green Tea Good for Diabetics? Green tea is a tea that is and has been used as medicine for so many ailments and diseases for so many years. What is the relationship between green tea and diabetes? I’d like to cover the many benefits of green tea but especially how it affects diabetes and blood sugar.  Your health will greatly benefit from the positives that green tea has to offer. I love green tea.

Green Tea is Beneficial for Diabetes

There is such a wide variety of what green tea can do for you. I was never a tea drinker unless I didn’t feel well and my throat hurt and was bothering me. But then I found green tea and drink it everyday because I like the taste and love the benefits. Although I drink plenty of water each day, green tea is right up there with water. Sodas and drinks with sugars should not be on your list of things to drink. They are certainly not on my list.

Green tea true or false?

Green tea has less caffeine than black tea- false.

Black tea and green tea are both created from the leaves of the green tea but the procedure for creating the black tea has absolutely no impact on the amount of caffeine.

Green tea promotes stronger bones- true.

The truth is that people who drink green tea daily can strengthen their bones because of components and minerals that are in green tea.To also avoid and prevent problems related to your bones such as osteoporosis, the prescription is one to two cups of green tea a day.

Green tea will not cause cancer- false.

You must use caution and common sense when drinking green tea. Excess amounts of green or black tea can possibly promote throat cancer so don’t overdo it.

Prevents cancer- true, but.

Only having moderate and regular amounts of green tea make this true and can prevent cancer. But larger amounts of green tea contain a substance that will prevent the buildup of enzymes that cancer cells require called catechin. Just stick to the one or two cups a day and that should be sufficient.

You can lose weight fast- false.

Nothing in green tea will really help you lose weight even though nutritionists may actually recommend it helps you lose weight. Green tea may help you help with your weight loss plan as it is and stabilize your metabolism. It can’t hurt. You’ll only become healthier.

Acne treatment- true.

There are cosmetics that have extracts of green tea in them. Spots on your skin, acne, and skin health in general can be treated with green tea oil. You would be surprised with the results.

The benefits of green tea


I think most of us have heard and know about diabetes and what it can do if not controlled. A disease that raises your blood glucose levels and impedes proper insulin production in your body. You don’t want diabetes and the best thing is to monitor your sugar levels at home, but if you are a diabetic, the next best thing is to control it. You don’t want to experience increased health risks such as loss of vision, amputation, or heart disease.

Your vision

Your vision can benefit from green tea. The reason is the antioxidants vitamin E, lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin C that help to strengthen and protect the tissues of your eyes. The reason why strengthening the tissues of your eyes is for protection from eye disease known as glaucoma.My eyes are about the most important thing to me and yours should be too.


Green tea can be an excellent remedy for allergies. It has properties that are anti-allergenic and could help you end allergy suffering permanently. Research in Japan concluded that the anti-oxidants in addition to a compound found in green tea can possibly stop a cell receptor that is responsible for setting off your allergic responses.

So, if you have been suffering from sneezing, a stuffy nose, watering of the eyes, and other seasonal allergies, then green tea an be your solution. Try a cup or two a day and see your results. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


One of the most painful and annoying things to deal with is a headache. Green tea may be a savior when it comes to the relief of a migraine headache. Studies also revealed that over-the-counter-meds (ex. ibuprofen) and caffeine help pain relievers to become 40% even more effective. Because green tea is an anti-inflammatory, it is able to lower the pain of a headache.

The common cold

Who doesn’t hate having a cold? What a pain in the butt. Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, being miserable. Drinking green tea can help you avoid going through this or at least less than you might normally suffer through. This is due to the anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and antibacterial properties that green tea contains and they protect against the flu too. Colds are very draining.

Kidney stones

You never want to experience having kidney stones. Green tea can help about 5% of the people in the world who have kidney stones. It changes the shape of the kidney stones by bonding to them. This in turn results in less of a chance that the kidney stones will fuse together.

Healthy liver

As with the antioxidants in green tea aiding in other health issues, helping your liver is another benefit. Its job is to rid your liver from free radicals and to have your liver remain in good health. It decreases your risk of developing a fatty liver. Fatty liver is when your liver has a buildup of fat inside it.


Green tea can be a sunscreen that will naturally protect you against UV rays exposure. You can stop wrinkles on your skin with green tea by its ability to prevent free radicals from getting in between the skin cells. Give it a try because you don’t want skin cancer.

Blood pressure 

I think we all know that caffeine can make you hyper and while green tea does contain caffeine, it has very low content. And because of the low content of caffeine, green tea is able to help manage cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure too.

Rheumatoid arthritis

The risk of rheumatoid arthritis and prevention of it can be aided by green tea. It helps stop the production of an enzyme known as chemokine. This protects your cartilage because these chemokines promote inflammation in your body and help damage the cartilage and its flexibility. This is the common symptom of arthritis. Turn to green tea to avoid this!

Your immune system

By consuming green tea you can boost your immune system. It does this with its flavanoid and polyphenol antioxidants. These help in making you stronger against infection and help build your immune system. Your immune system is the most important thing that protects you from disease. You need to do everything you can to make it stronger.

Oral health

The properties in green tea have an awesome effect against bacteria in your mouth. And you can double your benefits of green tea when you mix it with a bit of lemon juice. There have been studies that show that these two powerhouses together with their anti-bacterial properties stage an all out war on dental bacteria that can be very damaging. Green tea helps control and prevent gum disease and inflammation of the gums.

Irritable bowel syndrome

IBS is a digestive disorder that affects many folks. The symptoms are bloating, diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, and constipation. Now, green tea contains caffeine. Caffeine isn’t recommended if you have irritable bowel syndrome. But green tea does indeed have the anti-inflammatory properties that happen to relax, calm, and soothe the irritation in your gut.

You can still have green tea to help you with IBS. Just make sure you pick up green tea that is decaffeinated. This will help your gut even more if you consume it hot. Your body will react much better to warmer fluids.

Your heart 

Just how great is green tea and how many more benefits are there? The answer is that it is totally awesome for so many ailments and much more to come. Your heart is the “lifeblood” of your entire body. Heart disease unfortunately affects your blood vessels and your heart. Heart disease results from complications that include heart attack, heart failure, and stroke.

Reducing inflammation of the heart and increasing blood flow is essential and green tea does just that. You can lower your risk of a heart attack by drinking two cups of green tea a day.

Bad Breath

Nobody likes having bad breath and there’s ways to stop it. But again with the antibacterial properties that green tea has it is able to kill bacteria in your mouth. The free radicals and bad breath inside your mouth can be counteracted by the polyphenols in green tea.

To fight bad breath you can take mints or chew gum but green tea will still turn your breath fresher than either of these choices. Just having bad breath can be embarrassing.


Want another way to help you to stop smoking? Green tea may reduce your urge to smoke and that’s a good thing because smoking is just so bad for your health. It also may impede a tumor’s growth for people who smoke and be a benefit for lung cancer patients as well. I’m glad I never smoked.


If you suffer from any symptoms of depression such as: daily activities that you’ve lost interest in, sadness for no reason, becoming lethargic, or a loss of appetite then green tea may be your answer to these issues. It can actually decrease your symptoms of depression and anxiety as well.

The more that you drink, the less depressed you will be, but caution, you do not want to drink more than two or three cups a day regardless because too much green tea is dangerous. So limit yourself to that amount.The ingredient in tea known as theanine is associated with decreasing your reactions to stress. Avoid stress at all costs!


Green tea may aid in reducing your cholesterol levels. Even better than having some vegetables, having hot green tea can be awesome with lowering your bad or LDL cholesterol.

Chronic fatigue syndrome

With this terrible condition you experience depression, aches. fever, and fatigue and it can really do a number on you. As I previously mentioned, the oxidant known as theanine will help increase dopamine (which is a neurotransmitter responsible for functioning of your nervous system), raise the production of your T-cells, help protect your brain cells, and can help boost your energy levels.

Safety measures

While green tea is exceptionally healthy for you and many conditions, it’s important to note first, about certain precautions you should take and second, that you should always discuss everything with your physician first. You want to take enough that is beneficial for your health, but not too much that it is detrimental to your health. Green tea may be harmful for certain conditions:

  • The caffeine it contains could aggravate  any symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • It might increase your risk of bleeding.
  • There’s a possibility of interacting with certain prescription drugs and medications.
  • If you are anemic, it could be harmful.
  • It isn’t good if you have insomnia, so have green tea with no caffeine and not too close to bedtime.
  • High dosages are NOT good. Speak with your doctor about this.
  • Consuming more than two cups a day could be harmful to women who are pregnant.
  • Avoid totally if you have hemophilia.
  • Side effects may include: vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, dizziness, or irregular heartbeat.

In conclusion

Is Green Tea Good for Diabetics? Absolutely! Green tea is very beneficial for you and green tea and diabetes will always be related, but like everything else, I cannot stress this enough, please check with your doctor first. A moderate amount of green tea is going to benefit your health for the most part.

Diabetes is serious and you need to keep your blood sugars under control. Green tea does help to reduce your blood sugar, you may feel that you require some additional help. Here is what I find to work best!

But better to be safe than sorry I always say. I hope that I’ve helped you to a better and healthier life. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below. I would appreciate it. Be and stay healthy!


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10 thoughts on “Is Green Tea Good for Diabetics? – Learn Why You Need Green Tea”

  1. Thanks for this information. I have always heard that green tea was good for you, but I never knew of the danger of overuse.

    However, you have presented a very honest report of green tea and what I have gathered is that it offers tremendous benefits generally. One just has to monitor intake.

    A family member was recently diagnosed as a diabetic, so I will pass this info on.

    I will certainly use green tea from now on because of its health benefits, but I will also stick to two cups per day.

    Is green tea a specific tea or can it come from many sources?

    • Hey David, Green tea is good for you but like with anything else, too much of anything is no good for you.

      You just need to not overdo it. The proper amounts provide the most benefits.

      Green tea comes from China and many countries in Asia. It is a tea with leaves called camellia sinensis, but do not go through the same oxidation processes used to make black tea for instance.

      Here’s to your health from having green tea!



  2. Great article. I love green tea. Now I think, after your article, that I love it more. I am so amazed how much good green tea does. Wow.

    It’s amazing how deep you went with your research, and I know that a lot of people are going to appreciate it.

    I really enjoy your website and the articles. After reading this article I looked around. This site is a great read and I am going to bookmark it for sure. Thanks again for all your work putting this site and article together.

    • Hey Jerry,

      I’m glad that you’re going to get more out of green tea than you did before. Green tea has so many amazing benefits as long as you don’t go overboard.

      I always go into deep research in my articles because my ultimate goal is to help others with their health and specifically how to lower their blood sugar naturally.

      Everything I write about (in one way or another) ties into lowering blood sugar. It’s that important to me and should be for people who are diabetic. Thanks for your thoughts Jerry!



  3. Green tea is definitely awesome and has so many positive benefits. Black tea is great for cancer especially mouth cancer. Red tea is great for reducing cholesterol and helping with female ailments. White tea is wonderful for purifying blood. Isn’t nature amazing?
    If people stopped eating and drinking commercial products and grew their own food again first worlders would see a significant decrease in diseases especially sugar related ones!
    Keep up the great work and love your post!

    • Yes all teas are great for you. It’s all about healthy foods and the benefits that provide for you. Reducing your blood sugar is my primary concern and green tea can definitely help accomplish that.

      These other teas can be consumed as well to treat other ailments as you say. For me, green tea is the best and I hope people consider it for lowering their blood sugar and other health benefits.

      Thank you for your comments!



  4. I always thought that green tea was mostly to help with weight loss I didn’t realize that it had all those other health benefits especially the part you mentioned that it can help with allergies. I have really bad allergies and after reading your article I will start to drink more green tea. Thanks for sharing. Great article, lots of information.

    • Hey Franca,

      Yes green tea has many more benefits than just helping with weight loss. As you mentioned it can help with allergies as well.

      My favorite is the diet green tea and I drink it everyday. It’s a nice choice over the sugary sodas that aren’t good for you.Thanks for your comments!


      ~ Rob

    • Thanks Kien! I drink green tea all the time because it’s good for you and helps me to lower my blood sugar. Yes the Arizona tea has too much sugar which is why I can’t drink it. I hope you do try green tea. It’s much better for you!


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