Is Ginger Good for Diabetics? – Endless Benefits of Ginger

Is Ginger Good for Diabetics? It is very good for diabetics! And it can help with your glucose levels. You bet there is, but first where does ginger come from? Ginger is plant that flowers and it derives from the plant family known as “Zingiberaceae.”

This is found in Southern Asia in the tropical rainforest. It’s used for medicinal purposes and also for culinary uses. It’s been around for centuries and helps treat a variety of ailments and is a very popular spice that adds flavor to foods such as vegetable recipes and stir fries and many other dishes.

Ginger for Diabetes Treatment

Ginger is known mostly as a spice, but is actually a herb. It can increase  your mouth to produce more saliva with a flavor that is rather strong and well defined taste. Most folks might not be aware that the ginger root or rhizomes of the ginger plant is the part that is mainly used. There are many food recipes using ginger such as: gingerbread, ginger cake, and ginger ale. I love ginger ale!

The many health benefits of ginger


Ginger has always been a factor when it comes  to digestion and nausea. It has the ability to soothe your stomach and therefore help maintain a normal rhythm and this is due to it also regulating blood sugar levels.You can improve the absorption of minerals and nutrients from food that you consume because ginger contains compounds that aid in doing this. Ginger is able to stimulate your appetite and get your digestive system ready for incoming of food into the body by being a great appetizer. I love it as an appetite suppressant.


Ginger is excellent for nausea. I remember as a kid my mom giving me ginger ale to relieve that awful feeling of nausea and it always worked. It gives very fast satisfaction due to it regulating your body’s functions and fast absorption to cure your nausea without any complications from medications. It also works wonders for treating vertigo in sailors and people out there on the open seas and women who are pregnant with morning sickness.

Migraine headaches

Migraine headaches are the worst thing to experience because they can bring you down instantly. A study revealed that folks who used ginger had less side effects and better results than those who didn’t. Ginger is worth taking because a migraine headache can just take you down. You can’t function at all with a migraine headache.


You can be at great risk for heart disease if your triglyceride levels are elevated and you have low cholesterol levels of HDL, and high levels of LDL. Ginger can significantly keep these cholesterol levels where they should be. Your heart and other organs will benefit from the right cholesterol levels.

Muscle pain

Muscle pain and soreness sure isn’t fun. It’s hard after a workout to want to stay motivated. Because ginger has anti-inflammatory properties it can help with pain and inflammation. You have to have ginger each day to experience results but you will feel the results the next day or so. It will pay off not to feel sore and have the pain.


Ginger is a top notch defender against diseases linked to free radicals and cell damage. The antioxidants in ginger have higher levels than any berries have. There are still ongoing studies and research being done to get to the root of what the role of ginger is in the treatment and prevention of liver, breast, colon, bladder, and other cancers. Ginger’s antioxidants and the reduction in cancer cells rapid increase in numbers show promising signs of the ability to fight cancer. Anything that helps fight cancer is worth it.

Cold and flu

People in Asia have used ginger as a treatment for the flu and common cold for many years. Chopped ginger root mixed in hot water taken two or three times daily will help symptoms. Having a cold is bad enough but the flu can be so much worse. Let ginger help you feel better.

 Liver function improvement

Fatty liver is more of chance of developing in your body if you have diabetes. Fatty live occurs when excess fat gets attached to the liver and can affect liver function. Cirrhosis is another liver disease which can be even more dangerous, but usually happens because of hepatitis or alcoholism. Ginger can greatly reduce your chances of developing a fatty liver. You don’t want a fatty liver.


Cataracts are more likely to develop if you’re a person who is a diabetic. Cataracts are when your lens of your eye either becomes unclear or blurry. If you have diabetes, you have no control of the glucose levels in the clear fluid that fills the space in the front of your eyeball between the cornea and the lens known as Aqueous humor. Trust me, there’s no humor in getting cataracts. But ginger supplements are able to put off the onset of cataracts. Your eyes are that important.


Ginger has been used as a cure and treatment for diarrhea for a billion years. (Okay, maybe not that long). It accomplishes this because the gases and spasms of your stomach are what cause the diarrhea in the first place. Ginger or diarrhea? I know which one I choose. How about you?

Clear and healthy mind

Aging is accelerated due to inflammation and many scientists doing research on it conclude that it can cause Alzhemier’s disease and other diseases related to your memory. But taking ginger supplements each day can improve memory because of its’ antioxidants. I want to keep my mind sharp and clear thinking, don’t you?

Sterilizes and detoxifies

Sweating is a normal thing to do and it’s good for you and ginger is good at promoting sweating to those of us who are eating. Sweat is responsible for allowing your body to get rid of toxins through liquid that your body is sweating and at the same time cleaning out your pores. Since ginger is aiding in this process, it is also helping to reduce viral and bacterial infections in an individual who is sweating regularly.

Menstrual cramps

Your body can get alarmed by something that is wrong and that is what cramps are responsible for. There are hormones otherwise known as “prostaglandins.” These hormone are what activates of your possible symptoms of fever, pain and cramps. High levels of these hormones can be known to cause these menstrual cramps. Ginger can help to reduce these hormones and thereby getting relief from your cramps.


Ginger has an unbelievable ability to fight off infection. If you do get sick and you are congested, you get get phlegm in your airways and in your lungs and ginger can help loosen this up and help you cough and bring it up because of it being a natural expectorant.

It is a savior when it comes to asthma too. If you are having difficulty breathing with asthma and/or allergies, ginger can help with these respiratory problems because it does relax your muscles that are around your body’s air passage ways. It’s no picnic when you’re all stuffed up and congested.

Ginger and blood sugar levels

Improving glucose tolerance

Researches have been done in patients with diabetes and a phytochemical in ginger improved the glucose tolerance in the body by making the process of glucose metabolism easier. It is reported that improvement of the glucose tolerance is accomplished by taking a ginger supplement. This is especially the case for type 2 diabetics. This makes taking a ginger supplement an easy decision for me, how about you?

Insulin secretion increase

You want to reduce insulin resistance any way you can. You can take a ginger supplement and decrease your insulin resistance level by 10%! It’s recommended by scientists that if you’re a diabetic, then you should be taking at least 3 grams daily for at least two months to receive the benefits from it. If you’re taking ginger anyway for other health benefits, then it’s a win win situation.

Blood sugar level control

Studies that have been concluded after a month show that the phytochemicals in ginger are able to lower your blood sugar levels. So by taking ginger you will not only be lowering your glucose levels, but helping to control and to maintain them. You don’t want your glucose levels spiking or constantly going up and down. Controlling your levels is what to aim for. You don’t want high OR low blood sugar. Too low of a blood sugar can be more dangerous than too high. Ginger helps maintain your levels.

Serotonin and insulin

You want your body to increase the amount of insulin, right? Yes! Serotonin (which is a neurotransmitter in the brain),  has an extremely important job to stimulate your pancreatic cells to produce more insulin. Scientists have discovered that the level of insulin can be increased with an interaction of the serotonin by taking ginger extract.

Raising hemoglobin levels

Since hemoglobin is mostly responsible for delivering nutrients, oxygen, and sugar, then it’s crucial that your hemoglobin levels be at a high level. When your levels are higher then your body is able to deliver better nutrition and stop the lacking of sugar as an energy building block. Ginger helps increase hemoglobin levels in diabetic people. So help get those levels up with ginger.

Possible risks of ginger

There’s always possible risks from anything, but in this case I just want to mention that too much ginger is not recommended at all. You want to have the right amount to lower your blood sugar but only to a normal level and not one that is dangerously low. This could result in you becoming dizzy or even fainting. You obviously don’t want that.

And finally

Is Ginger Good for Diabetics? It has positive results, but you should check with your doctor and always clear everything first. They will guide you as to what amount is right for you and what you can take if they decide it’s okay. That is the most important piece of information I can give you.

Well, I hope that you learned some new information about ginger and diabetes and how it can help you. There is no doubt that ginger can help you with diabetes. Some folks have blood sugar numbers that are off the charts and may need additional help. there’s help. Here is a lifeline to help you! If you have questions or comments, please leave them below. I would appreciate it! Thank you for reading!

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  1. That is a very, very HELFPUL post. There are even ginger benefits I didn’t know about. Great details, well explained and all clear. I hope you can have many visitors. Ginger is very common in my country (Dominican Republic). It is a tradition to drink ginger tea on Christmas season. Spicy, but yummy.

    • Yes ginger is one of the top healthiest plants for us. And while it is helpful with many ailments, the one that always sticks in my mind from when I was a child is nausea. Every time my mom gave me ginger ale, it took away that feeling and calmed my stomach down. Three cheers for ginger! Thanks Jaime!

  2. Hello Rob,

    Ginger is a household ingredient in my country (South India). We add it to milk tea and also in the form of “Ayurvedic” concotions for health issues. You have covered almost everything in your post.

    Recently I had a bout of stomach upset due to food allergy and all that I did was a glass of boiled water with ginger which immediately remediated my digestive system.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Jai,

      Ginger is a great thing to have and to rely on when you have a problem. I just feel that everyone should have ginger in their diet everyday.

      I always turn to ginger ale for nausea and an upset stomach. It definitely is great for the digestive system. I’m glad it helped that food allergy you had! Thank you for your comments! 

  3. Hello. I had to comment on your post about acid reflux and which foods fight it. I have been fighting this for years. I even replaced my dinning room table because the one that I had caused me to slump over a little while I was eating. This made the problem much worse. While looking at the list of things that cause acid reflux to worsen, I realized that I manage to eat most of the foods that make things worse. I also eat close to bed time so I’m setting myself up for failure. I know that most of these things are not good for a person but your article reminded me that I have let my habits slip to the point where I am causing most of my own problems.
    My question is about weight loss. How is gaining weight a factor in acid reflux? I have gained about twenty pounds recently and I haven’t noticed anything getting worse yet. I will now pay more attention to what and when I eat and that will also help to lose the weight I’m sure. Thanks for your articles. They opened my eyes to some of the things that I’m doing to hurt my own health.

    • While my article is basically about ginger and it’s health benefits and not acid reflux, I do mention about digestion and nausea. Ginger can reduce inflammation and this may relieve symptoms of acid reflux. I sympathize with you as far as your acid reflux because my daughter suffers from this constantly.

      You can change your eating habits  as she has but it’s difficult to control and treat acid reflux. Ginger may help you and losing weight will as well. Excess weight will increase pressure on your abdomen and that will make stomach acid leakage or backflow more likely. Tight clothing can also aggravate symptoms of heartburn. By losing some weight it can help alleviate acid reflux, and this can make your clothing fit looser and function as another form of treatment.

      So give ginger a try and another thing that works very well with acid reflux is apple cider vinegar. It doesn’t taste great but 2 tablespoons a day may help. I hope this helps! good luck!

  4. This is awesome information on ginger. My dad has diabetes and I’m going to send him the link to your site and encourage him to try it. He takes a lot of meds and it would be great if he could reduce them with ginger.

    I also like to take it for nausea. It helps with motion sickness.

    Very informative. I’m going to try it for some other health benefits as well.

    • Hi Tammy! I think your dad would definitely benefit from checking out my website. Ginger is a wonderful superfood and I love it for nausea too. Ginger ale was always helpful for me when I was growing up. If my stomach had that feeling of nausea, ginger ale always cured it! Thanks for stopping by!



  5. Hi Rob, thank you for a great article about ginger and the benefits of taking ginger.

    Ginger is and has always been a common ingredient in our house. We use fresh ginger root in almost everything from scrambled eggs to curries and sometimes I even chop up ginger into small pieces and fry it with butter, salt and black pepper to have to toast… mmmm!

    Ginger is really good for so many things and you have probably mentioned most if not all of them!

    Great information! Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Moni, Ginger has always been in my house ever since I was a kid. When nausea ever set in, it was ginger ale that always took care of it.
      But having ginger in your diet can make a huge difference in your health as far as being beneficial.
      I like your idea too. I must try that! Thanks Moni for sharing! 🙂


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