Is Eggplant Good for Diabetics? | 13 Health Tips for Eggplant

Fiber is so important because it slows the rate of digestion and absorption of sugar into your body which results in lowering your blood sugar. Is Eggplant Good for Diabetics? Eggplant is extremely healthy for you and especially if you have type 2 diabetes. This will help you lower your blood sugars. Eggplants are high in fiber which will pass through your digestive system intact.


Should Diabetics Include Eggplant in their Diet?

Preventing blood glucose crashes and spikes are possible because of the slower absorption keeping your blood sugar under control and that’s what you need.

There are natural plant compounds known as polyphenols found in eggplant that research has shown to increase insulin secretion and decrease the absorption of sugar.

So by keeping your blood sugar level and your insulin levels as well, you can manage the symptoms of your type 2 diabetes much easier. Eggplant contains magnesium which helps your diabetes as well.

 Your heart is your most important organ and works hard to get nutrition to all your organs by pumping blood to them. You need your heart to be healthy and you need to consume foods that are heart healthy without cholesterol and that includes eggplant.

Eggplant has a high content of iron which helps to prevent anemia from occurring by increasing the production of more red blood cells. This is more common in females. It’s important to know that the skin is very healthy for you because it contains more fiber so don’t peel and omit the skin.

With diabetes you don’t want extra weight so if you’re also looking to drop some pounds, then eggplant can help because it’s low in calories. Eating natural foods such as eggplant is going to not only help your diabetes, but your entire body too. You don’t want to be carrying around excess weight!

Stress is always a main factor with diabetes. It’s so important to control your stress levels. It can throw your blood glucose numbers through the roof. Dealing with stress calmly will affect your diabetes in a positive way. I know it’s easy to say and harder to do, but that’s how vital controlling your stress levels is.

Every part of your body is affected by diabetes and stress. So by starting with controlling that, exercising and eating the right foods, you’ll be on the right track. Get these three together and you will see positive results. It’s a major lifestyle change that you’ll get used to and feel much better about in a short time.

Now eggplant will help to reduce your blood glucose gradually over time and you don’t want to overdo it. I would suggest having it at least twice a week. It also provides potassium improves the functioning of your heart and the diuretic movement will aid in the removing any excess fluid from your body. So dropping excess weight should be the first in treating diabetes, eggplant is significantly beneficial.

You should have the best arsenal of foods that you can to combat diabetes. Eggplant should be on that list of keeping your sugars under control. When you have the production of insulin being undermined because of excess weight, then it’s inevitable that your blood sugar levels are going to spike. So what happens? The levels of free radicals soars and does a real bad number on your healthy cells which will in turn add to numerous problems with diabetes such as heart disease, kidney disease, and blindness.

This is where eggplant comes to the rescue. There was research done that revealed that different varieties of eggplant, graffiti, white, and purple prohibited the enzyme which is responsible for converting starch into blood sugar. These compounds found in eggplant halted this enzyme by about 60% and the result was related with the activity of antioxidants which stopped the free radicals resulting from blood sugar.

13 Benefits of Eggplants

1) Skin

There are a variety of nutrients in eggplants that make it a formidable source for the health of your skin. It is rich in anthocyanins which are antioxidants and a variety of minerals. The free radicals that make your skin look older by causing premature aging and wrinkles have the skin protecting against them by the antioxidants. Ample amounts of water and vitamin C aid in making the skin appear to be smoother.

Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor

2) Blood Pressure

This flavonoid plant with colorful pigments of antioxidants helps to lower your blood pressure significantly. A lower blood pressure results in less of a risk of heart attack, stroke, and blood clots. Eggplant contains vitamin E which is known for preventing and treating hypertension, hardening of the arteries, and chest pain.

3) Cancer

I previously mentioned polyphenols and they have anticancer properties. There is chlorogenic acid and anthocyanins and these antioxidants in eggplants combat stress damage due to oxidation and inflammation in your body. They are extremely powerful and can inhibit an invasion and any spreading of cancer cells and this is huge!

You are keeping your tissues and cells healthy by fighting off the cancer cells and helping to prevent cancer and its earliest stages. Vitamin A is also a promising way to help in treating different types of cancer because it has the ability in the controlling any cells that may be malignant in the body. You want to do whatever you have to when trying to avoid and prevent cancer.

4) Bone Health

If you are at a higher risk than normal for osteoporosis or degrading of the bones, then eggplant is an excellent choice for you. A lot of fruits and vegetables are healthy for you and especially the ones that have deep rich colors.

With eggplant it is the phenolic compounds that give them their color and are responsible for having stronger bones, lowering your risk of osteoporosis, and increasing your bone mineral density. It’s especially vital for your bones as you get older.

If you want to continue with strong bones then eggplant can help because it contains manganese, iron, and calcium which all together can help you to accomplish this. Vitamin K is also a huge benefit in helping broken bones and preventing sprained ankles because it will improve your overall health, improve bone density, and decrease your risk of bone fractures.

Vision Sign

5) Vision

Eggplant has a lot to do with the health of your eyes and your vision. The anthocyanins are very beneficial for health of your eyes generally and do provide properties that are protective for your vision as well.

It also contains niacin that is effective with preventing cataracts. In addition, they have been found to improve vision and healing for folks who have to have eye surgery.

6) Headaches

This plant is used for treating headaches with vitamin B3 and niacin whether they are mild or severe headaches. Because of these same compounds, they can also help with dizziness. They also aid in motion sickness. The vitamin B2 is powerful in dealing with migraines that can be excruciating.

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7) Blood Circulation

The antioxidant nasunin found in eggplants halts the peroxidation of cholesterol in your blood. Nasunin also eliminates plaque and toxins from building up inside your blood vessels, which in turn helps in keeping your cardiovascular system and heart healthy by improving your blood flow and relaxing your blood vessels.

8) Immune System

Vitamins are extremely important for the health of your immune system which protects your body from disease and all the bad guys like viruses and bacteria. Vitamin A is especially important for your immune system. It can fight something as the flu or the common cold or autoimmune diseases such as cancer.

9) Chelation

If you have too much iron in your body, that’s not good. Too many toxins and metals in your body, which is known as chelation, is not good for you. Nasunin in eggplant as I had just mentioned is a natural way for you to remove toxins from your body.