Is Detoxing Safe for Diabetics? – Why Detoxification is Vital for Diabetics

Do you know that almost one or two persons from a family face the problem of diabetes? This means that people from your family or you might be facing the problem of diabetes. But do you want to get rid of this problem? But is detoxing safe for diabetics? Read to the end to find out.

Why do You Need to Detox When You Have Diabetes?

Time to Detox

If yes, then with the help of this article we are going to discuss various things about diabetes , from which some of the factors we are going to discuss are diabetes , and it’s types, How this problem takes place, Detox for Diabetes and other such methods.

We will discuss all these things, but before that, let us have a thorough look at what is diabetes and it’s different types.

What is Diabetes & it’s Different Types?

Diabetes is a situation that occurs when the blood sugar level gets too high. The blood sugar is also known as glucose. The basic phenomenon behind this is that the glucose present inside the blood is used, for generating energy or giving energy to our body cells with the help of which they can do all the work.

But in some cases, a hormone created by pancreas present inside our body stops its production. The hormone is known as insulin; the primary use of insulin is that it helps to reach the glucose present inside your blood to the cells.

Without insulin, our cells are unable to absorb glucose present inside our blood, and hence, the cells are unable to generate energy. Blood glucose level increases every time we eat something. Because of no production of insulin that blood glucose doesn’t get used and hence because of which persons faces the problem of diabetes .

Different Types of Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

The first and most common type of diabetes is type 1 diabetes. This is one of the worst-case under diabetes, in this case, the gland or the part of the pancreas from where insulin is generated gets attacked and destroyed by the cells present inside your pancreas. In this case, the person’s body become unable to produce insulin.

There are various cures of these problems, but under every cure, the primary processing is that the person’s body with type 1 diabetes needs to take insulin daily in one or two way. If they are not able to take insulin, then they would be unable to live. This problem is mostly seen in kids.

Type 2 Diabetes

The second most common type of diabetic problem is type 2 diabetes. In this type of diabetes either one of two things happen which are, in the first case the body does not create any insulin because of which the blood glucose is unable to find it’s way up to the cells present in our body.

The second case is that the body can produce insulin, but because of present body condition, the body resists using it, hence because of which the blood glucose does not gets used. If you are urinating more number of time then usual, feeling more hunger or fatigue, then you should go to your doctor for a checkup as these are some common symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes

The next type of diabetes is this gestational diabetes, which is found in women only, and the most important thing it is found at a particular time only. When a woman is pregnant, that is the time when this type of diabetes is noticed.

It is said that this diabetes takes place in women body just during the pregnancy time, and when the baby is born, it disappears.

But it’s also noticed that those women who have faced gestational diabetes during pregnancy, they have higher chances that, they can have type 2 diabetes, not only that gestational diabetes can also become type 2 diabetes during the pregnancy time after which you will have to face this problem forever.

Monogenic Diabetes

This is a type of diabetes which is very rare and takes place in someone’s body because of some change in a single gene of their body. This type of diabetes is inherited into someone by their parents. If any of their parents are having diabetes, then there are high chances that the kid going to be born would also have diabetes, which is called Monogenic Diabetes.

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How does Diabetes Occur in Someone’s Body?

Many people know that there is a problem called diabetes in which our body stops producing insulin; hence, it leads to increase in blood sugar level. But do you know from where it originates in one’s body? If no, then have a look because, at this point, we are going to discuss how diabetes gets produced in someone’s body.

  • The first cause of diabetes is genes. This states that if any of your parents have diabetes then as their kid, you are also going to face this problem in your life. If you haven’t discovered it at an early age, then even there would be chances that you could have diabetes at your older age or in between.
  • The next cause of diabetes, are various factors such as viruses or any such disease. If you face any virus, which can lead to diabetes, then you can have diabetes for sure.
  • The next cause of diabetes, which is becoming very common these days is overweight, obesity. It is seen that those who, are overweight and does not take proper care of their body, diabetes affects them for sure. Most cases of diabetes are seen in obese peoples, and if you want not to face this problem, then you should take proper care of your body. Try to start with daily workout and all. A small exercise in the morning is enough to take you away from this cruel disease.
  • The next cause is that in some case, the body cells stop using insulin with which blood sugar level increases and hence you face the problem of diabetes .
  • When some hormonal imbalance takes place, at that time also, you face this problem of diabetes . When you start taking stress more, and stress hormones get secreted at a high level, or when the body begins producing more growth hormones, this also leads to diabetic problems.

Detoxing for Diabetes

Insulin Injection

You might be thinking that we discussed above, there is no solution or cure for diabetes and here I am telling you about detox for diabetes. Let me tell you, as told above that every food we eat produces some amount of insulin, we can control the production of insulin.

The thing we can control is to reduce the intake of insulin in our body or can reduce those toxins which leads to such diseases. We will thoroughly discuss everything. But before that, let us have a look at the chemicals/toxins, which cause diabetes.

Chemicals and Toxins


This is a type of chemical that you can easily found in a different kind of makeup and all that almost everyone uses to look better. When you apply makeup on any part of your body at that time, this chemical gets consumed and gets inside our body, where it produces various hormonal imbalances, results of which the diabetes problem starts arising.

You can stop the intake of this chemical by not using makeup products, but the amount of phthalates that are already inside your body can be removed with the help of detox for diabetes that we will discuss within some time.

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

If you are taking tobacco or if you are even standing someone who is smoking tobacco then this PAH chemical can get inside your body which will lead to diabetic problem or cancer or both.

Polychlorinated Biphenyls

This is a chemical found in various things such as paints, plastics, oil, and many such things. Although the use of this chemical is banned everywhere in the world, there are some places which use this chemical still. You might be thinking that how you intake it because no one eats plastic or drinks paints.

So let me tell you that you might be eating fish, as fish lives in water and some people throw waste paints and plastic in those water bodies with which fish intake it, and hence we eat fish. This chemical causes diseases such as diabetes and cancer.


The next chemical is arsenic that is found in general tap or sometimes in purified water too. Yes, I am telling it right. If you have a water purifier then also there are chances that you can intake this chemical. This can increase the risk of diabetes , typically Type 1 diabetes.

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These were some of the most dangerous toxins which anyone might be me or might be you should be taking it daily. You might be knowing that there is no permanent cure for diabetes , it’s just that you should provide your body daily dose of insulin from outside of your body.

But if you haven’t discovered diabetes in your body till now, but you are taking these toxins inside your body then there are chances that you will face diabetic problems.

To get rid of these toxins from your body, here are some ways to detoxify your body so that it can remove all these toxins from your body and you can live a zero risk life.

Detox Diet

The first way to remove any such toxins from your body is to change your diet. This is a type of diet, which contains various essential food items but along with that one is also advised to get supplements for betterment of their body. Under this detox diet, some particular nutrients are added, and hence, the food, which produces a higher level of blood glucose in your body, is neglected.

This detox diet plan is very efficient, but here are some complications:

The Cost

If you want to have a detox diet, then you need to pay a high amount of money as it is costly. Those who can’t invest much, they can’t go for this diet plan.

Herbal Items

As it told above that some supplements would be added, along with them some herbal items would also be added. Some herbal items are not properly known, that what type of reaction they can create when took inside our body.

More than Just Detoxing

If you think that detox diet is everything you need to have for fighting diabetes, then you are wrong. With this diet, you should also take medicines, do your workout, and all other things you do to get rid of diabetes. A detox diet will help in removing other factors which can lead to more diabetic problems.Woman Drinking Water


Drink more water. As you must know that every bad thing inside our body gets removed from it, in the form of urine.

So if you want to get rid of these toxins, then you should drink more and more water with which you can remove all these toxins in the form of urine.


The next most crucial point which helps us in removing all the waste or harmful toxins from our body is sweat. This is the reason that everyone is told to do a daily workout at least for one hour in the morning.

Fiber Intake

Although you would be able to take enough fiber with the help of a detox diet, if you could take more fiber, then it would be beneficial for you. Fiber is also an outstanding agent, which helps as a detox for diabetes by removing all dangerous toxins from your body.


There are various medicines also which helps a lot in removing all such unnecessary and harmful toxins from our body. You can take help from these medicines also, but other methods are more preferable because when you will workout and produce sweat at that time, you would be able to do two things at a time. You will take care of your body and would be able to remove toxins from the body also.

In Conclusion

This article is all about detox for diabetics. This was all about detoxing and there is no way with which you can make your body to start producing insulin and can get rid of this problem forever. But with the help of these detoxifying methods, you can make your body better and can remove other factors which can produce more diabetic issues.

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