What is the Best Diabetes App? – 7 Apps for Diabetics

Being a diabetic can be such a problem. Diabetes requires continuous attention and planning, as well as the thorough attention to detail. Without the proper system, this can quickly become overwhelmed, especially when trying to balance other aspects of your life. Fortunately, smartphone app developers have already considered everything-including diabetes management. The App Store (both Android and iOS) now offers hundreds of different diabetes apps, both free and purchased. So, What is the best Diabetes App?

According to research, using diabetes apps can improve your health and reduce hemoglobin A1C levels. Using these apps continuously can help you lose weight and be central to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Choosing a Diabetes App

Undoubtedly, these apps possess many benefits, but given the many applications available, how do you make the right choice that suits you?

Before you download every diabetes app you find, it’s essential to understand what you are looking for. These apps are designed to make getting through diabetes easier. You also need to consider your overall comfort with technology. Many applications possess rich and advanced features, but for some people, this can be overwhelming.

Best Diabetes App

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who likes data and technology, then one of the more comprehensive applications may be your ideal way to solve your diabetes management problem.

No matter the level of your diabetes, understanding the interaction between food, physical activity, and blood sugar levels is critical to monitoring the condition. Consider carbohydrate count, insulin dose, A1C, glucose, glycemic index, blood pressure, weight… they can seem to be a monumental task.

Still, these mobile apps have simplified how to track and learn more about diabetes. Use them to merge your health information into one place and learn more about your condition so as to make wise choices to manage your health.

Many diabetes devices, from blood glucose meters to continuous blood glucose monitors (CGM) and insulin pumps, have an integrated application that synchronizes the device to your phone. These functions are likely to apply to your device, and your diabetes educator can show you how they work.

Nonetheless, these choices are just the beginning, and there are many other options to explore. We have listed the top choices for several types of applications, focusing on those with many consistent user reviews, and have been updated recently. Many of these apps offer similar features, so you may need to download some to see which is the easiest to use.

For Novices and Long-Term Professionals, Here are our Best Diabetes Apps:

1) Fooducate

Fooducate can help you determine which foods are best for keeping your blood sugar within a healthy range because not all foods-even carbohydrates-are created equal. Scan or search for foods and view Fooducate’s calorie quality rating. The app allows you to easily track and discover more information about your food intake, including added sugars, hidden ingredients, etc.

2) Diabetes:M

Diabetes:M is a diabetes log application with all the features you want: test time reminders, nutrition log and tracking system, integration with fitness applications, and blood glucose trend graphs. The app includes an insulin bolus calculator built around the nutritional data you add. Use the app’s powerful tools to view trends and graphs within an adjustable time frame.

3) Beat Diabetes

If you have just been diagnosed, this app for beginners can help you quickly understand the new situation. There is a wealth of essential diabetes tips, from foods to avoid to simple ways to increase physical activity, and you will soon master your way.

Understand the complications that need attention and keep abreast of the treatment options from medical to Ayurveda. Download this pocket guide to see why it is so popular.

4) Glucose Tracker & Diabetic Diary for your Blood Sugar

Not the most concise name, but its exact pronunciation: this is an out-of-the-box application designed to help you track the effects of diabetes on your mind and body. This app is suitable for type 1 or 2 and gestational diabetes patients. It uses various recording, marking, and organizing tools to help you describe your journey in detail by exporting your records to share data with your healthcare provider.

5) T2D Healthline: Diabetes

Many diabetes apps provide tracking and data features, but few people mainly focus on the millions of communities with diabetes who have the same experience as you. This app is a gateway to the world. It presents an avenue to connect with others in multiple forums dedicated to specific topics such as complications, interpersonal relationships, and testing/monitoring.

6) Medical ID

Sometimes, the most straightforward technique is the most important. “Everyone should use apps or phone functions that provide medical information in an emergency,” Gladney said. The medical ID application does just that. Create a medical profile that includes all the vital information that emergency personnel may need to know in an emergency (such as allergies, blood types, medications, medical contacts).

And make this information accessible from your phone’s lock screen (you can check it in the app). The medical profile is part of the health app that comes standard on the iPhone (hence, there is no rating on the App Store), and it’s easy to set up. If you have an Android device, you must download it from Google Play.

7A) Diabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary (Apple)

MyNetDiary’s Diabetes Tracker app is the easiest and most comprehensive diabetes tracker app for the iPhone. MyNetDiary can help you better understand and control diabetes and pre-diabetes – along with improving your diet, losing weight, providing feedback, support, and motivation.

MyNetDiary was featured in the 2017 Consumer Guide of Diabetes Forecast magazine, published by the American Diabetes Association, the world’s most trusted source of diabetes information.

Designed for pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes, and type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

7B) MyNetDiary’s Diabetes and Diet Tracker (Android)

In this app, you can find almost everything you might want to track: blood sugar, insulin, medications, meals, water intake, and physical activity. It is equipped with a built-in barcode scanner and a food database to record your nutritional intake. A GPS tracker is also included to record the distance of walking, running, or biking.

It schedules a reminder to check your blood sugar and also gives you a summary report to help you understand the relationship between blood sugar, diet, and exercise. Add app subscriptions to get some advanced features, including synchronization with fitness trackers and smart scales. (The current subscription fee is $8.99 per month or $59.99 per year.)

Final Thoughts

To better manage diabetes, the key is to let technology work for you. When exploring diabetes applications, remember that your goal is to find the technical solution that works best for you. It should help make dealing with diabetes easier, not more complicated. So, What is the best Diabetes App?Search for an app that works best for you.

Also, know that while apps can be valuable tools, they cannot — and should not be tried — to replace personalized medical advice. “It’s still not people. It’s still not a team,”. Browse your apps with a certified diabetes educator to make sure they are the right tools for you, and you are using them correctly. This is the #1 best way to lower your blood sugar!

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    • Hey there 🙂 yes I agree that technology is remarkable today. Unfortunately, there are so many diseases and you are correct that decades ago would’ve been a death sentence but now are not because of the technology.

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    • hi Mike, yes it’s amazing in this day and age how much technology is available for people with diabetes.

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    • Hi Amzy 😀 

      Yes these apps are definitely beneficial for helping you with your A1c levels.

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