The Paleo Diet Review – One of the Best Diets for Diabetics

Who isn’t looking to go on a diet these days? It seems so many people want to lose weight and eat healthier. It’s also a main concern for folks with diabetes. Weight loss is a huge concern when you’re diabetic. I will give you the low down in The Paleo Diet Review.

Brief Review of the Paleo Diet

Product: The Paleo Diet

Author: Loren Cordain

Price: $8.29  USD (Paperback- 266 pages)

Personal rating: 9 out of 10

What is the Paleo Diet?

Loren Cordain declares that we should be eating like the primitive caveman. And what’s the number one reason for this? All the sugary, salt, alcohol, dairy products, and processed foods were not there and ready for consumption way back then.

So, the first thing I think to myself is, then why were all these foods that are bad for you brought into existence? We would all be thin and healthy and there would possibly not be any overweight people with diabetes and other health issues. The Paleo Diet is the best for diabetes.

But I guess there’s no reason to think about something you can’t change. Or can you? Well you can’t change the fact that foods that are bad for your health are available now. It seems that they are staring you in the face everywhere. But the change we can make is to avoid them and begin eating like the cave people did so long ago. And knowing what eating the wrong foods can do to your health is incentive enough to change your eating lifestyle permanently.

The Paleo Diet & Benefits for People With Diabetes

Losing weight is a major factor with any health issues but especially with diabetes. Staying away from refined sugars and processed foods is a must for diabetics. Experts in the field of nutrition declare that by eating a more natural diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and animal products will result in a much healthier body and lifestyle.

To me, it just makes perfectly good sense to follow because we’ve always heard that we should eat and fruits and veggies anyway, so why not follow what has always worked before? It makes sense to me.

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Some of the Benefits of the Paleo Diet are:

  • Losing weight
  • Your energy levels improve
  • Building stronger muscles
  • Improving your digestion
  • Better blood sugar control
  • Better sleeping
  • Significantly improve the health of your brain
  • Help control cholesterol level
  • Building a stronger immune system
  • Lessens anxiety and depression

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What You Can Eat & Cannot Eat

It’s not that hard to follow the Paleo diet. It’s middle of the line effort on your part. I don’t find in particularly difficult and I’ve tried many diets over the years, so if I can do it anyone can! No diets are easy, but if you look at it as an eating lifestyle change then it becomes habit. This is a high fiber, high protein diet. You don’t have to be counting calories. Who really wants to count calories every day?

Foods to Eat:

  • Fruits in moderation but mostly non starchy vegetables: cabbage, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, lettuce
  • Healthy fats
  • Fish and fresh lean meats
  • Seeds and nuts: pistachios, cashews, almonds, walnuts, but NOT peanuts
  • Eggs
  • Oils such as coconut oil and olive oil

Foods That Are Off Limits:

    • Salt
    • Refined sugars
    • Potatoes
    • Vegetable oil
    • Dairy products
    • Processed foods
    • Wheat
    • Beans
    • Peanuts

Caveman Eating Style vs. Today’s Eating Style

The primitive man ate a lot of leaves, fruits, and insects. Okay, we’re obviously not going to eat insects and leaves so don’t worry. But back then, which is millions of years ago, they used tools and fire and hunted for their food. They were used to eating more vitamins and minerals, more unsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids, more fiber and more protein.

In today’s day and age we’re eating so many more calories and bad foods. Today’s foods are breads, pizzas, desserts loaded with sugar such as cake, ice cream, cookies, pies, drinks with sugar and the list goes on. So it’s no wonder that society is overweight and filled with too many people with diabetes. Bad eating habits lead to poor health and diabetes.

So what can you do to change from eating such an unhealthy diet to a healthy diet? Begin by making some changes such as substituting fresh fruits and vegetables in place of some processed foods that you’re used to eating. Decide in your own mind that you want to eat healthy. Lose the weight and fell better but most importantly learn to eat a healthy lifestyle.


  • No calorie counting
  • Helps reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease
  • More iron from eating red meat
  • Higher protein for building and maintaining muscle
  • Better for people who diet and have issues with blood sugar levels and carbohydrate cravings
  • May decrease the risk of osteoporosis
  • Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables
  • Losing weight because of food choice limitation
  • Fruits, vegetables, oils, seeds, and nuts nutrients provide anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Having more of that “full” feeling due because of more protein and fat intake


  • Cannot eat: pasta, potatoes, breads, desserts
  • May be difficult to follow in social life, such as no coffee, sugar, or alcohol
  • Close restriction and requires discipline and commitment
  • Monitor calcium intake due to no dairy products
  • Can be expensive

So now you have an idea of what the Paleo diet entails. It’s not for everyone but it is for many people who are willing to change their eating habits based on the diet and lose weight and become healthy bit it doesn’t mean going back to the way you used to eat. Once the weight is off, you will hopefully be eating healthier than ever before!

In Conclusion

I’m hope that my review has given you enough information about whether the Paleo diet is for you. If you have any questions about The Paleo Diet Review and it’s benefits, please leave a comment below. I would appreciate it and would enjoy interacting with you.

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Paleo Diet


Better blood sugar control


Losing weight


Building a stronger immune system



  • Higher protein for building and maintaining muscle
  • No calorie counting
  • Losing weight because of food choice limitation


  • Close restriction and requires discipline and commitment
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Rob Sciubba

Rob Sciubba - Founder of

Rob is an blogger who has type 2 diabetes and wants to spread the word treating diabetes. For the past 3 years he has provided valuable information about diabetes and lowering blood sugars and continues to offer additional ways to treat diabetes.

If you’re serious about treating your diabetes and lowering your blood sugars the natural ways, then you will learn from his website.

18 thoughts on “The Paleo Diet Review – One of the Best Diets for Diabetics”

  1. Hi Rob,
    Great article, I’ve found it absorbing!
    I would love to lose the last five kilos, but it seems to be stuck! I have tried many diets, and I did lose weight. Unfortunately, I’ve gained all the weight back:(
    I’ve already heard about the Paleo diet and to be honest. I still didn’t try it. It sounds great, and I will definitely give it a try. Just a question, please. Do we need to separate some foods?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Daniella, Thank you. I’ve tried many diets as well. The Paleo diet requires some discipline but anything worthwhile does. It is so popular today. It does require separating some foods. But I guess we can’t have all the foods we love, right? Nothing tastes better than how skinny feels!

  2. At this moment I don’t think I can completely commit to the diet’s restrictions. This would require major changes. Would you advise cutting out one thing at a time to ease into it? I love the benefits, including a better night sleep and more energy.

    I’m curious, which other diets have you tried?

    • No diet is easy. Sometimes specific diets are not for everyone. The Paleo may not be for everyone either but it can work wonders for some. I don’t believe that you can cut out one thing at a time to ease into it. That’s not the way the plan works. If you feel it’s for you then you try it. If not, then you have to move on, right? I’ve tried Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, Ketogenic diet to name a few and unless you stick with them, they won’t work. I’m on the Paleo and going to try and stick with it. Then I will start a new healthy eating lifestyle afterward. Good luck if you do decide to try the Paleo.

      • What are you doing now, almost a year later? Are you back to eating whole grains? I’ve done versions of paleo where I don’t eat starchy veggies or grain products like oats and bread and rice. But I’m really having a hard time sticking to it and falling off completely . I’ve been researching diabetes an whole grains and that’s how I found your website (specifically the whole grain article). I’m a little nervous I’ll raise my blood sugar eating the whole grains. But I feel I need them to stick to a healthy eating plan. I’m on the hunt for people who have their diabetes under control while including whole grains in their diet!

        • A year later I am more passionate about diabetes and blood sugar levels than ever before. It’s not an easy change to a diet like the Paleo diet but all good things take time and effort. I always turn to other things that will help me. I’ll turn to different supplements for help and exercise each day for 30 minutes.
          Whole grains are really good for your blood sugars. Always check your blood sugar levels frequently. Here is a link to my whole grains article: click here!

  3. So I’m a really big fan of math. And I know that when I consume more calories than I burn in a day, I am going to put on weight, and vice verse. For this reason, I’m always skeptical when I’m told you don’t have to count calories. I get that you’re eating healthier foods with lower glycemic levels so your craving will be more under control. But taking in too many calories whether from healthy food or junk food will create a surplus leading to wright gain. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    • I’m also a big fan of math and you’re absolutely correct that if you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight. My suggestion is that if you’re following the Paleo Diet and you’re trying to lose the weight, start off by following the plan and not counting calories. If after a few weeks, you aren’t losing weight, make sure that you didn’t sneak anything in (it’s easy to do)  that wasn’t on the plan. The plan is designed to give you what you need without feeling hungry and therefore not having to count calories.

  4. Thanks for writing a review of this book. Good work. I must say that I was engaged throughout the article. You write well as well as I’m partially looking into a way I can shed a few inches off my waistline. While the diet looks promising, you are right about doing this type of diet is tough with our contemporary lifestyle. I’m not sure if I can handle a 100% pure paleo diet. Is there a recommendation of how to go about a partial paleo and if so, is it effective and worth the while?

    •  Any diets are hard today.  And while the Paleo diet works for some people it’s not for everybody.  I don’t believe that you can do the Paleo diet partially.  It’s the kind of diet that you have to really be dedicated to.  But it does work and well worth trying.  Good luck and thank you for your comments!

  5. Hey Rob ! Although Im not diabetic , my dad is and im sure he’ll find this info very useful. Thanks! I’ll be sure to recommend him to this site because I never see him prepare any of these meals and I don’t understand why because they seem to be so nutritious. Thanks again.

    • Diabetes is tough and whatever you can do to treat and control it is necessary. The Paleo diet is a great diet for diabetes but it’s hard to follow so it’s not for everyone. But I still feel it’s worth a try because the end result is worth it. Afterward it’s all about eating healthy and not eating unhealthy again as you did previously.

  6. Hello Rob
    This a very detailed review of Paleo Diet. I haven’t actually heard about this type of diet and I glad I found your website.
    I am not diabetic but I have some family and friends who have DM. I will definitely recommend this book to them.
    Have a Great weekend.

    • Hi Che, The Paleo diet is a very popular diet and one that is beneficial for people with diabetes too. Diabetes can be controlled and reversed with the proper diet and exercise. The Paleo diet is one that many people are successful with. It’s great that you aren’t a diabetic. Thanks for your recommendations 🙂

  7. Absolutely, I agree with you. If one has to really look at the damage the ‘convenience’ and ‘processed foods’ are doing to us, it should hopefully give us a wake-up call and get us to make a change. Before its too late!

    Thanks to your article, I now have a better idea of what the Paleo diet is all about. I also have an understanding of what it is that I need to eat and cut down on to make this work.

    As you said, mind power is crucial to the success of following this diet.

    Once again thanks for all the help. One last question why are peanuts off limits?


    • Hi Roopesh! Diabetes is so much about all the bad and sugary foods that we eat and we know it’s bad but until we get diagnosed with diabetes or some other disease, it doesn’t really mean that much.
      The Paleo diet is geared for people with diabetes. It can definitely help to turn things around as long as you follow through on the right foods to eat. And yes, it does take a bit of a strong willed attitude to follow it and stick with it. But the alternatives of dealing with type 2 diabetes and the repercussions are worse. Take your choice.
      As far as peanuts go? They are not Paleo. They are legumes and one single tablespoon of peanut butter consists of about a dozen peanuts. A better choice would be almonds or almond butter. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. I have been looking into the paleo diet and the keto diet. Both seem like they would be beneficial. It might be hard for me to not have pasta, bread or potatoes….all my favorites LOL. But anything is worth a try at this point. I am curious if you know anything about the keto diet and how it might compare to the paleo diet?

    • While the Paleo diet may not be the easiest to follow, it can be most effective by sticking to it. It’s not made for everyone but it’s a great diet for diabetics as is the ketogenic diet. You can read more and compare HERE. Thanks for your insight 🙂


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