White Mulberry Leaf Extract Benefits | 13 Top Benefits for Diabetics

You can help to lower your blood sugar levels with mulberry leaf extract because of its compound known as DNJ (deooxynojirimycin). Mulberries have a low glycemic index of only 25. A glycemic index of under 55 is excellent! Why else is White Mulberry Leaf Extract Benefits for Diabetes a good choice? Let’s find out!

How Beneficial is White Mulberry Leaf Extract?

White Mulberry

Since mulberry tea and leaf extract contain a good deal of minerals, vitamins, compounds, and nutrients, it makes perfect sense to have mulberry in your diet in any form to help treat your type 2 diabetes.

These compounds are important because they will assist in keeping your blood glucose levels in the normal range. They accomplish this by breaking down your sugars slowly in your stomach and letting them to be slowly absorbed into your bloodstream.

There was research performed with rats and they were fed carbohydrates but first were fed mulberry leaf extract first and the results were that blood sugar levels were substantially lower.

Then there were also studies done on men and after a month of consuming mulberry leaf extract, the men’s blood glucose levels also were lowered significantly as well. Mulberry leaf extract has shown that it affects blood sugar and is a good solution for diabetics to have to benefit their health.

Health Benefits of Mulberries (and Leaf Extract)

1) Blood Circulation

Blood circulation

Your body requires excellent blood circulation to be healthy. You can help to keep your blood vessels working at optimal performance by the antioxidants in mulberry leaf extract which will assist in having your blood vessels stay dilated.

Because mulberries help to keep your blood circulating throughout your body, it leads to your blood pressure being controlled as well.

Healthy blood vessels mean a lower hypertension and results in a more free flowing of blood to every part of your body. They contain high amounts of potassium and iron which in turn results in more red blood cells being produced and a better more thorough job of cleansing your blood too.

2) Your Brain

Your brain controls all your thoughts and then some. It needs to be healthy and function at its peak for you to live healthy and happy. Your body parts including your brain help you to live each and every day and if you don’t give your brain what it needs you will suffer the consequences down the road.

Mulberries help to provide your brain with calcium and because studies revealed that they can help keep your brain young, it would be foolish to not take advantage of them. But in addition to that if you have type 2 diabetes, you’ll be doing your brain a huge favor by aiding it against type 3 diabetes (or Alzheimer’s disease.)

3) Anti-Aging

You always want to look and stay younger than you really are, right? Mulberry leaf extract has that ability because it contains resveratrol which assists in your protection against those ultraviolet rays that are can be very damaging to your skin.

You can count on mulberries to keep your skin from showing fine lines and wrinkles because they are abundant in antioxidants, such as the beta-carotenes which work great against aging. A deficiency in vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and vitamin E can also contribute to aging wrinkles but that’s not an issue because they are contained in mulberries.

4) Colds and Flu

Woman With a Cold and the Flu

Do you like having a cold or the flu? Of course not! Who hasn’t experienced either one of these for a duration of time and suffered and been totally miserable? Isn’t an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure as they say?

Mulberries can help, especially white mulberries. They are able to help prevent colds and flu with flavonoids and vitamin C. It makes perfect sense to have mulberries in your diet for avoiding illnesses like this can really take you down for an extended period of time.

Nobody wants to even get a sniffle, much less colds and flu. Think back to the last time you had the flu. Now if white mulberries could have helped you not go through such a terrible and miserable time, wouldn’t you have made sure you had them in your fridge beforehand? That’s what I thought! 🙂

5) Your Vision

Oh say can you see? Never take your eyesight for granted. Never. I sure don’t and neither should you. I’m sure that you’re aware of vitamin A and carrots that help your vision. So what can mulberries do for you? Well, they can help greatly with your eyesight. They can aid in the prevention of macular degeneration and cataracts because of their consistency of carotenoids.

In addition, mulberries offer protection against vision loss against the free radicals that can cause so many issues in your body if not kept in check. Unfortunately, the cells of your eyes can suffer from oxidative stress. But the zeaxanthin in mulberries can help to lessen your risks of this happening.

6) Lessen Risk of Cancer

This is something you really want to prevent from ever happening. As far as I’m concerned anything you can do or have in your diet that will keep you free of this horrendous disease is worth it! So what do mulberries have that makes them so powerful? Well, let’s start with anthocyanins that can aid in staving off cancer cells.

Next, they can help in fighting the spreading and growth of tumors and protect your body from this happening in the first place with the phytonutrients and antioxidants they provide. And then there’s resveratrol that’s inside mulberries which is powerful in fight against cancers such as skin, thyroid, prostate, and colon cancer.

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7) Immune System

Immune system

Your body and its health is protected and defended against diseases, viruses, bacteria, and a whole lots of other bad guys out to get you! You keep it strong and it will do the same for you. But if your immune system is compromised, you’re going to have trouble.

Mulberry leaf extract contains vitamin C is a huge part of fighting against disease. Give your body the edge over anything looking to invade your body and make mulberries part of your diet. They can be very healthy for you.

8) Stronger Bones

Your bones should be as strong as possible and this is a concern when you older because your bones can become brittle and you don’t want that. Mulberries can help to lessen your chances of developing bone disorders related to age such as osteoporosis. You can have the process of healing your bones be sped up by consuming mulberry leaf extract or mulberries themselves.

The reason they can make your bones stronger is because they contain calcium, vitamin K, and iron. But even though they don’t provide as much, they still consist of magnesium and phosphorous which aid in your bones becoming stronger as well.

9) Clean Blood

You want your blood to be clean and healthy too. So by making mulberries a part of your diet you can regularly help with the circulation of your blood and the cleaning as well. It aids in enriching your entire blood system and the relaxation of your nerves as well.

10) Weight Loss

Weight Loss Before and After image

Mulberries have so much to offer. They are low in sugar, low in calories, have a lot of fiber and this can all help lead you to losing weight. First, you don’t want sugar, especially if you have type 2 diabetes. With a low glycemic index of only 25, that makes it a great choice!

The fiber is what gives you that full feeling which is what you want instead of you eating unhealthy foods that will not help you to lose weight at all.

11) Your Liver

Your liver is another organ that is vital to your health. Mulberries have the ability to make your liver stronger. They also cleanse and “feed” the blood in your liver. Mulberries are beneficial because of their iron capacity too. Do whatever it takes to have a healthy liver.

12) Antioxidants

Mulberry leaf extract and mulberries consist of a large amount of antioxidants. One I mentioned before is resveratrol that acts as an antibiotic in natural form to help lessen your risk of a heart attack. Additionally it assists in maintaining a normal blood pressure.

13) Digestion

This is another function that’s extremely important. It’s fiber you’re looking for and mulberries can sure give you fiber. This helps you to avoid experiencing bloating, cramps, and of course constipation. By building up your stool, this assists in moving the food along through your digestive tract and this will lessen your chances of any of these things from occurring. Your stomach will thank you.

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Side Effects

  • An allergic reaction, but this is extremely rare
  • Low blood sugar (or hypoglycemia)

There really aren’t many side effects as far as mulberries and mulberry leaf extract go. The best thing you can do is check your blood sugars often. And of course the big tip is to check with your doctor with anything and everything that you are about to change. Better safe than sorry.

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In Conclusion

White Mulberry Leaf Extract Benefits for diabetes is a great choice to help you with your blood sugars and overall general health. Please don’t overdo it. That’s the key. Mulberries are a natural food with a low glycemic index that will not raise your blood sugars so they can benefit you in many ways.

Treating type 2 diabetes the natural way is one step at a time. Every little bit helps. This can really help you with your blood sugar, but make sure you check with your doctor first!

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  1. Definitely mulberry is one my best fruits, but I did not know that its leaf is so that important in human health. So happy I stumbled on your site great information that people have right here even though I was thought that plant food when it comes to providing immune-boosting and cancer-fighting are the top list.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Daniel, Mulberry leaf extract and any kind of mulberries are good for you. They provide excellent health benefits but are especially good for lowering blood sugar and treating type 2 diabetes. Spread the word because the more people that know about it the better! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Wow, I always love to hear about new, all natural health products. The Mulberry leaf extract looks fantastic. This would just be perfect for my Dad. I worry about his health because he is aging and I think he would benefit a lot from this.

    I do have a question though. How do you help someone who really does not want to change become healthier? As much as my Dad would benefit from mulberry leaf extract, I do not think he would take it on a regular basis without me there.

    Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Hi Alex, Mulberry Leaf Extract is awesome! It helps diabetics by lowering their blood glucose levels. I don’t think anyone can force anyone else to do something they don’t want to do. But while mulberries are only one of many ways to treat diabetes, there are many options here on my website that help with treating diabetes the natural way and also being beneficial for your overall health in general.
      Maybe if he read some of the articles here might help? That’s all I can tell ya! Good luck and thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I remember mulberries back when I was a kid too. I never thought they were so healthy for you until now. I guess when you have diabetes and other diseases you look for help in other ways and mulberry leaf extract and mulberries do just that. It’s great to know that these can be very healthy for you. If you haven’t started already, it’s time to add mulberries to your diet. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. Oh wow Rob,
    loved your post, its very informative. There are so many people out there that have Blood sugar problems, but whats so awesome about this product is that its not only for Blood sugar problems, it covers a wide verity of ailments. I am definitively going to try some as I am a type 2
    I have shared your post as well
    Thanks again for your great post
    Take care & have a awesome day

    • Hi Devlyn 🙂 Thank you so much! There are so many ways and so many products that can help us to lower blood sugars naturally. Mulberry leaf extract just happens to be one of them. What I like about it and which is why I write about it, is that it also provides so many other health benefits and that’s what we need to stay healthy. Thank you for sharing my post and be healthy Devlyn 🙂

  4. Hey Rob, great article on mulberries…..lot of great benefits especially for diabetes, and you did an excellent job of covering all of the benefits. I love berries, any kind of berries…don’t you? I have a couple of domestic blackberry vines in my backyard I planted 7 or 8 years ago and they make like crazy. I usually end up canning blackberry preserves to to have for the entire year.

    • Hey Terry, Thank you! I love any kind of berry because they are the best fruits to treat type 2 diabetes because they have the lowest glycemic index levels which means the least amount of sugar. Mulberry leaf extract is a wonderful choice to lower those blood sugars. That’s awesome that you have your own vines in your backyard too! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Hi Rob. I don’t suffer from Diabetes but I do have bone density issues. I have Osteoporosis and need to strengthen my bones. When I read through your article I noticed that the Mulberry Leaf extract you discussed helps to strengthen them. I will be trying them out for sure. Jim

    • Hey Jim 🙂 Glad you don’t suffer from diabetes. But bone issues can be troublesome too and mulberry leaf extract can sure be beneficial for your bones. It’s important as we get older to be careful when it comes to protecting our bones. Thanks for sharing Jim! 🙂

    • Hi Jim, It’s good that you don’t suffer from diabetes but bone density issues are something to be addressed too and mulberry leaf extract can help with that. Osteoporosis is something that you can’t avoid sometimes. Try the mulberry leaf extract! Good luck and thanks for your comments! 🙂

  6. I am presently on 500 mg of metformin twice a day and my blood sugars are somewhat stable around 5.5 to 8. My A1C is 6.5. I would like to try the mulberry leaf extract. Should I forego the metformin to try the extract? I do not think it would be safe to use both. What do you suggest?


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