What is the Paleohacks Cookbook? – Awesome Recipes for Diabetics

If you follow the Paleo Diet and have diabetes, you’ll benefit from the Paleohacks Cookbook Review. There are several awesome recipes for you as a diabetic or not. Following the Paleo Diet is really beneficial for you when you have diabetes. What is the Paleohacks Cookbook? Let’s see what you think about the recipes.

Brief Review of The Paleohacks Cookbook

Product: The Paleohacks Cookbook

Author: Paleohacks Community

Price: $12.95 USD digital download

Money back guarantee: Yes

Refund Policy: 60 days

Official site: https://www.paleorecipeteam.com/cook-book.html

Personal rating: 9.7 out of 10

Let’s Define The Paleohacks Cookbook

Paleohacks Cookbooks

The Paleo Diet is one of the healthiest ways for us to eat and be healthy today. And while there are some that feel it may not be the easiest diet to follow, it certainly may be the most successful diet. That’s what is important if you want to lose weight, lower your blood sugar, treat type 2 diabetes and just being healthy! Just how does the Paleohacks Cookbook help?

The Paleohacks Cookbook is a digital E-book that you download which contains more than 200 recipes. These recipes follow along with the Paleo Diet and they are awesome! You will love the taste because the recipes are not “boring” at all and they are delicious. If you have problems with having the ability to cook or even the time to cook, you will find that these aren’t issues  with the Paleohacks Cookbook.

This E-book covers the four main categories of your daily meals. Recipes are for your main meals, snacks, salads, and of course desserts. (You can’t leave desserts out, right?) The recipes are easy even for folks who aren’t cooks and you don’t have to be a gourmet chef 🙂 For me I often have steak and vegetables or chicken and vegetables and the recipes for these meals are perfect for you.

The book mixes foods up so that you’re not having the same old “ho hum” meals each day. Don’t you get tired of eating the same thing all the time and especially if it isn’t healthy for you? Do you have diabetes? Don’t you always feel like there aren’t too many delicious foods that you can eat anymore? Diabetes isn’t a life sentence if you eat the right foods. This cookbook is going to help you.

The Paleo Diet is just about the healthiest diet you can follow. The Paleohacks Cookbook is just going to help you and make your life a lot easier. It is going to provide you with information on how to include healthy foods and recipes into your diet and make them a permanent lifestyle eating change for you. An important point to note is that none of the recipes contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or processed foods.

As per the Paleo Diet there are options to vegetables, meat, healthy oils, and nuts. How long do you want to live? Shave years off your life with unhealthy eating or add years with a healthy diet and a bright future? Well the team at Paleohacks Cookbook have comprised an excellent style and recipe book that will make a difference in your life.

Some of the problems with the Paleo Diet is that most folks think and believe that you have to just eat vegetables and meat and that your whole life is b-o-r-i-n-g when it comes to eating.

It’s not that way with the Paleohacks Cookbook. And you aren’t counting calories either because none of us like doing that, right? But these recipes will fit into your diet perfectly.

There are many people who follow the Paleo diet and are successful but some are not because they do get tired of the same old foods that they must eat to be healthy. This is the diet to follow if you want to lose weight, control your diabetes, and just be healthy. But now it can be much better with the Paleohacks Cookbook.

Here’s What’s Included in Your Paleohacks Cookbook:

The PaleoHacks Cookbook

Over 125 Full-Color, Mouth-Watering Recipes with a guide that helps you with planning and referring to for sources for reference.

The PaleoHacks 30-Day Jumpstart

This is a 30 day offer for you to begin the program as a starter trial which helps you in the transition of adapting a new and healthier lifestyle.

The Eating Out-Paleo at Restaurants Guide

It’s very difficult to follow a diet plan when dining out. This guide suggests “sample” meals that you are able to order when eating out. It also advises which ones to avoid.

The Paleo Foods and Fails Guide

The Paleo 4X Cookbook

This section contains 65 recipes that you will find rather effortless in preparing.

And the One-Month Paleo Meal Plan

This entails 30 days of planning with recipes of 125 meals, soups, snacks, and more.

The Pros:

  • The Paleohacks Cookbook comes with a 60 day money back guarantee but I’m sure that you will be satisfied with everything that it has to offer.
  • The instructions are extremely easy to understand with great details.
  • Hundreds of recipes that include all meals of the day and are extremely delicious and easy to prepare. Even the desserts make things better.
  • This book is designed for everyone including folks on the Paleo diet who need more help and additional choices for different foods and recipes.
  • This bundle comes with 6 additional books on Paleo that are even more helpful.

The Cons:

  • There really aren’t any negative reviews at this time that I am aware of. The only “down” side is that you have to put in the time to prepare them which isn’t terrible.
  • Images would make it a better book, but not a deal breaker at all.
  • Information overload. There really is a lot of recipes and information in the book. Take it one step at a time.

Winner or Loser?

I only see The Paleohacks Cookbook as a total winner! There is no way you can lose here in my opinion. You get The Paleohacks Cookbook plus 6 other bonus books for $12.95! This is awesome.

This covers the recipes in the cookbook and that alone is worth the price of admission. But you will be getting a total of seven books with a 60 day money back guarantee. Click below to order The Paleohacks Cookbook and see the other 6 books you get for free.

Paleohacks Cookbooks


Over 125 Full-Color, Mouth-Watering Recipes


The Eating Out-Paleo at Restaurants Guide


The Paleo 4X Cookbook



  • Great for diabetics
  • Instructions are extremely easy to understand
  • Hundreds of recipes


  • Images would make it a better book
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Rob Sciubba

Rob Sciubba - Founder of NaturalWaystoLowerBloodSugar.com

Rob is an blogger who has type 2 diabetes and wants to spread the word treating diabetes. For the past 3 years he has provided valuable information about diabetes and lowering blood sugars and continues to offer additional ways to treat diabetes.

If you’re serious about treating your diabetes and lowering your blood sugars the natural ways, then you will learn from his website.

20 thoughts on “What is the Paleohacks Cookbook? – Awesome Recipes for Diabetics”

  1. Hi Rob,

    My diet has always been a challenge for me to eat healthier. I have been considering the Paleo diet for a few months now. I didn’t realize there could be so many recipes!

    I’m now kind of excited to get involved with it and change my health for the better. I know it might be tough for me to get started but having some guidance for good recipes is probably all I am missing.

    I’ll grab a copy of this and see how it goes. Let me know if you come across anymore good cookbooks like this.

    Thanks, Shaun

    • Hey Shaun,

      The Paleo diet is great for diabetics. It’s a little hard at first but it takes a little getting used to. 

      But the benefits are great. The Paleohacks Cookbook is a wonderful compliment to the Paleo diet.

      There are over 200 awesome recipes in this book! It’s definitely worth picking up if you’re on the Paleo diet too.

      Thanks Shaun! Let me know how you like the Cookbook!


  2. Having a diabetes in my family I am always looking for more healthy recipes. These book seems like a great option to start with! I did paleo for some time but in the end I just prefer eating clean and not eating sugar on everyday basis even though once in a while I have a cheat meal.
    Cooking new recipes is fun so I am looking forward to learning more.
    Thank you for a great article!

    • Hey Andrea 🙂

      The Paleo diet is great especially for diabetes but I’ll admit that it isn’t the easiest diet to follow.

      But it is effective and The Paleohacks Cookbook is a perfect addition to the Paleo Diet.

      The over 200 recipes are delicious and help you with following the Paleo Diet.

      Thanks Andrea for your comments!



  3. Excellent post about Paleohacks Cook Book. You will be having many people clicking through. What I like is that you explained what is exactly Paleohacks Cook Book instead of sending your reader to PaleoHacks landing page. This is a very good strategy.
    Having in mind how popular is this product and with your great review, I am sure you will have a lot of conversions.

    • Hey Alex,

      I just happen to feel that this cookbook is excellent and the recipes are awesome! It’s a great addition to the Paleo Diet and I think everyone would enjoy it.

      I always feel that providing a review on something I believe in is important. I want the consumer to know my personal feelings and that of others as well.

      Thank you so much for your insight!



  4. Hi Rob,
    Great review for this cookbook. I often find that getting the evening meal ready can be stressful if I can’t think of what to cook, even though I’ve accessed lots of recipes online, I think having specifically paleo recipes available through this resource will help in alleviating my ‘what to do for dinner’ stress :). Thanks for the helpful insights for this book.

    • Hi Kat 🙂 Thank you! The Paleo Diet is excellent for people with type 2 diabetes. So it’s very helpful when you have a cookbook such as this that consists of so many delicious and tasty recipes. And with diabetes, sometimes you get bored of the same dishes all the time.
      I hope that others can find the recipes and material in this book helpful. My wife does the cooking and she loves the book! Thank you for sharing!

  5. As someone who struggles with my weight (I look at food and the scale goes up), I’ve come to realize it’s all about blood sugar management and this looks like a great tool to help that and create tasty meals! I look forward to the recipes and the 30 day plan. Let’s face it, if someone can plan it for me, I’m much more likely to be successful!

    • Hi Christina 🙂 I hear ya when it comes to the weight struggle. The Paleo diet is great for diabetics and if you are on the Paleo diet, the Paleohacks cookbook is awesome! Great recipes and your diabetes controlled with this cookbook! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Honestly, I’m not big on diets. On top of that – I’m a horrible cook!
    I’ve been looking for a nice, quality cookbook that will improve me for some time now.
    Your article makes it perfectly clear that I’ve just found what I’ve been looking for!
    You can always try and be more healthy if you have the right resources to guide you.
    Thank you so much for sharing that!

    • Hi!,
      I’m not a big diet person either but anything that has to do with fruits and vegetables is the way to go, diet or not.
      The Paleo diet is one that I feel is excellent and the Paleohacks Cookbook has excellent recipes for the diet.

      Even not being on the Paleo Diet, the recipes are very healthy and good for you.
      Thank you for your insight 🙂

  7. I’ve tried the Paleo diet before and have had success in feeling better and losing weight. I found it very hard to be consistent though because I ran out of ideas to mix up my menu enough for the family…so we got into a rut.

    I think the Paleohacks cookbook would make it easier to stick with this program because i won’t have to struggle to come up with a new dinner menu on my own.

    I’m glad to see the addition of the Paleo Desserts guide and also the eating out restaurant guide.

    • Hi Tim,

      I know the Paleo Diet may not be the easiest diet to follow but if you can, you will be successful with losing weight and that helps with controlling diabetes.

      The Paleohacks cookbook is a an awesome compliment to the Paleo Diet and does help with the recipes it provides.

      It is hard sometimes to come up with meal plans but the cookbook does offer a guide to eating out and the desserts as well.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  8. Great post and good info!

    This is something for me and my wife, because her dad has diabetes and he isn’t too much aware of it, or let us say, he doesn’t care that he has it.

    So we will buy this book and care for his health, and we will see what he eats.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

    • Hey Emmanuel,

      Thanks! The Paleo Diet is great for people with type 2 diabetes. Following this diet makes life easier to cope with diabetes.

      It’s a shame that he doesn’t care about diabetes because as long as you control it you can live a normal life. The Paleohacks cookbook has awesome recipes to help diabetics!

      I hope you do get this cookbook for him because he will be thankful for it!

      Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  9. I love the fact that this book of recipes is a four in one book covering healthier eating, weight loss, and lowering of blood sugar. It also helps in treating type 2 diabetes. Awesome! But to do all this I must understand the Paleo diet. Is it like the keto diet? What is the difference between keto diet and paleo diet? 

    • Hi Juliet 🙂

      This Paleohacks cookbook is outstanding! I got this for my wife because she’s an awesome cook and we both have diabetes and are on the Paleo diet.

      And it does cover weight loss, healthier eating, and lowering blood sugar with its’ excellent recipes!

      The Paleo and Keto diets are similar but here’s the difference: The ketogenic diet focuses on manipulating the three macronutrients, which are fat, carbs and protein for those keeping score. The Paleo diet is more about the food choices. You eliminate dairy, grains and processed foods, but balance the macronutrients any way you want.

      I hope this clears up the differences for you! Thank you for your interest!

  10. This is a great review of the Paleo Hacks Cookbook!!. A long time ago I used be quite overweight. However I lost all of it and its all thanks to the Paleo diet. So I figured it will be a great thing to have a cook book for the diet. Moreover I like the fact that it comes with other great cook books on paleo diet and it’s all at a great price, so it’s actually a steal!!!

    This has really been helpful!! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Thank you! Losing weight is never easy and with the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes, it’s important to follow a diet that works in losing weight and avoiding diabetes.

      The Paleo Diet is perfect for diabetics and the Paleohacks cookbook compliments the Paleo diet for sure.

      There are excellent recipes in this cookbook that can really add to the Paleo diet! It’s reasonably priced and worth it!

      Thanks so much for sharing!


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