Treat Sciatica Now Review – Stop Your Sciatica in 8 Minutes

If you’re suffering from back pain related to sciatica and you have diabetes, you may be interesting in knowing that diabetes may be the cause of your sciatica. The treat sciatica now review can help you in stopping your sciatica in only 8 minutes.

Brief Review of Treat Sciatica Now

  • Product: Treat Sciatica Now-Stop Your Sciatica in 8 Minutes
  • Author/creator: Steven Guo
  • Price: $37.00 USD
  • Money back guarantee: Yes
  • Refund policy: 60 days
  • Official site:
  • Purchase option: E-book download
  • Personal rating: 9.3 out of 10

Contents of This E-book

  • Contains methods step by step of treating sciatica in 7 days
  • Detailed descriptions of therapies available for sciatica treatment
  • Causes and symptoms of sciatica
  • Lumbar herniated disc
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Pregnancy
  • Sacroiliac joint injury


  • There are no surgeries.
  • No worries about side effects.
  • Absolutely safe.
  • No strenuous exercises involved that are time consuming and cause back pain.
  • Holistic treatment method specially developed by Steven Guo to re-establish completely the function of the sciatic nerve and eliminate soreness from the sciatic nerve at the same time.
  • E-book download, no shipping costs


  • Not available in video format
  • May not work for everyone

You only need 8 minutes a day for a week so it works very quickly. That’s not a lot of time to spare to get back to a normal life and walk and feel better without pain and soreness. You can cure your sciatica without surgery or long, drawn out strenuous exercises that can possibly make your condition worse.

The treatment is easy and no pain comes from it, just relief. The “workouts” are easy and there is not a lot of time that you need to complete them. Nothing expensive and no constant doctor appointments and it works.

Treat sciatica now

The answer to sciatica is in the form of this outstanding e-book. There are a great deal of reviews from satisfied people who have gotten relief from their sciatic pain once and for all. You can be reading the answers to your prayers about treating sciatica now immediately. Nobody wants to experience the pain that sciatica give give.

Sciatic pain is more than unbearable. That shooting pain from your back down your legs is not something any one person should suffer through. And any back pain for that matter is something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

Sciatica can happen for a variety of reasons such as: herniated discs and spinal stenosis and most sciatica derives from inflammation and treatments can include medications, physical therapies and exercises. Pain is the worst, but you can also have numbness in the feet as I did. Other options could be acupuncture and holistic methods. You have to look at all your options.

Treat sciatica now is the answer to your sciatic pain. I thought it might be difficult but it wasn’t. But everyone is different. I think when you are in pain and/or numbness long enough that it is beyond being unbearable, you’re willing to do or try anything. I was at that point.

Instead of having pain and discomfort as part of your daily routine, you can exchange it for relief and comfort by the treatments in this e-book. The treatments will become part of your daily activities to help you live a more comfortable and happier life, both physically and mentally.

You will find that only 8 minutes a day is all the time you have to put in for relief and comfort. Can you imagine what it’s like to NOT feel pain or numbness again when you’re so used to living with it? Take the step by step methods Steven Guo advises. After all? What have you got to lose? Pain? Agony?

My Final Thoughts

Everyone’s health is important and being pain free helps you lead a much better life. This could be the end of your searching for ending pain for your sciatica. I’m glad my search is over.

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Treat Sciatica Now


Details of causes and symptoms of sciatica


Contains methods step by step of treating sciatica in 7 days


Detailed descriptions of therapies available for sciatica treatment



  • Holistic treatment method
  • There are no surgeries
  • E-book download, no shipping costs


  • Not available in video format

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14 thoughts on “Treat Sciatica Now Review – Stop Your Sciatica in 8 Minutes”

  1. Great post. I recently went on a course at work on manual handling and one of the causes of bad manual handling was sciatica and how it affects your legs.

    Reading your blog has given me a further insight on this which is very useful. I will certainly point people to your website if I know of anyone that has sciatica.

    • Sciatica is terrible. Any pain at all is no fun. Back pain seems to be about the worst. Numbness in the feet is so uncomfortable as well. I try and keep my blood sugars down too because that can affect everything in your body including back or sciatic pain. Finally, Treat sciatica now can treat the pain without strenuous exercises or surgery!

  2. I don’t have sciatica pain but I do have some nerve issues in my feet. It seems like it gets worse when my diet is poor (lots of sugar or processed foods).

    I used to be a dancer and a lot of my dancer friends complained about sciatica pain. This seems like a really useful book. 8 minutes a day for a week is totally doable!

    • Sciatica is so bad. I had back pain and for years was seeing a chiropractor. When I started to get numbness in my feet, I thought it was related to my diabetes but it was related to my back. So I am passionate about keeping diabetes in check and Treat sciatica now and this helped me immensely.

  3. Does this book say anything about how to do the exercise while pregnant? My daughter in law is pregnant and have issues with her sciatica. Are the exercises safe while pregnant?
    My father in law is also in pain. I am going to recommend this book to him.
    Thank you!

    • First I hope your father in law will no longer be in pain. As I have done the exercises, they are not anything strenuous so my opinion is that your daughter in law would not have a problem and the book mentions pregnancy but nothing about any conflicts or issues. I hope that her sciatic pain will be a thing of the past as well.

  4. As my family has a long long history with blood sugar levels and because the rat race makes us forgetting ourselves sometimes and now paying real attention to what our body needs, I found that your advice and recommendations for ways treating sciatica in 7 days are very helpful. I liked your recommendations in the past to most definitely I’m going to dig deeper into it. thank you.

    • Treating blood sugars today seems to be the norm. And sciatica is a real problem with so many people. If you’ve ever experienced sciatica, the Treat Sciatica Now program is a must. 8 minutes a day is what you need to turn it around and end the back pain once and for all.

  5. Wow. I never thought it was curable. Actually my aunt has the same problem. And in every few days she has the same problems. She has tried so much of everything from exercises to medications.
    But ultimately it is as it is. Finally I found something of useful. Thank you

    • Sciatica is a big problem and extremely painful. It affects your whole life. It seems that folks try so many things such as exercise and medications and some are successful and some are not. Treat sciatica now will help with just 8 minutes a day! I hope this helps your aunt.

  6. As some families have a long history with glucose levels and in light of the fact that the rat race makes them overlook themselves in some cases and now giving careful consideration to what body needs, I found that your recommendation and proposals for ways treating sciatica in 7 days are exceptionally useful. I preferred your proposals in the post to most unquestionably will dive further into it. Much obliged to you.

    • It’s important to check and control blood sugar levels. But there can be connections between diabetes and back pain such as sciatica. Sciatica is very common and painful to say the least. Treat sciatica now has been a tremendous help in my sciatica problem.

  7. This looks like it could be well worth a try. I had a herniated L4-L5 several years ago and nerve pain that I could trace down my right leg to my foot. People kept telling me I needed to get out and exercise, just one problem…exercise is hard when your leg feels like it’s on fire from running to the end of the block.

    You’re so right about being “willing to try anything.” Chiropractors, acupuncture, physical therapy, and finally a neurosurgeon that did a microdiscectomy…and then the disc re-herniated after surgery. I got enough relief to be able to exercise again, so I may give this a shot and see if it can help with hold off the nerve pain that I still get from time to time.

    • I know all about having herniated disks. My wife had sciatica too years ago. So when you try so many different things and nothing helps, you do try anything that can help. Treat Sciatica Now is only 8 minutes a day and will give you better results than anything you’re ever tried before. Thank you for your comments!


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