Marine Phytoplankton Reviews – Beneficial for Diabetes & Your Health!

Are you familiar with marine phytoplankton? It’s the healthiest food on the planet and so beneficial for your health, especially if you have diabetes. In the marine phytoplankton reviews, I’ve reviewed three different brands of marine phytoplankton for you.

Brief Review of Marine Phytoplankton

So why is this superfood the healthiest on the planet? And it can help with diabetes too? Marine phytoplankton comes from the ocean and produces 90% of all the oxygen in the world. Marine phytoplankton will provide your body with everything that it needs. You will be totally amazed at the results that you will experience. This plant food is like no other that you have ever had before.

Let me explain in detail. You are NOT going to want to miss this. First off, it is rare and comes from the ocean and how many foods in the ocean are healthy for you, maybe like ALL of them? Okay, this is no different except for the fact that Blue whales live to be 100 years old or older and their main diet is? It’s Marine Phytoplankton. Do you wonder now why they do live so long? Let’s start with diabetes:


Marine phytoplankton works to make sure that you have less sugar in your bloodstream. It produces great results with treating diabetes symptoms such as your appetite, excessive thirst, and of course the constant urination. It boosts your immune system and also is powerful in your body fighting against insulin resistance. When your immune system is compromised as a diabetic, you must be careful when you contract sickness such as the flu, getting a cold, or infections.

One thing to be very aware of is that taking marine phytoplankton is going to lower your blood glucose levels and you must monitor your blood sugar often because marine phytoplankton works and you don’t want dangerously low blood sugar levels. Always check with your physician before you start anything new. This could affect your medications as well.

It’s very difficult to find a food that can provide all of the essential nutrients that your body needs and this is being called the new superfood that consists of 9 amino acids that your body cannot make itself. Marine Phytoplankton has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. For more detailed information about diabetes and marine phytoplankton click here.

Just a few of many benefits marine phytoplankton offers:

  • Controlling and regulating of your blood sugar
  • Improvement of your concentration and your memory
  • Supports your detox system
  • Heart beneficial
  • Provides ultra energy
  • Boost your skin tone
  • Excellent vision improvement
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Asthma
  • Inflammation reduction (This is HUGE!)
  • Shortened illnesses

Marine Phytoplankton- The 3 Best Products Available

Product #1: Phytolife Marine Phytoplankton

Price: $29.54 USD

Size: 90 Capsules

Guarantee: Yes-100% Money Back Guarantee

Personal Rating: 9 out of 10

Phytolife Marine Phytoplankton (My Personal Choice)

This awesome supplement will provide your body with every nutrient it requires. It is unique from the others because it is grown in Germany and consist of NO artificial contaminants. Phytolife is produced by Mr. Ros and is the most superior form of potent Marine Phytoplankton available today.

It provides so many benefits for your body that you have to see it to believe it. You can begin to feel effects in a couple of days, if not sooner. You can take between 3-6 capsules daily. You WILL feel the difference.

This particular phytoplankton is highly concentrated and is a single strain. While Phytolife is the top quality strain that is second to none, it might be considered to a bit on the expensive side. Personally, I believe that if something is going to change my health, my life, and diabetes for the better, then I’m not going to put a price on it because at $31.95 my health is worth way more than that.

There were 141 Amazon reviews for Phytolife Marine Phytoplankton at the time of writing this review.

Click HERE to see all the customer reviews.

I found mostly positive comments, but of course there are some negative points about everything, true? One individual stated that they didn’t feel this could work a miracle and didn’t think there was difference after they took it. Another person was hoping for a boost of energy and hadn’t experienced any change yet although they had only started a few days ago.

Those comments didn’t stop me from buying the Phytolife Marine Phytoplankton because there were other comments that were 88% on the positive side. For instance, One satisfied person declared that her grandmother had been healed from hypertension and diabetes from taking Marine Phytoplankton.

This company states that they provide 1000% Plankton and they do! And there was this happy camper who claimed that since they started taking Phytolife, had lost a few pounds, wasn’t hungry all the time, had more energy, and that their blood glucose had come down.

Bottom Line

While I tried the other two products, maybe I didn’t give them enough time to work. But I always go with the odds and the fact is that Phytolife Marine Phytoplankton had a high percentage of positive reviews and that’s why it’s my personal choice of all three products here.


Product #2: Oceans Alive Raw Phytoplankton

Price: $35.45 USD

Size: 10 fluid ounces

Guarantee: Yes-100% Money Back Guarantee

Personal Rating: 8.7 out of 10

Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton

I discovered Oceans Alive many years ago and started taking it. I was so intrigued by what it could do. After all, a food that provides everything your body could need? Why not? You could experience results because this phytoplankton is made up of cells that are single which can divert the digestive system and your liver. For me, I somehow lost my interest with Oceans Alive and I believe it’s because I didn’t give it enough time to produce effects for me.

Watch the Video Below for More About Oceans Alive

Marine phytoplankton can give you optimal performance, improve your brain function, and endurance from more energy provided to your muscles because of higher oxygen intake from the marine phytoplankton. I would take it by putting it under my tongue and holding for half a minute before swallowing. The phytoplankton are alive and moving (but you can’t see them with the naked eye). I didn’t find the taste that bad and not expensive based on what it can do. It is worth it.

There were 102 Amazon reviews at the time of writing this review. Click HERE to see all of the customer reviews.

While most of the comments were positive, there were some folks who weren’t satisfied. One unhappy person declared that they threw it out because they didn’t like the taste of it at all and it made them gag. A second person just didn’t like seafood and fish, so anything that gave off a fishy kind of smell wasn’t for them.

But on the other side of the coin, 83% of folks had a good things to say about Oceans Alive. One person who was content had been taking Oceans Alive for about two weeks and noticed a difference in the function of their brain after taking it for just a couple of days. Another who was satisfied said that they felt they had more energy than before and made Oceans Alive a part of their life for good.

Bottom Line

Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton is my second choice because while it still provides all the benefits for your body, it works differently for everyone. Even though I still choose my #1 choice of Phytolife, Oceans Alive would be a close second. It is a just a bit cheaper than Phytolife but not by much. There still are many good reviews for this product.



Product#3: UMAC-Core Marine Phytoplankton

Price: $23.02 USD

Size: 90 Veggie Capsules

Guarantee: Yes-100% Money Back Guarantee

Personal Rating: 8 out of 10

UMAC- Core Marine Phytoplankton

Not all algae are phytoplankton and this is important to know. But all phytoplankton are algae. UMAC needs to fuel detoxification and your metabolism and it does this with its’ anti-inflammatory micronutrients and powerful contents of  antioxidants. The cells that produce energy for you are the Mitochondria and through photosynthesis, UMAC phytoplankton helps with this process.

UMAC Core is able to provide a powerful and huge variety of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that make this an outstanding food source. It also provides solar energy that supplies fuel to encourage life. Phytoplankton grow in vast amounts all over the oceans and are the basis for food for marine life. Blue whales live to be between 100-150 years old. Blue whales eat phytoplankton. Do you see the connection here? It makes total sense.

There were 80 Amazon reviews at the time of writing this review. Click HERE to see all of the customer reviews.

There aren’t as many positive comments about UMAC-Core, and there are more negative points such as this very dissatisfied individual who added that it honestly wasn’t worth spending their money. When I researched marine phytoplankton, I found that UMAC-Core was not the product I had hoped for. Another disgruntled comment claimed that this UMAC-Core did absolutely nothing for me.

So let’s give you examples of those who did like UMAC-Core. This person seemed very content by saying that they have used this product for quite some time now and they swear by it. The health benefits it provides is way more than I expected.

Well, they appear to be sure of their purchase. This person sure knew what they liked because the declared they were happy with a product of such excellent quality and they would order again.

Bottom Line

While everyone has their opinions about what works and what doesn’t work, UMAC-Core is the cheapest of the 3 products and may work well for some. I feel that you get what you pay for. That’s why this is my third choice out of the 3 marine phytoplanktons.  But the bottom line is that they are all excellent choices for your health.

In Conclusion

I hope you decide on Marine Phytoplankton because no matter which one you choose, it can and WILL be better for your health, especially your diabetes. Please share on social media below and forward this to others who need help and please leave any questions or comments you may have below. I would love to interact with you. Thank you for reading!

Phytolife Marine Phytoplankton


1000% Plankton


Superior with excellent health benefits


Naturally boosts energy and performance of your immune system



  • A lot of additional energy and spontaneous action
  • Helps with diabetes and blood pressure
  • Health and supporting your mind and body


  • A bit expensive

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Rob Sciubba

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Rob is an blogger who has type 2 diabetes and wants to spread the word treating diabetes. For the past 3 years he has provided valuable information about diabetes and lowering blood sugars and continues to offer additional ways to treat diabetes.

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  1. This is really great- I had no idea that this product was even on the market. Is this something that you can take every day as long as you want, or is there a time limit (like a few weeks for example)? Can you get all the benefits with one purchase or will it take a few?

    • Hey Benji, This is an unbelievable product! I had taken one of them years ago and stopped for some unknown reason. I believe I didn’t give it enough time. Nothing happens immediately, but marine phytoplankton is the basis for 90% of the world’s oxygen. I take the pure form now and I can already feel the difference! Once you purchase one, you will definitely want to keep taking it! What a difference! It does take some time but after a few weeks you will feel the difference! And if you’re a diabetic, this can change your life! Thanks for your comments!

  2. My father has high blood pressure so i think this would be a good supplement to add to his diet. Thank you for sharing this valuable information which i will truly keep in mind 🙂

    • Hey Zulfan, Marine Phytoplankton is the perfect food and will give your body everything it needs. I am spreading the word everywhere I can because this superfood can benefit your body and I’m not a doctor but I’ll bet it helps your father with his high blood pressure. Let me know if he does try it. I’m really interested in anyone giving Marine Phytoplankton a try and their results! Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

  3. That’s amazing! It sounds like this would be an awesome tool for losing weight as well. I am so glad you wrote this article. Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Dave 🙂 Marine Phytoplankton is amazing! There isn’t anything this superfood can’t do it seems. It gives you such a great feeling too when you take it. I tried skipping one day and I felt lousy and then went back to taking it the next day and like magic I felt great! If you want to feel energetic and healthier then give this a try. I’m serious! Here’s a link to a website where there are MANY testimonials for marine phytoplankton. Click HERE! thanks for your comments!

  4. My mother can definitely benefit from it. I really like that it can also detox the system. However how long later we can see some positive results?

    • Hi Furkan, I’m sure that she can benefit from marine phytoplankton. It has every nutrient that no other food contains to detox your body. As far as results go, it depends on which one you choose and everyone is different but I would expect that you would see results fairly quickly within a week or two. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi Rob. Thanks for this interesting article. I was really interested in the fact that taking Marine Phytoplankton can help with concentration, something I drastically need. Also, I just wondered if it can help Diabetic 1 sufferers in any way? Jim

    • Hey Jim 🙂 You’re welcome! Marine Phytoplankton should help you with concentration because that’s one of the benefits you should experience at first. I remember the first day or two I started taking the Phytolife Marine Phytoplankton, I felt more energy and things were clearer! It helps with everything including lowering your blood sugars which is why I check mine all the time and hopefully medications will be a thing of the past thanks to marine phytoplankton! Thanks for your comments!

  6. What an amazing supplement to add to your diet, I love using natural products over man made medicines. So happy to have come across this information, I’ll certainly be giving this a try. Thankyou!

    • Hi Billy 🙂 This is the most amazing food I’ve ever come across. When I read that blue whales live to be 150 years old because they eat marine phytoplankton, I said, “Count me in!” The feeling you get when you take this is just indescribable. You have energy and feel so good and it can help with any ailments because it is the most natural and nutritious food available.You have to try this to believe it! Thanks for your comments!

  7. I think this would be a wonderful supplement to add to mine and my husbands diets as I am pre diabetic and he is diabetic. My biggest concern is that he has an allergy to ALL sea food. Fish, shrimp, lobster all of it closes his airway. Is there a way we can find out if this would do the same to him? Maybe a dr can run an allergy test or something?

    • Hi Maryann 🙂 This would be an excellent supplement for your husband and yourself whether you have diabetes or not. This will help change your life! And if you want to treat your diabetes and pre-diabetes then Marine Phytoplankton is your answer. The good news is that yes he CAN have marine phytoplankton because it is not a seafood, it is a plant food! Click here to find out! Let me know how you love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Hi Rob, thank you for a great review of Marine Phytoplankton.

    I have been hearing this term (Marine Phytoplankton) for a few years now and never really understood what it was so I decided to do some research and I landed on your site.

    Now that I understand Marine Phytoplankton a little better I think it’s time to try this product and see the benefits for myself! I am going to order 2 months supply, I think this should be long enough to feel the benefits of this product.

    • Hi Moni! Thank you for reading my review. I am passionate about marine phytoplankton and the benefits it provides for every ailment for every person. I cannot believe how this product makes me feel more energy, more alive, less fatigued, and overall feeling awesome! I think it’s great that you’re going to try it! You must let me know what your results are! Thanks Moni for your comments 🙂

  9. I love reading about natural way to cures different diseases. Thank you so much for sharing this gem of wisdom with us. I was wondering, how often do you have to take it for best results (one a day or different times throughout the day?)

    • Hi Carmen 🙂 Marine phytoplankton is the best food for your health…ever! You just have to feel what it’s like after you take it and your body responds to it with more energy and a calm peaceful feeling. It helps with every issue you can think of. Phytolife Marine Phytoplankton is the one I take and I take 2 capsules 2 times a day, once in the morning and once at dinner time. Powerful! Thank you for your insight! 🙂

  10. This is an excellent review on Marine phytoplankton. It is a nice thing too that taking marine phytoplankton is going to lower our blood glucose levels.

    What does a diabetes patient need to know more about this?

    You have also included Amazon a place to buy and the cost.

    Thanks for sharing this useful information.
    All the best.

    • Hi Phomrong, Thank you! I wanted to present 3 different Marine Phytoplankton products to give the best choice to choose from. It will lower your blood glucose levels and the one thing that you must look out for is to monitor your sugars often because you don’t want your blood sugars getting too low. Also check with your doctor first. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing some great information. I wasn’t aware that this was available. It was interesting to read that although it helps with regulating your blood sugar, but has some other great benefits like helping inflammation. My grandma has rheumatoid arthritis and I wondered would this help her if she started taking it.

    • Hey Mark, Marine phytoplankton is not very well known but my goal is to spread the news here and through social media and anyway I can because this superfood is awesome! Among all the things that is beneficial for, reducing inflammation is about the best because that’s the key with everything else including lowering blood sugars, losing weight, and it will help your grandma with her rheumatoid arthritis! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Hi Rob
    Thank you for sharing this great article.
    I have learned so much about Marine Phytoplankton.

    I had no idea such a supplement exist until now. I was pleased that it cures inflammation.

    I have a good friend who has been suffering from a severe form of arthritis and I hope to suggest this supplement to her. You never know it could help. Conventional medicine has failed to give her the much-needed relief she is after.

    I will come back to get more enlightenment on natural healing. It is so important that we avoid the chemicals that keep continuing to ruining our health and environment.

    Best wishes

    • Hello Rabia 🙂 This is a superfood that everyone in the world should know about. there is sso much pain and suffering and disease in the world. Marine Phytoplankton can help to change all that.
      This isn’t really a supplement. It’s a superfood and it can be VERY beneficial for your health. In fact, here is a link to testimonials that people have experienced from marine phytoplankton. Click HERE. After reading this, you will want to get marine phytoplankton! Thank you for commenting 🙂

  13. Hey,
    I didn’t know Marine Phytoplankton is so good for you! I usually don’t like food from the ocean but it seems that I should start lol.
    Great article, Thanks

    • Hi Emma, I cannot believe what marine phyotplankton does for you and how it makes you feel. It has every nutrient that is essential for your body and it is something I make sure I get each and every day. If I skip a day, I feel the difference. For me this the best food for medicine EVER! I love Phytolife Marine Phytoplankton! And you should read the testimonials about it HERE! Good luck and let me know your results as you go along. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. I am always looking for ways to improve my health and increase my energy because my child along with a full time job just wears me down. I always end up drinking more coffee than I would like throughout the day! This is an awesome review and I appreciate your honesty and all the information and evidence to back it up! I will definitely give this supplement a try! I love that it is all natural!

    Thank you for the great review!

    • Hi Spencer 🙂 Having a child with a full time job can zap your energy that’s for sure! I was never a coffee drinker so I looked for other ways to get energy the natural way. Marine Phyotplankton is it! I cannot believe what this superfood can do for you.
      I want to spread the word to everyone I know about what this miracle can do for you. In fact here’s some testimonials: HERE! Thanks for your comments and I’d love to know your progress should you decide to start with it!

  15. What a great post! This is a nice review on Marine Phytoplankton. I am definitely learning something new here as I was aware of the benefits of Marine Phytoplankton. I’m just glad that I stumbled across this post as I have a lot of relatives suffering from diabetes. I will definitely recommend them Marine Phytoplankton.
    Thank you for this review ?

    • Hi! I wake up every morning and can’t wait to take my Marine Phytoplankton. I just want the whole world to know what this superfood can do for you. It works wonders for diabetes and every other ailment you can think of. I just love this product! Here are some testimonials: HERE Thanks and I hope to hear your results from this awesome superfood!

  16. Great source of information! I love information like this, because of the fact that I probably would never know about this unless I were to come across your page!
    Who knew phytoplankton was such an incredible thing, I had no idea either you could purchase this.
    Seem’s to be almost a no brainier as to want these kind of products to create a healthy body
    Thanks so much for this great source of information!

    • Hi Anna 🙂 I love when I learn something new everyday. But I love it even more when I can help someone learn something and that happens to be Marine Phytoplankton. I’ve done research on this superfood for a long time and I can tell you that I’ve read many testimonials about how it works absolute wonders for people. This superfood tops every other on the planet! All I hope for is to hear back from folks who are trying it and getting their feedback! That’s my goal! thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. This is great information! Diabetes runs in my family, and I much rather prevent it than try to manage it later on. I will have to mention this to my grandma because her doctor has her on multiple medications that I believe cause more harm overtime. I had no idea how beneficial Phytoplankton is. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Kayla 🙂 I found out about Marine Phytoplankton years ago and for some reason put it on the back burner. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, it just was something that I knew I had to find an answer to by myself. I have to tell ya that Marine Phytoplankton is the most awesome superfood on the planet. There are testimonials from so many people who take it for almost anything you can think of and have had successful results. Here are some testimonials: Click Here Thanks for your insight! 🙂

  18. Oh my gosh, I am ordering this! My son gets his blood tested every 6 months. Is that enough for the blood sugar check? So many benefits, I might have to start taking this too! This is just such really great information. There are many supplements out there, that a lot of people recommend. This one seems like the one we need. Thank you!

    • Hey Laehrae 🙂 I cannot believe this superfood. I’ve tried things before and when I discovered this years ago, I put it on the back shelf and for some reason forgot about. I can’t even begin to give you all the information there is about this superfood. But it started years ago when Tom Harper was dying of cancer and was harvesting this marine phytoplankton and decided to eat it.He didn’t have long to live and now he’s as healthy as can be! There are so many testimonials from people who had NOTHING but positive results and treating blood sugars and diabetes was on the list! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  19. A very detailed article, with such a useful information!
    I know many people have a problem with the level of their blood sugar. Not to mention diabetes.
    The products you listed look like a great way to fight against those health issues.
    Thanks for sharing that!

    • Hi Boryana, I went into great detail about marine phytoplankton because it THE most awesome superfood! It has helped me lower my A1C by 3 points! There are so many benefits that it offers. You really should try this. I cannot believe how well it works! Thanks for your comments!

  20. Hey Rob!

    Diabetes runs in my mother’s side of the family so I’ve always been on the lookout for it. I will have to tell them about this. I am on the cusp of getting high blood pressure (another one thanks to my mother’s side) and I do have asthma. However, I am still nursing my little one. Do you know if this is safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding?

    • Hi Tina ? Yes diabetes something you have to be on the lookout. It’s important to catch it early and get it under control. Marine phytoplankton is very beneficial for diabetes and many other ailments. This superfood is the best food for you on the planet! This should be safe to take if you are pregnant or breast-feeding but do check with your doctor first! Thank you for your insight!

  21. Hey Rob! I am type 2 diabetic and It seems that I can surely benefit from that. Based on your article this look like an amazing product! I will order this for sure! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Carole! I’ve done extensive research on marine Phytoplankton and it provides so many benefits because it’s the best superfood ever. It provide everything to the mitochondria of your cells and you will feel like a new person. For me it’s helped my blood sugars and diabetes big time! Thanks for your comments!

  22. Hi, Rob, it’s good to know that Marine Phytoplankton can be very beneficial to your health. How would you know if it’s working? Would this benefit in any other way other than lowering your blood pressure? It’s great that you took the time to go over the reviews as well and that you are very knowledgeable about this product. I know people that have high blood pressure so I would definitely share and recommend this product to others. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Viviana 🙂 Marine phytoplankton is the best superfood on the planet! It contains every vitamin, mineral, and nutrient that your body needs. The phytoplankton provide the mitochondria of every cell what it needs and that’s what’s lacking in our bodies from eating the wrong foods and not getting what we need. I’m telling you that you cannot believe what taking marine phytoplankton will do for you! You do feel mentally better right after you take it and does take up to 90 days for your whole body to be “repaired” Just to give you some testimonials: Click HERE! This is the most outstanding product I have ever come across! Thanks for your comments!

  23. Thank you for the info. My great grandmother had diabetes. I wish there was more info back then to help her to have a better quality of life.

    • Hey Lane, So many of our relatives may have had diabetes. And it’s true, there’s more information and products available right now like Marine Phytoplankton! This is the absolute best superfood today that can help with anything in your body. It will certainly help to control blood sugars and that’s why I take it and recommend it! Thanks for your comments!

    • Hi Matthew! I want everyone to know about marine phytoplankton and what it can do for your diabetes and any disease or ailment you can think of. Yes, it can strengthen your immune system! Spread the word because this is the real deal! Check out some testimonials. Click HERE Thanks for your insight 🙂

    • Hey Dave, Thank you for saying. I want to educate those with diabetes and what they can do to control blood sugars and that’s what marine phytoplankton can do. But It does so much more than that. I provided useful information about the benefits that it provides. What a colossal superfood! And thanks for the compliment about my site being laid out nicely and easy to navigate!

  24. I have never heard of marine phytoplankton before, and I am always on the look out for ways to improve my health. This does sound like a great supplement especially for those suffering from diabetes which my family has a history of. I will have to tell some of my relatives about it. Thanks for the great information.

    • Hey Joseph, Not too many people have heard of Marine Phytoplankton and my goal is to let as many people know about the secrets of this superfood as possible! I’m telling you that the testimonials from folks who were diagnosed with every terrible disease and ailment you can think of state they are now totally healthy because of taking the marine phytoplankton! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  25. I’ve never heard of this before! Crazy and amazing. And I’m glad you’re giving me recommendations because I would be a little scared taking it without having a reference. I’ve been searching for something to help my vision and inflammation.

    When do you know you haven’t taken too much?

    • Hey JB, Marine phytoplankton is totally awesome! It is the world’s best superfood! It’s plankton and you really can’t take too much. I take both the Phytolife (4 capsules daily) and Ocean’s Alive (2 full droplets daily) This doesn’t mean you have to take both also. I just choose to. There are testimonials from people from all walks of life who have said that marine phytoplankton has cured whatever was ailing them. It takes about 90 days for your body’s cells to be affected and changed.
      Check the testimonials above. Thy’re pretty impressive! Thanks for your comments and let me know how you do! 🙂