Is Kiwi Good for Diabetics? – List of 15 Awesome Benefits of Kiwi

Kiwifruit is also known by its shortened name kiwi. It is an exceptionally healthy fruit and there is an important link of kiwi for diabetes. While this is a very colorful, interesting looking fruit, it packs a ton of nutrition inside of it. With a low glycemic index of only 53, it helps to prevent the rapid rise of your blood glucose levels. This is a good start to helping prevent diabetes.

Why is Kiwi so Beneficial for Diabetics?


This berry deriving from a wood vine that is twining is a bright green lime color that is speckled with small edible seeds that are black and a design of “spikes” that are a bit lighter in color. It has kind of a sweet and creamy taste and very healthy for you. I love the taste of kiwi!

Kiwifruit can lower the rate of your glucose uptake from other foods. Recent studies have shown that having kiwi for breakfast can drastically slow down the sugars from the breakfast that you eat to getting into your bloodstream.

So what happens is that the fiber from the kiwifruit that you consume swells up and becomes a gel like substance because of the water it attracts from the fiber.

The end result is as you are digesting your breakfast food, it gets broken down and results in smaller parts of sugar that will move much more slowly through the gel like substance. And because of this the sugar is being used at a much more of a decreased rate into your bloodstream and energy gets delivered slower. Kiwi is perfect for breakfast and helping your blood sugar levels and diabetes.

Controlling your weight with diabetes is important as I’m sure you know.  Kiwi is low in fat so that’s good. In addition to keeping your weight down, it is vital to watch and keep the intake of carbohydrates and fats from sugar and cholesterol to a minimum. It’s also difficult when you’re taking medications for diabetes as well. The goal here is to treat lowering blood sugar naturally any way that we can and that’s why kiwifruit is one of the ways to help to accomplish this.

Powerful end to diabetes

It’s no secret that we love the foods that bring on diabetes and produce all the negative effects such as cookies, candy, soda drink, ice cream, cakes, and I could go on and on but I don’t want you to leave right now and head to the fridge so stay put and let’s focus. They’re all high in sugar and will send your blood sugar levels blasting into outer space!

Here’s the scoop on sugar. All sugars are not identical.With diabetes it does not mean that you can’t and shouldn’t have sugar. Your body needs some sugar but the right kind of sugar. Fruit such as kiwi have simple sugars called fructose. Fructose is a sugar that can be digest fairly easy and may enter the bloodstream fairly quickly but it releases very slowly, not like refined sugars do.

Because of this you will not see-saw up and down with your blood sugar levels. You want to control and have your glucose levels to be down and stay level. Eating kiwi and other fruits with fructose is better for you but still you never want to overdo it and eat in excess. Too much of anything is no good.

Another thing to consider is the glycemic index of foods. Foods high on the glycemic index are not healthy so you want to aim for the low numbers. You want to have the numbers be under 55 if possible. That’s why most fruits such as the berry family are awesome when it comes to sugar and the glycemic index. Kiwifruit comes in with a score of 52. This helps you to regulate your energy and blood sugar levels.

Just having kiwi for breakfast is not the only answer to diabetes but anything that offers additional help to whatever else you are doing to treat diabetes, is a bonus. You still have to monitor your blood sugars regularly and eat the healthy foods such as the ones I discuss here on my site. It also means exercising. Some of us don’t want to even hear that word but you have to be realistic. Without exercise, you will not accomplish your goal of treating, controlling, and even reversing diabetes.


15 – Excellent Health Benefits of Kiwi

Woman Sleeping


Maybe you might have problems with sleeping? There have been several studies done that showed that kiwi has compounds such as serotonin and antioxidants that are medicinal and helpful with sleep disorders. If you really want to help yourself with inducing sleep then have two kiwifruits approximately one hour before you hit the hay.


Kiwi is a good source of folate and known for its medicinal purposes. It’s especially beneficial for the fetus of pregnant women and excellent for growing children as well.

Your Vision

It helps your vision with its source of phytochemicals, zeaxanthin and lutein. These extremely important compounds in your eyes combined with vitamin A, aid in protecting your eyes from macular degeneration and cataracts. Your eyes are one of the most important part of your body as far as I’m concerned. I eat kiwi to help protect my vision.

Iron Absorption

A very important and excellent benefit of kiwi is its ability to make the process of absorbing iron much easier. This helps to increase and improve that amount of iron in your body and helps to prevent disorders from iron deficiency.

Skin Improvement

Kiwi contains vitamin C to help speed up the healing of any abrasions and cuts and keep your skin tight and firm. It helps in maintaining smooth and healthy looking skin due to its important contribution in helping to process of collagen synthesis. Another contributing factor is the vitamin E it contains which decreases wrinkles and fine lines.

Vitamin K

The benefits kiwi offers are the absorption of vitamin D and helping with blood clotting. One cup of kiwi provides almost 90% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin K.

Hair Loss

This fruit is like many others that are also plentiful in vitamins C and E that provide great health of your hair and speeding up the growth of hair. In addition, kiwi has multiple minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and phosphorous. These help to encourage the circulation of the blood and thereby helping the growth of hair.

Cancer Prevention

Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and this is beneficial because it can search for the free radicals that can cause cancers such as skin cancer by damaging the cells. Another way that kiwifruit is so beneficial for you is to have them regularly because the fruit has soluble fiber that helps in the promotion of good bacteria in your colon and lowering your risk of colon cancer.

Lose Weight Now on Scale

Weight Loss

First off, kiwi tastes great!  There are only 50 calories in 100 grams of kiwi! It has that soluble fiber that can reduce your hunger pains by making you feel full for longer periods of time. Fiber, feeling full, and losing weight is a great combination!

Your Heart

What keeps you going and alive is your heart. Kiwi protects your heart from damage and potential problems. It helps to increase your HDL (good) cholesterol levels in your blood and has no cholesterol and does have potassium which is responsible for aids in the removal of clots and blood thinning which in turn will lower your blood pressure too.

Kiwifruit contains an antioxidant known as quercetin which helps in lowering your risk of heart disease and also decreases your triglycerides which is the fat in your blood.

Your Mood

Are you having a bad day? Irritable? Depressed? Kiwi is very high in serotonin which is know for boosting your memory, controlling your appetite, learning, and giving you a better mood. So why not have kiwi to put yourself in a better state of mind?

Your Liver

Kiwifruit is perfect for protecting your liver against damage and free radicals that can be harmful to you. It contains more vitamin C than if you combined oranges and lemons together. Kiwi aids in the regeneration of your cells and this is crucial to your liver because it happens to be the one and only organ that has the ability to replace damaged cells and tissues with brand new and healthier ones.


There are a great deal of antioxidants packed into kiwifruit and they aid in counteracting free radicals that halt the regeneration process and impede the aging signs such as age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. We would all love to help slow down the aging process, wouldn’t we?

Immune System

Your immune system keeps you healthy and fights off the bad guys. So you need every bit of help that you can get to helping your immune system. Since kiwi has a huge amount of vitamin C and other antioxidant compounds, then it definitely boosts your immune system. The immune system is your lifeline against disease. Keep it healthy. Have kiwi everyday if you can!



Kiwifruit removes toxins from your body. It’s actually the fiber of the kiwi that appears a bit fuzzy that is responsible for binding and getting toxins taken out of your intestinal tract.

You definitely want this benefit for your body because toxins can be detrimental and you don’t want this. For me, it’s amazing what this super fruit can do for you!


Side Effects of Kiwi


Kiwi contains crystals called oxalates. Too many of these crystals can become a threat when the calcium buildup forms into kidney stones in some people. Too many oxalates can interfere in absorbing nutrients such as magnesium and calcium into your body.

Allergic Reactions

It can cause allergic reactions which could be anything from mild to serious. It’s wise to consult your doctor first if you think you have an allergy to kiwi.

It’s not good to have too much of anything so use caution and common sense with consuming kiwi and the amounts you eat. I wouldn’t advise having more than two kiwis a day at most.

Final Thoughts

Is Kiwi Good for Diabetics? Kiwi is so good if you have diabetes. Personally I love kiwi and that taste of it. I hope that you have learned why you should take advantage of kiwi for diabetes. But I really love is the benefits it provides for lowering my blood sugar and helping to control diabetes.

Kiwifruit has many benefits for your health and as long as you have it in moderation, it will be beneficial and not detrimental for you. It’s a wise decision to discuss this with your doctor because they know best.

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