Is Garlic Good For Diabetes? | Garlic is More than a Strong Smell

Garlic is a plant that just happens to be in the onion group. It’s grown and used mainly for the purpose of cooking and has many excellent health benefits. The health benefits of raw garlic are endless. Garlic has high nutritional value and very low in calories. I want to go into great detail about how it garlic helps your blood sugars. Is Garlic Good For Diabetes?

Why is Garlic Stronger than Just Its Smell?

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Allicin is a compound in garlic that contains very potent medicinal properties. Garlic was never a favorite of mine because of the strong taste and bad breath (I’ll come to that later). But it is such a medicinal powerhouse that it’s something you should just not pass up.

The health benefits definitely outweigh any negatives about garlic. And I believe that garlic should always be used in cooking. I have it in soup sometimes and I am finding other ways to incorporate it into my diet everyday.

Garlic & Its Role Against Diabetes

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Garlic helps regulate blood sugar levels and increases insulin release in people with diabetes. I revert back to allicin which helps increase the amount of insulin being released in the blood. It does this by actually blocking the liver’s inactivation of insulin.

This makes more insulin available for your body. As a diabetic, this works for me. Anything that fights diabetes is going to be in my corner. How about you? Fighting diseases such as diabetes is better done by natural methods as far as I’m concerned.

Diabetes can control you until you make changes to control it naturally. Garlic is one of those natural methods. Diabetes is so much about what you eat and the lack of exercise. So when you get diagnosed as I did, you begin to take steps to not only control your blood sugar, but to reverse and end your diabetes. It wasn’t an overnight thing being diagnosed and it it isn’t a “turn off the switch deal” and it’s over.

So you want to do everything you can to control and fight diabetes. Eating healthy should be at the top of your list. Exercising at least thirty minutes a day five days a week should become the norm. Controlling your blood sugar levels to make sure that you don’t have hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Getting enough sleep and avoiding stress helps big time.

And eating foods like garlic are definitely going to benefit your diabetes and your overall health. If you want something that is also really important for reversing your diabetes, find it in the conclusion of this article. You’ll see, it’s worth it.

Getting Right to the Benefits of Garlic

  • Allicin. I wanted to mention this first since I brought it up already. It contains the identical sulphur compound that onions have. Both onions and garlic were studied and were found to treat hair loss. Bring it on as I’m still losing hair at my age! I’ll take anything natural that will help.
  • Can fight illnesses and help build up your immune system. This is important too because if your immune system is compromised then problems could start arising such as diseases like cancer and diabetes. Garlic also helps fight the common cold and flu by reducing the number of days that might suffer from them. Who doesn’t want to shorten your cold?
  • Lowers LDL and total cholesterol levels and therefore will decrease your risk of heart disease. Garlic will not have an effect on your triglycerides or HDL levels though.
  • Detoxification of heavy metals in your body. Because of the sulfur compounds, they work to rid your body of the heavy metals by performing a complete body cleanse. This can take place with higher amounts of garlic.
  • Extending our lives to live longer. If garlic is aiding and boosting out immune system, then it can hopefully ward off disease and add more years on to our lives. It definitely has beneficial effects on diseases that are chronic which would make sense that it would help us live longer.Blood pressure
  • Strokes and heart attacks are diseases of the cardiovascular system that can be significantly be reduced by garlic lowering your blood pressure. Dosages of garlic again should be on the higher side. So getting enough allicin would require approximately four cloves of garlic a day.
  • Aging and cell damage  can be protected by the antioxidants of garlic. This in turn may decrease your chances  of getting dementia and Alzhemier’s disease. You want to avoid these.
  • There may be a benefit for improving bone health with garlic and also onions. They also benefit osteoarthritis.
  • Inflammation. Garlic is huge in the anti-inflammatory department. Studies have shown up to four sulphuric compounds in garlic that fight inflammation. People who are battling auto immune diseases can benefit from garlic as well.
  • Psoriasis is inflammation of the skin and you can get relief by rubbing garlic oil on the area that is affected. Psoriasis is no fun for sure.
  • Get rid of cold sores by applying some crushed garlic on the particular area that is bothering you. You may want to mix it with a little water because garlic by itself on the skin may be too irritating. The swelling caused by inflammation can be reduced and give you relief.  An an even quicker way to rid you of these uncomfortable annoying pesky things is to be taking garlic supplements. I HATE cold sores! Yuck! I use this method and it helps.
  • This is another one on the top of my “I do not like” list. Mosquitoes. First of all, I don’t know anyone who would actually enjoy mosquitoes. Either apply to your skin (I know this is overboard), but if you keep garlic somewhere in the vicinity, you won’t have an issue with mosquitoes because they hate garlic!
  • Food poisoning. Studies have shown that garlic may prevent food poisoning because of its anti-bacterial properties. It kills bacteria such as salmonella and e. coli. You certainly don’t want any of this!
  • Combat athlete’s foot. Fungus that causes athlete’s foot can be soothed by soaking your feet that itch in garlic water.
  • Excellent for metabolism. Malnutrition can result in a neurological disease. Garlic helps your nervous system which controls your spinal cord, and all functions of your body, including diseases of the brain.
  • Fights plaque. It can fight infections in your mouth, including candida, plaque in your mouth and yeast infection that cause bacteria.
  • Acts as a replacement for antibiotics in their heavier form that may weaken the immune system.
  • Garlic is rich in minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron, manganese, and vitamins B and C. With 100 grams in garlic, there are 2 grams of fiber, perfect for the aiding in digestion. Used in cooking, it’s perfect for adding more benefits to a healthy meal.
  • Garlic may also decrease the severe symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. Because it aids in difficulty of breathing and issues with your lungs, it makes garlic so awesome.

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Use Precaution & Consider These Recommendations

Garlic, for the most part, is consi