How Are Blueberries Good For Diabetics? – List of 16 Benefits

It’s amazing that blueberries are so small and yet they are considered a superfood by the American Diabetes Association. How Are Blueberries Good for Diabetics? They are loaded with nutrients such as antioxidant vitamins and fiber which are extremely beneficial in treating diabetes. Let’s find out why blueberries are one of the healthiest fruits for you:

Why are Blueberries Excellent for Fighting Diabetes?


Blueberries can help you to fight diabetes by managing your blood sugar and having your sensitivity to insulin increased by your body’s ability in processing glucose efficiently enough for more energy.

Your body needs help in the processing glucose for more energy efficiently and managing your blood sugar and increasing your body’s sensitivity to insulin which aids in combating diabetes and blueberries are a perfect choice in your diet for accomplishing that.

Having blueberries can also help you with your diabetes because they help you to lose belly fat and that is a major contributor towards diabetes. Losing weight especially in this area can be a huge factor in becoming healthier and controlling your diabetes or even reversing it. Weight loss is the best thing you can do for controlling and reversing your diabetes.

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16 Benefits of This Superfood for Diabetics

1) Calories

Blueberries are a food that you do not have to worry about when it comes to calories because they are low in calories. Even they contain sugar, it’s fructose sugar that does not require insulin for metabolism, contains antioxidants, flavonoids, and have a low carbohydrate level so they make for a perfect snack.

2) Stable Blood Glucose Levels

This fruit now only tastes good, it’s packed with nutrition and offers one of the best things for maintaining blood sugar and that’s a low glycemic index which results in releasing sugar into your bloodstream on a steady and slow pace.

A great way in the mid-morning is to have 1/2 cup of blueberries which will control your blood glucose levels and have you remaining active without any drop in your energy level until your next meal.

3) Trimming Abdominal Fat

As I briefly mentioned before, trimming abdominal fat is excessively important because the excess fat secretes hormones responsible for promoting the resistance of insulin and sending your blood glucose levels wacko and out of control. Blueberries with their high content of fiber can help to avoid this.

4) Insulin Sensitivity

It should be well known that as type 2 diabetics we don’t produce enough insulin and this even more severe with type 1 diabetics who produce either very little or no insulin at all. There is a flavonoid called anthocyanin that provides the pigmentation to blueberries that aids in improving sensitivity to insulin.

So eating them will help control high blood sugars and also help to metabolize glucose as well. Check your blood sugars often by monitoring them at home.

5) Cardiovascular Disease

You don’t want issues with your heart and blueberries and its antioxidants help to maintain your cholesterol levels and at the same time help to keep your blood pressure down. This will help maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

Fats Domino

Why not be just like this legend, Fats Domino? He knew where his thrill was, right? He knew the benefits of Blueberry Hill! While they didn’t have smoothies back then, they are an excellent choice now.

Research was done and found that blood sugars could be reduced in a variety of ways with having blueberries and smoothies was one particular way along with mixing them in fruit salads, on cereals, or just as plain snacks.

6) Blood Pressure

I touched on this briefly before but high blood pressure is serious and can cause many health problems for you if you don’t keep on top of it. You should check it daily at home. It leads to cardiovascular and many other issues such as stroke. It was one of the top reasons for heart complications and death.

In a study done, overweight people who were at a high risk for heart disease ate 1 1/2 ounces of blueberries daily for two months. The results revealed an approximate reduction of 5% in their blood pressure!

Brain and Memory

7) Your Brain & Memory

You can have negative effects on your brain when you experience oxidative stress which speeds up the aging process of your brain.

Studies were done with patients who were elderly and had just mild cognitive impairment and were consuming blueberry juice each day for a period of three months. They experienced various improvements with their brain function.

8) Urinary Tract Infections

These UTI’s are a common problem in women and they are just one damn annoying pain in the a**! Now even though these infections can be prevented by cranberry juice (or at least that’s what many have claimed) blueberries may have the same results because they contain many of the same ingredients that cranberries have.

These substances they have can be useful in preventing urinary tract infections because they are able to prevent specific bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary bladder.

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9) Colon Cancer

You can lower your risk of colon cancer with blueberries. The reason for this is that it has a powerful compound called pterostilbene that aids in the prevention. This compound has an ability to stifle the growth of colon tumors.

Colon cancer can be preventable with regular screenings and eating superfoods such as blueberries. But do get yourself screened. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

10) Minerals and Vitamins

I wrote another article about Vitamin C explaining how it helps diabetes and how many other benefits that it provides for your overall health. But just one serving of blueberries will provide you with 25% of your Daily Recommended Allowance. The vitamin C benefits your oral health and gums and the formation of collagen which is good for your skin.

Blueberries also contain vitamin K and manganese. Vitamin K causes instant clotting which helps to prevent loss of blood by closing up the wound very quickly and this aids in your body healing much faster. Manganese is an excellent mineral that can improve your metabolism and contains amino acids, protein, and lipids and keeps up the strength of your bones.

Woman with Eyeglasses

11) Your Vision

I say this all the time. My eyes are the most important to me. We all need to maintain our vision and our health. Blueberries help with aging and the effects it has on our eyes.

They can help to prevent macular degeneration. The retina is the most important part and the degenerating of your retina can lead to partial or full blindness.

Blueberries can help and slow down anything that leads to any bad health to your eyes. You want your eyes to be healthy for as long as you live and even longer! 🙂

Blueberries have carotenoids contained inside them that aid in the prevention of oxidative damage by the straight on impact on your eyes. I don’t know about you, but I want to protect my eyes at any cost. Bring on the blueberries!

12) Zinc

Zinc is good for your body for helping to absorb vitamins such as vitamin A which is excellent for your eyes. So as I mentioned previously about your vision, zinc is also a help for night blindness and a benefit in the fight against macular degeneration.

13) Immune System

If your immune system is down and not protected, you’re going to feel it for sure. Anything that helps to support your immune system is going to not only have you protected, it will have you feeling great because you’ll be protected from diseases and viruses.

Blueberries will have you on the right track with its antiviral and antibacterial properties that are very strong along with vitamin C that can help you in avoiding fevers, colds, and other diseases that are communicable. Add them to your diet daily.

14) Weight Loss

You can lose weight with the help of blueberries because it has a high fiber content which will give you that better feeling of being full and decreases your storage of fat. The anthocyanins in blueberries also have positive effects on being overweight. These flavonoids are especially important because they help in lowering cholesterol by this decreasing of fat storage.

15) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

You can experience the relief from inflammatory bowel disease with probiotics and blueberry husks together. They have anti-inflammatory effects in your gut.

This happens because the polyphenols contain which have positive effects on the bacteria that are harmful in your gut that are connected with inflammatory bowel disease. These can help with pain and bleeding by ulcerative colitis. Blueberries are really powerful!

16) Heavy Metals

Blueberries are able to help detoxify heavy metals that are toxic to your body. Metals such as copper, aluminum, lead, arsenic, and mercury can build up and do real harm to your body. You certainly don’t need toxic metals in your system, so don’t pass up the blueberries.

Side Effects of Blueberries

Let me just say this first. Too much of anything is no good and you should check with your doctor with everything you do. It’s just the common sense thing to do!

  • As blueberries can lower your blood sugar which is what you want if your levels are high, you should monitor them because you don’t want your levels getting too low. This is very dangerous.
  • Over consuming blueberries can possibly prevent blood clotting which can cause an excess of bleeding from having lacerations and cuts. This is also dangerous for anyone using blood thinners, having surgery, and hemophilia patients.
  • If you have low blood pressure, it can be alarming because of the resveratrol and vitamin E in blueberries that can cause widening of your blood vessels which is not good if your blood pressure is too low.

Final Thoughts

How Are Blueberries Good for Diabetics? Now you know! Blueberries are an awesome way to help your diabetes and lower your blood sugar. But they offer numerous benefits for your health that should not be ignored either. Make blueberries a part of your diet every day.

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14 thoughts on “How Are Blueberries Good For Diabetics? – List of 16 Benefits”

  1. Great website, lots of information on diabetes. I didn’t know blueberries did all that for your body. But they are my favorite. I been fighting with the first stages of diabetes for a few years myself and this is helpful information. When diabetes run in the family all you can do is learn how to manage it. Thanks so much for this information.

    • Fruits are good for lowering your blood sugar and especially berries. Blueberries are extremely healthy and contain very little sugar.

      If you want to try and avoid diabetes, watch the sugars in your foods and stick with fruits and vegetables. 

      Running in the family should make you that much more aware of diabetes and blueberries are really a positive food for you to help.



  2. Great article, very informative on blueberries and diabetes. At the same time it also provides other pro and con information.

    Understanding that fruits are great but I didn’t expect so many benefits can be obtained from blueberries, especially because I love to eat blueberries.

    Thanks for the effort to share great things with everyone.

    • Sometimes it pays to know detailed information about something that offers so many positive benefits.

      Blueberries are one of the top fruits for fighting blood sugars and diabetes.

      They taste great and are about the lowest in sugar that any fruit has.

      Thank you for sharing

  3. There’s power in information as your article is more than an eye-opener. I never knew all these until now. I can’t imagine that a single fruit can do so much for the body! I have come to believe in moderation as your article suggested. Too much of anything is hazardous.

    I’ll tell everyone around to start consuming blueberries. Thanks for the write up!

    • Hey Shalom,

      Isn’t it amazing that such a tiny little blueberry can provide so many health benefits?

      It’s just about the best fruit you can have and helps with lowering your blood sugar and treating type 2 diabetes too.

      I do remind folks to never overdo anything. Moderate amounts of blueberries will help to get you on the right track!

      Thanks for your input!



  4. Thanks for the interesting post on the impact blueberries have on diabetes. While I understand, and believe in, the benefits of blueberries, it seems to be a relatively small part of the puzzle when dealing with diabetes. Do you recommend a holistic approach that includes the remainder of one’s diet, sleep, hydration and stress, for example? I’ve been able to stabilize my blood glucose levels with the slow carb diet and then including the tool of intermittent fasting…but this is all while making sure I get enough sleep and water. I also meditate on a daily basis.

    • Hey Justin,

      Blueberries are a small part of the curing diabetes puzzle. They are great for diabetics and very healthy in general. But I don’t feel that blueberries will cure diabetes. I believe the approach of treating diabetes the natural way is by a combination of many different ways.

      Diet, sleep, hydration, exercise, and intermittent fasting are all subjects I discuss on my website in fighting diabetes. Yoga and meditation Meditation For Diabetes-Here Are the Secrets of How Meditation Works!are also part of the plan. Check them out.

      Thank you for your input!


  5. Thanks for all the great information & including Fats Domino! He originally directed me to Blueberry Hill & my life has been groovy every since 🙂

  6. My mum is always talking about superfoods, and how wonderful blueberries are, so it’s great to find an article which covers all of the benefits of blueberries. They’re easy to buy from the shops and taste delicious, so definitely something that is a regular purchase in our household. Bonus that there are so many good things that blueberries can do, especially if you have diabetes.

    • Hi there Fiona 🙂

      Yes superfoods are what keeps us healthy. It seems that good health is always related to diet and exercise.

      Blueberries are one of the healthiest fruits you can eat. Any fruit in the berry family is low on the glycemic index and that means the least amount of sugar and better for diabetics.

      Fruits and vegetables are obviously the best and healthiest foods to have. Stock up on the blueberries. They are that good for you!

      Thank you for your insight! 🙂

  7. Wow! lots of information. I didn’t know much about blueberries only that they were good for the body. Now, I know it helps controls blood sugar with is a plus for me. I’ve been a borderline diabetes for sometime. I started exercising on a regular basis not only to stay fit, but also to control my diabetes. With what I just learn in this article I’m putting more blueberries to my diet. Thanks so much for this information.

    • Hey Mark, It’s amazing how beneficial blueberries are for you.
      They not only control blood sugar and help to control diabetes, they offer many health benefits for you too.
      The thing with blueberries as far as diabetes goes is that they are in the berry family which means they have the lowest glycemic index and that relates to the least amount of sugar so you won’t be raising your blood glucose levels.
      Fruit is very healthy for you and blueberries should be on the list!
      Thank you for sharing 🙂


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