Grapefruit Seed Extract and Diabetes-Amazing Benefits for Your Health

Grapefruit Seed Extract and Diabetes-Amazing Benefits for Your Health

What is grapefruit seed extract?

It’s important for you to know what these seeds can do to improve your health. I want to discuss and show you what the connection is between grapefruit seed extract and diabetes and also the benefits of the grape seed extract. These are extracts that provide numerous health benefits and can help you become much healthier. While these two are completely different, they do have the similarities as far as the health benefits. Let’s begin with grapefruit seed extract.

The power of grapefruit seed extract

Phytochemicals and nutrients are very abundant in grapefruit seed extract. (From here on in I may refer to it as GPFE). GPFE are an excellent source of plant antioxidants. In addition it contains citric acid, trace minerals, and vitamin C.

First off, grapefruits themselves are very healthy citrus fruits. They are a wonderful source of antioxidants, fiber, pectin, potassium, and vitamin C. Health issues such as weight loss, hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol, and certain skin issues can be addressed by drinking grapefruit juice.

Now for years GFSE has been consumed as “medicine” in treating fungal, yeast, viral and bacterial infections. It can also work for a nasal rinse or an ear rinse to help treat and prevent infections as well.

The power of grape seed extract

Grapeseed oil

Grapes are a very healthy fruit. I enjoy the red grapes and they have resveratrol which has anti cancer properties. Grape seed extract (GSE) has the ability to keep the swelling from an injury to a minimum, speeding up the healing time from a wound or infection, decrease your cholesterol levels, and helps control your poor blood circulation too.

So there are some very powerful properties of grape seed extract that you can benefit from. What does GSE contain and why is it so important? It contains something called polyphenols which are phytochemicals, that are really just the compounds that protect the plants from peril in nature and also give them their colors. These are usually found in berries and grape seeds. Polyphenols are just about the most important nutrient for your body according to a great deal of nutritionists and physicians as well.

Grapefruit and grape seed extract diabetes testing

Studies have been done in China and have shown that grape seed extract supplements lower blood sugar in patients with diabetes. It also increased HDL good cholesterol levels and decreased LDL bad cholesterol levels.

The reason for this was said to be the result of phtyonutrients such as flavanoids present in the extracts. It’s another reason that you should be taking the grapefruit seed extract and the grape seed extract to help lower your sugar and control your diabetes.

Health benefits of grapefruit seed extract

  • The immune system. Your immune system couldn’t be helped more than with the nutrients in GFSE such as minerals, flavonoids, citric acid, and vitamin C. This helps build an exceptionally stronger immune system that aids in preventing illnesses, diseases, and especially conditions that can be critical against your life.
  • Weight loss. Research was done in one hundred people found that the people who ate grapefruit three times a day or who took GFSE of 500 mg three times a day resulted in a three pound weight loss during a three month period. Not a lot you say? It’s three pounds you didn’t have to work as hard at losing than without GFSE.
  • Bad breath fighter. Hmm, bad breath? Easy cure. Adding a few drops of GFSE to water and gargling can cure that. If the taste is a bit much for you, then mix it with something that will help. For me, I mix it with diet fruit juice with no sugar.
  • Cholesterol. You can help lower your cholesterol with a flavonoid contained inside GFSE.
  • Pectin. You can greatly reduce your chances of developing coronary heart disease because of its’ high levels of grapefruit seed extract. Oranges, plums, apples, pears, and other citrus fruits contain large amounts of pectin as well.
  • Anti cancer. Because of its’ antioxidants and colon cancer cells treated with GFSE, there was less of a chance of dying.
  • Stomach ulcers. Grapefruit seed extract when taken once a day with juice or water is able to aid in the healing of stomach ulcers. If there isn’t a feeling of irritation, then you can up the dosage to two or then at some point even three daily.
  • Irritations of your skin. If you have a rather mild episode of a skin irritation, GFSE can be helpful in treating as long as you dilute it somewhat. Applying without diluting will make it worse than you originally felt.The common cold
  • The common cold. To help with getting colds during the winter, you want to avoid dehydration and lessen the chances of getting a cold and the severity of it if you do get it and also headaches. Do this by taking between five and fifteen drops of GFSE to water fruit or vegetable juice two or three times daily.
  • Diarrhea. None of us like diarrhea and the faster we address it, the better. GFSE with water is a fast way to remedy this situation.
  • Lyme disease. Many patients with Lyme disease have had  very good experiences with taking GFSE to treat Lyme disease. You need to only take between two and four drops mixed with water a day.
  • Acne. After you are done washing and cleaning your face, you’ll want to take the GFSE and rub it into your face in circular motion. You’ll actually feel the properties in the GFSE killing the bacteria. It’s a bit of a tingling feeling.
  • Sinus infection. These are no fun. Very painful and totally annoying. Mixing a few drops of GFSE with a touch of salt and distilled water. If you have a neti pot, you can use it to help you clean and wash out your sinuses. Two to three times a day for about seven days should do the trick.
  • Overgrowth of candida. GFSE is highly beneficial for fighting off candida by killing off the yeast cells that cause it in your intestines. Since candida is alkaline, GFSE is acidic and aids your stomach in returning your stomach to a natural ph level.
  • The pains of pregnancy. The terrible pain endured throughout pregnancy can be helped with GFSE. It’s wonderful for morning sickness. Just take between five and ten drops of grapefruit seed extract and mix it with water and take every morning.

Health benefits of grape seed extract

  • Risk of clogged arteries decreases. The flavonoids in grapes are responsible for lowering the bad cholesterol or LDL in your body and have a positive effect on your body. So by lowering the cholesterol you have less of a risk of your arteries becoming clogged. Preventing your arteries from getting blocked is definitely a good thing.
  • Wounds heal faster. Your cells are able to preserve moisture and improve the surrounding protection or “barrier” of the cells because of GSE. You can use a topical cream with GSE and this aids in the reduction of scars as well. You want your wounds to heal as fast as possible.
  • Bone strength. If you’ve got a low level of calcium, then adding grape seed extract can have a very beneficial effect on your calcium levels to aid improving the strength of your bones. You want strong bones especially when you get  older.
  • Blood pressure. The high levels of flavonoids assist in controlling your blood pressure by relaxing your blood vessels and arteries. High blood pressure leads to heart disease and many other ailments.
  • Inflammation. GSE decreases inflammation in your body.
  • Kills bacteria. It is anti bacterial and anything that helps in killing bacteria is better for your health.
  • Anti-aging. GSE is wonderful for the health of your skin and improves the tissues and fibers and aids in preserving the flexibility of your joints, skin, and arteries. Anything that will make me look and feel younger, count me in!
  • Edema. Grape seed extract is excellent in the reduction of edema (swelling) than can occur due to injuries or even surgeries that you might have had.
  • Night vision. As you get older you may have problems with night vision. Grape seed extract can be a health benefit for night vision. Antioxidants in grape seeds protect cells in the retina. Your retina is accountable for your ability to see when conditions are not as light as usual and your retina has the ability for you to differentiate colors.

Taking the supplements

  • First of all when you are looking to purchase grapefruit or grape seed extract, read the labels. You want about 300 mg a day. I take on a regular basis. Check with your doctor BEFORE you take anything.
  • GFSE and GSE work well with other vitamins and supplements. Vitamin E and vitamin C aid in the absorption of GFSE and GSE.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the FTC and FDA require that you are aware that the content that is shared in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. No statements or products that are discussed in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and they are not intended to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any illness or disease. I ask that you please always consult your own physician or certified health care practitioner before taking anything or by changing to your current diet plan or before beginning or adding any vitamin supplement plan or any exercise program.

The natural ways

I always look to treat anything such as diabetes in a natural way. Medications can help you temporarily. But it’s eating healthy, exercising, seeing your doctor regularly, and having your labs done that’s important. Grapefruit seed extract and grape seed extract both have properties that are excellent for your health. They are beneficial in fighting diabetes too because they can help lower your blood sugar.

Final thoughts

The purpose of my article is to hopefully help you with your health. Anything that can help lose weight, fight diabetes, cancer, blood circulation, and the many other issues that we come up against in life, we should consider in bringing them into our lives. Grapefruit seed extract and diabetes are linked because one helps the other. As always, I hope that I have helped you because that is my goal here.

While grapefruit seed extract may help to lower your blood sugar, it may not be enough for you if your numbers are higher. For something that’s more powerful, this is what works best! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I would appreciate it and will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!


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8 thoughts on “Grapefruit Seed Extract and Diabetes-Amazing Benefits for Your Health

  1. Thank you Rob for sharing this informative article.
    To know the difference between Grapefruit seed extract and Grape seed extract is very important because the names look similar but are totally different.
    You have written the great benefits we get from those fruits, it is really fantastic to see how these seed can change a lot of abnormalities issues in our body.
    Again you mentioned about what size of supplement we have to order ,I believe this is very important because we can’t get benefit from them if we don’t take what our body needs.

    1. Our bodies need help from the foods that we feed them. Unhealthy foods are never good for us.

      The more knowledge that we have about different foods will help us make better decisions about what we eat.

      And both grapefruit seed extract and grape seed extract are very beneficial for better health. Every little thing that we add to our body helps in being healthier and fighting off disease by making our immune system that much stronger.

      Thank you for commenting Joel!

  2. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for this info. As someone who suffers from Type 2 Diabetes, I’ve always preferred to treat the condition through diet and exercise. I think that many of the pharmaceuticals cause more trouble than they’re worth on the long term.

    I drink freshly squeezed pink/red grapefruit every day, particularly just before my main meal. I like to leave in plenty of the pulp, plus the seeds, which I drink down with the rest of it.

    I have to admit, I didn’t know about the benefits of grapes and their seeds when it comes to managing blood sugar. Until now, I’ve tended to avoid grapes because of their high sugar content, but after reading your article, I think I’ll go away and look into them more closely.

    Best, al

    1. Hi Al, I couldn’t agree more with you about the pharmaceutical companies. Medications may help but they’re not the permanent solution. I always believed that food is medicine. It’s what we put into our bodies that makes or breaks us.

      Fruits are good for us and they are the source from which we should get out sugar. Grapes themselves do have a bit more sugar than other fruits but I always caution my readers not to overdo it with anything.

      Grapefruit and grape seed extracts (as you just read) have a great deal of health benefits for us. Thanks for your thoughts Al!



  3. Hi! I’m a huge fan of natural treatments. My husband and i research a great deal but I had honestly never noticed that both grapefruit seed and grapeseed extract exist. Now I feel a bit silly! That said, I’ll inquire with my mother-in-law who also supports natural products about her use of either. She and my father-in-law are both diabetics. Thanks for your post!

    1. Yes natural treatments are the only way to go as far as I’m concerned. I love what natural food products can do for us.

      I urge more people to get acquainted with grapefruit seed extract and grape seed extract as well. They have so many benefits for you. I’d be interested in knowing what your mother-in-law thinks too! Thanks Randene!

  4. Hi Rob, thanks for this valuable post. It’s very important for people to know the difference between grapefruit seed extract, which has traditionally been known as GSE or Citricidal, and Grapeseed Extract. It’s also important for people to know the difference between Grapeseed oil and Grapeseed extract, as people might think that the oil is a source of antioxidants, which as far as I know it isn’t. I would be interested in more posts of this nature. People are literally starving for consumer info on on how to use natural products safely and effectively. Thanks again!

    1. Hey Millie. It is important for people to not only know about grapefruit seed extract and grape seed extract but to be aware of all of the health benefits that each offers. Most people are probably just familiar with grapefruits and grapes which themselves are healthy foods too. Natural foods and products are the way to go. Thank you!

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