Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Naturally-The Reasons to Choose Food Over Medicine

Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Naturally-The Reasons to Choose Food Over Medicine

Foods that lower blood sugar naturally

So while it is very important to be taking medication that my doctor has prescribed for diabetes, it is also something I don’t like doing and it can certainly be expensive as well. The price alone can stress you!

There are many foods that lower blood sugar naturally without having to take medications. When I think about it, food actually IS medicine. But it is all about what food I eat and put into my body and I make sure I sleep good, fight that tiredness, and try and watch my cholesterol and blood pressure and I check my blood pressure every day at home too. Along with exercise, such as riding my exercise bike, I’m on the right track. let’s talk about the food “medicines” next.

Vegetables- the best!

Ok, when I was growing up, I was always told to eat my veggies! But I was a kid! I wanted junk food, right? Of course at this age I wasn’t thinking so much about my health. I just wanted what tastes good, but it affected my weight.

For me, my mom couldn’t get me to eat many vegetables at all. I ate peas and corn. That was it for me. Vegetables, yuck! As time went on I started to like more and more vegetables. (Sorry mom)

Ok, no lecture here but, you should be eating as many vegetables as possible. I’ve never heard that they aren’t good for you, have you? Be honest.

Fruits are awesome, but


I want to talk about fruit. Almost anything natural has to be good for you, including fruit. So what is the “but” about, you ask? While certain fruits may help lower my blood sugar, I must be careful not to consume too much because fruits contain sugar, the natural kind and they are healthy for me, but I don’t overdo it.

I think about things this way. I spent so much of my life eating the wrong foods and the wrong way. The seesaw diet, up and down. Have you have been on so many diets and even lose the weight just to go right back to where you were and then some?

For me, I feel it’s been more about emotional eating then anything else. Eat because you’re bored? Tastes good? The cakes and ice cream are calling your name? Been there, done that. Everyone needs emotional support no matter what it is for.

There’s power in numbers. When you need to vent or have someone hold you up a little, let’s have each other’s backs, ok? I’ll start by saying I will if you will? Ok, I lied. I will, even if you won’t!

Admit it. Diabetes and high blood sugar originated somewhere and sometime. It sure wasn’t at the snack bar yesterday. I know that. So at one point I knew we had to accept the fact that some crucial steps had to be taken to try and correct the situation. It also affects your vision and you do not want that happening.

I’m going to tell you something point blank. Do you want to be off your medications and start to live a healthier life and not worry? Here’s the point- only YOU can change your habits and lifestyle. Nobody else can do it. You can have your friends or family for support but the ultimate decision is yours!

You can do anything you put your mind to. ANYTHING! Supplements too are beneficial!

I’d like to share a quick list of some foods that can help lower your blood sugar:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Collard greens
  • Legumes
  • Beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Lentils
  • Avocado ( No sugar,lots of fiber and monounsaturated fats)
  • Watermelon (Contains lycopene, improves insulin sensitivity)
  • Red grapes (Preferably over the green grapes)
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries
  • Cinnamon
  • Apples (An apple a day keeps the doctor away?)
  • Raspberries
  • Nuts (Contain magnesium to boost insulin response)
  • Dark chocolate
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Green Tea

What I fuel my engine with is incredibly important in dictating what sort of quality of life I am going to live. You are what you eat, right? Making smart food choices, is the first step to boosting energy levels, losing fat and exercising which makes me feel spectacular. I love supplements too! And I take vitamin D every morning. I also want to trim down the belly fat.

Here is a detailed list of some foods above and more for diabetics:

•   Asparagus – Here you get plenty of vitamins, low carbs and lots of fiber and antioxidants, which fight off the nasty free-radicals of the world.  This helps regulate blood sugar and protect your heart.

•   Beans – Now it’s true some beans have a gaseous side-effect, but that’s very minor in the big picture.  They have lots of fiber and this helps specifically with electrolyte balance and the protein helps build muscle and assist in cell repair.

•   Blueberries –  Berries are sweet and savory and loaded with protective antioxidants.  They will help strengthen my immune system, reduce inflammation and better my vision.

•   Spinach – Hoorah for Popeye!  Spinach is loaded with vitamins and minerals which decrease the risk of cancers, cataracts and protect cells. They help prevent deterioration as a result of diabetes.

•   Fish – Is loaded with healthy omega-3s and has healthy polyunsaturated fat.  Fish lowers triglycerides, reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure, decreases the risk of blood clots and helps build lean muscle.  Make sure you steer clear of high mercury fish like shark.  Stick to wild salmon, herring, catfish and canned white tuna.

•   Broccoli – It’s non-starchy, high fiber, high in vitamin C and antioxidants.  These little green ‘trees’ help improve vision, strengthen bones and teeth, encourage wounds to heal faster and fight disease.

•   Carrots – Contain the antioxidant beta-carotene which helps prevent cancer and heart disease and reduce insulin dependency.

•   Flaxseed – Has omega-3 fatty acids that lower triglycerides, reduce inflammation and decrease the risk of heart disease.  Flaxseed has protective antioxidants and is high in fiber, helping to keep blood sugars level.

•   Apples – An apple a day may help keep the doctor and symptoms of diabetes away!  Apples are loaded with insoluble fiber which slows digestion and aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels.  It also lowers the risk of heart disease, which is a complication if diabetes.

•   Nuts – I’m careful that I don’t go overboard with nuts because they are extremely high in fat and if I are trying to lose fat, so I try to remember portion control is important here.  Nuts contain monounsaturated fat, protein, vitamin E and protective flavonoids.  They help lower cholesterol and build muscle to name a few.

•   Oatmeal – Oatmeal is high in fiber and this naturally fills me up.  It lowers cholesterol, improves blood pressure and stabilizes blood sugar by slowing digestion.

My final thoughts 

Vegetables, as I said before are wonderful! The fruits may not necessarily lower my blood sugar as much, but they are still foods that lower blood sugar naturally and are good for me and these fruits are low in sugar. The sugar that I consume should come from natural foods.

In the nuts category, almonds and cashews again contain magnesium which helps with insulin secretion. I watch and don’t have TOO many because they have calories!

Cocoa in chocolate has flavonoids which again could aid in insulin resistance & help keeping my blood sugar levels in check. It must be dark chocolate that contains at least 80 % cocoa. Darn, I always liked the milk chocolate! Lowering blood sugar is important and if you want to turn diabetes around, then this will help the best!


I hoped you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions about foods that help your blood sugar, please leave a comment below. I appreciate your comments and feedback. Thank you!


26 thoughts on “Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Naturally-The Reasons to Choose Food Over Medicine

  1. It’s funny that I ran into this article. Wednesday my doctor told me he is going to classify me as diabetic. I have no clue to this illness. I heard about it and that is about it. At least he said it isn’t so bad that I have to take medicine. I was just wondering, what do I need to do with my diet. This article was right on time getting me some idea of what I’m facing and what I need to focus on eating. Thanks a lot for the information.

    1. I’m glad you read it. It’s not a death sentence as long as you address it Ronnie. Just try and get on the right track now. You’re welcome and good health to you!

  2. I’m a healthy-food lover and though I do not have blood sugar problem, this is a great information to know well in advance.
    I’ll start eating the ones I’m not eating already!

  3. Hello
    Great information and I like the humor. I’m surprised at the foods that I didn’t know lower your blood sugar. You made a good list/variety to get anyone started on lowering their blood sugar. I have found that fresh fruit can keep me from the surgery snacks, and now I make myself fruit smoothies to help keep me from the sweet snacks. Do you have a favorite fruit and vegetable combination to have as a snack?

    1. There are many foods that help lower your sugar. Fruit is excellent but since it too does have sugar, I watch my intake. My favorite fruit is apple ( And apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?). For vegetables? Carrots. Great for your eyes!

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for the informative post. Its so important to get kids to eat more veggies and fruits. One great way to do that is to make fresh fruit. This way they will drink less soda and other artificial drinks, which are just terrible for your body. Veggies have to be prepared well to taste good. I’m from a Chinese family and we know how to cook veggies. Its a big part of our cuisine, and its delicious. Cheers.

    P.S. would you please comment on my article, thanks:

  5. Wow, I’m going to have to pass this article on to my step dad. He’s always had trouble with his blood sugar levels, and I’ve always wanted to help him but never thought that I could. Your article has just gone and proved me wrong! I’m printing this out right now as I type and will definitely be taking the tips and board and implementing them. I never thought that VEGETABLES would be the ultimate secret though – interesting.

    Thanks a bunch, buddy!


  6. Rob, it’s funny these days how people can even invent such a diet that involve eating only fruit.
    There is definitely a lot of sugar coming from fruit that we may have a chance of over consume those fruits if we don’t really track our fruit consumption.
    Is there any fruit that can be considered an exception and that one can eat as much as he/she can in a day ?

    1. Marvin, too much of anything is no good for you in my opinion. While fruit is definitely good for you, there IS sugar in fruit so my answer to your question is no. Consuming too much fruit will increase your sugar intake and that is not what you want in trying to lower your blood sugar. Any kind of berry is one of the best fruits you can eat. Blueberries happen to be low in sugar but again, moderate consumption, ok?

  7. I’m a health coach and I work with clients about the dangers of too much sugar in their diet. It’s so important to eat more of the foods listed in your article. I wish people would heed the information. Living a healthy life is so much easier and more fun than living one sick and tired.

    1. Yes Linda, I agree. And I had finally made the decision to start eating the right foods myself. I hope others learn from this too!

  8. I myself do not have this blood sugar but many of my relatives have diabetes which is worrying for me. Really thank you for this post as I now know what to eat that is good for me and I’ll be sure to share it with my friends and relatives. However, do you have any tips as to how much to eat or how often I should eat? Thank you!

  9. This article has come along at the perfect time. My dad has just been told his blood sugar levels are too high and he needs to lower them and you obviously know what you are talking about!

    I am glad to see strawberries and raspberries on the list of foods that lower the blood sugar levels as I know he loves. Thanks for the information.

    1. Yes Steve strawberries and raspberries do help in lowering blood sugar, but everything is in moderation. Fruits contain sugar too, so it’s wise to watch the amounts of intake.

  10. I’ve become more and more aware over the years of how much the food I eat affects me. Whether it’s my energy levels, or my skin, my hair, etc. What we put into our bodies makes a huge difference in our health, we know this. However, what we fail to put in our bodies is what we need to pay attention to. I’m guilty of this. I don’t eat enough vegetables, and probably not enough fruits even though I love fruit. I really hope to have a totally natural and healthy diet one day!

    1. I don’t think many of us realize what we’re doing to our bodies by not eating properly. Once we do, we’ll be on the right track. Veggies rule!

  11. hey rob
    this website is very helpful and amazing. it talks about natural ways to lower the blood sugar. a lots of people needs to know about this because almost 45% people in the united states has diabetes . my mom also have diabetes. this website is the best way to can actually work on lower the diabetes.

    1. Hey Mizra, thanks. This may or may not be the best website to work on lowering your blood sugar, but my goal is to provide people with the best information I know to accomplish that. I do hope people learn from what they read here and take action!

  12. Hey Rob,

    I found your article about lowering blood sugar very interesting and full of much needed information that millions of individuals need to know about. You definitely are so right that people need to change their eating habits and especially make it way of life. Unfortunately we have been programed, teased and blindsided by all of the processed food, the fast food/grab and go foods, and all of the supersized items.
    Your article is wonderful and more people need to not only read it but also take your advise. I will certainly pass this information along to others.


    1. Angela, it’s just amazing how we have been programmed throughout life, but it’s our own decisions that can change things for the better. Good health keeps us living a longer happier life. I had enough of it so I made up my mind to change. Food should be our medicine!

  13. Hi Rob,

    I guess I gotta start to increase my veggie intake (I seriously don’t like them lol).

    I’ve been trying but I end up ignoring them completely. So I’ll start slow and see where that takes me.

    I love fruits, beans, nuts, and chocolate so there won’t be a problem there.

    I guess the best I can do is lower the amount of junk food I eat. That should set me in the right direction.

    Thanks for the info,


    1. I believe there are probably a lot of people who don’t care much for vegetables. I never did and now I love so many of them. Even the foods we love that are good for us have to be eaten in moderation sometimes. As far as junk food goes, for me, I just stopped the junk foods because it was the only way for me. Too much candy, ice cream, and other junk was ruining me and I knew it. Now it’s all about eating sensibly and getting exercise as much as I can. Good luck with your vegetables Luis!

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