What are the Best Walking Shoes?-New Balance MW577 Walking Shoes Rock!

What are the Best Walking Shoes?-New Balance MW577 Walking Shoes Rock!

My Review of Amazon

New Balance Walking Shoes MW577

What are the Best Walking Shoes?

Product: New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoes

Price:  $57.60 USD

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com

Product weight: 2.1 pounds

Item model number: MW577- Walking Shoe

Available sizes: 7-15

Colors: Black or White

Guarantee: Free returns, free exchanges

Personal rating:  9 out of 10


New Balance MW577 Walking Shoe Review

I was never that particular in what I wore on my feet. But when I was diagnosed with diabetes and had numbness in my feet, I knew I had to lose weight and get off my butt and start walking. It was clear that I was going to walk a lot more than I ever did and to be successful at getting healthy, I needed a walking shoe that was going to fit the bill.

My concern was that I required comfort and a product that felt right and that would stand up to and last for all the tests I was going to put it through. New Balance isn’t the new kid on the block when it comes to foot apparel. They know how to put you into a shoe that will make you feel like you’re walking on air. At least that’s how I felt when I first tried them on. They may not be for everyone, but I feel that most people would be very satisfied.

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Key Features:

ABZORB Heel Technology

This shoe features cushioning in the heel for extraordinary shock absorption called “Abzorb.” It does the job of controlling the pressure from the hitting of your foot when walking.

The MW577 has a midsole that is made of polyurethane which gives you a more enjoyable walk because of the added cushioning provided by the extra compression absorption.

Your feet will remain comfortable and dry due to the fact that any moisture is allowed to seep out of the shoes because the vent holes located on the top of the leather provide ample “breathing room.”

Another thing I found many times with shoes was the fact that they felt heavy or “clumpy.” That isn’t the case with this shoe. It’s lightweight design makes it a pleasure to wear every time I wear them.


This is the most important thing to me with a shoe. It is very comfortable and I’m usually fussy about fit and comfort. But the New Balance MW577 shoe is particularly comfortable with the numbness and foot problems I have with diabetes. I don’t need any more stress on my feet than I have right now so these shoes are a nice fit and the comfort is very welcomed.

Now that I’ve started walking 30 minutes every day, it’s a lot of walking and I need to know that the walking shoes I’m using can give me as much comfort as possible. I never feel as though my feet are squeezed too tight which affects my walking.

Features and Specifications

  • ABZORB midsole polyurethane cushioning provides excellent shock absorption in the heel
  • Made and assembled in the USA
  • Solid rubber outsole
  • Leather upper
  • Walking Strike Path outsole
  • This style MW577 are Medicare/HCPCS code= A5500 and may be eligible for reimbursement from Medicare
  • Monocolor walking shoe that features overlays that are perforated and present side logos that are embroided
  • Padded interior for fit that is comfortable

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  • Sleek look and design
  • Enhanced durability provided by rubber outsole and grips a variety of surfaces
  • Removable footbed for protection from impact and enhanced comfort
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Extra eyelets located on the collar of the shoe can be laced for a more adjusted fit and snugness
  • Mid-range price
  • Breathability- plenty of room to breathe through the shoes’ textile lining which is well ventilated and through the side panels’ perforations
  • Comfortability is exceptional
  • Waterproof


  • The leather are rubber may not last as long as you may like from using regularly
  • Made for average size people. Larger size or overweight people may find that the shoes may show wear and tear sooner
  • Not the cheapest walking shoe

Before You Purchase:

  • Make sure you chose the right color, black or white and correct size 7-15 and if you require a wider width
  • You won’t get a pure leather shoe since it is a synthetic leather, but an easier to clean surface
  • Can only be shipped in the U.S.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The New Balance MW577 is an exceptional walking shoe as far as I’m concerned. It is one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever purchased. It is made very well and to take a lot of walking abuse for normal size individuals. The fit well, provide good support, and look smooth.

There were 2,619 reviews at this time and the average rating was 4.5 out of 5.

While the customer reviews were generally positive, there were some bothersome points that were raised. One customer said, “The 14AA is okay, but the box toe is really large and kind of clunky.”

In light of that, it doesn’t seem to be a concern for most other customers who said, “Very comfortable. I’m on my feet all day at work and these are a Godsend!” and, “I would highly recommend these shoes for someone with a herniated disk L4-L5 like me!” and finally, “Great shoes. The exchange turn around time was awesome. Thank you!”

This makes it rather easy for me to recommend the New Balance MW577 walking shoe as well.

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To summarize, the New Balance MW577 is very comfortable, made very well, and can take the wear and tear very well. It is highly rated and a flexible walking shoe. Most real buyers are extremely happy with purchasing this product and would recommend it to others looking for a good walking shoe.


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6 thoughts on “What are the Best Walking Shoes?-New Balance MW577 Walking Shoes Rock!

  1. Two of my colleagues are suffering from plantar fasciitis commonly known as heel spurs so they are always looking for comfort shoes. Reading your review on New Balance MW577 I think this could work for them. You see, they have to buy comfort shoes every 6 months to one year because their shoes get worn out within that span of time.

    Our job requires us to be always on the move and seldom have time to sit so you can just imagine the pain they are going through. I will recommend NB MW577 to them but do you think these pair of shoes will provide comfort for people suffering from heel spurs.?

    1. Comfortable shoes are really essential because your feet take a lot of abuse. These shoes will take a beating and last a long time for sure.

      Let me just say this: I’ve had heel spurs and I know how painful they can be. ABZORB technology in the heel area provides shock absorption as well as impact dissipation. So yes, they absolutely help with heel spurs. I know from experience. That’s another reason why I bought them and why I recommend the New Balance MW577 walking shoes.

      Thank you so much for your input!

  2. I actually have a couple of friends who have diabetes. Their constant complaint is blurry vision, thirst, and numbness in the feet just as you mentioned. I am also very concerned for them because their blood circulation is horrible and its possible that their toes can be cut off if they wear shoes that are too tight and constricting. The new balance shoes you mentioned sounds perfect because it is very comfortable fit. As for the appearance, they do not mind much because health and well being is more important to them. The venting is also very helpful because their feet tends to get sweaty very easily. Thanks for the recommendation. Do you run in these shoes everyday?

    1. Hi there,

      I know what your friends are going through. Diabetes is terrible but getting it controlled through diet and exercise is important. I have the numbness in the feet and I am now walking 30 minutes everyday in my New Balance shoes. They are very comfortable and a perfect fit for my walking.

      So in answer to your question? I don’t run everyday, but I do walk everyday in my walking shoes. It’s made a big difference in the comfort of my feet and the numbness.

      Thank you for your comments!



  3. I love how you start this post with the specs of the New Balance shoe your reviewing. Readers want to know if the shoe is in their price range right off the bat (at least I always do!) rather than read the whole post only to find out they’re way too expensive to their budget.

    I also love that you own the shoe yourself and with having diabetes taking care of your feet and having a good supportive and comfortable shoe is so important! I think really addressed the key factors for readers to make an educated purchase.

    I also appreciate that you didn’t just focus on the positives of the product but included some cons and even a negative review to give us an idea of the scale of cons – they’re really not that terrible and sometimes are more neutral than negative which is a big difference.

    Thanks again,

    1. Hey Katie,

      Thank you so much for commenting. It’s important to review a product that I believe in. It doesn’t necessarily mean everyone would like it.

      For me, and a lot others that I read reviews on, the New Balance MW577 is THE ultimate walking shoe. You just can’t beat the comfort and performance it provides.

      It’s important to know the specifics of something before you decide to buy it. Size and durability are a main factor.

      Having diabetes I need to walk a LOT and these are the perfect pair for me and I hope a lot of other people as well!

      Thank you again for your input!



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